CyberLink PowerDirector -Taking a Look at How to make a TV News style lower third

I have an intro of a screenshot of our YouTube channel introduction I’d like to play the video and have you watch the banner at the bottom please don’t watch me because that’s not the focus so we’ll go ahead and watch it without the sound and you can see I have a crawl running underneath the title coming out from the middle somewhat like you see sometimes on a news broadcast I’d like to show you how to create a banner like that at least the key steps involved I was able to create this banner in Photoshop Elements version 11 and as you look on the screen I’m in expert mode and this is the final version of the banner as it’s fully assembled but now I’m going to show you exactly how I did that the first step was to take an image and create four different colored sections you see the area at the top the white area below the little grey area in the middle and the green area to the right now the colors don’t matter in the expert mode each of these is actually a layer in my photoshop elements so I tried to design what will my banner look like what will be the different components I’m going to have and how do I go ahead and structure it so this gives you a little bit of the size you can calculate of these four components and then when I did was I took each of those four components in size and worked on them independently in Photoshop Elements once you have your elements designed you open a new file which is the size of your banner mine happens to be 1280 by 76 and then I’m going to place three of the four files the first file I will place I’ll go file and click on place and then I’ll take my blue right area click it and this has becomes the area I put over here and I’ll save that then I’ll click my file place again and scroll down to my vertical small bar and place that and that fellow goes over here and I’ll click OK and then the third thing I do as I go file place a third time and I finally locate it so I locked it in here and I will place it right about there now the reason I’m not placing something in the bottom will become apparent later because that’s going to be on a different layer in my photo image the one thing I have left to place is my icon so I’ll go ahead and go file place one more time and I’ll go to my icon click here will place it and I’ll take it and move it over here there we go so now I have this area already so what I’m going to do is go ahead and use this in my PowerDirector let me show you how to do that once you have your components assembled for your lower third then you need to import the assembled product into the video editing software that you use I’m a user of power director so let me show you how I do that with power director I’m going to right click in the upper left quadrant and I’m going to say import media files I will import my TV lower third large and then I’ll take another one I’ll right click on import another one this one is going to be called my lower white and I’ll import that so now I need to put these on the various timeline tracks now remember the farther down on the timeline the more it it will overlay what’s beneath it or above it in terms of my numbers of my tracks so I’m going to take my TV lower-third large I’m going to drag it down into my track number two well let me drag it down to three I went into my third track okay it’s down here and then we will reposition it we’ll move it to the bottom of that particular area down right here should fit just perfectly there we go because we’re set to a sixteen by nine ratio here and this looks pretty good what I’m also going to do is I’m going to take my lower third white and I will drag it down to track number one now let’s put it in track number two I don’t know I want it in one I’m sorry and we’ll drag it and stretch it now we’re going to take this and we’re going to move it down into this space here and so I will happen to stretch this a little bit so now it covers that area but you see because my lower third large is in a lower track it obscures the white area over here I’ll show you in a minute why I did that so there I have my lower third assembled now the next thing I need to do is to add some text and I will drag my default text down below level number three and so I’m going to take it and drag it here will take my title we’re going to change where the text appear I will shrink that down so we can see what we’re doing here we’re going to make this white and we’ll change the font and we’ll change the size probably to maybe 14 and the location will drag it down here to our blue bar and change the words so it says this is the main title of my lower third okay and now we have it so I’m going to click on save when I reposition the screen so I can see the bottom part I will go ahead and play my clip and there’s no motion but I get to see my title here of my lower third in this upper part the tricky thing will be now I want a text in black to appear over here and appear to come from behind the blue area on the right so we’re going to go back to our text tools and click on the default we’ll drag it down again now I don’t have a place to put it so what I need to do is I need to create another another track so I’ll right-click do add tracks and this track we are going to put in front of track number three so I’m going to put it above track three and again I don’t need an audio track so now I have another track about track three I’m going to take this lower third and move it up one and now we’re going to put something in this track so I take my text tool and drag it down again and then we’ll go ahead and edit this I will drag it down and we’ll turn this color to black again we’ll change the font to something that seems to fit there let’s try this one here I’ll have to shrink this down probably to something like that twelve let’s try that one and we’ll reposition it a little bit here nudge it up with the keyboard it’ll stretch it up and all that I’ll just add to it later okay and now we’ll say change it to this is a great number of words to illustrate any point and I misspelled illustrate but that’s okay for now okay now we’re going to go ahead and say that we’ll drag our preview window down and this is what we have now what we want to do now is we want to make this this crawl out from behind the blue block how do we make that happen our next step is to click on the text in the white area this is a great number of words to illustrate a point so double click on that then I’ll go to my motion settings and I want the motions that talk about sliding left so we see it Illustrated here sliding left and then I’ll click on save and now I’ve saved it so if I start to run this let’s see what happens it’s working just like I want to except note what’s happening it is putting the numbers start in front of this area I want them to appear as though they’re starting behind what do I do to change that it’s all about the location of the layers what I need to do is make sure that these words are not in front of this area so I’m going to take them and drag move them up to track number two let’s see what happens now when I have I have them sandwiched between the lower white which has to be behind them and the lower third large the blue area which has to be in front of them now let’s see what happens when we play the same clip now as the clip moves forward it looks like the black letters in the white area are coming from behind the box on the right but this is a simple illustration of how to make the basic construction of this particular kind of the lower third using a software like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements for the basic component construction and PowerDirector to finish the project you.


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