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[Music] [Music] [Music] already gonna go man got an eight hour drive to Sydney I’m gonna catch the plane in the morning it’s too bad you got to split waivers are gonna be awesome tonight tell me about it man I know but the old man he already sprung for the tickets can’t argue with that did you ever uh did you have to find that mangy mutt of yours nah I swear you read off and found a mate or something all right all right next month the Baja drive safe all right this is dispatch we have a report to be on deceased male location by free tuition please go in a bit he’ll be used to that smell what the hell happened to him learn people’s maximum the B check for I do his name’s Charles Williams Michael he’s Americans to marry him daddy into a surfing order let’s get out of here and call the CBB [Music] come look at this fellas dog birds good evening ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking for about nine hours in the flight making good speed flight attendants prepare for landing in about Oh five hours in 20 minutes when we’ll touch down in Los Angeles as for the rest of you I’ve turned off the seatbelt sign now that we’re past the bumpy weather you’re now free to move about the cabin but I’d keep the breakdancing down to a minimum oh that’s funny for the first twenty times or so the first-class bathroom one friend there’s glass this this guy could use something to drink scuse me miss could you get this kid some help now sir here you go maybe this will help [Music] [Music] we should wait till they could be out alright fuck something look yeah he took at last Icelandic from Sydney to Los Angeles boy nothing like free booze what would fly first-class happen well yes long somebody else is footing the bill anyway my private security contractor give me small ACK alright so you’re like a bodyguard what kind of about you I’m a photographer I’ve seen anything year’s pieces that’s my thing very nice it’s your doctor onboard excuse me a doctor onboard could you come here please we clear out this area please Center for Disease Control Los Angeles is dr.

Caleb Martin yeah can you run this I got flight 182 incoming from Australia we’ve got major symptoms on board captain Salter wanted to be on the safe side cuz you got the memo about the bird flu yeah I know that that’s good the first thing you need to do a vien or not to separate him from the rest of the passengers we did as best as we could what’s his name Eames Smith he’s having trouble breathing and he’s coughing up blood I’m gonna put you on speaker so you can talk to my colleague he’s gonna ask you a couple questions all right hi this is dr.

Radner what are symptoms he’s got a terrible fever he’s got the chills he’s having trouble breathing and like I said he’s he’s coughing up blood okay Lindsay tell your captain that will have the CDC Response Team meet him at LAX and have that doctor onboard stay with him okay I’ll call you back in 10 minutes all right thanks let’s round up the local team Tom it’s just precautionary the Koski sounds like shock long you agree it could be alright meet that plan alert the Australians will get Los Alamos working on simulations I want to be a prized of all developments on the hour on the hour yes sir Ratner CDCl leg yeah yeah could you hold on just one second hey it’s the Aussies what was the name of the kid on the plant aim Smith why you’re gonna be doctors meeting the plane you’re gonna be fine please tell my parents I’m sorry you’re gonna tell them your stuff when we get to LA okay promise me [Music] Tendo [Music] flight 180 to Sydney to Los Angeles flight 182 over 180 operations go ahead operations we need to report it definitely just had a very sick 19 year old boy died it could be a virus flu or something you suspect a biological agent or was there a pre-existing condition all I know is I have a plane load of passengers who wish they were breathing the same air 182 please change your heading to zero two one zero following emergency medical [Music] we have been in touch with the Centers for Disease Control and as a precautionary measure we have been rerouted to a secure runway don’t worry about the folks meeting you transportation will be provided for them if it is requested I want to prepare you for what lies ahead we’ll be circling until they give us the okay to land once down the CDC will come aboard and instruct us on all matters concerning your safety I know this has been a rough flight but hanging do all that we can to get you home as swiftly as possible what’s your hurry the rewriting the plane to a secured area I’m putting it in quarantine you were okay but come in dead dog couple of dead birds doesn’t automatically mean a pandemic what’s the worst that could happen if I overreact doing too much can mean freaking people out and then kill a career you might want to keep that in mind how ready is the Emergency Response Center it’s a work in progress some bets are in but we push okay overtime maybe two three hours we could get it up and running open it we didn’t need the city’s approval it’s their operation feds haven’t given them a penny for it yet call them are you sure about this what happens to my under react huh if it turns out to be major than doing too much that could be a career wipeout – well thank God I can count on you for comfort and support yeah well I mean if things go south there’s always the Ice Capades I love visiting my friends and relatives Mako is now my home it has been so good to my family both my parents have good jobs now and one day I’ll graduate from college and be a doctor I hope you bros become by dr.

Belinda last year when I ran from there people would ask me what is Los Angeles is greatest asset well it is our people it is our children I’m sorry but I have some city business I have to attend to but our school superintendent Barry can answer any questions you might have regarding our initiative have a good day that was wonderful and you Barry thank you she’s my daughter the one we just read then you must be a very proud man mr. Luis Roberto Ruiz and yes I am I’m sorry the mayor has a pressing engagement it’s a pleasure to meet you it was great everybody thank you [Music] dr martin / spencer’s airport manager waiting outside oh great so what’s the flight status I should be on the ground in a few minutes we need to lock down the plane agent good luck FBI what’s the story agency’s interest well for starters finding out why the planes been rerouted to secure a runway there was a suspicious death on board so we’re holding everybody until we can figure it out there’s no way I have a federal prisoner on that plane I have to pick up everyone else wait doctor put me on the guest list well you’re gonna have to suit up hello Kelly it’s me I know that voice Troy don’t do this just tell him I might not make it tonight okay look I don’t have time for this right now you never have the time so that’s why we’re divorced just tell him I’m sorry don’t please I’ll make it up to me and Kelly what try not to make me out to be the bad guy please you’re doing a pretty good job of that yourself tell her we’re in final approach [Music] teach a little bit security can you help I’m clearing info as you speak we got testing it’s the mayor faster we get those teams in place we followed him to LAX he drove out under the time I coughed ins the mayor do that got a visual on everyone’s attention we need everyone seated respecting the CDC to come in any minute to talk with us della Sandra’s down there with a bunch of people can you see what they’re saying nope still can’t read lips who’s dr.

