Create A Sliding Navigation Menu In PowerPoint

Hello this is Justin at the tech train and in this video what I’d like to show you is how to create a sliding navigation menu in Microsoft PowerPoint let me show you what I mean I’ve got a PowerPoint presentation here it’s four slides long and of course we can go from one slide to the other quite normally however what I’ve got here at the top right as you can see is it kind of bookmark now watch what happens when I click on this bookmark the bookmark drops down and I have the links here to the other slides on my presentation so let’s for example jump to the objective slide so here we are I’ve jumped to the learning objective slide we can see while we’re learning in today’s lesson and again if I want to jump to another slide I simply click the bookmark on the top right corner and then I can click on whichever slide I want to go to now as well as clicking on the bookmark for it to go down I can also click on the bookmark for it to slide back up again so it is a sliding menu we can click to bring it down or to send it up and then to jump to any particular slide that we want to in our presentation which is really good if you’re doing a lecture a presentation or a lesson and you realize that you don’t need to go all the way through from start to finish you want to jump further ahead or you want to dip into another optional slide or you want to go back and review something that you covered earlier on the beginning I know certainly in my school sometimes and it’s useful to be able to jump back to the objectives and remind people what we’re looking at or to leave up the vocabulary ideas on the board for people to use and rather than having to flash backwards and forwards trying to find the slide using this sliding menu option is quite a cool little trick so I’m going to show you how to make that from start to finish so let’s get over there so step one is to draw the bookmark itself I’m going to insert a rectangle shape for this we’ll just draw a rough rectangle about that size there we’ll do and I’ll color that as well so we’ll color that blue keep it into the theme a darker blue than that I think and I’m going to take the outline away as well going to give it a bit of a shadow just so that it stands proud slightly and I’m going to make the bottom part of it a sort of slight triangular so what I’m going to do is zoom right in on the bottom part of this rectangle like this and I’m going to right click and choose edit points and they’re going to place my mouse roughly on the halfway point there on the little red line and then just drag that up to create a sort of wavy line I’m going to zoom back out so we can see the whole thing oh yeah bit jumping and and then I’m going to move it so it’s in the position I want it to be with all the buttons on so as you’ll probably be tagged to the top like that now doing this on the first slide what you’ll have to make sure as you’re going through this is that your template as provides a good opportunity for you to put something like this on it for example on this slide here I have got room the top right I have got room there and I have got Randolph deliberately left this right hand area slightly blank on all the slides but this would work just as well if you wanted to have a menu slide up from the bottom of the screen or slide in from the left or slide in from the right it doesn’t really matter the technique that I’m going to show you works across the board right next we need to put our link buttons in I’m going to simply draw these as little rectangles not going to spend too long on this let’s bring rectangle in about there and add some text to it so we’ll just have this I’ll just put the numbers in for the moment so that’s slide 4 and then duplicate that and bring that up there duplicate it duplicate it duplicate rather than and copy and paste because as you’ll notice when I do duplicate it intelligently works out where the copy is going to go rather than I’m going to control V or paste it and move them all around if you’re not sure whether way if I say anything in these videos anything what the heck was that would you just do or did he just say please do leave a comment below and I do regularly go for the comments and try to reply to them individually so if you have any questions or suggestions please do leave a comment and write to add a link to each of these simply click on a button and you can go to insert hyperlink there it is insert hyperlink but what I tend to do is just simply hit ctrl K it’s a standard hyperlink button in pretty much every Microsoft program and and we’re going to link to a place in this document so on the left hand side we click place in this document we can see the slides that we’re going to link to obviously I should point out here that you can’t link to a slide until you’ve made it so if you know that you’re going to have a number of slides that you’ll want to link to make them and you don’t have to worry about putting all the content in but at least put them in and put the title on so you’ve got something to link to so number one that button there’s going to link to slide 1 then I’m going to click on button to control K and link to slide 2 the same for button 3 now do be careful as I just did that I clicked inside the button and you can see that flashing text cursor there if I was to do control K now what I’d be doing is inserting a hyperlink just on that digit 3 which would then change to probably blue the button itself wouldn’t work so do make sure you’re clicking on the button not the text inside the button so again ctrl K and I’m going to Glink about to slide three and then finally control K and Link that last button up to slide for no er so and there are the buttons there’s my bookmark the next thing we have to do is group all of that so I’m just going to drag my mouse over and select all of those right-click on them and group so that’s now one single shape so well pop that in that position there and what I’m going to do now is slide that up to the start position so I’m going to move that up by the way if I’ve got that just another shortcut here that I quite like I’m very much into my keyboard shortcuts which is great except for in the video you can’t see what I’m doing so let me explain what I’m doing here I want to move it up but I don’t want to slide it around hold down shift and that’s actually something we’ll be doing quite a lot in this video holding down shift to lock a vertical slide so I’ve moved that up so that the bottom button is hidden off the slide so otherwise if I was to play the presentation now you would see the bottom bit of the bookmark just sort of hanging down there or indeed if you wanted to just have a big slide coming in from the side or a panel or toolbar coming up from the bottom you know like is of a Mac toolbar or windows taskbar rising up from the bottom with your buttons on it yes you could do exactly the same thing just something you make the buttons hidden underneath or off the edge of the slide okay I’m going to zoom out slightly at this point just so I can see the whole of that bookmark what we need to do is to now add an animation to it so we need to click on this grouped bookmark now and then go up to animations at the top so we click on animations and then simply click on this button on the right that says add animation click on that and I’m going to come down to lines this is the motion paths here as I’m going to click on lines now the default is to go down for dr.

