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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh Jackie it’s me I need your help look I think they’re on to me and I’m not being paranoid really but I got everything you needed all the proof yeah maybe now you’re listening woman father it’s going back to see [Music] please don’t [Music] I’m not exactly sure what’s going on any ideas I don’t really know yeah it’s like you in the later I wouldn’t have laughed if I didn’t day it was totally necessary dr. Patel never would have asked me didn’t think it was an ambulance I’d like to get about as soon as they get all the things here Thanks Tess gosh thanks for getting here so fast how was your flight long and uncomfortable my nurse Emily I look I’d love to catch up but we really should get to this so I need an issue diagnoses come to mind from the information I sent over well I think it could be a number of things I I think the symptoms are too broad for me to speculate right now we have three new cases all presenting the same acute flu-like symptom but they’re not responding to any of the treatment the price between problems you’re saving all of them almost asthmatic which is why my first thought was in a moment but they’re not responding to any of them is you trying to touch the Cyclades no we have to keep them on corticosteroids in order to control the lymphatic information which is a major contribution 36 hours ago this is Heather hi Erin didn’t mention the conjunctivitis it only developed two hours ago Heather Heather can you hear me it’s dr.

Patel I brought another doctor here to see you this is dr. Martin she’s a specialist with the Global Health Organization I’m hoping she can help us figure out what’s going on okay Heather I know you have some swelling in your glands here and on your inner thigh I’m gonna take a look how long these look like this there is no blackening when I checked there an hour ago okay okay Heather can you tell me how long you’ve been this tender things thank you for your help okay thank you we need to bring some toast before I can be sure I guess is this she’s gonna be dead babies born every three Sunday I brought a find every person who’s been in touch with any of these people in the last 48 hours and get them in here ASAP gonna get this card I think you both need to see this [Music] [Music] [Music] they’re poisoning our food air and water but if we stay focused and committed we can make a difference now it’s time to shake things up we need to make people aware post fliers spread the information it is not a coincidence that more and more people are getting sick all right that’s it for today fellas thank you yeah straight to the point always like that about you that’s you yeah nothing scroll down she came in this morning she Keller with the airlines yeah oh you’re getting more paranoid than I am that is dr.

Tess Martin she’s a friendly works for the gho you doing her only by reputation she’s the best areas kid she could be our girl then good be careful jack my role within the gho is to identify rare viruses with this special emphasis on preventing outbreaks dr. Martin to quarantine an entire city without a proper diagnosis is at best irresponsible I mean we’re talking statewide panic and millions of dollars in economic losses I understand but this virus is progressing at epidemic proportions if it’s not contained then the consequences are going to be much more costly and I’m to understand that no one has died or that we know of we’ve not been able to identify the source doctor we are all very reassured by your arrival thank you with your considerable experience why is this diagnosis been so elusive what the patients are displaying a variety of symptoms they’re progressing at varied rates new symptoms are appearing hourly it could be a number of things you must have some initial thoughts of what it could be well it’s premature for me to hypothesize please dr.

Lyman I really do think it’s premature doctor whatever is said will stay within this room please if you have any ideas it could be anything from the avian flu to the bubonic plague the plague I understand how alarming that must sound I I’ve only seen this range of symptoms in rural Asian countries where outbreaks like this are more common we haven’t seen the plague in the Western world in over a hundred years so you’re saying that you think it might be the plague but in the same breath you’re saying that it can’t be I’m saying it shouldn’t be I don’t have a better the nation at this moment I appreciate your candidness dr.

Martin but I simply cannot justify a quarantine based on a hunch now the governor is waiting to hear what’s going on so why don’t you come back to me when you’ll have some real answers I’m gonna have to agree we’re not gonna quarantine a whole town until we know what we’re dealing with you’re taking quite a risk which is why you shouldn’t be wasting your time with us find the source make the diagnosis and you’ll have your quarantine the diagnosis may come too late well I would like to offer the full support of Keller’s resources any drugs or manpower will be available to the hospital effective immediately that’s gonna be dick thank you I can’t believe they’re willing to compromise people’s lives some things never change Tess well we have to find the source I want to gather all the information we can about all the first people I’m Maya Denver gates that’s what can express Denver yeah we there was a Broncos fan how did you get in here this is a restricted area for Dora is there any comment on the cause of the epidemic there’s no epidemic and if your own safety you need to leave oh come on dr.

