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Hater I hope you slept well because we will design a really cool PowerPoint slide I will show you how to properly work with pictures in a slide and how to crop them to any shape you’d like it’s not only about cropping but also about resizing but this will come later let’s start the tutorial and I’ll show you everything I will go to insert shapes and I’ll insert my triangle shapes and I need to consider if my shape is pointing up or the shape is pointing down because once I insert a photograph in it the photograph will also point up or point down we have the basic shapes here and we have our flowchart shapes these are a bit different but both of these are triangles I’ll use the flowchart and I will select the first shape and place the shape here I want three shapes to be here so I’ll make sure how big it should be it should be about this size now I’ll control V it rotate it okay control V and make it like that I’ll make some small spaces here and I want to make sure that it will reach the end of the slide the best way to do this is to select everything group it together and resize it together this way will make perfectly sure that nothing is shifting around and we select all three of them together then I’ll ungroup them I’ll copy them once again I group them and I rotate this entire design this is about the design I wanted to achieve and this is the quickest way I know to do so let’s make an simple space here and this looks really nice really equal maybe the spaces are not totally perfect but for my eye it really looks good now we can take everything shift it to the left side so it also doesn’t stand out here now this should be ungrouped because I want to treat everything separately now let’s work with the pictures I want a few of them to have pictures and a few of them to make the design of this slide well PowerPoint sadly isn’t perfect when it comes to pictures so we will have to tinker a little bit but let me show you how to do this I’ll select this object I will go to picture or texture fill I will click file and select my first picture now you see the picture isn’t cropped perfectly that’s how PowerPoint operates what you can however do you can click on this object you can go to format and you can crop and don’t get me wrong you are you can crop this object but what you actually want to do you want to crop this image I know that this image was taller and these are the right proportions of this image so I’ll take this image I’ll make it a bit taller and I’ll try to fill out this space how I wanted it to be okay crop this is the best I can do now this one picture or texture fill file and the second picture now you see this dog is barely visible but you can of course adjust that format crop and I don’t need to adjust the dog of course another time the aspect ratio is fairly wrong but you need to adjust this by hand set the PowerPoint can do this for you there are options for this to reset picture and reset the picture and size but sadly this doesn’t work inside of cropped images if you would like to import an image you would play around with this image you would do something like this like this you could reset picture reset picture and size but this can be done here I can however enter this picture here and see if this is okay all right this looks good now the last one picture or texture fill file the third picture now the horses the horses are nearly okay I’ll only place them here so they are visible the box is filled out and in my opinion this looks really good now I will select everything I’ll go to drawing tools format shape outline no outline now I want to work with these these will have no fill they will have maybe gray outlines maybe those outlines will be a bit bigger this all depends on you let’s make it it really looks nice with those really thin outlines and maybe this one just to make it a bit more interesting we’ll have actually a fill shape fill and let’s select the same gray color now I need to find the color I’ve used let’s say it was this one but I could also come closer shape fill eyedropper and just select this collar now this is the initial design I want to have for this slide let’s however say that you have something other in mind you need some color because this is a part of a bigger presentation this is another presentation I did another tutorial I did and let’s maybe copy the title and paste it here well we have the title the title should be smaller all right I see I’ve used some green color here so I will use the same in this presentation I will copy this shape I rotate this shape I make it smaller and you see what i’m doing here i’m using the element i already have and i’m just tinkering a little bit around with it i’ll select this object shape fill eyedropper the green color shape outline now outline and i’ll place this here maybe I copy it around I rotate it and place this here maybe I do it like that a bigger one and if you do not like this color or it gets in your way you can also make it white so it will create a cutout effect in this entire slide I think this doesn’t work because I’m cutting out the head of this horse which I didn’t want and this slide is essentially ready I could have some text here it could be also copied from another slide like here control V delete the image and as you can see I’ve created quickly a really custom and unique slide with the pictures I wanted to have and this is a way of creating slides no matter what style and object you would like to place the pictures in thank you very much for your attention in this tutorial my name is Andrey Park and I did teach you how to create a slide like that in PowerPoint

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