Create WordPress Header Templates With Elementor Theme Builder

First impressions really count customizing headers used to require loads of code not anymore meet elementor’s header template creating headers users just can’t resist with Elementor you can build your entire header and footer for that matter without writing a single line of code it’s all done right inside the intuitive drag-and-drop editor where you see the results in real time as you’re designing it create sleek and simple headers and footers or go wild with complex layouts build your header however you like add social icons call-to-action buttons throw in a search bar your phone number one of those converting top bars and top it off with some line cuts help your visitors navigate through your site by applying a sticky header that follows them as they scroll sticky areas can increase conversion rates by bringing attention to your call-to-action no matter how far the user Scrolls down the page design headers and footers that are 100% mobile responsive and look pixel perfect on any device want one header for your blog and a different one for your services page create as many custom headers and footers as you need and attribute them to the right pages and categories when it comes right down to it the header and footer areas are the backbone of every website by customizing them without code you finally get the flexibility that you need explore the endless design possibilities now available with elementor’s header and footer templates use it with any theme and save hours of work start building headers and footers the smart fast and code free way the Elementor way

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