Martin you can do better than that sorry do I know you did they approve the quarantine how do you make prison quarantine and when would it take effect there is no quarantine you get your skip someplace else okay these are the first patients admitted somewhere and this is a common leg I want to start with their jobs Heather is the stewardess thank you I got a flight itinerary I’m guessing she does international flights anna is a local college student I’ll go to her class schedule great tom is a local landscaper and I’ve got nothing on Maria why I’m just a keeper okay you’re taking me out I’ll take Anna and I’m gonna need a list Oh Tom’s clients okay okay let’s go hi I’m dr.

Martin I’m gonna be as brief as possible but I need to ask you a few questions all right your family in Spokane so you’re here for college yes that says that you have an apartment two roommates boyfriend what is it I know the quicker you tell me what you know the faster I can help all these people you have a boyfriend did you meet him at school what classes do you he’s one of my professors with his name but I want him to give into any kind of trouble they’d already be in trouble have you seen recently I saw him two days ago after he came back from a trip and he wasn’t well so I left what’s his name Dylan professor don’t leaving carpet thank you you’ve been a lot of help I’m scared it’s okay to be scared I’d like to see I’ll make sure they’re contacted and I’ll bring him in as soon as they arrive yeah hang in there okay professor daily Corwin teaches at Anna’s college administration had him traveling due back in class three days ago he never showed okay so she must have met up with him at his place the night he got back and Hecker is the stewardess on his fight right the others Maria is a housekeeper what’s Kobey’s address 816 Forest Lawn Drive bingo she cleans his house uh-huh I’ll get this Tom does his landscaping all right you guys great work you might have found the source get a passenger manifest from that flight we need to get the word out immediately this virus could have been spread all over the country by now I’m on it [Music] Lygia ROG it’s me I had found Corbin’s body they say he’s been dead two three days canta mosquito bite on him he’s been to Malaysia crunch Jaya hazmat team out here and seal this place up right away no it’s the plague I’m sure of it it’s not airborne I need you to get on the phone with the mayor’s office as soon as possible and get this place quarantined we have no idea the size of this epidemic the military has been called in to ensure cities quarantine is handled properly we now take you live to mayor Tate people over the great state of Washington hours ago we learned of a deadly virus that threatens the lives of the citizens of Spokane we regretted Lee call into action a state of emergency and declare a quarantine be enforced across the city everyone please there is no need to point we brought in the military to the situation and I promise you we are doing everything we can I know your concerns but there is an immediate health risk spreading as we speak you are being advised to stay indoors I’ll now give you over to major Stein to answer questions major Stan before I address some of your questions I’ll give you a general idea of what I do know I’m not really great with reporters just give me a chance I’m really not a bad guy no I’m sure seriously what do you want uh a couple of quick answers do you know what caused the epidemic to have a cure there plenty PR people out front yeah I’m not looking for spinner I need the facts the facts yeah like fresher Corbett bring back more than just his luggage from Malaysia are you following me it’s more going on here than you know dr.

