CyberLink PowerDirector – Taking a Look at How to add titles images and backgrounds

in this tutorial in CyberLink PowerDirector we’re going to look together at adding images to your title slides it can be an image that goes next to text or it can be a background and there are some positives and some negatives will show you about both so I’m going to go in my title room click on the key on the left side and drag my plain vanila default title down to track number two and I’ll double click on it in order to get into my title editor we’ll go ahead and right click on here pick a character preset and then we’ll make it a lot bigger so we can see what we’re working with here and I’ll reduce the size of that panel okay so I have a title on my title room it’s in track number one of the title so let’s assume I want to add an image to that all I do is go up above the preview window and click on what looks like a flower to me click on insert image I’ll pick one I’ll use my baseball cap I’ve used a lot and I can position it and resize it anywhere I want now I can use some of the object features on the image I cannot use the effects I cannot use the motion because it’s an image object it is not a title but there still are a few things I can do the default is to fade in and fade out and I can change the nature of that by dragging these sliders shorter or longer I can flip it I can put a border around it if I want to let’s take a different color for contrast we’ll take something green here and there I have a increase the size of it so you can see it there is a green outline but I cannot add any key frames to it because it doesn’t have them I can’t possess them I can actually put another title in front of it or behind it right now if I drag it in front of my title it will be able to stay there because it’s on a higher track to change that I’m going to move this arrow here and I can just drag and I can make it so the now the cap is in the background and now if I move my title it will superimpose over my image so that’s a way to deal with that kind of thing so there are some things you can control there’s some things you can’t your title has position scale opacity rotation etc keyframes your image does not it has a few settings that you can adjust over here but that’s about it so if you want to put an image in your title you can watch what happens when I click on OK and then we’ll click up here again notice I don’t have the image up here in my media room and I don’t have it on any of the tracks it’s embedded in my title which is can be good can be bad if I kick my title for example and put it in track 1 I’ll take this video drag it down the track to the video being in a higher number track will overlay the image and I can do a picture-in-picture if I want by making it smaller but there the the title and all that it contains will automatically being played definitely apart from anything on another track so these two guys are hooked together because that’s what I did in my title move this to the side for now and then we’ll go back to our main title again and we’ll double click on it one more time let’s assume instead of an image in the title I want a picture behind the title I’ll click on this one right click and I’ll do delete and now I’m going to click on the square with a plus on the lower left side that’s insert background and I’ll pick a picture here of a waterfront and when I put a background there and I can stretch it to fit I can use the letterbox where I maintain the ratio and black bars on either sides or I can crop click crop now and so now I have an image here again the good news is I click on OK the image is not on any of the tracks it’s not even in my media room it’s embedded in my title once again if I want something else on the screen at the same time I have to either I have to make it smaller because I cannot make my image smaller there’s no way to resize if I click double click on this again there’s no way to resize this it’s all one so that’s that’s that’s true with a title but it allows me to do something where it’s embedded it’s there for good and I don’t have to worry about accidentally changing it so here I’m playing my movie and I’ve got my title and everything and then my spokesman comes up in a another window that’s what you can do with the background so you can put a background or an object in your title if you want and you have some control but not as much as if all these items are on different tracks but the good news is you also lessen the risk of messing something up you’ve taken a long time to construct when it comes to titles in CyberLink PowerDirector.

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