CyberLink PowerDirector 14 Ultimate | Best Basic Editing Beginners Tutorial Tips

Basic editing 101 I’m taking you to school let’s go hey guys how y’all doing out there it’s me your boy Malik and yes I’m holding it down once again for PowerDirector University and today we’re doing big things because guess what I’m showing you how to get your basic editing skills down pat in CyberLink PowerDirector 14 ultimate let’s get into it so I just opened up PowerDirector 14 ultimate and first thing we got to do is we got to know the resolution and the frame rate of the files that we created with our video clips now that’s important because it tells us how to set up our project if we don’t know the resolution in the frame rate of our video clips then we can’t set up our project right so I know that my video clips are a wide screen resolution so for the aspect ratio I’m gonna leave it set up at 16 by 9 I’m going to go into the full feature editor now the next thing I need to do to set up my project is go here to the setup preferences so I’m going to click on this cog here and I’m going to stay on the general tab and I’m going to go down to the timeline frame rate now I need to select the frame rate that I used when I created the video with the camera or the capture device or whatever it was that I use to create my videos so the frame rate of the videos that I’m going to use are 24 frames per second and I’m going to use 24 frames per second if you were doing video games and you did 60 frames per second or 50 frames per second and you would choose the appropriate one pal means that you’re in the European or in places that use pal and NTSC means that you’re in North America or other areas that use NTSC so that’s that so I’m going to choose 24 frames per second and I’m going to select okay now there are three main sections of the user interface and PowerDirector 14 ultimate you got your media bins you got your preview window and then you have your timeline so let’s start off by talking about how to import videos into the program so you can go to file import and then you can choose to import media files one by one you can import an entire media folder you can download media from the CyberLink cloud you can download clips from the director zone and you can download photos from Flickr now you can also use the import media button that is within the media window I click on that I get the same choices so I’m going to select import media files I’m going to select a file by left clicking on it and then I’m going to click open now let’s say I didn’t want to import a whole media folder but I wanted to import multiple files from a folder I’m going to go back to the import media button I’m going to go to import media files and what I’m going to do now is I’m going to hold down my control key and I’m going to left-click just the file that I want to import and I’m going to click on open now you can select to drag clips down to the timeline by left clicking and dragging a clip down or if you want to you can left-click on a clip and then you can select the insert or selected track button just make sure that you have the track selected that you want the clip to go to and you have the playhead where you want the clip to go to before you click on this button now if you want to import multiple Clips say I bring my playhead back to the beginning then I can left click hold down the control key and click on multiple clips and then I can either drag them down or I can click the insert button and it inserted those three clips into the timeline now you can play back or you can preview clips from the timeline or in the media bin so if I’m in the media bin I can click on a clip that I want to preview and I can scrub it I can hit the play button or I can hit the space key same thing go for the timeline if I click on the timeline then wherever my playhead is I can scrub from here or from the preview window I can use the play button or I can use a space floor alright peeps the interface is very interactive as well I can change it up to fit my needs so what I mean by that is if I place my cursor on these little dots or in between the preview window and the media window I can change the size of these can also place my cursor underneath the media window where these little dots are and I can change the size of the timeline in the preview window if I’d like to I can undock the preview window by clicking on the undock button and then I can move this to where I want it I can maximize it can make it smaller if you put it on another monitor and if I want to and I don’t like any of that then I can just click on the dock button and put it back where it was I can also change the look of the timeline by stretching out the timeline if I place my cursor up in the area where the time markers are I can left-click and stretch my timeline out this helps me be able to be very precise on editing especially if I’m using clips that are shorter and I want to view the clips I want to view more of the clips like let’s say these clips here now I can view more of it and I can trim and split and do more with these clips and you can also do this by using the plus keys and a minus key on your keyboard if I want to view the entire movie on the timeline and I can click on the view entire movie button and it’ll stretch everything out to where it fits exactly on the timeline that I can also change that back by just stretching it back and if I want to select multiple clips on the timeline whether it’s because I want to copy things I want to move them or whatever the case might be I can left-click on a space that has nothing in it and it creates this box and I can go ahead and make sure that the box is around the clips that I want to select now I’ve selected multiple clips I can move them I can put effects on all these clips at once whatever I want to do now you can jump around from clip to clip and navigate your timeline pretty easily in PowerDirector 14 ultimate if I make sure that movie is selected and I click on the end key it will place my cursor at the end of all the clips if I click on the HOME key going to place my cursor at the beginning of all of the clips now if I want to move between clips then I need to select the clip button then if I hold down my control key I can use my arrows to navigate so and I will move between clips so if I move the right arrow I’ll move between the next clip next clip and so forth if I use the left arrow and I’ll move the other way you can also do that by using the seat by button but the seat by button really makes things precise as well so if I go to the seat by button and I click on it it gives me the option to seek by frame second minute scene chapter or segment if I select segment then these two buttons are now going to move me between segments just like it did with the arrow keys if I select movie and I go back to the seat by button and change it to frame now these two buttons will move me frame by frame which is very precise in very small moves so you can see my playhead is barely moving when I hit this button because frames are smoke besides the views that we have here we also have a storyboard view now the storyboard can be used to quickly move your clips into positions that you want them so let’s say that hey I wanted this flower clip at the end now and