CyberLink PowerDirector – Taking a Look at How to Edit a Simple Video – Tutorial

Okay so I’m just going to run through now how to edit a simple video using CyberLink PowerDirector now of course everybody has their own video editing styles so I’m just going to do it my way and just do a simple video this will be in just one part this video actually just a simple editing tutorial on CyberLink PowerDirector and doing it manages to help out a few of my viewers who have actually purchased this software because of my videos and are actually struggling how to use it and so first thing you need to do is obviously just open up power director wherever it is mine’s on my desktop it’s here and although it might already open so I’m just going to arm click and open it from here okay so this is the main CyberLink PowerDirector page I’m just going to clear the timeline and clear the storyboard ready for a new video okay so the first thing you need to do is import your media and simply you need to do is just go up here to this icon here which says import media when we go on here you need to either select import media file or import a media folder now media files is good for selecting various ones out of a particular folder media folder is importing the whole folder let’s go to media files now I’m just going to go to my raw footage folder which and basically is where I put all my footage in that needs editing I’m just going to go into this one and I’m just going to choose a piece of footage to use the day basically we’ll just use this piece of footage and make a random video from it okay so I’m going to use this piece here this is a video of the Acme trooper so I’m going to use this now one of course some people just do a plain video and just put it into the timeline and then just simply do a very simple production of it like that they don’t put in titles or anything and other people may like to insert titles over the video whilst it’s running or some people and me actually or I always put in a title bit at the beginning so I’m just going to move this one along and then import the media file now of a picture that would be suitable to put at the beginning so I’m just going to go into pictures cars and I’m just going to go to Acme trooper and find a random picture to put in here as a title one okay so now I just imported this Acme trooper man snapshot picture and I’m just going to drag it now onto the timeline here you can see now that this is before the footage and by simply clicking and dragging I’m just going to extend this one just to make it bigger or smaller depending on how long and so now you can see if we quickly run that you can see that it’s going to go from the title to the video just like that okay now of course now what you can do is you can add your title itself I’ve got online kept in the title icon at the sighting you can save them in of course that saves you having to read it them so I’m just going to drag one in and simply click and drag into the title line you can either import it into the bottom video line or you can put it into the title line I’ve recommend you to put it in the title line because then you can save this one for other objects or other videos to do overlays I just put this one in there and you can drag it to the right size of course and now we need to do is do a right click click Edit title and then basically modify this title to what we want so I’m just going to put it as I don’t know let’s just say stone bashing or something like that or whatever title that is appropriate to your video whether it being a video on a giraffe or a video on an RC car just modify the titles how you won you can also click and rotate to sort of like match it to your your your picture there and so now you can see that if we have a look the title will play and then a few seconds later actually up will come your video now another nice thing to do they’re going to see the videos cart there another nice thing to do is actually add in some simple transitions now if we go here to the transition room and there’s a lot of different transitions here you can either choose some complicated ones like flip to the right you can see this one here or you can just choose a nice simple one like a nice fade let’s go with one I use fairly often let’s just go with the grid diagonal or one of the grid ones simply once again the click and drag method click and drag the way you want the transition to go you can either put either the beginning to come in so you can see like that or you can do both of course or you can put in one on here look in between the title and the video so then you can see there we go so now that is just a simple video beginning you can see we’ve got that coming up there we have the title on for a few seconds or so of course you can adjust the time then the transition comes and then the video starts and of course you can do that same sort of thing for the end of the video if you require and it’s exactly the same procedure you can just click and drag to the ends and then do titles and things they’re just easy as that and so what I’m going to do now is I’m just going to run through now how to add some titles in titles and for example if you wanted to add a video title explaining what is going on in the video once again go to the titles area choose one I’m going to choose the blue overlay title which I modded myself then that one will come on to there you can just click and drag it along the timeline depending on whereabouts you want it let’s put one here once again just do right click and then come up here and edit the page and then inhale all you need to do is you can simply whether you have this blue area or not you can just simply click into here and edit your title so one for example okay and then you can see the title will simply play so you’re just watching the video video is on video is on videos on video is on and then up comes the title and actually of course you can choose how does the title come on once again like the title transition if you go onto edit title and then simply go to this icon here then all you need to do there is you can actually go here to the starting effects and the ending effect and then you can scroll down and choose what different effects you want you can see that then you can choose how the title goes in and out so I’m just choosing random ones okay and then you can mud them titles then when you’re finished editing and everything and you’re happy with what your video is and after you’ve played it through a few times what you need to do then is simply click on produce at the top and then this is the important bit now do not go to YouTube ready and upload it directly through YouTube through CyberLink to YouTube that would be a pain we need to do is go to file option it’s normally default on file and then choose a video format now if you’re using a low resolution video then you can use one like avi but actually or MPEG one but actually if you’re using a widescreen or 16 by 9 ratio video which is normally HD then you need to use either MPEG 2 or maybe the move format however that one does have high file size so gone to an MPEG 2 and then simply choose which one you require and there are some default ones you can see or you can go to custom and you can choose your own one and then you can create what kind of video and kilobytes per second etc you want then final thing is just go here to the three dots choose where abouts you want your video to go actually I always upload mine onto my desktop into videos to be uploaded and then simply name your video okay then click on save then it will tell you all your file sizes down here and then all you need to do then is just simply click on to start which I won’t do okay so I hope this has been helpful to you I know it’s been very very fast but of course we are limited to time thank you very much for watching this video and stay tuned more videos are coming soon forward slash JSTOR new 12 bye bye for now thank you very much.

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