Brennan hey yeah dr. patel’s waiting for you in the ward patients are not responding to the antibiotics none of them know we don’t know the extent or scope of this outbreak if we hold the hands of the mayor to solve this problem unfortunately we just don’t have that much information we can give you so I’m going to field questions please respect the fact that I may not be able to give you much information they’ve all been given a full course of antibiotics no response I know this is Maria Havana dice hi Maria Oh ray do you have any kids how many oh my you don’t mess around II their names Fred – Fred Astaire my husband and I love all his movies he’s so graceful well you certainly have dancers legs I’ll tell you what I’m gonna get a nurse to come in here with a little TV maybe watch an Austrian time sure yep okay not a second she was so mad at two days ago she’s progressing way too fast the case is Malaysia were nearly this aggressive doesn’t make any sense well we had at least four or five days antibiotic cocktail she’s at least be buying us some time but not one patients responded oh hi there Tom are you hanging in there besides the food the whole plate thing yeah I’m doing just fine oh and creature of the night things kind of cool oh yeah it’s not having much with the ladies though yeah what happened to the funny seats oh well it is not an airborne virus can he spread only its retouch ahead of the start of the professor Corvin uh-huh guess that was one deadly handshake Hey that nurse Emily’s quite something huh oh yeah I think she’s pretty great you gotta clear this thing up for me buck cuz there’s no way she’s going out with me looking like this you keep that spirits up so whatever we’re given him yeah no kidding I’ll get you food okay and uh hi I wanted to let you know that we got in touch with your folks it’s a good-news bad-news kind of thing give me the bad news the quarantine took effect before they could get into the city so they’ve been turned away but the good thing about that is you don’t have to worry about them getting sick I I saw Brandon here earlier he’s in my geology class did he get infected too well unfortunately a lot of kids from your campus are here want to write him a note send him a message with the amount of tragedy she’s seen I’m surprised she still gets so invested she lost her daughter a few years back I try to save the world ever since that’s awful grace was 2 years old she had a fever and a rash Tess thought it was rubella but time we got to the hospital was too late so what was it meningitis she never forgave herself for misdiagnosing how do you get over something like that you don’t did you get on the phone with that pharmaceutical company killer yeah its surplus if every diamond isn’t for my son on-site kidney blood work do a complete workup you gonna find out what the hell’s going on here okay me okay yeah well jet leaves all the when you go back to the hotel for a bit I can page you if there’s any major developments around here with simulus any news no nothing yet hey I got your text what’s up well I may have found the phone food really everyone’s immune systems are completely shot their antibody counts are dangerously low but the plague doesn’t do that no no but I think it’s why they’re not responding to the antibiotics so what do a misdiagnosis oh no it’s command it’s definitely the plague I just think there’s something else we haven’t seen thanks so much what do you mean suppressing agents what metals yeah they’re five milligrams aluminum seven the help okay this might sound a little weird have you ever heard of chemtrails yeah it’s um where the government supposedly mixing chemicals in with jet fuel contaminating the white vapor trails that commercial airlines leave behind yeah I said always says that when two of them cross it looks like this guy’s blowing a kiss all right so what does this have to do with the outbreak cannot go with me on this is it a little research last night what if it’s true what if the chemicals are affecting the general population somehow come on Tess you know these conspiracies pop up every time something goes wrong no I know but how do you explain that I can’t say what else I found you know that company Keller yeah they’re one of our main suppliers yeah they’re not only supplying pharmaceuticals they’ve got their name plastered all over these sites so you turn like Keller with with the outbreak not necessarily I’m trying to find a clue that will get me to a cure yeah you know I’m all for that test but I don’t know seems a bit much yeah all right look I’m gonna go upstairs and check on my patient okay [Music] Edgar it’s me they’re on to me I’m gonna have to crash in your place chemtrails I know it sounds a bit ridiculous yes it does I called you in here for a progress report and all you’ve got is a conspiracy theory it adds up no it doesn’t dr.

