Create Subtle Green Screen Effects – 3 ways to use them

in this video i will show you some green screen effects and how to use them now some of the green screen effects is more subtle and some of them are more in a sense more direct and in your face now if you’re new to my channel my name is james and i help you to leverage text so that you can create greater impact in your life and at this point in time i’m talking a lot about a video if you’ve seen some of my videos you know that i use green screen for example when i’m teaching and showing a screen at the same time i’m somewhere at the corner however i float in the corner just me alone talking so that is actually a green screen effect now obviously another effect that you can create is like what i’m doing right now on my wall here there is a green piece of paper so uh if you notice in some of my other videos i actually have a square there but i haven’t really used that square yet because i actually intended it for it to be a green screen effect of some sort okay it’s just that in all my videos prior to this i didn’t really have a use for it so anyway today i have a larger screen and you can see right now i can’t go to the beach i like to go to the beach and i could actually fake a beach in my uh video all right so these are the two effects that you can use so there’s another effect and if you’re not familiar with this uh you probably have seen some people create something what they call an invisibility cloak and if you are like me in somebody whatsapp group you may see that somebody tried to pull a fast one on you and say that that this invisibility cloak is now the real thing uh in fact that is not real yet there’s no such thing that i know of not a cloak anyway yes there is some kind of a cloaking where they use cameras on screens on one side maybe for a vehicle however all this invisibility cloak is actually done using either a green screen or blue screen you can pick any of these colors to do it okay now there are also people who are using it to levitate objects okay and then they levitate an object in front of a green screen or a blue screen and then in editing they remove the background and it seems as if that object is levitated alright so these are some of the effects that you can use using green screen in terms of software you can use heflim express you can use filmora 9 shortcut or even any other software that can redo green screen and you will be good to go if you like this video do hit the like button and you haven’t subscribed do consider subscribing and one last thing tell your friends about my channel as well if they are like me or like you or trying to make videos at this time together you’re making it for fun maybe they’re making it for business do check out my other playlist on my channel if you’re interested i have courses on using a video editing software as well that will bring you step by step from the basics to more advanced level as well



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