Martin I am this airport is city property understood however technically exceeded don’t give us technicalities you opened up the city’s Emergency Response Center without even consulting my staff actually I had the emergency authority here you have the authority for nothing on this I okay at first I just wanted to be prepared for the worst I appreciate your concern next time you want anything from this city you go through my office understood mayor why don’t we continue this conversation inside find us a place to talk sure follow me come on [Music] so still doesn’t work big deal maybe there’s no service on this runway yeah people can make phone calls from the middle of Borneo but not LAX whatever’s going on here they don’t want anybody to know [Music] captain we need to speak with your passengers excuse me everyone I’m dr.

Kayla Martin this is dr. Carl Ratner we’re from the Center for Disease Control we’re wearing these bio suits only because it’s protocol not necessarily because you’re in great danger now the first thing we’re going to do is remove and test the body of the young man who died on your flight and buses are coming to take you to a safe place while we wait for the results an emergency centers being opened as we speak I got an important business deal closing sir your family and friends will be notified of course but until then why don’t you wanna have fun so we can notify them ourselves folks the airline and the government have given CDC the authority to do whatever it thinks is reasonable to protect us sooner they do their jobs the sooner we could all go home doctor back here I was treating him [Music] he was a very sick young man [Music] [Music] oh my god [Music] [Music] it’s about last night’s Paul’s I’ve seen them it’s not the poles governor something’s going on in LA something’s always going on in LA my problem John air atlanta icelandic reported the mysterious death of a 19 year old boy and a flight from Sydney to LA today and they’ve lend to the aircraft as a secure runway at LAX what but are we talking about some kind of quarantine situation here possibly they’re keeping the passengers until they get clearance from the CDC well then we’ll wait and see what the CDC says agreed agreed all right excuse me everybody if I could have your attention please we’re going to disembark the plane by seat assignment two reasons first of all we want to keep track of who you are but secondly we want to know where you were seated in relation to the young man who passed away and he’s called our index case and your proximity to him may eventually have something to do with what kind of treatment you’ll receive if any now we’re going to start with rows nine through twenty nine through twenty thank you okay fine there’s time for everything right straight this way thank you hi I’m Lindsey Mustafa light attack I was with him when he died could I get your name and you see the family Pete Sampson 10 a and B and he’s with me family thank you [Music] I got bad news I’ll come just like that CDC’s got a lot of regulations like redrew federal agency you know they’re not gonna let me take him off your hands what are you for me if it’s a flu they got the stuff you can take if you need to that’s all on the bus big night okay exactly where in the Constitution does it say it’s cool to treat us like this once you do something about a tough guy but I will so you have to be on the bus for your own safety no one yes sir you do sir you have two choices you can walk to the bus so you’ll be shackled in Paree do you understand remember this yeah so will I sir get on the bus [Music] [Applause] okay all right everybody listen up Fox open and I are gonna start right here at Ground Zero with the victim the rest of you I want to get the food in the garbage often incinerated ASAP after you get the samples from what about the baggage we’re just gonna have it inspected and returned to them as soon as possible should be fine and the cargo section doesn’t share any air flow with Patrick that’s my understanding all right everybody let’s get going and be really thorough okay by the book [Music] don’t drink out of the bottle what’s the big deal hey just because you were angry at your dad do not take it out on me fine come on Gil he’s your father why doesn’t he act like it he does it’s just that sometimes he doesn’t always know how to prioritize mom he’s an FBI agent he should know better all I’m saying is maybe you should cut him a little slack exiting an isolated aircraft those bio containment suits usually indicate a level four threat which applies to bioterrorism or an infection situation we’ve also witnessed an unidentified body being removed from the aircraft and being placed in a biohazard container we don’t have any information yet as to the person’s identity or cause of death is the mayor is busy getting exactly the information you want when he gets it we will call you okay Melissa I’ve got a call coming in I have to go I have to go that channel 8 reporter was alone he’s relentless I know the CDC hasn’t said anything yet you don’t want to be out front of this I’m not hiding Ken we ran on a promise of transparency in government I’m not taking them back I understand I understand I do but don’t be worrying people unnecessarily people start dying ken they’re not gonna find it unnecessary at all hey Tendler listen my salesmen down I just want to make sure that you confirm my 1:00 p.m.

For tomorrow sure it’s at 1:15 outstanding by the way I heard about your flight 182 is everything okay yeah I heard about that flight no was it mine no I took Qantas yeah last-minute change listen here’s the deal I need you to call me tomorrow at 1:15 exactly tell me we’ve got another offer all right that should close the deal quick talk to you then [Music] [Music] big square bunker it looks exactly like that getting the Beverly Hills fast I forgot to tell you to cancel your practice on Thursday mom child early come please I can’t be there to pick you up I have a presentation in La Jolla great sorry well I guess I’ll just ask a candidate come get me he says it was a lot on her plate right now I think she’s gonna be too busy she’s never too busy for me scuse me excuse me those of you waiting for flight 182 I know you deserve an explanation at this time I can confirm that an incident has occurred on flight 182 that prevents us from having the passengers contact you yet your questions will be answered shortly in the meantime we have entry passes for an airline lounge it’s located nearby it has coffee sandwiches and TVs we have staff there who will assist you in any way they can one more thing is anyone here to meet Ames Smith oh my god Ames that’s us we have to go to LA why that’s the situation changed not yet but consider this Giuliani’s national profile went sky high after 9/11 and if this turns out to be a big deal you’ll want to be honest I suppose you’re right you know I’m right governor D’Allesandro is an ambitious man who used this to beat you or try to beat you that’s what I thought you said Henry when I got into politics I thought the job was to govern that was wrong like it lilian your job is to cover my job is to make sure that you keep your job what happened would you guys have a seat I want to see him now look whatever it is you have no right to keep him mr.

