CyberLink Create Hollywood-style Movie Effects with PowerDirector

Hello everyone thanks for joining the webinar hosting today so let’s give it a one more minute if for the rest of the visitors join so we start shortly so say to you so my name is Tony um I’m co-hosting this webinar with my colleagues Stephen you’ll be seeing him on the chat window so his handle is cycling channel so he’ll be able to talk to him using the chat window I’ll be the presenter for tonight um I’ll be working to several demos and featured us you know showcasing to show you how you can make some really cool effects for Hollywood style like movie productions okay so let’s get started so I think is right on time so let’s get started first of all I like to show you what we’re going to see tonight by showing you a video that is being produced earlier so let me start off the video first okay so during the the session you’ll be learning about how to make titles of showing on the videos and you’ll be learning about using different techniques to try to create a talking portrait and I’ll teach you how to do a green screen effect even without the green screen there’s a some techniques combination that we can use using PowerDirector plus color directed to achieve the result and then we’ll be showing some effects you can apply together with the titles so I if you’re making some kind of sci-fi setting sci-fi themed video production you’ll be very useful and I think the last part will be a more advanced we’ll be talking about how to how to handle the p.r the picture-in-picture objects and how to leverage the keyframe controls so you’ll be able to handle your object very precisely within your video production so they are quite exciting sections coming up so let’s get started okay let me close the video first okay so first so we solved that there was a tie note that we wanted to recreate something like this so in this demonstration I’ll show you how we can create a very impressive high quality titles using different kind of tools in PowerDirector there’s already a title room that you can select multiple titles you can see there’s a lot of pre-designed preset titles that you can work with but today we’re going to use a little bit a little bit different tool to create a result we wanted so aside from this very easy drag-and-drop titles ah today we are going to actually use a little bit more advanced tool so here we have a new blue title pro so this is actually a very advanced plug-in that you can create very nice titles so let me bring up one a via the title first okay so this is a title and I think to give you a better contrast let’s give the title a background so let’s go to the color boards to select the red background to use it as our backdrop so this is the red background let’s put it there let’s extend the background a little bit so because we wanted to accommodate the length of the title okay and then let’s work on the background a little bit before you jump in the titles okay for the background let’s try to give it a little bit more of the the film type of look and feel by applying the vignette effect so let me go into the effect room and then let’s select focus effect you can see this is the focus it back up it kind of creative Eenie and look at fill let me draw dragon drop that on top of my color board and let me do some final adjustments to make it more suitable for that the effect we are trying to recreate so let me go sorry let me go back out let me go into the effect and there’s the vignette settings and parameters so let’s try to adjust the beanie a little bit so just to make it very subtle but it is still there so something like this and now once this is done and you can exit the defect control room so now we have our backdrop and we have our titles in the front so let’s go in and see how we can use the lines to title ER Pro to create a very impressive title okay so first I think we wanted to change the text first okay let me select the text and then foot outside the link presents okay let’s change the font to something more modern so let’s go with a Segoe UI light okay this is the phone I like and then let’s give it some animations for the intro and outro part for the title the titles so right here you can see sorry that the reason user interface in scene rendering but if you’re using an English system you’ll be able to see everything in English so this is not a problem um so first let’s go into effect libraries we wanted to apply some transitions there’s already a lot of different type of transition we can we can apply it already previewed that there’s a lot of things you choose from so first let’s do an intro first I wanted to select a turn and then there’s the stealth letters so by hovering your mouse on different type of presets you can see the real-time effects being shown immediately for the preview covers so if you like that double-click and then you notice that there the intro has been added to you the timeline and then you can go back out and try to build it again on the timeline at the same time is trying to add outro sequence as well to the to the effects so let’s go back at Gobert house to the library it’s select this time to select another type of effects let’s go to the city lights folder and then there’s this uh the pro flash I like this one so you kind of give you the flash all type of effects so let’s drag it to the end part so now you have the beginning of the intro letters coming up