Martin I’ve known dick Taylor the head up killer for 20 years he’s my son’s Godfather for Christ’s sake can’t you just remove the metals from their systems then use the antibiotics they’re already administering the meds that will remove the metals but that could take weeks we’ve also started distributing the parameter but the antibiotics won’t work without the metals being alerta we’re counting on you the families being torn apart by this epidemic are counting on you I want you to call me the minute you have something that I can bring to the governor this is almost more attention than I can take I’m not complaining or anything but it seems like you never leave the hospital I’m not doing an epidemic I doubt your boyfriend would be jealous if he knew we were spending so much time together I don’t have a boyfriend a boyfriend the answer getting better I have a policy actually about dating dishes I look like The Swamp Thing so then theoretically your fight if I wasn’t a patient then I would probably go out with you morning tom hi hey Shawn today great thanks Emily okay she said she’d go up with me once I get better no killing congratulations what’s the magic for my best time I can’t stay okay okay you’re doing everything we can all right look at me in the eye take a bro it’s just scared okay stop go get washed up [Music] you’re gonna be fine you could be fine I’m just gonna get the nares it’s about that okay please I’ll get it out of town thank you I’m not gonna hurt you in my car keep your voice down don’t look back at me start the car like normal you want to know what’s really going on yes and get on the i-90 heading south I hope this we can talk thank you so is kidnapping me your way of building trust sorry a lot of options well you don’t want cup of coffee and with a small organization that’s working to protect the American people how noble I know it sounds like a line of a bad crime novel but someone has to take the fight to corporations that are endangering people’s lives and that’s what’s going on here is simple I’ll have to tell you that diseases have been on the rise since the early 90s diabetes asthma Alzheimer’s cancer autism list goes on and on any given moment there are over 4,000 jet planes flying above the United States we’ve been gathering data for years chartering the flight pattern is watching the people along the routes gets sicker and sicker they’re putting something in the jet fuel that’s making people say okay why would they want to do that some people think it’s population control I don’t think it’s to increase our dependency on pharmaceuticals we don’t know that’s where you come in me yeah you work for a global health organization my job is to diagnose and contain viruses what about to do this what test your legitimate people will listen to you what do you want me to do exactly Keller makes a chemical called me 901 we got someone on the inside that’s working against a sample let me get the e9i why don’t we compare with the jet fuel maybe you can help us figure out what’s hurting people you can’t bury million in the patient’s blood so what so if the metals that you found in the blood are also found United one of the jet fuel then like we wouldn’t enough to go public there’s a girl unless you’re planning on holding me hostage no and I wouldn’t blow my chance at a second cup of coffee Tess think about it even tonight what’s falling from the sky [Music] don’t you three stay with us Gloria yes put the box D promise [Music] [Music] did everything look good for of course shit I’m sorry [Music] [Music] I thought you’d want to get a change of clothes I got sidetracked oh gosh I’m sorry I should have been here don’t do that Tess there’s nothing you could have done I know everyone’s on the dimmer cabral in the LA to reverse the effects of the metals yeah they’ve been distributed throughout the town we’re on our way to container this thing it’s a job well done it doesn’t feel that way it’s our body count locally with Maria 14 have died yeah we know there are more out there how many contaminated I think we’re in the high 60s I’m gonna die if I can’t land a cure [Music] [Music] that’s one I’m sorry to bother you dr.

I just want to run something by you I’m someone really busy right now know what it’ll it’ll just take a second excuse me I’ll be mom I just right in here thank you very much I appreciate it I’m seat please you can let your guard down doctor it so it’s a friendly room dr. Martin we know you have your hands full nonetheless we felt it important to clarify a few things but you have to understand doctor is that when when companies such as Keller achieved success in the marketplace we become easy targets we spend millions of dollars every year defending against frivolous lawsuits kid who develops a rash or wingnut conspiracy groups who accuse us of government corruption now imagine you’ve met this man from everything that mayor tanner tells me I can guess that he is your anonymous source names Jack Bowen probably not the name he gave you it’s a sad story really he graduated Columbia University and journalism promising started to his career worked at the post for a little while until his younger brother Jason killed himself yeah police reports in the file now Jason he was an employee of teller and he was he was a young up-and-comer [Music] the police investigated they determined that it was in fact a suicide dr.

