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Hi Dwayne cash-in here I want to talk with you about how to create a compelling value proposition this is very important for you to capture people’s attention a value proposition answers your prospects question what value will I realize if I do business with you a vast majority of salespeople and business owners answer this question by providing a rundown of their business qualifications for example they’ll say things such as we serve over a hundred and fifty customers just like you or we’ve been in business for 15 years or our staff of 22 are all very bright and highly committed to serving our customers as interesting as those pieces of information may be they’re from the perspective of the seller and do not make it clear to the buyer how they will benefit the world of business is fast-paced and full of options you know that as a result decision maker strive to get a high return from whatever or whomever they decide to spend their time with if your goal is to become a part of their conversation which which obviously it is then you need to be prepared to take advantage of the opportunity by being able to deliver a brief and direct and to-the-point value proposition and you need to ensure that your approach emanates from the perspective of your prospect or your customer there’s four key elements to a compelling value proposition let me give them to you now number one you’re going to state whether you will help them increase or decrease one of their key business drivers if you take a look at any company’s goals plans or objectives it will either be to increase something or to decrease something they may want to increase revenues they may want to increase customers walking in the door increase customers or visitors to their website they may want to decrease costs or decrease absenteeism it’s always going to boil down to increase and decrease a business driver number two you’re going to state the actual business driver your product or service will focus on for example perhaps you’ll help increase revenues or perhaps you’ll help them decrease costs number three you’ll state the volume of the increase or decrease they can expect in other words by how much will you increase their revenues or how much will you help decrease costs and lastly give them a time frame of how long it will take all right here’s an example of a value proposition that I use and have found to be very effective I help my clients increase the number of qualified opportunities in their pipeline by 50% in a 90 day period let me go through it again I help my clients increase so in this example I’m using increase now here comes the business driver the number of qualified opportunities now here comes the percentage by how much in their pipeline by 50% and now here comes how long is that going to take in a 90-day period let me say it again I help my clients increase the number of qualified opportunities in their pipeline by 50% in a 90-day period take the time to really analyze your value proposition follow this formula and tailor it to ensure that it’s relevant to your product or service and to your buyer ask yourself if it provides a prospect with enough relevant information to get him or her interested in finding out more about the benefits of doing business with you and your company when it does they will be curious they’ll be curious to learn more about how you plan to deliver on what you’ve told them when you have the ability to create curiosity in your prospects mind or in your customers mind that’s when they’re going to be open to learn about how you can help them a good value proposition can take the conversation to the next level and that’s our goal right selling is is steps we want to go from one step to the next to the next and keep moving forward make sure it’s relevant and all about them and once again you will be sharpening your competitive edge I wish you the best

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