And mrs. Smith your son passed away on the flight I’m so sorry are you sure that it was Ames what are you talking about yeah it’s not possible he’s young it seems that he suffered from extreme respiratory distress we’re not exactly sure we’re asking the passengers who were seated around him I’m sorry I wanted to see my son I’m sorry everyone’s been quarantined I can’t do that no I don’t care if everyone’s been quarantined or not I want to see my son please as far as we can go my god [Music] Oh Oh [Music] [Music] what’s happened it’s what we’re trying to figure out so we think he contracted a viral infection in Australia [Music] [Music] [Music] this is the view from channel 8 sky chopper as buses loaded with passengers from air Atlanta Icelandic flight 182 make their way slowly through the la freeway system destination but shuttle 8 has obtained information from confidential inside sources that bioterrorism experts from the Centers for Disease Control are being dispatched to Los Angeles from facilities across the nation they got no right to do this they’re not telling us jack they’re probably taking us to some kind of internment camp telling you the first time they leave a door open I am gone you wanna take you with me what are you doing you don’t look too good Pete well whatever happens to me will don’t mind later when things calm down I’d like to see Jeff [Music] make sure that it’s secure [Music] [Music] all right if you want to make it inside whatever you do don’t look back sorry you could check out our guest excuse me who’s in charge is there anyone you can ask a few questions huh yes I’m dr.

Kayla Martin at the Los Angeles center of Disease Control I can answer a few questions Melissa lo Jake Laramie Channel 8 News can you confirm that this is a bioterrorism attack we can’t confirm that is it a be included we’re not sure excuse me okay you look like you’re in trouble I can do some help inside yes I’ll be right there okay I’m sorry I’m needed inside but I can’t confirm it’s a young white male that died on flight 182 our protocols are now in place someone else will be outside to answer more questions and give you a full update thank you very much thank you grace Richard how are you oh thanks how’s the job working out great well my fares give me a $20 tip oh that’s wonderful you know I found a nice little place to rent pretty soon I’ll be able to move out oh I’m so happy for you sister Grace it’s time I started giving back thank you now go sit down we’ve got some beautiful tomato soup [Music] we have three basic areas of isolation this one recalls area one is it for people who haven’t been exposed street clothes are fine over here down the hall and through the doors we have area two those are for people who have been exposed but have no symptoms that’s down up the stairs and through the containment doors we have people who have been exposed and have symptoms or sick the ones that get the real bad news those are full suits the first thing we do is a triage so we can figure out where everybody goes you’re planning on staying long excuse me go for Troy hey we got everything pretty much great hey you got a head come from Mia yeah we might have a problem what we’ve got one eighty four they have 185 I don’t know if it’s our mistake or the airline jet are you sure you kidding I have to cross reference from the airlines and our own counts but first you’ve got me designing a room plan where people are housed by seat number you have any idea how complex that is when do we have it just the filtration breeched rest our people calm down it’s just a test we’re testing the bio security breach relax man down after all we’ve been through you’re just gonna leave me here like this tape get used to solitaire nobody really knows anything my buddy’s on a wire here come on I feel fine nobody sick here whatever you should be in front of the camera instead of behind I used to be and I have 30 if you don’t want am i asking why you’re doing this that’s what I do I take your picture why would you want to do that for your family look a miss you look great smile hey Lamar Taniya work sweetie yeah I can’t talk right now what’s up well I’m out with Lisa and Becky and Becky heard from her brother all that weird stuff that’s happening on that plane and she says that we could all get the plague you tell Becky it’s not the plague okay well I told them that you would tell us if we’re gonna die or something sweetie I have to go right now I’ll call you back later you’re okay okay talk to you later [Music] [Music] hey market Richie how’d you do crazy busy out there oh let’s hope it keeps up head now for a double yeah okay yeah it’s tough scratchy throat oh hey yeah have some of these Thanks can I borrow 20 I got nothing to make change with I’ll pay you back tomorrow no problem thanks and the problem hey hey sleep what’s that we got eight folks showing symptoms in an isolation started in a month therapy with the TANF flu and he wanted to know about the autopsy yeah what’s going on well if you want front-row seat County coroner’s on his way we’re starting in 45 okay sure don’t waste any time excuse me my boss just told me the CDC requested FBI security it’s an assigned to your team oh that’s me oh they don’t mind it’s fine as long as for sending my partner still here I’m not going anywhere sorry took me longer than I thought do you think our bureaucracy is bad you should see the airlines it’s bad news we really have lost one are we sure his name is Jack Hendler he’s a real estate agent where does he live Brentwood send out a team actually I want you to go with them on my way Thanks ready to take a look absolutely made YouTube has just Napier to fall along rapid onset of respiratory distress with fever combined with blood on a plane with almost 200 passengers that would get my attention lungs they they look more like a bloody steak the normal tissue cuts the priority for your pathology guys body fluids tissues blood samples fixed and fresh cultures this is a problem come on this side wealthy loans are supposed to be pink and fluffy he’s only ten no time to abuse himself enough to do really big damage broke three ribs of that coffin is your timeline is right this is one of the fastest progressing diseases I’ve ever seen [Applause] [Music] did you believe he pushed the meeting until tomorrow I’ve got nothing better to do I don’t even like the guys movies no not coming to the office today no fines just a cold yeah I’ll talk to you later Cayla so there’s no sign of a missing passenger he’s not at the real estate office is not home yeah Hendler soon-to-be-ex-wife was there he’s been staying in one of his properties til he finds a new place she has no idea where I told her that he might be sick it made her smile okay I’ll call the mayor’s office we’ll get the police involved sounds like oh man [Music] look at this mess forget this press on the control we have a media frenzy going on here sure you want to do that so well somebody’s got to do it okay so there’s your calling Edo Atlanta CDC I’m dr.

Max Sikorsky of the Centers for Disease Control I just arrived from Atlanta but I’ve been in constant contact with my LA staff so I’m up to speed on the situation and I’d like to make a few things clear I think you’re all overreacting this is simply a cautionary investigation all due respect dr. Sikorsky the media didn’t quarantine a couple hundred people the CDC did the point is you’re trying to make this a bigger story than it is wait we’re hearing rumors that this is avian flu can you confirm or deny that we do not know that this is a penis then why the quarantine when we have identified the cause of death mr. Smith we will either let everyone go or move into an actual quarantine excuse me you’re saying that this isn’t a quarantine I would prefer to call it a preventative action now responsible news coverage should make it clear that there is absolutely no need for public panic if this isn’t a contagious disease then by definition there’s no problem and if it is we have taken the appropriate actions to protect the public but what’s the cause then if it’s not a being flew any number of things such as Ross River virus and dengue please now don’t write that down you asked for examples I gave you examples I’m not saying that’s what it was yeah geez you people in the media you have everybody expecting bird flu but there are plenty of other diseases out there believe me are you prepared with a vaccine if you need one vaccines take months to develop if this is something new the chance that there would be a useful vaccine on the shelf right now is small now don’t go off writing that were defenseless here the way you people are inclined to do yeah god what a train whose idea was it to put him in front of a news cabin he’s the guy calling the shots at the CDC Sandra on the phone now if this is some new form of influenza or bird flu or something else the first course of action is to prevent its spread and then watch in the press conference does it sound too happy governor shaver mayor D’Alessandro how are you well I’d be better if I wasn’t watching the CDC blast the media on national television I know we’re watching it too shameless display to be misconstrued as our position our stance needs to be won affirm leadership I agree I’ll speed to start Koski myself do that so all about big profits for the drug companies just proves the government’s in bed with bleeding us dry for years don’t you ever get tired of talking to yourself never I’m my own best Killiney I bet you are I’ve told you everything you need to know sir doctors Ratner and Fox woven dr.