Jack was never able to deal with what happened he decided that we were to blame and we were all very sympathetic to his loss you know when Jack was on his own he wasn’t much trouble but when this man Edgar Hoskin got ahold of him he started to become a problem the the break-ins and the the lawsuits and the threats against our lives it all got to be a bit much the courts awarded us a restraining order which obviously hasn’t made much difference we hired a private security firm dr. Jack Bowen is considered unstable and dangerous whatever he told you is sadly misguided and totally erroneous and what about the medals I found in the patient’s blood well do you have any proof they came from what was it jet fuel jet fuel if you flip to the end of the folder you’ll see that we do provide conditioners to the government to refine their jet fuel but I can assure you there’s nothing in the jet fuel that is harmful in any way there is no barium there is no aluminum the government tests the fuel annually we adhere to the strictest standards I am sorry I haven’t been able to keep a better handle on Jack but I can assure you that there is nothing more going on here than what is in that file [Music] Jack Jack Alex can’t tell you how grateful we are how important this is look a lot like your little brother Jason worked on that name he’s a great guy I’m just sorry I didn’t come forward sooner after what happened to Jason figured I better keep my head down it’s a difficult decision make I was I’ll brave like your little brother but it’s the right thing to do your break made it crystal clear get this tested run away let’s get it done well thanks to you maybe we can you come along yeah it was a background [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I when can entire I enjoy everything that I can to make sure that does not happen and you can you tell my parents I love them I’m really sorry you’re gonna tell them yourself when you see them nothing is certain don’t give up on me [Music] thanks for coming out so quickly yeah these are huge files filled with a sample of jet fuel from five top airlines when you get the results take them to Channel seven on Boundary Road let me expect it yeah how do I know you didn’t make sense together yourself what what what are you then you’ve been lying to me from the beginning why would you stop now jack your tailor told me everything from the brother the restraining orders lawsuits I ever even seen your arrest record about who I know okay but not about what’s going on I could take a chance on you double duty I don’t like a nickname you’ve killed before and they’ll kill again I’m not gonna pretend this isn’t about my brother he died trying to save people just like you do I hate me you would turn me in I don’t care just please test of house why would I want something that wasn’t authentic to go public are you bleeding what happened to you am i miss what we gotta clean this up it’s fine test please please testify you’ve been shot let’s go in just the roid you might have been dead I got lucky hey would take a virus to spread to three cities in California Iowa and Canada I was the quarantine long bridge to the other passengers on Clinton’s flight who’s the other cities doing quarantine not yet but they’re working on it how many are we up to I got 85 infected but it seems the quarantine starting to take effect cuz we haven’t had any new patients in the last couple of hours hey you I’m not busy yeah we reached capacity a couple of hours ago but I got no beds to put the new victims in what he knows this bleeding that’s probably I would just stressed me yeah gosh you can’t go in there of course I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking I’m gonna take care of this myself no penalty thank you I’m such a thank you get that for me evening of leaves on the ground just yet my friend and we will call [Music] Oh so I guess that’s it no don’t talk to me I started yelling a double dose of Democrat role in LA it’s not gonna make a difference it will get built up in your system past me just stop yes I will find a cocktail they’re just gonna do both things that’ll take once well then I better get started I have a bed ready for you this is [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah yeah yeah the vials come on Oh so rush just trying to save laughs excuse me excuse me [Music] creepy what made you change your mind well the virus has been to three more cities you’re talking thousands of lives if we can contain it and we can’t millions so you need to find a vaccine huh I’m pretty sure there already is one I don’t think Kelly would have released this into the world without protecting itself but they won’t release the vaccine because it’d be like admitting their guilt which is why we’re gonna help him out you have that address at the TV see ya there’s somebody waiting there for you [Music] I had to brush some results I was just backing up [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] what the hell do you think you’re doing we just saved your life dr.

Martin you should be thanking us oh thank you just starting the hell out of me I’ll miss you’re alive my sample so what’s in those samples are considered state secrets unfortunately we can’t give them back to you so you’re in on this too there’s more to this than you think dr. Martin does Jack Bowen have this information I don’t know he’s in real trouble Tess yeah I saw your main word however more inches to the right he would have been dead he’s been shot you didn’t know that those men don’t work for us huh we’ve been suspicious of Keller for quite some time but your results took us by surprise what I’m about to tell you can never leave this room Keller won a bid for a military contract over a decade ago the focus of this project and its outcome are classified so you have been putting chemicals in the jet fuel with the sole intent of slowing global warming but somewhere along the way Keller made a few changes why money dr.