one by one and then the letter will blink out one by one so once you’re satisfied with what you have on the preview window you can close it and then you’ll go back to your PowerDirector user interface and then you can do the real-time preview again on the PowerDirector preview window so that’s what we have let’s drag it a little bit longer okay so this is what one so we wanted to recreate another one so let me do is just a very quick copy/paste because essentially is the same idea right here so instead of a the same set of tags you have to set of tags here so one is I bring presents and it goes out and then it goes into the menu of moviemaking so there are different types of a transition to to play with and with the last part with the ending card will be utilizing one of the titles that was come with the wedding pack designer pack so let me go into the titles and there’s a wedding pack so I’m going to show you just on the screen you can see for the wedding pack is a lot there’s a different type of titles presets you can you can use for to fit the theme so there’s a couple things just to quickly show you how they look like so they look very romantic very Valerie if it suits your situation it is a good pack for with this kind of usage so let me drop this one on my timeline right here okay so this one has the the leaf going up again the leaf going up effect which is I want it so I will use this one but then I didn’t like fun too much within the with intertitles so that is cheap let us change that so here let me type in ending let me change the font first then I will just use a very simple clean font using six Segoe UI light okay then let me type do use so this is produced by our director and it is a PC Mag as it turns toward choice winner okay so let’s make a few more fine adjustment but I wanted to fade the font into where square-ish layout so we can adjust the font by size individually so the last line I will probably say font size number nine would go well with the second line and then the top line I’ll still make it a little bit smaller so we produce this kind of a tear shape okay and then you notice that the spacing between the these different lines are a little bit large so we can make the adjustments as well so just select either you can select the text box right here by clicking the outline or you can make the whole selection within the box and then you can do the spacing adjustment right here so I think I want to put them closer together so to have a tighter type of look at feel or for the phone I wanted to I wanted to show on screen so I think that looks pretty good and unless we can right click and make this object align to the center so make is right in the middle so by doing that very quickly we already got this the last part to let me show you to you very quickly okay last why this is if I wanted to show and then very quickly we can add a fade-out transition to smooth out the the ending okay and then we let’s add it to the color ball as well so everything goes nicely together let’s do this it’s uh sorry this go back I don’t need to do that just want to change the duration from this one to change the fade-out duration to one second to make it fade out fade out slower than the text alright so so very long stay I still wanted to add a sound transition in the lighting effects in between the text so this is very important to create that movie look and feel so other than the text itself so let’s go back out I’ve built either the particle the particle room just selecting if I wanted to use so let’s see it so there’s a pretty effect looks will go pretty nicely with the text so this is a if I wanted to go with this is a prints it back okay so let’s put an in-between adjust the length okay let’s do another copy and put them into the same timeline and just put them like this and then I then probably we need to adjust a little bit on the on the text position to make it go make it go together with the the lighting effect setting back so it opens – yeah okay so this is what I want to achieve okay so this is what we have so very quickly you can create this type of title in fact plus the lighting transitions in the background and then attacks coming up again and then the lining transitions you know before the another text showing up and then everything face out very nicely so for a very short intro you know for you video production maybe by ten seconds intro you can you can use this kind of technique to create very high quality introduction introduction sections okay so next I will go into a little bit more advanced usage so I always talking about how to create recreate the green screen effect without using a green screen so there are certain techniques person to do that so this is one of the very iconic or a classic movie intro ng and intro so let’s see so we have some own graphics we can we can actually use so for example I wanted to put that golden ring into my into into into my timeline but then the problem is that the golden ring itself is not transparent so I wanted to place I wanted to place a portrait person within that within the Ring but I need to make this a transparent image so how do I go about doing that okay so let me show you how to do this let me just adjust the length worthy image first okay alright okay so we adjust the size a little bit to fit it into into Maya my timeline okay I think that looks nicely okay so how to get rid of that you know the red background