Bottom but if you click on the effect options button here you can see that you can change that so it rises from the bottom comes up or it travels to the right or it travels to the left so depending on where you’re putting your bookmark or your menu you’ll need to change that direction for the moment though it’s going in the right direction but it’s not going quite far enough excuse me so if I click on this play from button the animation panel we can see it comes down but not quite enough that top buttons not visible so how do we stretch that animation well what we do you’ll notice on if you look closely on this I’ll just zoom in so that you can hopefully see that all right is we’ve got a little green dot just there and a red dot just here the green is the start position like green for go and the red is stop the end position when it stops so what I want to do is to drag that end position slightly further down so we can see all the buttons now again we don’t want to just grab this and try and go down because as you can see what happens it ends up sliding all over the place so just undo that so instead what I do is hold that shift key down again and as I do that I lock this in place I can’t now slide it off to the left of right I can only move it up and down now it is a little confusing at this point because of course we have two bookmarks one is overlapping the other what I’m looking at obviously is is this one that’s moving completely ignore the other one and focus on this one and work out whereabouts I would want that to stop so I need to make sure that the buttons obviously have come right down and are visible but I don’t want the whole bookmark does it’ll fall off and leave a gap so I think about there is probably perfect so I shall leave that there so we’ve added the animation but what we need to do is add a trigger a trigger is something that tells the animation to start and normally this might be just any random click on the side or you pressing the right arrow button on your keyboard what we want is for this trigger to be when we click on this shape so still in the animations toolbar up here you’ll see trigger just on the right-hand side here so I’m going to click on trigger and choose on the click of and you’ll probably have a few items in this list and this is group 14 how do I know it’s group 14 well because we’ve got this selected here and I’ve got the animation pane open which is something toggled by using that button at the top there I can see the peach colored block which shows the item I’m currently animating and the name of it is right there in the middle group 14 so that’s how I know which item it is to animate so trigger on the click of group 14 so that’s that so far that’s now put it into position where it is animated down let’s just play the presentation so we can see how this is working so there’s my presentation and you can see when you move the mouse over that little bookmark the mouse turns into a hyperlink but a hyperlink icon with a little pointing mouse and if I click on that you’ll see that it animates down and hangs there so we’ve now got access to those buttons and if I was to click on see button for to go to the quotation there we are we’ve gone to the quotation now of course the bookmark isn’t on this slide will have to copy it across later on I did originally when I was putting this together look into the idea of inserting this bookmark into the slide master but it turns out the PowerPoint doesn’t support triggered animations for grouped objects in the slide master that’s a bit specific but it definitely doesn’t seem to like that anyway we’re halfway there well over halfway but of course at Meishan comes down what we need is to now add a second triggered animation so that that bookmark rises back up into the start position again so how do we do that well it’s pretty much the same thing really we just click on the shape click on the bookmark again go up to add animation and down to lines now of course as with before it’s now going to assume we want to move it down what we don’t this time we want to move it up so I click on the effect options and change it from down to up and as I said before of course if you’re moving your toolbar or menu or whatever you want to call it off to the side or the bottom then then naturally whatever direction you’ve moved it in to make it appear you’ll just something reverse that to make it disappear okay now once we’ve done that and what we’ll see on the right hand side now our and two animations and if I hover over the animation you’ll see the tooltip that says unclick up and this one if I hover over it says on click down if you’ve got really good eyesight you’ll see the little icon just above the mouse there and above the mouse there is that little green line well little line with green and a red dot on it and if you’re good you can see where the green dot E isn’t at the start position ready to the end position so we can see that there as well anyway and what I’m going to do and this is the up animation so I’m going to bring this down underneath that one and so the up doesn’t happen first it happens second wanted to come down first and then move up the next time we click on this bookmark and if I click on that animation again what you’ll see is we have a start and finish position with these green lines or so red and green dotted lines now this is quite fiddly I’ll be honest because we’ve now got effectively for bookmarks visible on the screen and the two ghosted