Radner portable Centro de cámaras a de Clairvaux El Centro de morangias serene lugar que por el de quarantine I’ll be right back just in case starts with a cough next thing you know you’re gonna be puking up blood my friend [Music] oh boy ken are we ready for this you don’t have to have the answers just remember to stay on message stay on message hey guys just give me a minute I know you’re all here because you want some answers and quite frankly so do I in a few minutes I’ll be meeting again with the CDC authorities and I’m confident in the situation of flight 182 will be handled responsibly I am your representative but I’m also your friend and as your friend know this I will hold your welfare and your trust is sacred I promise thank you very much issue a statement offering support to the city tell them that you are ready to call up the National Guard if needed to maintain order looking to me for answers you’re only doing what’s best for them Henry did you see any riots on television because I didn’t if I start calling up the National Guard we’ll start them want to panic people we wait meantime get me that sarkoff ski character from the CDC on the phone I need to know everything firsthand yes governor I can tell you this the Smith boys autopsy was inconclusive but it has shown us what this virus does to the body now we’re keeping close watch on the other passengers I have my best team on this I’m confident we’ll be able to find out what causes this virus before the situation escalates I will keep you informed I hate politicians excuse me dr.

Martin dr. Sikorsky the mayor will see you now [Music] yeah Martin who you met and this is dr. sacani mr. man doctors are cows key what can we do for you do we have any idea what we’re up against medically yes we do have a seat thank you I’ll give you the short version the autopsy demonstrates the young man had arts or shock lung it’s usually seen in influenza pneumonia or other infections the speed of this illness which resulted in death is remarkable and it indicates that it’s mutated for very rare unique virus the virus enters through the respiratory system then goes into the lungs where it attaches itself to receptor hooks on the lungs lining it then moves inside the cells where it kidnaps the genetic factory and duplicates then the cell burst and the process continues all the while the individual who’s infected is infecting other people and the process end cycle is continuing so they have to show symptoms before they’re contagious that is our present thinking can we contain it well we were trying to do exactly that when we were summoned here well then I suggest you back to your job dr.

Martin thanks for the explenation please he’s a Samson there’s a possibility you’re contagious we’re gonna have to move in I’ll think about that wasn’t a request hey Samson over this matter you don’t look too happy to see me I didn’t ask for the help like I really want to be here yes sir man I’m fine Doc’s orders big man please agent Samson you [Music] as you can see I’ve already alluded some of the specimens to pull out proteins messenger rna’s and genes we’re loading our libraries of microarray chips while we are doing some NMR to begin seeing the structure of the creature the bottom line is you can only look through libraries of recognized pathogens right it’s easier to look for something we already know that it is to something to you yes anything else if we find similar structures between fragments of the RNA we might be able to reconstruct the likely virus any positives us far too early but here’s what we have so far this is the avian flu and this is what our young victim had it’s not a match exactly we’ve got a thousand libraries cooking so we might be able to identify good serve domains and perhaps start building a mother well if the index card is any indication of this infection we’re not gonna have a lot of time and pray that we get lucky how you feeling well you know it takes me off what sandy bastard looks good it’s not your problem anymore people you’re a patient now be a patient you hang in there [Music] treats you like you’re nuclear waste doesn’t every society have the right to protect an Kayla hey I was just wondering if you could give me a ride home from the rink oh I’m really just kind of crazy right now no she’s new hyah well it’s Lisa there today shit the Today Show is showing pictures of you from last night he’s found it smart thank you everybody talking about it I know this food can be a kind of scary stuff not to me I know there’s a real problem you tell me I would sweetie I’ve got to go Oh real quick I nailed the triple this morning I knew you could RESA yeah sure first time in the taxi by yourself yep and I do have mace mister why don’t you worry about a thing honey I’ll have you home in no time buckle up [Music] here are the latest details regarding the riptides virus crisis officials in Australia have raised the death toll to 14 and in Asia reports are now coming in of four suspected cases in Japan meanwhile several positive test results have been announced in Paris Amsterdam and Berlin health officials are focusing on curbing the spread of the disease I remain confident that we will be able to contain the negative effect of the disease cars this try thank you listen um now it’s not really a good time I just need a minute Kelly if you’re worried about Gil I explained it to him I didn’t editorialize about what a crappy father I am you said it not me I just thought I’d drop in school hey buddy listen I’m I’m so sorry I there’s a lot of stuff going on right now Troy Frank think this is Troy this is awkward good to meet you yeah Troy can I talk to you for a minute hey I’m gonna be late just a minute sport listen this hell of a board you got out there yeah I know I know it’s not my place but you’re right it’s not your place and let’s get something straight Frank I am Gil’s father you’re just a guy sleeping with his mother Troy that’s enough [Music] you need to move on [Music] [Music] I know you’ll having trouble breathing so we’re gonna put a tube down your throat it’s gonna be a little uncomfortable but it’s gonna help you breathe I’m gonna take this off now okay [Music] how are we doing not good tell me here’s the h3 n7 virus or unknown virus now here’s an example of how quickly it spreads we have found that it depletes the immune system in two different ways so some of the people’s immune systems have slowed the replication of the virus down as compared to how the virus infected aims Smith that’s good right no not really although it seems there are two kinds of reactions to the virus one faster one slower the end result is still the same death considering our one rogue passenger is still out there infecting the public with a ripple effect we can hit critical mass making this uncontainable in just three days CDC efforts in Los Angeles and around the country have become focused on finding you know the people on the airplane they’ll have it soon honey I’m recording the whole thing don’t worry all right I gotta go where are you going oh I’m meeting Alan and Carlos at the National Guard post but before going to work love you people ask why God has brought us to this place this time ym Smith mistaken I don’t believe in a God who plans all events God has given us a beautiful home on earth but he’s kept it a struggle it’s because that struggle makes us human [Music] one show so I say to you Lord we did to look to the divine for your strength your comfort there’s a maxim that suggests that with every curse there’s a hidden blessing and I pray that one day you find whatever that blessing may be in this tragedy and it brings you peace hey hey how’s it going I got a call from a girlfriend at County she said their yards packed says UCLA’s and st.