within that ring the way you do it is that you can use in combination with photo director so highlight the image click on fixed and enhance and click on photo director so if you bought the product of director suite with the entire family you have the capability to work in between the applications so for example you’re working on image you can use on for your video production you can use a photo directed assist you to change the image just look at field and send it back to a timeline directly without interrupting your workflow the same works for your audio as well so for all the other – you can work in the same fashion okay so right here let’s go into the background removal tool so just very quickly that we need to select a foreground so let’s make a selection so this are the black foreground that’s using a brush to select it so you can see the brush is doing a also an edge detection so you can just crush it to the area then you will ultimately pick up the edges for you so you don’t need to worry about very do it doing really fine-tuning selections so this way you should be able to get this down very quickly okay this is slide your area and use the largest size brush okay then here let’s go back out okay so we are almost done with the outer outer ring of the areas okay then inside again it’s very easy just using the brush and you make a very quick selection so it goes around those those leaves around the rounded data frame I think that’s what we want and then let’s say we wanted to remove that every observation so that’s actually the program we selected hit apply and you can see that everything is removed nicely you have the transparent image to work with now and just hit the button back so so yes you want to save this image and bring it back to the timeline and then automatically you have this image already you know nicely done and put it back to the timeline for you alright so the next step is that we wanted to put a portrait behind that behind the frame also let us add one more one more track above the first track so that goes to right there okay so we can see let’s adjust the size a little bit okay around a second all right that’s just the size of the video frame to make it fit inside this this is this is frame okay so probably something like that but as you can see there’s a it’s not a transparent background and just several ways you can try to remove the background first of course if you’re familiar with chroma key there’s one way to do it but unfortunately this video was taken with the the red background which is not an ideal situation for the chromatic removal we can we can give it a try and let you see the result and we will show you another alternative way to you do a better job to show a better quality of the result so let’s go into the modified designer okay the VIP designer here you can select the chroma key option and then you can use the colored drop that color dropper just select the color and of course all the red colors will be removed but then again you can see that because red is very close to your skin color and even your lid color so your your your skin complexion will look a little bit unnatural yeah all right you know by doing this a chroma key remove all the red color so so I’m going to show you another way to do it try to avoid this problem so here they see that Lipsey’s is gone it is not red anymore so let’s cancel that let’s go out we don’t want to save it okay another way to do it is that we can utilize the color director tool so let’s go into the color director so again on this is the the product that help you adjust the color and do very advanced motion tracking in the inter plication so if you know what we wanted to do is I want to separate the person in the video from the background so how we can do that there is a way that we can utilize the motion tracker a tool to do it so here I’m using the motion tracking brush right here so let’s make a quick selection on the background so again you can see this is just the first frame of the video I’m making this selection based on the first frame and then the tool will automatically try to help me track this selection in the subsequent frames okay all right so this is a very quick selection and let’s let’s let the tool to select it to do the tracking so this is the tracking button so once you hit the tracking button you can see that now the video prey plays frame by frame and motion tracking algorithm is doing the tracking all by itself so for the new frames per second the algorithm is doing the tracking 30 friends 30 times or for each issue one second frame the ones the tracking is done all this masking information will be kept within the program and then you can play with the the mask too to adjust the color of the video so now that’s been done so now we have successfully separated the background with with the person in the video okay let’s go back to the first frame okay and then let’s do let’s replace the red color with the actual green screen effect so there’s a color replacement I can select the red color okay just give it a few seconds some so they can recall you can see that the colors did select the wrap I’m going to replace it with screen select cream from this palette and then done you get your background from red green and then you can send it back to you or you do your power directed timeline so go back so in this way you avoid the problem of you know affecting the person’s lips so here you