CyberLink PowerDirector – Taking a Look at How to perform multicam camera editing

in this tutorial in CyberLink PowerDirector we’re going to look together at multicam editing this is what happens when you have two or more cameras film the very same event at the same time so what I have here are two clips of a approximately a 1 minute interview minute and a half and what we’re going to do is multicam edit them so instead of dragging any of these in the timeline I click on the puzzle piece at the top for plugins now I’m going to go to my multicam designer screen and that will pop up it wants to open something I’m going to close that so what I want to do is import video I have two videos that I have already so I’ll click import video and I’ll do from a media room if I didn’t have it in my media room I could import it directly from my hard drive so I’ll import that we’ll take summer camera 1 and click OK then I’m going to head at going to go ahead and highlight number 2 or what I like to use is use the keys at the top the numeric keys 1 and 2 they’re a lot more efficient than the mouse so I’ll highlight number 2 and I’ll do import video and I’ll do from media room I’ll do summer camera 2 and click OK and now I have both of these together on my tracks if I want to play them but welcome to harvest everyone AI master steve and i and all of a sudden we have an audio source which one or two and they’re not automatically synced so what can I do well the first thing I want to do is I want to decide which cameras audio do I want to use one or two I just heard one let’s listen to camera two and I’ll hit the play hey I’m pastor Steve and I would love to introduce our summer okay either one sounds pretty good but I know I have a better microphone on camera one so I’m going to use my camera one microphone and now the easy way to get these lined up without a lot of difficulty is to synchronize them using this button here and there are several options I could do them manually I can pick time codes but I know my cameras aren’t synced on time code file created time markers unclips the easiest way to do that is simply audio analysis which is the default I’ll just click on apply and it will begin to analyze these two clips and now it aligned them so that they are both aligned with the audio tracks of each so now if I play for series it’s going to be called connecting with God it’s an opportunity so you see them working together so that’s a really great way to go ahead and line up the audio now how do I begin to make my combined presentation I’m going to take my scrubber and move it to the the first area where they’re together because I don’t want a black screen then I’ll move over a frame until I get them together and we’re going to start out I’ll hit the one on the keyboard with camera one and I’m going to be used I could use the mouse but I found that less effective than the keyboard I’m going to switch I’m going to push the the key for to when I want to switch to my second camera and the key on the keyboard of one when I’m going to go back to the first all I have to do is hit the record button and it will start the process so we’re on camera 1 I’ve got my fingers on 1 & 2 so let’s do some recording here with multicam I’ll click on the red button but welcome to harvest everyone hey I’m pastor Steve and I would love to introduce our summer series it’s going to be called directing with God it’s an opportunity for you and your family to come in join out of you as we discover what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ we’re going to have a wonderful service that meets at 10 o’clock to and just prior to that we’re going to have one adult Bible fellowship class or a sunday-school class for the entire family so bring your kids and we’re going to be studying different topics throughout this 12-week series and we’ll stop there that just gives me an example now if you want to undo what you’ve done you don’t have to start over we have an undo button and I can undo it one section at a time so let’s say these are the ones that we want and we’ve got a little over a 30-second clip when I’m completely finished with that I click OK and now it creates on my timeline and I’ll make it as wide as the screen is it gives me my final product and here I can do with this what I’ve done with others I can put titles in I can put special effects anything you can do with a normal a video and a track is all here and so if I go to play this again you’ll see I’m going to mute the clip here for now on the C right click new clip okay and we’ll go ahead and you’ll watch it there he’s talking and then we switch to the other camera angle and goes four ways and then we switch back to the first camera angle and then over to the second camera angle now the easiest way to do this is when you have obviously for your talent two or more people where you can do a wide shot a close-up shot so that the person who’s talking gets the the camera attention and the person is listening like on TV or in ads you see the back of their head mostly but this is a very easy way to do multi camera editing at least the initial stuff and CyberLink PowerDirector you.

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