Create a 3D Image Cube Picture Animation in Powerpoint (Professional Trick)

Hello friends today I am going to show you how to make 3d cube of images and how to change pictures automatically so we’ll just go through the animation first then we will see how to do it so this is a 3d cube and all the images around the face of these cubes are getting changed automatically okay so now we will see how to make first the cube of the images then we’ll add the effects first we need to insert the images and you can download any images from the net that you like so we will require three images for a single cube okay now what we need to do is you need to double click on the image go to size and change it width and height will select three now what happens if I select three here this height will get automatically adjusted so what we want we want a perfect square so we what we need to do go to here click on this little arrow and remove this check box lock aspect ratio and insert the dimensions manually so you want height three inch with fringe now we go to perfect square okay now we will add a 3d effect of convex then we will apply 3d rotation now insert another picture again go to size similar lock aspect ratio select height and width a ch3 then add convex bevel effect then apply 3d rotation this one insert another image again change it size and apply the same QD effect and apply 3d rotation now what you need to do this just align the images okay our cube is ready now what we want we want to show some shadow here so what we will do we will insert one shape adjust its size as per our image that is 3×3 then apply the 3d rotation of this image which is this one of X is one top then change its color to white then go to Chez profits go to shadow go to perspective and select this one okay now right click go to format shape to shadow and adjust the size of a shadow into some distance then adjust the angle out ever you like try to keep it on the image stop then bring it down I think we need to change this perspective we’ll take this one okay then send it to back now it looks like this shadow is of this cube only now we have our one cube ready now we need to make three search cubes so first of all we will take all the images press ctrl a then ctrl G to group them together then ctrl C to copy it then insert new slide and paste the tube here then ungroup it and select any image right click go to change picture and select another picture then double click on it change the size and adjust the position we will change this second picture add just size and position we’re in control a and 2 g + ctrl c insert on new slide again some group it and add other pictures and repeat the procedure which we have followed for the cubes group it together now you will just rename this cube in the selection pin in the Home tab you can go to select selection pin and click on the cube this group 7 gets selected which consists of four pictures three images and one rectangle of a shadow now we will rename this as our cube one this one we will rename as cube 2 and this one as cube 3 now select the cube to cut it using control X paste it on cube 1 now we need to align it exactly so what we will do will select as cube 1 right click go to size and position go to position them and note down this reading – and now we will apply this same position here – and so it gets overlapped on the first cube we print the procedure for the third cube again ctrl X paste it over here so it got aligned automatically so no need to adjust the position now what we need to do we need to add the animations to these three cues so what we will do we will not add any animation to cube one we will let it be as it is then we will show animation to cube 2 and cube 3 so like cube – from here if you select here only cube 3 will get selected as it is frontside if you want to select the other cubes name the other option is to remove this one select and apply the animation what that is cumbersome so what we will do we will use this selection pin so in this you will select cube to go to animation custom animation and effect and select entrance and fade choose start with previous speed as slow or we can keep it as medium only then select cube 3 apply same effect choose start after previous then we need is cube to to disappear so let u –b to go codify a great disappear after previous then we want cubed 3 to disappear but we will select the effect of set out and after previous then we will repeat these animations again select cube to a defect said after three days you three said after previous then disappear cube to after previous then fade out cube 3 so let me just correct this this cube 3 we need slit with previous here also with 3 vs then again select cube to entrance head after previous q3 entrance fading after previous will just close this selection pin and check delete this x + slide and we will check if our animations are working fine or not okay so these images are getting replaced automatically as per our applied animation effect and you get a very amazing and cool effect of 3d cube 3d image cube that you can make to amaze your audience so that’s it’s my friend this is how you can do this simple tricks to make an amazing animation of a 3d image cube so guys if you like my videos do subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to leave a comment below and provide some suggestions for future videos and I will try to improve my videos further thank you

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