have the green in the background then you can do the same thing by using the chroma key removal tool remove the green color so now you get a proper background removal and then let’s try to get rid of all the green Lighting’s on her face and Lucas is safe okay so that’s about done and then since her shoulder is coming out of the green so let’s do a very quick masking of that to remove these areas coming out so let’s go to the mask tab so there’s already preset masks a circle mask you can adjust the mask size a little bit so I think this is almost there okay I think this looks pretty good and now this is sane and then this let’s try to play it huh okay so so that’s how you do a green screen effect and you can fit any video into in any shape doesn’t matter if this is in this case it’s a circle you want to put it into an irregular shape you just use the irregular mask to do it or you can fit it into a rectangular shape different kind of different kind of usages and with the assistant of color director you can create very precise green screens so in this is only helps to keep the the flash color that the rather warm color are on the face even though you initially we’re using the wrong color for the backdrop okay let’s go into the next section very quickly okay so in the movies we have seen our believable most of you have watched like Harry Potter before so there is a very interesting thing in Harry Potter this is the talking portress on either is on the newspaper or is on you know the the picture is hanging on the wall so we thought it’s pretty interesting if we can recreate recreate these kind of effects using using PowerDirector so again we have some images that we grab from from our library you can use the same technique using foil directory to remove all these white colors just using the background remover to inside pull the fabric to remove it and you get a transparent image like this so everything looks transparent and you can drop it into the timeline and then you can try to fit videos onto the timeline um and then you know try to fit them into the frame so they look authentic they look like you know they are the actual pictures in the frame but uh usually the videos are in sixteen by nine or a different kind of you know usually there’s in in the expiration and the frame has different kind of sizes but so how do you fix the problem so it’s very easily so I’m going to show you this so in this case this person at the top you can see his video is going out of the frame so let’s make a selection of this video right here okay and then going into the modified room okay and then again um we’ll use the masking tool try to fix the problem okay so it comes up now there’s a mass tab so select the mask tab and then instead of selecting predefined shapes that’s like a free-form shape so right here you can select this this is free prompt then you can make adjustment very freely so you’re not confined to a very rigid like a square or a precise rectangle so you can do this make adjustment try to fit it roughly into the frame and then let’s go back out maybe you put the total on the video a little bit higher up to fit in nicely and safe okay when it goes back to the timeline and you can see the video has been crop actually is being mask nicely into the frame so I think a lot of people were asking how do you crop a video how do you crop a video so so you actually don’t have to crop the video you can actually mask the video and then you can work around the problem very easily so we can hide areas you didn’t want to see in your video frame using masking let’s do one more this still avoid right here so let’s put let’s put this our our model right here back to the frame okay let’s try one more time let it drop right here okay okay now we have to do resizing again resizing is very easy just on the preview window you can already resize okay then let’s move the videos to to the frame position and again the video because it’s a 16 by 9 aspect ratio so it’s coming out of the frame let’s do the same thing again go to the go to modify and then go to mask and we’ll mask out or you can say crop the water areas to show on the on the on the preview screen where there’s a mask and then let’s do that again very quickly so here you can do this masking I think that already fits quite nicely so let’s get safe okay on the preview window or once that’s been masks and you can see how you fit nicely into the frame and now we wanted to make this video I had the same look and feel that you know to the rest of the videos on the wall so what we can do is we can apply effects to video effects so the effects I’m using is the flickering effect so that’s actually call the old the old TV effect so write it on movies in fact sorry so just drag and drop the old movie effect on top of the videos that we just put it in on the time on the preview window you should be able to see already is becoming almost like the rest and then we’re dropping another effect to create the the canvas type of texture for the videos so that’s actually called the crane effects so let’s try to find out right here the color cream cream effect so this will recreate that canvas type of look and feel to the videos so let’s drop it in this one so for people were familiar with PowerDirector probably already know you can stack multiple effects but if you’re knew that this is a good tip for you so if you like you know the effects you can you know by experimenting