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Ah in this tutorial in the CyberLink PowerDirector i’d like to show you how to make a pretty impressive beginning title section to your movie I’m going to try to emulate to some degree what you can find in a major Hollywood production so what I’m going to do is I’m going to take in audio file this one happens to be 16 seconds long and I’ve listened to it carefully I know there is a break every 4 seconds and so I’m going to use that to my advantage I’ll right-click on it once it’s in the track choose copy and right-click and choose excuse me paste paste and insert so now I have 32 seconds of music for our example I’m going to take this video clip and drag it down to track number two it’s not exactly 32 seconds but it’s close enough for us to use here in this example then what I need to do below that is I need to create my credits for my major stars so I’m going to take my title room and we’ll do this one from scratch I’ll take my default a title and drag it down to track 3 or 4 wherever I’d like now that I have it here there are a couple things I want to change about it first of all the length because I want that title to last no longer than 4 seconds once I have it highlighted I can click on duration and then I can click on the the second item which is the second one over and click on the down arrow until I get down to the 4 seconds and then I click on ok the other thing I want to do with the title immediately is begin to change the location now I know what this clip is looking like and where everything will go so what I want to do is move it up a little bit about to here and then we’re going to change the font and a few other features in the font area on my object tab I’m going to click a different kind of thought I want to use my let’s see let’s use the Adobe person pro bold I’m going to leave it at 24 but I don’t like white it’s just too plain so I’m going to change it to two colors if I drag my slider down I go from uniform color to a two color gradient I want to begin with something that’s almost white but not quite so I click on that I’ll click in the blue area because I’m going to key off the blue over here and choose something that’s just a little bit tinged with blue click on OK and then I’ll click my end color and now we’ll click in the blue area here try to find something that’s a little vibrant here a little bit like this maybe something over here that’s close enough and I’ll click on OK and there we have our title now I want to change the direction of the gradient to straight down and that works pretty good just to make sure the letters don’t disappear in the black without being too distinct I’m going to add a shadow the default is 3 that’s a lot too much for me I’ll drag it down to 0 and then use my up arrow to do maybe a half 1/2 and instead of black we’ll go with a white click on the white click on OK and I’m okay with a slight angle on that so now I’ve adjusted that the other thing I want to adjust is how it comes in and it’s my effect tab I have a starting effect which defaults to nothing and the one I like to use I like my wipe right I’ll click on that one and we’re going to change the timing of that to in a moment I’ll drag up and I’ll I’ll compress my starting effect I’ll go to ending effect and on this one will just click something pretty simple I’ll click on fade and it will fade out so with those chosen now I need the timing of these again I’m remembering I’ve got 4 seconds and I know there’s a change after two seconds so if I hold my mouse over here it tells me the kind of effect I have and there’s none here and then this is my closing effect so let’s go two seconds you see the numbers change above when it goes the seconds and the frames there’s two seconds in will do one second out which is three seconds at and I’ll click on OK now the only thing I need to do is change the actual identification of title I’ll go ahead and double click one more time get back into the Edit frame and we’ll put our first major star we’ve landed here we’ll do okay we have our first one now I have some others five others I’m going to put in the sequence so to do that now that I want them all to appear in the same place in the same way so what I simply do is I right-click and I do copy and then I right-click and I do paste and I will paste and insert and I will do a paste again paste and insert and I will do this three more times and then go into each one and edit the actors names be right back with you okay now I have a different name in each of these titles I’m going to copy it one more time and I’ll do a copy I can copy anyone right click and I’ll do paste and I’ll paste and insert this time I don’t want it four seconds I want it the same as the length of the music so I’ll drag it wider in the perfect world I see if that matches no that’s too far to the left here there we go in the perfect world I would have more than enough video here but I know it fades to black so we’re close enough then what I’m going to do in the last one has changed that one you need I’ll double-click on it and we’ll move it to the bottom of the screen because I’ve looked at my clip and I know what I want to do there and we’ll go ahead and give it a title this will be the title of a movie see ya and we will make it slightly larger for dramatic effect now we’re going to change the how it comes in we’re not going to do a wipe right I’ll go to my effect room starting effect and we’ll then I want to use simply a scroll down although I don’t want it to go off the screen so instead I’m going to switch to a slide down from my starting effect then I also want to close choose the timing of this right now it’s going to be on let’s do three seconds in well let’s do four because that will match the music there four seconds in and it can fade I’ll have it fade pretty quickly there and click on OK so now I have my my key actors and then I have the title of the movie coming in let’s play and see what happens you to that we could probably mess with the timings a little bit but you get an idea about how you can make a very interesting intro with credits and CyberLink PowerDirector Oh you

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