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Hi in this video I’m gonna show you how to create a menu navigation system to aid in your PowerPoint presentations so what do I mean let’s say that for example we have in this presentation we have five modules and we want to have a navigation system up here on the top that takes us from module one to two three four or five so in this example maybe we have finished this presentation and we got some questions in module two and all we need to do is click a button here and it’ll take us back to module two now in a shorter presentation maybe be easier just to go back and use the keyboard and type PPP for previous but if this was a presentation where it was 30 40 50 slides that might be a little bit more difficult it’d be nicer if we had an option on the top where we can select to go back to a different module so let’s go ahead and see how this would work in presentation view let me go click this and go ahead and go into presentation slideshow view so let’s say for example I’m going through something and I go through a module one I go through the introduction here’s module 1 some information some content slides in module 1 and then module 2 in the module 3 and module 4 and then module 5 this is the last module and maybe I get a question Oh back on module 3 what was something something if I go and click over here it’ll actually take me up through module 3 and I can go and click ahead and go through those slides again if I want to go to module 1 I can click on that and they’ll take me to module 1 and I can click through it so that’s what I mean by a menu navigation system on the top now show you how to create something like this let me go ahead and get out of slideshow mode and go into another slide now okay I’m in another presentation I just copied over the some of the slide content like module one module and etc and just this and I’m going to go ahead and start from scratch in addition also showing you how to get some images off the PowerPoint a search navigational feature and after that go ahead and and using the slide master feature and inserting the navigational toolbar up here in the slide masters so I’ll go and show you that concept I also have another video series or another video that goes into what slide masters are and how to use a slide master and now go ahead and put that into the description the video so you can go and click that if you want to watch that one too but this is not a video that covers slide masters it’s more of a video that will cover how to create the navigational toolbar on top so let’s go ahead and get into it let me go ahead and go into the menu navigation let me go and double click this and I will get into this view which is called a normal view and let’s say for example I wanted to put an image here so I can just right click it and go to format background and it’s gonna ask it what kind of a background new one there are many types of backgrounds you can add you can add color you know we can add a color to it and we can control Z to undo that or you can add a gradient fill gives you kind of like a darker to lighter color gradient control Z to undo that what I like here I’m going to show here is adding a picture and so there’s already pictures here that are available for you but I’m gonna go ahead and take a picture from online click this option now lets me search for a picture I’m going to go ahead and search for a picture maybe nature and then press Enter and I like this picture I’m go ahead and take this picture and click insert and now I have this picture here I’m go ahead and close this and I want to just bring this I’ll go ahead and remove this and then I’m gonna go ahead and just bring this up a little bit and that looks ok right there so I’m gonna go ahead and start to build out my menu here so each of these as I just mentioned earlier we’re gonna use a slide master but we can change the layout and the layout is determined by the slide masters let’s say for example I wanted to to choose a text and title layout which is this one but what if I didn’t want to do that maybe for each of the module introductions those are the section headers so I would click on that and that would be a section header and the same for this one this would be the section header and the same thing for module 3 so the layout basically is a format for that particular slide and what the layout does is it helps you put in placement of your text or your objects or images in the same format for one slide as for one or many slides so I’m gonna have those module slides all have the same layout which is going to be this section header and I’ll go ahead and make this for the fifth one I’ll make this also section header and for the individual slides that the four point one is four point two is five point ones those will be this title and text so where do these layouts come from they’re gonna come from the slide master to get in the slide master you’re gonna go under view and under the master views click on slide master so as I mentioned before those layouts are coming from the slide master so you can see that the segue the segue slide was coming from one of these slides let me go ahead and click try to find it I think it was I think it was this slide right here so this was a segue slide and if you hover over it you can see that it says this section header layer always used by slides two five eight and you notice that if we hover over I believe the bullet slide which is I think this one yeah I think it’s this one you can see if you hover over it you’ll see that that tips going to come up and it says it’s used by three four six and seven so this is the title and text layout slide so when you go into the slide master you can change the placement of the objects you know where the text is going to be if there’s any other objects like pictures and this will apply to that layout option setting when you go in and select the slide and change the layout so what we want to do here is we want to go ahead and create our navigational bar for the layout them this is the master slide so whatever you do up here it will apply for the other slides here but we notice that this is our title slide we don’t want that navigation slide to show up for the first slide this is the the first slide here so we don’t want to do it we don’t want it to