I’m trying to look all trim and stuff hey powerdirector peeps how y’all doing out there my name is Malik and I’m back on your screen with more power to write the love you know the power the rest I love you looking for from PowerDirector University today I’m going to show you guys how to trim videos using power director ultimate so let’s jump right off into power director 15 ultimate and make it happen alright powerdirector peeps here we are in power director 15 ultimate before I get started I want to remind you guys to subscribe to power director University to see great content like this every Saturday let’s get our trim on so there are multiple ways that you can adjust the length of a video clip or remove parts of a video clip you can split or cut a video or you can trim a video splitting video is great for when you want to remove segments of a video from the middle of that clip so let me show you how to split the clip click on the clip to select it then you want to place your playhead at a position where you want to split the clip so place your cursor over the white part of the play hand until you see these line with two blue arrows on it let’s click your mouse to hold it down and scrub the timeline by dragging it to the right this way you can see in the preview window where your playhead is at and once you get into a position where you want you can stop there next thing you need to do is click on the split selected clip button you’ll see that this is now two separate Clips so in order to remove the middle section I need to once again move my playhead to a new position using the preview window to see where my playhead ends that I think that’s good there then I want to click on the split that select a click button again and so now you see I have three clips on the timeline that I have created from that single clip now I want to select the clip that I want to remove from the middle which is this middle clip so I’m going to left-click on this with my mouth now I can either click on the remove selected clip button here which is a trash bin or I can right-click on the clip and I can go to remove regardless of whether I choose remove or the trash bin once you click on the trash bin you will see these same three options to the right the first it is removing leave gaps pretty self-explanatory going to remove that middle clip and leave a gap there in the timeline or I can remove and fill gap if I select that it’s going to remove the clip and everything on that timeline track will move over to the left to fill that gap or I can choose remove fill gap and move all clips and if I select this option it will remove that clip from the middle and it remove all the other clips on my timeline over to the left keeping everything in sync so this is the option I’m going to select and now you see I have two clips instead of three so I do have one last quick tip about using the split button when I move my playhead here and you can see I have two clips on the timeline right now this clip is selected I’m going to click on an empty part of the timeline so now you see that none of these clips are selected so if I go back over to the split button now when I hover over it says split timeline so when I click on this now it split this clip into and it split this clip into if there were any other Clips down here where to split them as one I’m going to go ahead and undo this by clicking on the undo button and put these clips back together so now I’m done talking about splitting or cutting clips so let’s get into trimming video trimming video is a great tool to use when you want to add or remove segments of a video from the beginning or end of a video clip or when you want to create multiple Clips from one clip while taking other parts out of that clip sounds kind of Craig Craig but I’ll explain it all to you in a minute so first let’s talk about trimming the beginning or end from a clip so what you want to do is you want to left-click on a clip to select it and then you want to place your cursor at the beginning or end of that clip until you see a line with two arrows once you see this you want to hold down your left mouse and you can drag the clip to trim it once you let go of your left mouse you get options to trim only which is going to leave a gap there trim and move clips which will move the clips close together or trim and move all clips I’m just going to do trim only I can also place my cursor over the other end and drag it out as far as it will go if there was extra here then I could drag it out right now this is the end of the clip so it won’t let me drag it any further if I click on this one I can drag it this way if I want to so it’s a great way to trim your Clips in a timeline right there to get a look at how you want them to look use your preview window once again to get a preview we’re the trend video will end or begin so that’s one way to trim your clips another way to trim your Clips is by using the trim button so what you want to do is click on a clip that you want to trim to select it and then click on the trim button so the train window pops up and you have two options at the top left the first options or is the single trim tab and then you have the second option which is the multi trim tab so I’m going to start off with the single trim for now and then I’ll show you the multi trim in a minute so in the middle here you have your preview window and right below that you have your timeline and then you have your mark end button mark out button and the lock duration and then you can preview the original clip or the output after you are done trimming your clip so first thing that you want to do is use this playhead to move the clip to where you want to have your end point where you want the video to begin once you get it there and click on the mark in button and it will move the mark end marker right to wear that playhead is you can also drag the mark in button where you want as well then you want to move your playhead to a position where you want to stop the video and this is where you want to mark it out so you click on your mark out button once again you can just drag this to where you want and if you want to it’s really up to you it’s up to preference so once I get to the out point I’m going to click on and Mark out them so that’s one way that you can go ahead and do this another way that you can do it if you want is you can actually use the in position time so if I change this to 10 this is going to move the mark in marker to where I that time is at the video 10 seconds of 22 frames I can do the same thing for the out position so it moves it to that position so you got the option of using the playhead dragging that’s where you want and using the market mark out buttons or you can just drag the mark and Mark out points where you want them or you can use the time for the in position and out position to get things where you want them now if you want to preview what it’s going to look like you can just click on output and click on play and it will just play that segment that you selected and once you’re satisfied with everything you click on ok and it will send your trim video to the timeline and there you go send it to the timeline trim that and then move this video clip over because it’s on the same timeline track so now let’s talk about the multi trim option so I’m going to click on this clip to select it and I’m going to click on the trim button so now the trim window opens I’m going to click on multi trim so over here on the right we have the section where any selected segments that we create will be listed here in the middle we have the preview window and underneath the preview window we have a timeline track with a magnification window so whatever then the magnification window is shown underneath the first timeline on track in another timeline trend so this timeline track can be changed to show what in the magnification window by one second five frames or one so depending on how precise you want to be with your trim you select one frame five frames or one second it’s really up to you so in order to trim using this what we’re going to do is we’re going to create multiple Clips so we’ll move the magnification window to where we want and you’ll see that the representation and the timeline below changes with the frames or the seconds or whatever we’ve selected showing in each one of these thumbnails and then the timeline here where the playhead is located at I’m going to keep you here at the beginning and I’m going to move my playhead here and then I’ll click on mark in and then I’ll move my playhead let’s say way over here and you can see showing once again in the magnification window where my playhead is in relation to where it is in this timeline but now I’m going to click all mark out and then I’ll move my magnification window to another section of the entire clip because remember this first timeline track is the entire clip so now I move my playhead to a new position where I want to mark in and Mark out so now as you can see here I’ve created four segments each part in blue is a segment now if I said hey I want to keep the parts that are in gray I can just click on the invert trim results and now it changed it to the parts that were in gray and now it’s going to include those parts I don’t want that so I’m going to click it back and so now if I want to preview what these clips are going to look like together I can click on output and click on play it will play them it’ll skip those middle parts just jump up forward and there you go so now if we’re done we like the way everything looks like all of our trim that we created we can click on OK and add our trim video to the timeline and now you’ll see the four segments or four clips that I created in the multi trim window and that’s it people trimming complete all right power director Pete I want to thank you so much for watching this video all the way through to the end truly needs the world to me now I like it said a quick shout out to one of our subscribers wacky Woodworks wacky work was to make videos on DIY woodworking so do me a favor head over to his channel check out some of his videos and if you feel that what your deal is make sure that you subscribe if you want to receive a shout out like wacky world works days make sure you go to the video description and fill out a shout out request form also if you have a tutorial request you’d like to make go to the video description and fill out our tutorial request form and I’ll make a decision or whether or not I will make that tutorial for you now that we’re done with that I got a few things I need you to do for me the thumb the one that’s pointed in the upward direction click on it let other people know that the content in the video was good and I think you watch it too if you got any comments questions you just want to chop it up with your boy leave those things in the comment section 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