John’s pretty much anyone who has a cold thinks they have the flu why don’t you take a few letters out of pandemic you get panic I stole that from one of szpakowski ‘s lectures hold down the fort the choice Hey I was just actually coming up to see you anything captain Salter died three hours ago he was a diabetic and his immune system was probably compromised to begin with now we’ve got 29 symptomatic 18 critical how’s Lindsay my dependent she’s I want to see her see flatlines dropped out of nowhere one milligram of epi come on [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] not just Acosta it’s wrong well doctor Ito hasn’t been able to identify the virus but you know it’s not avian oh we have a mutated virus it seems to move faster than avian and if it’s more deadly – we’re losing here these are the people who received the telephone yes well they aren’t gonna work for everyone you have others Mart on antivirals who aren’t getting sick we’re only talking about a couple hundred people who we know have been exposed it’s not a supply issue everybody starts now we split them between the TANF Lou and the Katoch so we’re treating them like guinea pigs I just don’t understand why not give them both meds because we need to know what works and we need to know for sure so what am I supposed to say to the families of the ones who have died we gave them the wrong meds it’s the only way killer and we both know it [Music] don’t forget to call me back in a few minutes I got a run he’s here mr.

Turino you ready take a look yeah one of these yeah I used to have a 30-footer married no divorce girlfriend yeah absolutely outstanding wow this is sweet what do you think 600 mile range top speed of 30 knots sleep six full radar GPS package that’s 41 feet of good times my friend there’s a lot sweeter than my 30 footer you know what they say Science Council you’ve got that right you know just allergies please Wow I talked to the estate yeah they’re looking to sell everything fast they want to sweeten the deal I thought we could put together an offer for the mansion that includes the yacht you like getting yacht for free huh yeah I’m sure excuse me yeah Edler yeah oh you’re kidding oh yeah okay all right thanks I appreciate your call what’s up somebody just put in an offer really don’t worry it’s through my office I’ll put you in first position so what you’re telling me is I gotta make a decision right now it’s your call my accountant doesn’t want me to go over ten mil for the mansion on the boat tell me you can swing that try to make it work mayor Los Angeles may be your city but the entire state of California is my responsibility I wanna know what’s going on down there governor when I know it you’ll know with the CDC we caught your speech yesterday I liked your approach thank you go let me know everything you keep me updated I want to know every detail hour by hour she’s gonna show up unannounced she’s gonna want to take charge you know let’s just hope this thing doesn’t get too out of hand [Music] party hey mr.

Hanlon right the police were looking for you parking tickets no it was about the plane that was quarantined I told you it wasn’t on that flight I took Qantas must be some sort of computer screw or something first of all if I was on that plane how could I get off at second I’m honestly a little hurt that you think I would lie to you about this grab everybody bring into my office we are gonna crack these open Hey come on the king is back I have a little announcement ladies and gentlemen a colleague of mine once said there is an ass for every seat and yours truly just filled one of the biggest yes who just closed the deal on the 10 million dollars on all my mistakes [Music] and none other than Michael jury no producer mr.

Turino has graciously invited me to attend the screening of his latest film [Applause] [Music] it is definitely not the h5n1 strain that we expected but what we call now the h3 and seven now instead of antigenic drift where our population has some immunity this is antigenic shift where our population has no immunity I’m afraid this is a true pandemic pattern pending data of its morbidity and its mortality well we now have 62 passengers all showing symptoms of the disease they’re all on antivirals how many Fidelity eight I’ve got ten in free fall they could be going any minute any word on our rogue no he’s still [Music] thank you okay thank you thank you very much you’re going to love this movie let’s go over there make my fish you look pretty hot Torinos Michael Michael this is fantastic congratulations this is my real-estate agent Jack Tyler you okay Jack look so good fine just about you sweetie yeah got hemler oh that’s great yeah he’s on a respirator now there’s one other thing we got a call someone who’s symptomatic but won’t come in after cos he thought you might want to check it out you know have dr.

Fox earthing go the man’s a taxi driver he worked the airport when they flight arrived okay all right tell us where house cabin on my way all right [Music] give him this and tell him well if I could be great thank you welcome sir the building apartments rough through the states are holding tax receipts are solid now this Thunder guy that ran away endler dead how many do you think you infected I don’t know he walked around for two days could be in the hundreds only in LA we’ve been to riots fires earthquakes we’ve always come back we’ll come back from this to this thing blows up on us would you want to live here today mayor D’Allesandro announced that the lone unaccounted for passenger a flight 182 has been located and is now in the ERC the passengers name is Jack handler a Los Angeles realtor at Bellwood real estate he collapsed during reception for a private screening of a Michael Torino film if anyone has been in physical contact with mr.

