CustomQueries for SugarCRM and SuiteCRM – Installation and Basic Use

Hi, my name is Daniel and in this video I would show you how to install CustomQueries this module is compatible whith SugarCRM and SuiteCRM. It will allow you to run your own queries. over your CRM database. The way to install it. Is as usual, using admin “module loader” it’s available from administration on any of your SugarCRM software instance. We’re going to proceed directly to installation since I have already download CustomQueries to my desktop. get it from my desktop. While we do this I can tell you that CustomQueries is intended for experienced administrators one of its basic functions is to make the same thing you can do with for example phpmyadmin. Many times, you don’t have PHPMyAdmin available to run queries or make works manipulating the database directly. the only caution with took when developing this was not to allow common users to run this so we don’t have any option in the menu to run this. The other caution with took why developing this, is that to run and you must be an administrator you’ll you must know that you must be careful. use this at your own risk, be very careful. okay we’re starting right now taking a little time you must be aware of upper case lower case here okay on the only in that you would see in your screen when you entere to custom queries will be a text box and a button.

For example we could use select… ID first_bane, primary_address _street primary address city of course you must know the structure so you can see here first I’m going to show you ordered by yes this is quite boring and now we going to write another leather with them ID name from opportunities and that’s it so let submit this.. okay here goes first query, you can see name of the company and the contacts and then the second query in to different tables okay now if we use the button views he is being you’re going to get this, separated by commas but you can use this one and those CSV and you can download him with your favorite editor in my case a will open with LIBREOFFICE take care when the choosing the charset I’m using UTF-8 in the database and UTF-8 and must be the same thing, for you to open it and then you you can see I I checked all that well that’s it for today thank you very much

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