do it here because we don’t want a navigation here I’m gonna go back into view and go back into slide masters but I probably wanted for the rest of the slide so I’m probably wanted slides here all the way down but not this one so I’m gonna go ahead and go into this slide I’m gonna go ahead and put it on this slide starting from this slide and put it on the rest of the slides because you never know if we’re creating slides later and we might use different layouts and then when we click the slide and apply other layouts we’ll have the navigation bar on top so to create that navigation bar I’m gonna be in this title and content layout I’ll go ahead and insert a shape so I’m going to insert a rectangle shape and go ahead and kind of draw this out I’ll go ahead and draw this out over this click to edit master title side now but I’ll go ahead and adjust it later so let’s see it’s probably that’s probably good size and I’m gonna give this a give this a green color since we’re in the nature motif or in the nature theme let’s go ahead and do that and once I do that I’m gonna go ahead and create my modules there so depending on how many modules you have I’m just gonna put three modules in this one just to make it a little bit easier I’m going to create another shape and go ahead and put it here so I’m gonna go draw that out let’s see and then I’ll type module actually I have five module miles we’ll just do all five modules so I’ll call this module one and that looks okay let me go ahead and and maybe change the color of that maybe make it that color and you notice that this is a this is a white color and that’s because I changed some of the formatting earlier I think I might have applied and I’ll show you what I mean later on when we do the links let me go ahead and look at that that looks okay so let me go ahead and press control D it would duplicate that particular image shape I just wanted to kind of have it line up here let me call this macho two and then make sure that I click it those dotted lines are gone because so basically the dotted lines indicate that you can edit the text in there and if you’ve got the cell lines are actually editing the object the shape object so I’ll go ahead and press control D again and PowerPoint is kind of smart enough to realize that we want to line them up here so I’m go ahead and click the shape again you see the dotted lines let me go click it again so it’s a solid line press control D and then go ahead and make that module four and oops need a space there well maybe that was too much well let me go and put module four space module four and then click that and then press control D and I want module five here so I’ll put delete that put module five I’m gonna move this module five whoops i clicked outside i’m move module five over here kind of close to the edge here and what I can do now is well I want to line this up and you may think oh I need to click on this one and line it up here click on this one line up here and maybe module two and line up and trying to line them up by eyeball it but you don’t really need to do that you can just select all of them press the control key and press this one and this one press and hold the control key while you’re doing this and all I need to do is click on the line and I’ll align and distribute horizontally so it’s going to base it on the first one here and the last one here is going to distribute it horizontally so it kind of looks pretty good now I need to do is just kind of see if I can make this all one one straight line imaginary line here and so if I click on this again maybe I can just move it I should have done that earlier see if I can line it up so you can see you had these guidelines when you go ahead and select it let me go ahead and see here we go there there it goes that fit there let me move this up I’m gonna move this up so it fits there and do this and kind of move it and my guide lines show me yep and then moves module one and I want to have it kind of line up there and now you notice that it kind of didn’t maybe kind of moved my spaces here I’m gonna click control click to click these objects again and go and click a line and maybe distribute horizontally let me see how that work done so that’s not bad so that actually is ok now what I want to do here is I want to create those links that will point to the different module so I’m going double click and it’ll select all the text in here and then go to insert and want to insert a hyperlink so I’m gonna insert a hyperlink that’s within this document and I’m gonna click for here module 1 so it’s gonna select that one and then for module 2 double click that whoops and then instead of doing hyperlink here I can actually also press control K you can see here there’s a keyboard shortcut press ctrl K it’s going to open up the same window go to module 2 and that could double-click here and then press control K and go select module 3 this is the place in the document here and then module 4 press control K it will select module 4 here will select module 4 which is slide 11 and then for module 5 double double click to select everything press control K and then I want to get module 5 here at the bottom click OK now what you might notice here is the links or these texts have gone from white color to a blue color and if you’re familiar with hyperlinks on the web usually the hyperlinks are a blue color with that underlying and we may not want that for our PowerPoint presentation I kind of wanted to have it kind of a white color instead and so when you click it it’ll still be white so I don’t want to have this kind of like linking color that’s blue what I can do is I can change that and then go and change it back to white let me go ahead go to slide master and what you want to do is under the colors here I’m gonna go ahead and go to customize colors and in here we have this link hyperlink and file hyperlink so if you’re familiar with a followed hyperlink after you click the hyperlink they hyperlink that’s not clicked is blue but after you click it it turns a purple color maybe we don’t want that for for our clicks here when we click we want to say that we want those to stay white so I’m going to select white for both of them so now the hyperlink is going to be a white color so I’m go ahead and click Save and now you notice they’ve all changed to