Henley it is imperative that he call the ERC at three one zero five five five one two three four it is possible that you may have been exposed to the riptide virus and need immediate medical attention he’s a good boy mr. greevy and dr. Martin I need to ask you a couple questions if that’s okay can you tell me when you first started feeling sick and your taxi driver right have you been to the airport lately okay [Music] [Music] go cut the lights down there okay be ready for anything he’s gonna be heavily connected and you’re gonna help let’s go to work [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] let’s go all right killing people are you kidding me with this we are getting out of here who’s with me who wants to go you [Music] please put your gun down I will shoot her do you want her to die put the gun down three two love a hero don’t you you’re coming with us stop all our medical issues wish we had more time sweetheart let’s go maybe place probably copy that over all right I made some calls I got people meeting this let’s move [Music] let’s go back to your rooms everybody that [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] take him in now the sentries men busted a mouth killed agent Horvath and a security guard yeah anything for possible oh my god Kayla 38 patients just walked out the door Elliot just got turned into a hot son [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you this is Melissa Lowe reporting to you live Los Angeles is now in its fifth day at the so called Riptide virus pandemic named for the young surfer named Smith who contracted the disease in Australia and subsequently infected other passengers aboard air and led to Icelandic flight 182 the exposed travelers were immediately taken to the CDC’s Emergency Response Center where they remained quarantine also on that flight was convicted drug kingpin Edward Vicente who in a daring escape is left at 14 with the aid of armed gunmen during the break-up an FBI agent and a security guard were brutally murdered at this hour the greatest fear of the CDC officials is now being realized with the exponential growth in a transmission of the virus more than 154 people have died in a metropolitan Los Angeles area from the virus CDC and FEMA teams are scouring the city in search of victims in door-to-door operations over 1400 patients are reported to doctors or medical facilities with symptoms and are considered contagious a just-released official production based on computer models is staggering placing the possible death toll tens of thousands if the disease continues its relentless and unchecked expansion through our population from downtown Los Angeles this is melissa lo Channel 8 News it’s time we talked you’ve made a mistake taking me I’ve got very important work to do what was the name question is not that simple I thought you wins you don’t answer you die 10 of you but that you see how simple that was talking [Music] get it what do you want how many but you have ten a flu do you have 10 a flu yes show me Carlos watch the door okay still shit alright shut up where’s in the back that it oh my god let’s go do you have a history of Hey oops sorry for what sweetie I’m getting mr.

Child’s you’ll make it next year I promise this is Rick huh he’s gonna take really good care of you he’s smart and he’s really cute you look good today I gotta leave but I promise I’ll be back these cute step hydration it’s a master [Music] you know if there’s any changes okay don’t worry I’ll take a cab [Music] anything nothing now what hourly keep looking where we brought the last two days every place with sometimes but no TV safe sizes faces all over the tube he’s gonna lay low until things cool off at the door I wish I had your confidence My Luck [Music] hey what took you so long I had to go to three stores to get everything you back in the carbs I’m just kidding hey look what I got Tanna flu mm-hmm and that real – dude passed out of my screening I got a doctor to set us up with a couple here cake to start with you right now okay says here proven effective in dealing with influenza when taking that first onset of sealants so whatever happens in LA we will be hearing about [Music] [Music] it’s me I need you to do something everybody calling you relax counselor I need your help well as your lawyer all I can do is recommend that you turn yourself in oh well I appreciate your advice where are you going with this head room I need a place to stay for a few days I’m an associates won’t be disturbed I’m sorry I truly am but that would be aiding and abetting and as an officer of the court an officer of the court listen I understand the situation you’re in my friend but I want you to remember that I made your career and I can end your career I want you to remember that dump you were in before you left me and my friends I wouldn’t want you to think that I don’t appreciate what you’ve done for me geez where are my manners how is Joyce I’ll find your place excellent excellent I was thinking you know something by the beach might be nice cuz I just hate the valley okay tell our police that unless the overtime is approved by my office comes out of his budget he’ll take it to the council laddie mr.

Mayor I’m sorry I’m sorry the mare is busy right now oh ho please it’s me her what the ruies we met at my daughter’s school the other day she was the one who’s reading of course it’s okay that’s a habit we have to break mr. Royce I’m sorry what kind of good for you well with this flu thing right now I was just wondering if it was indeed safe for everyone to stay in the city and volunteer careful or wear a mask absolutely Roberta what is it yes we’re all in this together and this together we’re gonna beat this thing if you’ll excuse us thank you mr.

Shepard I told him you were busy he’s with the FBI it’s okay Helen agent Whitlock and I have met before we’ll have to finish this later Tommy thank you Helen thank you so gonna get your drink well scotch if you got any yeah aren’t you on duty just kidding Shepard I don’t want your booze so what do you want where’s Vicente I have no idea you’re his lawyer agent Whitlock even you must be familiar with attorney-client privilege I would say that your client gave up his privileges when he broke out of that quarantine and killed one of my agents okay I think we’re done here no I don’t think so I’m gonna make two phone calls first is to security and the second is to a very good friend of mine in the Attorney General’s Office don’t threaten me Shepard the doctor that your client kidnapped is the big dog at the CDC it could be the key to this whole pandemic your point my point is that unless we get on top of this soon nobody is safe not you got your family you think of anything you give me a call [Music] sorry Aria hey what are you doing back here I needed to come back are you feeling okay you know what for the first time it feels like my work really matters before I got out of the quarantine I thought a graft everybody nobody should forget this I think that’s wonderful I I’ve got an appointment but I’ll I’ll see you later [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey Kayla really sorry about all of this but thank you so much sure I just never dreamed we’d use this place for this neither [Music] [Music] all right just actors we can get to console now I need a broad sample it’s not a pretty sight they did the same thing in 1918 how many people do we have processing today today well including myself I’ll be in and out or later competed you’ll have to excuse me I need to get suited up I need the mayor to see this where is he he can’t just summon him like one of your interns do you have to say to him you can say to me we have to quarantine Los Angeles and surrounding areas they’ll be able to move about go to work or stay at home you want to close Los Angeles mr.

