CyberLink PowerDirector Taking a Look at How to Add Particle Designer

Hello there everyone in this tutorial we’ll explore the particles room in PowerDirector 12 to open click on the particle room icon as we can see the particle room has three sections the content list the particle thumbnails and the options section the PowerDirector particles room comes pre-loaded with many particles but you can also download thousands of more particles from the CyberLink director zone choose a particle download and then follow the prompts to save and install to add a particle to your project drag the particle down into a timeline track if you wish to customize the particle click on the modify button to open particle designer once in particle designer you have the option to customize the particle properties and the particle motion in this example we’ll use the standard CyberLink fireplace particle and then change and customize it into a rocket fire tale the fireplace particle may already be installed in your PowerDirector 12 or you can simply download it from cyber links director zone with the particle highlighted click on modify to open particle designer the first thing we’ll do is to delete the background image by right clicking on it and then choosing remove now click on the motion tab and choose a motion path the first thing that I’m going to do is to delete the two middle keyframes then we can move and set the beginning omit point to here now I’ll move the timeline scrubber ahead to the last keyframe and set the ending a midpoint to here the motion path is now very close to what I want but I don’t like the way that the end of the tail drifts upward so I’ll click on the properties tab and then on modify parameters I’ll then scroll down to the gravity setting and reset the value to zero and then I’ll click on the stop button to lock this new value into place next I’ll change the color setting to a light yellow but I also want this fire tail to be a little bit longer so I’ll go to the live setting and I’ll change the value to 1500 and to make the tail a little bit bigger I’ll change the size setting to five okay that looks pretty good so I’ll leave all the other available property settings at their original default settings now that we finished customizing the particle we can click on save as and give it a new name back in the particle room we can see that our new customized particle has been saved and is now available for any future project so now let’s add our new particle to a project I’m going to drag a star-filled particle that I made earlier in to track number one then I’ll put our new fire tail particle into track number two finally I’ll open the p IP objects room and drag a premade motion object into track number three and now by layering these particles and objects we have now created an outerspace sequence here’s another example of how to simply customize a particle this time we’ll use the CyberLink color particle if this particular color particle is not already installed in your particle room you can go to the CyberLink director zone and simply download it drag the color particle into a timeline and to change the confetti type images click on add delete particles now we can add six new images by clicking on the plus icon and browsing for some new custom images on a transparent background then we can simply delete the confetti images so that they are now replaced with the new globe images we also have the option to adjust the emit method however I do want to change the size of my new globe images so I’ll change the size setting and now we have a modified particle as we can see the options for customizing or creating new particles in PowerDirector 12 particle room are virtually limitless so dive in and experiment thanks for watching.

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