this clip of the street I want at the beginning so now I’ve changed up the order so now if I click on the timeline view now you see that my clips have moved to where I moved them in the storyboard the storyboard allows you to quickly set up the order of your video clips this waveform underneath this clip means that this clip has audio the top track of track 1 is a video track and the bottom track is a audio track so you can actually detach your audio from your video if you right-click on a video clip that has audio you can go to unlink or link audio and video if you click on it since it’s linked right now it’s going to unlink it so now I want to left-click and do control a left click so now they’re both selected I’m going to right click and I’m going to go to link unlink again another link since we’re talking about tracks in the audio in the video track let’s talk about the 100 timeline tracks and how to add tracks so you can add tracks in several ways you can click on one of the tracks over here all the way to the left then right click it and you can go to add tracks you click on that and ask you if you want to add a video and the audio track and where want to add it below or above and you can change that and you click on OK and it added another track down here you can also remove tracks the same way by right-clicking now you can also add tracks by clicking on the add track button if you click on the add track button it gives you the same options now the way that tracks work in PowerDirector 14 is from the top down what that means is anything on the top track is going to be underneath anything that you put below it so right now if I have my playhead here you see that there’s nothing below this track there’s just this video if I take this one and I bring it down below now what happens is as I scrub the timeline I get to that video now you only see this video so basically anything that you put below will be visible so if you want things to be seen put them below the other things you can also superimpose video simply in the program if I click on keyframe and I go to clip attributes and I go to opacity I can actually make it where this video is transparent or opaque and I can see both videos at the same time you so let’s talk about transitions so if I go to the transition room see that there are a bunch of different transitions in PowerDirector 14 that you can use I’m going to go pick a basic transition here I’m just going to drag it down to the timeline and you can drag it in between Clips you can drag it to the end of a clip of plenty of different things you can different ways you can add the transitions one here now besides dragging the transitions down if you select a transition you also get these buttons here so you can apply random transitions to all of the audio you can apply fading transition to all videos you can apply a random transition so you get all these options so let’s say I choose I would add a fade to all the videos if I click on that and you say well I want to cross transition to overlap a prefix or postfix you know just for this I’m just going to choose cross so I added a cross fade to all of the videos that didn’t have a transition on them already now if I also click on a transition let’s say I right click on one of these or just click on it I have the option now to modify it if I click on modify it gives me some options and based on the type of transition you have you have different options and things that you can change or I can just change the duration by clicking on duration and then I can choose how long I want the transition to be so let’s talk about titles a little bit let go to the title room you’ll see that there are a bunch of different titles you can create your own titles there’s a new blue title or pro one that you can use to create titles and other very professional titles that really give you a videos a lot of production quality but at the end of the day is just a bunch of different titles and it’s easy to add titles you can either drag your title down to a track or if you select a title you can click on the add to title track button or you can click on the insert on selected track button so if you click on the add a title track button it’ll add it down here to the title track and this ensures that it’s at the sistas at the bottom it’s going to be over all of your videos so it ensures that it’ll be seen but if you have a specific track that you want to you can just use this button to do that so now let’s say I wanted to remove this title I click on it I can either right click if I could do remove and when I select remove if it’s not the last thing on the timeline it’s going to give me options it’s going to say remove and leave gap remove the fill gap or remove fill gap and move all Clips over I’m going to show you that the other option besides right-clicking on it is clicking on this trash bin click on that it gives you the same options I’m going to click remove fill gap and move all clips and when I do that it should just move the clip on the same timeline track because the other clips are already at the beginning and there you go now last topic of the day is splitting so if we want to edit our specific clips and change the length of them change how they look change the end points to out points things like that we need to know how to split and trim our video so if I left click on this clip here you’ll notice that I have a trim button here and I have a split button here so if I click on split wherever the playhead is that it’s going to split it into two separate video clips now if I click on trim unwanted portions from the selected clip then what will happen is it will open up the trim window now we already know that I already split that one clip there so this is now the end point and this is the out point so if I want to change the out point I can drag this to a point where I know I want the video to end like I wouldn’t want him getting up and getting out of the scene so I’m going to trim my end point to here this is a good point and the end point already trimmed so I’m not going to worry about that and then I can just click on OK and it trim the video now if I didn’t like that I can click on undo or I can trim the video right here by placing my cursor at the end until I see these two arrows now I can left-click and drag this back out and it’ll drag it back out to the original size if I want to or drag it out to a different position it’s a wrap people that’s it basic editing for Seiberling power director ultimate alright peeps if you like the content that I’m bringing to you make sure you hit that thumb the one that’s pointed in the upward direction if you need help if you got questions if you just want a JibJab chitchat whatever you call it hit me up in the comment section below alright I always get back to you if I can’t answer your question I’ll point you in the right direction and last but definitely not least if you want more juicy juicy goodness from PowerDirector University you got to subscribe to the channel if you don’t subscribe you’re going to be missing out baby so every time we upload a video you want to be subscribed so you know what’s going down at the University alright thanks for watching we’ll see you again soon.


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