it doing the stacking you can come up with something really new is not in the presets so you can stack multiple effects 5 10 by even more try to come up with that unique combination that you are trying trying to create alright so just very quickly so this is another fun session that we can we can create recreate that iconic scene in Harry Potter okay so I actually got two more so let’s see I’m not sure how many of you are the fans of Star Wars so definitely I’m one of them so I will show you how we can recreate this some of the very classical where iconic scene especially intro or from front Star Wars so here this is the the videos you know this is the final result we wanted to do so this is that Star War type of intro and then of course becomes always comes with the describing the scoring text before the movie starts so let’s try to recreate that so let’s move this away first let’s try to recreate at the Star Wars title ok so let me go into a kinda room so let me pick just a very simple title to start with so I’ll start right here as you can see this title doesn’t look anything like the Star Wars so this double click on this title let’s go into the title designer try to fix the problem so first we need a proper font so you can select the object by clicking on the outline and then let’s try to select that star war font setting should be somewhere here right here I’m star war okay then let’s put down star and then let’s create another one drop it below Awards okay and I think we want this larger so let’s adjust the font size let’s put let’s make it make it really large like this okay and now let’s try to stack these two doors on top of the 101 on top of it on top of matter okay we can do this and align it to the centre at the bottom one and now we can just slightly adjust it to the right position so I think that looks pretty nice and of course the Star Wars title is in the preparation so let’s try to fix the problem again um by applying a nice sorry applying a nice border the border should be in bright yellow okay so we need to do another one as well okay and then let’s try to make the the inside of the the characters black so now it’s looking a little bit more like the actual Star Wars title alright so once that’s done now we can you know save the result and go back out and then we can start adding some effects on top of each other is something like some kind of like layering you know you’re putting one stroke of your brush to add the effect to make it more authentic so first let us add a intro animation so the stack the text you know just placing their aesthetic it is pretty boring so let’s try to use some transition in fact to help us with that let’s see we want to kind of transition we can choose there is a nice transition or cross or actually this is being used more traditionally between crossing from click a in to click B as you can see right here in the preview window but I’m using this as my advantage you know try to recreate that zoom in type of effect with the text and I really want this have the movie be a look and feel so I’m going to lengthen the the text you that the text update duration I’m also going to lengthen the duration of the effects let’s do it like 10 seconds then we let’s see how the result looks like so very slowly you see okay the Star Wars text slowly comes in and okay stop at the right position and then let’s add a fade out the end and it will fade out very nicely just like that that’s looking pretty good already so but I still wanted a little bit more flavor to my to my text so what I can do is I can actually use the also getting a special effect so this is the the effect especially effec in the past those these video effects can only be applied to video objects for example you have a video clip recorded from your cell phones or from your 10 coder you can apply all this kind of video effects but in the lasers PowerDirector version 13 a week actually expand the capability to allow the effects can now be applied on top of text objects so here we have the text object right here so this is a text object so if you using PowerDirector 12 you will not be able to you know apply the video effects on top of your text this is only available in 13 so if you wanted to do this you may need to upgrade to the 13 version all right so let’s find the lens flare effect so this is a lens flare effect I wanted to use so let’s drop it right here and maybe you want a lens flare to come in when our our title is the in position so maybe somewhere around here I think that looks nice okay and then let’s play it here the legs take a quick look so our title comes you know enters the scene and then the lens flare is there but the problem is the lens very static is not doing anything just shows right it’d be kind of boring right so again let’s try to spice up that a little bit so we all have will use the the keyframes try to help us with that oh I think that is adjust the position first so let’s go to modify it and let’s adjust the positioning of the lens flare but then it needs to be moved a little bit to the right then you should sit nicely to the first character on on the Star Wars and then then let’s go use the key frame try to animate this lens flare effect so let’s try to do that with the Z position so let’s start let’s move the frame to the very very first frame so this is a little bit more advanced for the beginner users but this are actually very powerful tools so for