CyberLink – PowerDirector 14 Taking a Look at How to green screen (Chroma Key Tutorial)

Hey guys it’s Kevin Mandy and today I’m going to show you a quick tip on how to use the chroma key feature / like how to use a green screen and CyberLink PowerDirector 14 so I’ve got CyberLink PowerDirector Oh already opened and we just need to import our footage into the media room just like that and before I actually get started with the chroma key I’m going to show you how the timeline works it’s going to drag two images onto two different tracks and as you can see the image that is on the second track is showing up over the image on the first track and make that a little bit more obvious so and this is important because this means that we’re going to want to put our footage that has the green screen on the lowest track so that it it’s in the top layer we want to put what’s in the background on the first track so let’s get started we put the green screen footage on the second track and we’ll put a background in the first track and as you can see if we just play it now yep okay we’ve got only our green screen footage showing up right now so what we need to do is make the green background transparent so what you do we click on this video go to modify and we select it’ll probably look like this when you do this for the first time you click mark the chroma key and go to the extra settings and you want to click this little eyedropper and to make sure you click what color you want to become transparent for right now right now for some reason it has black as being transparent so that looks kind of weird but we’re going to change it to this green and we’ll can adjust just make some adjustments here to make it so that there’s no grain mmm see if you just if you get it wrong you can look pretty bad and let’s see how that looks we’ll save we’ll make this image all the way long so you can see the whole thing and let’s play it from the beginning do it just do it don’t let your dreams be dreams yesterday you said tomorrow so just do it okay and that’s how you green screen and CyberLink PowerDirector if you want to see another example of a video I did last year on a previous version of CyberLink click the annotation or the card that pops up and you can see just how complicated you can make a green screen just on PowerDirector you can do a lot of things so click the link if you want to see that and anyway that’s spin it for this tutorial in a click here if you want to see another billing tutorial I’ve made or subscribe if you want to see more than I make in the future.

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