Free lender the riptides virus well indeed spread through California and about me and then the United States and in about a month you want us to keep it bottled up here I just need five minutes with him all right be in touch if I don’t hear from you by the end of the day I’ll exercise other options [Music] [Music] wish there was something more I could do thanks maybe go you remember when we first pardoned them together how was a pain in the ass wasn’t no you’re not gonna quit in a side of people [Music] don’t want to worry about anything everything’s gonna be okay [Music] [Music] really Troy Samsonite I’m so sorry I didn’t know who else to call no no it’s okay but okay wait Troy I wanted to say thank you for talking to kill the other night it comes to him you always right you take care of yourself yeah what love the smell of it scotch see I’m sorry would you like one as of noon today we have confirmed 286 deaths attributed to this virus is there a vaccine we’re working on it did the police have any leads as to who was behind the I want to direct this questions to what should people do to lock themselves inside their homes I think people should definitely be aware you see we’re doing just what they asked flu has shown that it’s not effective in stopping or slowing down the virus does the other one work thankfully it looks that way yes coat also seems to lessen the severity of a symptoms but taking on onset so doctors should prescribe the topsail yes well it’ll be available here at this hospital and other satellite hospitals how long where’s it coming from but I can assure you it is on its way [Music] told us the big 10 a flu right I told you it wasn’t that simple the testing needed more time brand new flu which is medicine coming from I don’t know you know you’re supposed to be the middle of charge right right Wow looks like you’re gonna need the same medicine as we all do but what pants lose another man’s good fortune welcome back to your home for news and views updates every 10 minutes and a stunning announcement just a short while ago the CDC has informed the public that the antiviral drug tana flu is of no use in the fight against the riptides virus let me repeat a CDC has announced that group Michael Michael we have TANF ooh yeah could you give me one I think I’m even no no listen I just heard it it doesn’t work it’s the wrong drug [Music] [Music] this is Melissa Lowe for Channel 8 News it is another grim day in Los Angeles as the dead continued to grow a number filling morgues beyond capacity and still there is no end in sight the once warm and friendly city of Los Angeles is now full of people wearing masks and fearful of the slightest human contact with law enforcement officers working 18-hour shifts and National Guard troops patrolling the streets la has truly become a city under siege the only place is doing business are hospital emergency rooms which are now being taxed to the point of collapse as health workers and first responders are beginning to fall prey to this insidious and deadly enemy [Music] dr.

Keller Martin yes governor yeah thank you so much for calling me back I think it’s really important now to talk to see you all there to the Sandra Schaefer what’s this all about we’re gonna quarantine Los Angeles we need United leadership I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing assure you this is no game [Music] damn look at this I ain’t seen one of these in years what hell what’s with these masks it’s just precaution buddy who knows what this thing really is the news says it’s the flu it’s no flu I mean look at me I’m not sick something going on they don’t want us to know about listen I want you to put together a group a man we can trust for an operation of Hydra I can do that we’re gonna need every Hospital Los Angeles canceling elective surgeries and sending every patient home that we can to open up space death and disease not on my watch mr.

Mayor I couldn’t agree more that doesn’t mean quarantine solves the problem no but it gives us time to solve the problem a pandemic is is like a forest fire we need to get a ring around it to slow it down and that’s what Koh toxin does by cutting on for the la hot zone it advises time you can’t defend turning LA into a hot zone don’t tell me there’s no politics involved here you want me to take responsibility hey listen you know if you need somebody to take the heat if this goes bad I will all right federal regulations gives the CDC that would be me broad powers to contain a virus that is in danger of spreading across state lines I am ordering you to quarantine Los Angeles lady who the hell do you thank you do it thank you [Music] hey buddy how you doing sure about Samson dad he was a good guy yeah it was thanks mom dad’s here how are you you good I’m just a little bit stressed out with everything that’s been happening listen if there’s anything that um that you need I’ll let you know so did I screw up the schedule do you have him this weekend no no no I just I just wanted to make sure you guys are okay we’re good I brought you this kit you wear these if you go out no way yes way this is life for a while let me show you how to put it on hold that there put this here and then you can tighten with these straps look at me look at me just do it okay okay could you give us a moment yeah sure what’s up listen I can’t take it Kelly people get crazy at times like these you put it in the closet you lock it away at least you know it’s there if you need it okay get out so I can say goodbye sure thanks thank you listen you gotta take real good care of yourself and your mom for a while so business is usually no this is different there’s a lot going on out there right now a lot of people that are depending on me I need to depend on you you understand say goodbye [Music] nice and slow viki’s over carries medicine exactly thank you for your help with the guard you’re welcome I hope we can put our political differences aside and work together on this governor what I’ll let us say to you is between us and if you quote me I’ll deny it and come after you with everything I have say it I can have an unmarked car shore house in 15 minutes I can have you and your daughter out of the county in 30 well thank you that’s enormous they’re kind but this is where I belong what’s up Ken there’s a problem with the trucks carrying the Katoch soul do they have an accident no it’s worse your office just received a call from mark shepherd a lawyer representing Edward Vicente he’s the oh we know who is he wanted to know if his client could locate the shipment of missing Katoch cyl would the governor negotiate on his behalf for a full department right now he made it clear that mr.

Mayer Center didn’t steal anything but due to his connections with certain people he might be able to help us find it she’s blackmailing me yes ma’am what he’s doing you got called up musters in Simi Valley are you guys talking about what’s making people sick daddy’s gotta go help people for a few days can you shoot at Jim bug I can baby you know I will I love you [Music] by yourself can I take your picture sure I hear you’re an ice skater yeah how you feeling I know it sounds weird but I don’t feel that bad are you scared I it’s okay to be scared I’m scared to gee do you love them good golly chief look for some ID on Riptide [Music] I told you to make an appointment where is he I have no idea I know about the deal you offered the governor where is he what do you want I’m tired of you Shepard and I’m through playing games you are insane my partner is dead another of my agents is dead I have a son in an ex-wife who live in the city whom I care deeply about and I want you to look at me I want you to believe what I’m about to tell you I will shoot you and kill you without remorse right here right now you think you’re gonna tell me where the coat oxalis don’t know you have to believe me please but you do know where he is what y’all to know how proud I have to see you here today ready to fight for your freedom trying to tell us this is a flu no way in hell no what the government has seen fit to release this deadly disease trying to thin out the herd a little bit I guess I’ll fall in line do their little monkey dance that is no reason we have to go quiet damn straight right there any questions before we get started yeah just one how’re you feeling like a surfer I survived the unconstitutional detention of flight 182 and now together we are going to survive the unconstitutional imprisonment of Los Angeles and answer your questions let’s take a drive [Music] [Music] water water okay da I’m fine we’ve got the doctor you’ve been missed you forced me to tell them about the Katoch so we know don’t worry [Music] [Music] [Music] this is the first time an entire American city has been placed under quarantine how we handle ourselves in the next few days determine whether history is gonna judge us as an example of infectious disease control or just another disaster dr.

