Cyberlink PowerDirector – Moving the camera across a still image

Ah in this tutorial in several lengths PowerDirector we’re going to work together on learning how to scroll across a picture to make it look as though the camera lens is slowly moving from one part of a still picture to another it’s very common technique and to do that I’ll take a picture let me take this one here of a house and put it on the timeline now one thing you need to keep in mind when you’re before you begin to edit a picture is how long do I want this pan to work this motion across the picture my default duration for this is five seconds I’m going to click on the duration button and raise it change it to 15 I can always shorten it but it’s easier to work with a longer time frame and then I’ll edit the picture I can double-click on it or right-click on it and go edit or I can just click on it once and press the f2 key that will get me into my picture in picture designer so here is my photograph now if I’m going to move from one part to the other I need the picture to be larger than my display screen right now it’s the same size so I have to do what’s counterintuitive and click on the Zoom Out button to make my preview screen smaller and then I’ll click on any corner of the picture and make the picture larger so we’re going to move from one place to the other so let’s say we’re going to start over here by the fence I’m going to start by the fence I need to use a key frame we have exercises on key frames but in essence a key frame basically freezes the location of your shot and the size of your shot at the same moment in time position scale opacity and rotation we’re just going to deal with position and scale so at the beginning of the shot we start with our position right here in this moment with the scrubber so my position is locked in then I’m going to go to the end of my shot I’m going to move my picture and we’re going to go up to the balcony and you know this the minute I let go over here that sets the keyframe now the easy thing not to do is not to move the scrubber but still move the picture and the problem is that we’ll just change the location at the initial point so the key thing with key framing is always remember put your scrubber where you want before you make any changes and I’ll go ahead and I’ll click on the preview arrow here and we’ll see what it looks like okay we’re moving down the lower left corner across the Evergreen we move up and we wind up at the balcony now the key thing on key framing is if I want this to happen more quickly what I do is I move the keyframes closer together that’s why I wanted to give myself 15 seconds here on my on my clip in order to give myself a mat of maximum time if I needed more time what I’d have to do is I’d have to resize the picture and then move the keyframe if I want I want that to happen more quickly all I do is put the the mouse which takes a look of a finger pointer on the key frame and I drag it to the left and now it will move from this point in time to this point in time and then it will freeze so we’ll start again we’ll hit the play pre in the preview screen it moves across it’ll come to this keyframe on position and then it will freeze it will stay there for the duration now in this case if I want the clip shorter I can cut the clip right after the end of the keyframe and so I see my keyframe is at this location here it’s at 7 minutes 9 frames so anytime after that I could cut my clip make it shorter so this is the way in which you can let me click on and we’ll play it in the in the large screen should be the same result and so move the cross and then it stops that long and then it freezes and so like I said I could go ahead if I don’t want it frozen there I could just go ahead and do ctrl T split the clip and delete this other section here let me show you another one that’s a lot more common than then moving across the backyard here’s a picture of a wedding and what we’d like to do is move across the faces so again I’ll press my f2 key to edit it oh I forgot I need a duration how long do I want this to be well listen let’s give this a duration of 20 seconds we’ll make this long again I’d rather have it too long than too short you saw how I could shorten it and then I’ll edit it with the f2 key we’ll go ahead and we’ll shrink our display screen which makes it easier for us to enlarge the image we’ll go across the faces here and we’ll move it up just a little bit okay now we’ll set our position at the beginning and then I will move all the way to the end I can move the scrubber or it can move the play but play triangle there and then at the end let’s see I’m using the left key because the left and right arrow makes sure that I don’t accidentally go up or down and if I were doing this looks like I cut off one head so I might want to make it bigger and I don’t need to get into the edge but we’ll finish right there now I did now with the scrubber here I click on the diamond to set keyframe and set the keyframe over here at the end and so we’ll go ahead and we will click on okay and now we’ll see how this clip will happen to play we start here and we move across these faces of this older picture of wedding party and so that’s an easy way to take normal pictures and use this camera focus effect in CyberLink PowerDirector you.


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