Cyberlink PowerDirector – Taking a look and Easiest Tips on creating a Vertigo dolly-zoom effect

in this tutorial in CyberLink PowerDirector we’re going to give you some tips on how to create what’s called a dolly zoom effect it’s also called a vertigo effect named after the Hitchcock movie in which it was featured what I have on the screen is a five-second clip where I zoomed in on this stuffed animal happens to be a rocking horse I assumed in on it not with the zoom tool but by actually moving the camera and the lens closer to the object so if I play it you see I’m zooming in manually with the camera toward the face of this stuffed horse and so what we’re going to do is we’re going to use this footage to create this rather disoriented effect to do that I need to go into my PIP designer I’m going to click on the video clip and then I can double click and it will go right into my PIP designer I’ve turned on my grid because I want to see about the size of the face of the horse I’m going to move my time indicator to the very end of the clip and this is what I’m going to make it look like at the beginning so we have the band around the nose right about at the middle and we see the handles are about halfway into the second panel on the right and on the left so I’m going to set a position keyframe by clicking the diamond on the left and they scale keyframe and you can see we set them in red on the right now I’m going to take my playhead or a time indicator and move it to the left to the beginning of the clip and I want to do the same here and make it look about the same size so I need to take my zoom out tool at the top of the preview screen and zoom out a bit and then we’re going to change the scale until we get something approximately like what we were looking at before so what will virtue look like the animal did not move there was no change there so we get the band in the middle here and these look like they’re about the same I’m gonna make it just a little bigger here move it like this alright now in order to do this correctly what we ought to do is be filming in 4k but I don’t have 4k equipment currently so we’ll have to make this do so I’m going to click on and so now at the beginning of the clip and the end of the clip the stuffed animal should be approximately the same size but notice what happens when we look at the background will click on movie and we’ll play it and you get that weird feeling of the distance between the animal at the beginning and the background around it that is called the Vertigo or dolly zoom effect and though we’ve done it imperfectly we give you an idea about how to create that in post production in CyberLink PowerDirector.

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