ones and the two solid ones we’ve got to animation lines with two red dots and two green dots you can see that there’s a red dots here and a red arrow here so that’s obviously not the same line but overlapping in the middle there’s a green dot and a green arrow so that’s the start position for both so it is a little bit tricky to get this right first time so this is a little bit case of experimenting but what I want is for this to go up so clearly what I need to do is to drag the don’t forget a hold shift down here as well drag the red position so that that is down a bit further grab my green dot is that the green dot yes I think it is and bring that down to where the animation was the first time when we brought it down and then the red dot has to go up so that we are in the position that the animation was to begin with and I can see that and you can see this all right there’s two bookmarks that are very close together if you can just about see that and if I bring this bookmark down it will snap there we are when it’s in the right position should be there so let’s try playing that I think I’ve got that right so if I click on the bookmark there it is it comes down click on it again and it slides up so and we can obviously repeat that that’s not just the one and then two and that will work indefinitely so click on that to come down click onto these buttons and and if you don’t want one of those click the bookmark and it will go up so once you’ve done that once you’ve created your bookmark then in order to get it onto every single slide all you’ll need to do is to click on this one shape it is now one shape or z has two animations within it but it is simply one shape now one room so if I click on that once and I copy it I’m pressing ctrl C to do that and I can click on any slide and do ctrl V to paste it or just right clicking paste if you prefer and not only will it paste the group it’ll paste it in the correct position the same position and it would include as you see on the right hand side all of the animations so I’ll click on that slide and I’ll click on this slide as well and then if I play the presentation so here’s my starting slide or when I’ve sent this presentation up as well so that I can’t actually click anywhere on this slide to proceed and that’s an option I’ll show you how to do that if you want as well but this this presentation can only be navigated using the menu so I’ll click on this drop down menu let’s go to the first slide what happened there have I not done did I I think I added the hyperlinks in or I didn’t know there’s some reason I’ve just there of course yes sorry I was just having a bit of a dim moment there and we all make silly mistakes I was wondering why the link to slide one wasn’t working but of course I’m on slide 1 and if you wanted to avoid that situation incidentally and all you need to do is on each of these slides you need to go in and just remove the button within the group and only 2d group it for linking to that slide but to be honest I’m not going to bother with that so let’s try again excuse me sorry about that so I’ll click on the unhuman click on that menu let’s go to slide 2 now we are that’s the objectives click on the bookmark and go to slide 4 which is the quotation there we are click on the bookmark now I’ve changed my mind want to leave it there click on the bookmark to get rid of it for the moment now click on the bookmark again I’m ok let’s go back to slide 3 so there we are and so that’s how to create a sliding navigation bar bookmark that you can use to jump around your presentation and whilst you probably wouldn’t have every single page listed on this what it’s useful for and what I use it for is to create links to those particularly important hot slides who might call them so that you’ve got the key points that you might want to refer back to or jump to somewhere in the presentation of course what you can also add into here if you wanted to is a back to the last slide viewed button which is in the Action Button answer option so that’s in the insert I’ll just quickly show you where this one is just create an action button and if we create an action button rather than a shape we can click hyperlink to last slide viewed and that means that whatever slide we have jumped to so if you’ve hopped from slide 23 back to slide 2 then you could have a button on every single bookmark that would take you back to whatever the last slide viewed was so you’ve gone from like a slide 23 you hopped using the bookmark to slide 2 and then you click on the bookmark button to go back to the last slide view and you’ll jump back to slide 23 hope that makes sense again if I’ve confused you at all please do leave a comment and I will elaborate or provide extra information or a demonstration of that to help so there we are I hope that’s useful I hope that sort of interest if you have any questions or comments or suggestions or you want to show off your own bookmark maybe that you’ve done then that’d be fantastic please do leave a comment below and as ever if you found it useful it would be brilliant if you would click like it really does help it does make a difference to this channel and helps me create more videos and if you haven’t already subscribe to the channel why the heck not go and do it now click Subscribe and then you’ll know exactly when new videos coming so thank you very much indeed for watching and hope to see you in the next video you

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