Martin he’s cutting corners to people’s lives I was about that we trusted him but thanks to your results the United States military will be conducting a full investigation a public investigation I’m afraid that’s just not possible but we need to get jack off the streets and then we’re going after Taylor now do you know where he is no I think it would be best if you didn’t leave this building until we get this under control is that an order let’s just say it’s in your best interest get the word out hi no I was stopped by major Stein before I was able to get into the station to get the samples yeah but it doesn’t matter I saw the test results Alex says the vaccines are kept in a secure facility underground on level D now you’re looking for vaccine II – 901a I should be able to buy at least 15 minutes that’s enough no the facility’s been operated by a skeleton staff since the quarantine should make it easier okay hey yeah printed out a copy of the test results you can fax one to the mayor’s office as soon as we need you sure that’s a good idea well if he’s in on it he already knows he’s not we could use all the help we can get I like her okay Taylor’s waiting let’s go hey good luck [Music] think that wraps it up gentlemen thank you for coming appreciate it be careful out there all right thank you thanks for coming guys Oh doctor right on time money just have a seat can I get you anything water soda no so I hope you have good news I think you know that I don’t you were very urgent on the phone what can I do to help [Music] I did some tests comparing the ingredients of Keller z-9 on one with the jet fuel from five major airlines I’m not following I have proof that you’re contaminating this country’s jet fuel causing people’s immune systems to break down and making this outbreak virtually unstoppable you do yes I do well that’s quite an accusation doctor I really hope you have a good team of lawyers my only objective is to stop the outbreak but in order to save lives I’m gonna need you to do the right thing I’ve given you full access to my staff to my medication and you get a hit over the vaccine the vaccine I won’t tell anybody the whole story oh oh I’ll take credit for the vaccine myself and you can go on living your lie well that’s all fine and good but what makes you think I have the vaccine oh hey Jack good of you to join us come on in you know Jack the good doctor is beginning to sound an awful lot like you you’re gonna tell us exactly what we want to know uh-huh I still don’t understand what you guys are talking about yeah tell us what the vaccine is you can go to hell dr.

Martin I really don’t appreciate hello mr. Taylor we are facing a pandemic here we know that you have the vaccine course I have the vaccine nothing that really slows down yeah where is it tell us where it is what is it you don’t have to worry about the vaccine you’re both gonna die before anyone gets a chance to use it [Music] get me the chief we need to mobilize SWAT now [Music] you need some you idiots she come by now after diesel show you not as easy as your brother was [Music] what was in that file what was in that file I’ll deal with you later poison ah no no water you just don’t quit do you he has vaccine yeah I know that I’ll get it off him you need to get back to the hospital take care of Mr Bowen I’ll be back soon sent over I helped you get that contract dick you I’d have no no a lawyer I’m afraid we’re way past lawyers now tell me you haven’t been holding on to a vaccine this whole time oh my god people are dying thanks mayor we’ll take it from here I’ve got this under control major my orders come from the top Jim this is under federal jurisdiction now he has a vaccine for this epidemic I understand that the situation is under control I want that vaccine ASAP you’re a disgrace okay dude this is how these situations gonna play out Keller stock plummeted today after the company was found responsible for the outbreak of the plague virus in Spokane Washington CEO Richard Taylor at no comment is he was arraigned on federal charges doctors at st.

Vincent’s Hospital are being celebrated as local heroes for helping to diagnose and contain the viral outbreak dr. Tess Martin the little rounded up scenes oh great has anyone responded times like these when heroes rise to the occasion come in give me Oh Ana I was surprised being thank you I was thinking roller disco roller disco well the doc said I’d be up and around in matter days mm-hmm and since you agreed to go out with me well I said probably and that’s when I thought you were a goner oh so it’s a pity date kind of thing that’s one of my better qualities hey doc I’m ready for my sponge bath know that he’s the first shop bedside manner needs a little work hey don’t think I don’t know that you got sick just so I would weed on you seems like the best way to get you to talk to me oh we got the vaccine just ran out just get a room already who is the only dark I don’t like needles but does not know okay good you feel better off the bag no VIN it was a tough three days no I’d say where’s that let’s see you of audit X we just closed the deal to become the new supplier to the hospital now that tellers at a business how’d you close the deal you rats now that Joe is fun let’s get down to business we have an opportunity for you that’s gonna make you some real money [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you

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