a white color so that’s ok so what I’m gonna do now is I’m going to copy the set of objects to the other slide so as I mentioned before we want to have this navigation apply to the other slides so just to recap very shortly we created our our objects our shapes and then we created our text they only created the hyperlinks to go to each of the individual modules and now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna copy the the set of objects with their hyperlinks to the other slide masters so I’m going to select outside here and go ahead and make sure everything selected press ctrl C to copy go the next one control-v to paste go over here the next one ctrl V to paste and whoops there’s a couple more here ctrl V to paste here and then ctrl V to paste here ctrl V to paste here and let me go ahead and do the other ones here ctrl V to paste ctrl V to paste ctrl V to paste and paste it here and here’s the last one and we’re pasting on the last one and the reason why we’re doing it this again is when we are creating a slide deck and we’re applying the different layouts we want to have those layouts have this navigation menu above so we just we don’t need it for a title slide we don’t need it for the main site which copies it to everything which includes this but we want it on our different master slides here like like this one which is the title and content layout and this one which is the section header layout so after this is done you notice that them if we had text up here we had a title a where it gets covered here so that’s the other part after we copied we need to kind of adjust these so when we create a when we apply this layout to in a slide now it won’t get clobbered by the top of this navigation so what you can do is in here you can start to adjust I’m going to move this down and I click over here for them title use the arrow key move that down and we go into my next slide here next master slide this looks ok because there’s nothing covering here but this one might be a problem so I’m gonna go ahead and select this and then ctrl and select that so I can multi-select and I’m just use the arrow key kind of move that down a little bit and also go ahead and click this now and kind of move this down with the arrow key a little bit so it doesn’t get clobbered by the menu bar above same thing for this one what we’re gonna do is probably move this down just a tad bit this one ctrl and then click that and then move that down a bit and these and press that press control just that multi-select move that down a little bit and this one I then move that down a little bit I might even adjust the height of this a little bit so it doesn’t get clobbered there so that looks okay so you might have to play with this a little bit for each of the after you create a navigation bar at the top so this one is okay I can just move that all down here and then this one is alright this one I might need to move a little bit here so in actuality if you don’t intend to use all the the layout slides you may not need to do this but if you do intend to use most of them yeah you might have to do this so if there’s ones that you’re pretty sure that you’re not going to use maybe you don’t need to do this type of adjusting for the text so it doesn’t get clobbered by this menu bar so but I’m gonna go ahead and just do it for each of ones here and just to show you an example of what you might need to do it’s not that hard you can just go into each one there’s not that many master slides here so I can just kind of move each one individually and the same here this is another one that I mean you may need to move a little bit but it doesn’t take too much time once you get them all done and I’m getting to the last one it gets pretty easy to apply to the rest of your slides if you’ve got other slides that you want to apply to layout so this is the last one here and then I move this back up and after that’s done I’ll go ahead and close the master view and now you’ll notice that you know I have these other slides that have this navigation in there so if I go into slideshow slideshow I’m going to click this and go into slideshow if I go into the menu navigation let’s say that I go to module I go through this presentation I press the spacebar to go through module 2 2 point 1 to point 2 and then 3 4 and 5 let’s say that I’m finished with this one I get a question that module 2 I click off you’re here it’s going to take it in module 2 I go through it and maybe I have a question for module 4 I can just click module 4 here and I go to module 4 so that’s our navigation up there so as I also had mentioned before let’s say for example that we had to change something let’s say we didn’t want this to become to use that particular layout and we wanted to use some strange layout like a picture with a caption so now we have the picture of the caption and it also kept this it kept the navigation and the reason why I did is because I had this into the slide master didn’t have this in the slide master let me go ahead and change another so let’s go ahead and change one of the layout master layouts I’m going to view go to slide master and let’s say for example I use how do use this one you just one change I’ll go ahead and change this one this is I’m go and hover over this is the two content layout let me see if I delete this press Delete I select it press Delete close that and let’s say I change this to the two content layout right to content layout you’ll notice now the navigation bars disappeared that’s because that navigation bar wasn’t applied to that particular slide master I’m going to ctrl Z to undo so that’s the way that we can do it so that’s how you would create a navigation bar on the top of your presentation to help you out when you’re presenting so you can go back and forth between different parts of your presentation so basically just a recap of what we did to create the navigation bars we went into the slide master created a shape to kind of give a background and created our other shapes for the text applied the hyper text for each of them two for each of the modules and then copy and pasted these set of shapes for the other slide masters and that gave us the capability of having a menu bar for our presentation so I hope that helps thanks for watching

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