example you saw the lens but it’s just sitting there it’s not doing not not doing much with the keyframe you can make things animated the way you want it so for example we can adjust position let’s put a keyframe here so the let’s pray we’ll start from here and maybe in between let’s put one more keyframe so we wanted to make the position of the lens Square move so let’s move it from here to here and then we put another one at the end if they have adjust a position so let’s put this one put a very nice shine into into the frame so probably something like that okay and then let’s try to play this sequence again so we have three keyframes in the sequence now you see now the lens spread started animated okay and then we can adjust make more adjustments so for example you want one – I want a lens flare to go brighter or dimmer I can fully I have full control over that so there is the brightness control so we can start at the beginning with the brightness of at the level of hundreds maybe as the light go moves maybe moves right here we can we can make it really over bright something like that and then with it it’s almost going out let’s dim it a little bit and then when the lens rate goes out let’s dim it completely okay so by doing this different kind of combinations you can create interesting result so let’s take a look at that again so now the lens flare moves and then goes rip right and details I think that goes nicely with our the title if I wanted to recreate okay so let’s see that again okay now the title comes in the lens flare shows up then ends play animated it gets brighter and dims out and faced with the title so that I think that goes pretty nicely okay so the next step is were to recreate the the scrolling scrolling text so let’s remove this I wanted to recreate this from scratch so I actually prepared that the text that everybody knows a long long time ago I’ve got in the galaxy far far away so let’s try to do that by doing so I’ll go into the title so actually there’s already a preset title you can utilize to recreate this disc effect it’s called the perspective perspective scroll here you can see the perspective scroll use a perspective scroll drop it in to your timeline that’s dropping right here okay and I want this go put it on this do 40 seconds and then let’s double click on that and we can copy paste the text we just copy we’ll just have right here this is a default text we want none of that so make a select all and replace it with the go with the text we want it okay and then we need to change the color as well so let’s change the color to again yellow so now it is looking a little bit more like Star Wars and let’s make adjustment to the width actually we wanted to fit into the frame the video frame nicely so let’s put the make it a little bit narrower to fit it nicely into the frame all right and then I don’t think we need to shadow so let’s uncheck the shadow the rest looks good except one more thing I think the first we can make a slight adjustment to to make it narrow a little bit that’s through minus one and so now if it’s even tighter okay and you can do sake okay let’s try to see that so now you have this text you know just like the opening of the star war movies the text scrolling into the deep boy of the space okay so if you wanted to adjust the speed you can adjust the length of the text on the timeline so the longer it is the scrolling goes much slower so we can try that very quickly to see the result and of course if wanted to adjust the position where that text ends where he ends into the space we can adjust that as well so for example let’s go back into the title designer and we can you know move the text down a little bit so the text will actually ants nearer to the middle of the frame let’s try to play that again and see what happens all right so now the text is scrolling even slower so so that’s how you recreate this a very iconic scene from from Star Wars of course you can plug in any text you want it there’s a necessary to be coming from the movie cell to be fun to use this into one of your video productions just well alright so lastly one more to show you so this is a little bit more complex that you can utilize both the keyframe and also objects so you know that the the purpose of this in this session is how to animate the objects found on your timeline let the program to load to load the project file just give it a few seconds let’s try it again alright so what we have is here we have a backdrop so if we if I you know hide all these different elements you can see we have a clean backdrop it’s just a wallpaper of the other space so it’s very easy you can get this kind of image from from the front from the internet or from your personal library so once you put the backdrop you can try to search for some kind of image there resemble the spaceship or some kind of aircraft um if is he doesn’t have a clean background or something like this again you can use photo director to try to help you to remove the background very quickly so end up your end up with image like this is a transparent image with a very clean and just being smooth up for you and then you can drag and drop this onto your timeline so like that so actually what we want to do is uh we wanted to recreate you know the animated look and feel you know the object how it animates before the backdrop so how are you going to do this let me try to do this side-by-side so we can take a clearly look so let me lengthen the back drop a bit and then let’s put the image here so initially if you try to drag and drop the image onto your timeline it’s right in the middle so let’s try to resize that a little bit and let’s move it into the bottom corner right here okay and then I will use keyframe – to animate this object to the length of the object a little bit like this okay and then here so right here at the bottom you can already see there’s a keyframe so you see that position so this is one we want to adjust or let’s create a one T sorry let’s create one keyframe at the beginning of the frame so this is where the spaceship will start that’s one and now let’s create another key friend at the end so right here and this is where the spaceship will end and I think since is we wanted to make it look like it’s moving into the space let’s you know just the size as well so go back to the keyframe you need to take care of the scale as well so the scale dead end it’s a smaller smaller size when it starts is a larger space out spacecraft right here okay so once we done with the keyframe for both scaling and the position we can we can take a look at the healthy and enemies so he goes in there and become smaller and smaller okay so maybe we can play with the size a little bit more make it even smaller like this okay alright so this this done very quickly you already have the spacecraft animated off before the backdrop and of course you can adjust the speed how the spacecraft goes into into the space again is the same idea using keyframe so there’s a certain key certain keyframe you have to set to adjust the speed while the spacecraft moves into you into the space okay so on top of that let’s add some effects let’s again have some lens effect so let’s go into the the PID object room there are also some lens if I we can utilize search lens I think we can do probably this lens flare okay again the lens flare let me try it again I’ll put it into my timeline I forgot to unhide the time line right here okay so you know you see the lens flare this is just a slice a little bit asking the wrong pipe flag out the up and you make the right to color selection okay right here so one of the lens flare go with the back of the spacecraft so right here so it’s like the UH like the engine of the spacecraft okay oh okay and then one of the animators as well otherwise when the spacecraft goes into the space the lens but is just sitting there but not moving with the slaves let’s say the spacecraft so what we wanted to do is let’s do this like here again let’s use the key frame to to help us with that then go back to the first frame where the spacecraft started so right here so we’ll put this right here though this again scale and position okay at the end we also do the same we’ll put two more key frames right there but this time we’ll move this into the space and make it much smaller okay like that I think that’s that’s proper and let’s try to see the effect just to be here okay let’s move this right here okay so making sure that you have the most keyframe let’s try to do this again and selecting the wrong parameters okay let’s repeat this one more time sorry about that so we have to first keyframe let’s select position and scale not rotation okay and then at the end at the end right here will do rescaling and repositioning okay so let’s see okay so we got it this night finally all right so there’s only one side of the engine so let’s save that so you’re going to do another science very easy just copy and paste onto another timeline and you’ll be able to recreate this I just shifted position a little bit so open up the window again and now all you need to do is again using the key French ship to position from left to right and then go to the rest of the second keyframe and again shift the position so very easily you gotta you got a spacecraft with two engines then so this is how you recreate that okay so of course there’s a more advanced keyframe you can do by like for example adjusting the intensity of Exedy of the lens player objects or even we can use a motion blur try to no we create a speed look and feel um if when they fit spacecraft moving through moving through the space it’s optional the motion blur selection right here it goes under motion tab you can maximize the parameter try to recreate a look and feel alright so key framing is a little bit a little bit more events requires some patience and time for you to explore but when you get it done right you can recreate you know great precise motions or very very precise very precise effects that you wanted to achieve so we’ll probably end the session right here so there’s only five minutes left so let’s go back out on to your YouTube window so great quickly let’s take a quick look so on your window under the the videos windows you can see that we have a description right here so anyone who who is watching these videos um please do take a few minutes to help us fill out the survey anyone we have completed the survey are entitled to get a 10% off coupon from us so you can use the 10% coupon to purchase the product from sibling comm already now he’s already have a pretty good deal running on the powder at the outro so we can take a quick look at that so I’ll try it now in 59 you can apply a further 10% up on top of that and even ultimate this is now selling together with photo director so is

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