Radner you’ll have operational authority here at emergency response in dr. Fox 7 News support and assist dr. Radner dr. Edo whatever your team needs please let us know what are we gonna do with other Co toxin does anybody have suggestions yeah I think we gotta get our hands on the East Coast supply get it shipped out here ASAP well we know the virus we understand how it enters our body and how it kills it should take Sekou Spacedock everybody sit down welcome back sir wait all of you need to know that there is a possibility I’ve been infected well sir we should get your blood work done at the lab right away it’s already been started I presume this quarantine was your idea yes it was sir good call thank you we need to find this man who kidnapped me this Vicente he was in the primary exposure range of the Smith boy on the plane and he was taking the tenor flute now no is the song antiviral but he’s not showing any some uh some kind of natural immunity no telling somehow we need to get a full blood panel on this guy it’s the only way to find out Ventura Boulevard between Laurel Canyon and Fulton well I’m trying to understand the cousins position but right so the president says he’ll see if he can get us 15% of the core toxins Jordan Tennessee no federal help the health care delivery system of LA is now in the hands of a convicted drug dealer I’m gonna have to tell the people the city the truth about the stolen medicine what do you think will happen if you tell them that there’s no medicine on the way I mean chief Barton already said that he cannot handle both the 14 and riots well the governor offered helpless take it they’re gonna need clarification on our enforcement policy what are we prepared to shoot people for breaking the quarantine all these people want to do can is stay alive what’s happening [Music] this is Jack Enlow he was the passenger who ditched the quarantine it seems to be stabilizing now they actually might make him the other ones you want to strangle usually do what about our satellite defection Pasadena didn’t make it this is our nun she lived at the homeless shelter where the cabbie lived she came in this morning we need that good taxol sir it’s just a stopgap what we need is a vaccine it doesn’t matter no it doesn’t this you just keep talking to the governor okay tell her she’s got 48 hours to make a deal you can’t make that part and I’ll make sure you get some for you and your family okay how do you trust this Shephard when he ratted you out to the FBI I don’t but I need him you know I’ve been thinking what do we got a million doses let’s say we put 50,000 on the street 200 of them last 10 million dollars exactly what if the governor finds out I want her to find out [Music] yeah yeah it’s better be important Joshua thank you just busted a dealer in Beverly Hills and it wasn’t selling heroin or cocaine rod pressing you go what was he selling good talk so [Music] deaths caused by the pandemic is expected to increase by fivefold in the next 24 hours also there are unsubstantiated reports of black-market coat axle being sold all over the city at this moment the mayor’s office says it is desperate it has never seen can’t stand watching this a minute longer neither I brought lunch thought it might be better than going out where’s Gil okay I’m fine I just have a little cold that’s all come on I haven’t even been anywhere though oh damn you know what I forgot I’ve got a deposition I’m Michael late see you later I don’t think so goodbye Frank [Music] hello hello who is this how did you get in here like flex he knows it’s me it’s probably gonna have me killed and with the quarantine I can’t even run I can keep you safe how by putting him away forever what if the governor goes for his deal and don’t tell me she’s not considering it we have to get to him before she does look the cent he still needs you to represent him when he calls you tell him the governor has agreed but you tell him that there are papers he needs to sign I don’t know maybe he has to agree to sin no more then you call me I’ll be right behind you they’ll never work he won’t believe me you make him believe you you know when this thing gets out my career will be over no one will know about this except me and one other agent there’ll be no other swat teams no other cops I will do my best to keep your name out of it completely [Music] that can you hear us it’s alright it’s okay she wasn’t very strong you’re a lot stronger okay you need to remember that listen to me Brooke you and I are gonna walk out of here together remember [Music] what state million six and Counting that’s why I call this a land of opportunity one minute I’m headed to death row the next I’m making millions with a full partner god I love this country I haven’t seen it for two days I’ll let you in but you’re on your own it feels like the end of the world to me but I know that it’s not it’s just the end of mine the Sun will come out lovers will marriage over will play life will be lived to whoever finds this please pass it on to my three children Ashley tres and Daniel make sure the photo album and the letters have been disinfected so they won’t throw them away tell them I do forgive them for being scared I’m sorry it had to end this way and somebody please take care of Robert and Ida they’re not much trouble [Music] I’m telling you this world is shut down all the way to route 34 okay guys get set this is it got it right behind you I’m sorry man I am no exception I need for you to move this truck sir you know this quarantine is illegal right what I know is that you got to move this truck now make me we got a problem here repeat let’s just go through the barricade we did not gain [Music] excuse me I just got word that three vehicles broke through the quarantine on the Ventura line and they fire no the governors troops the governor should make the call it’s not your responsibility it’s hers I can’t see killing me but just because they don’t want to get sick [Music] good afternoon I’m speaking to you today from the office of your mayor Michael Dell isandro I’m here because I believe strongly that there is no justice without security although we believe in the rule of law the law is not effective if it is only words I have issued an executive order imposing martial law dawn till dusk curfew will be enforced and I ordered the National Guard to preserve the quarantine order and safety I understand alright guys listen up we got new orders absolutely nobody gets past this shoot if we happen [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] maybe surrounded by all these sick people well maybe that’s because you’re a sick person you get you like your brother hey I feel fine trust me the jack is back I need you to do me a favor I need to get my hands on a cellphone recharger I think you could hook me up mr.

Henry we’re here for our patients medical needs that’s first and foremost now if you want an exam we’ll give you an exam and we’ll probably move you to another area at some point but for right now I think I would be grateful to be alive that thing it’s like a it’s like a whole neutron bomb or something huh the people they just evaporate but the buildings are still standing it’s gonna be a buyers market right all right you see that ramp down there right there yeah look there he’s dead because you infected him right just like you were affected all of the other people thousands maybe hundreds of people and now you want to sell the real estate go back to your L he’s a junk I’m undercover what do you care testing 1 2 3 it’s wires hot [Music] are you doing counselor fine where’s for sentiment what do you got here Maserati like this something like this go for cut the crap exactly supposed to be here where is he you got the documents got it right here but they’re for his eyes only mom you thought he couldn’t trust you you know I neither do I are you doing what you weren’t alone let’s go I’ll get you to a hospital hang on pressure on that thing so what hearing could be up to 6000 dead and we may have at least that many sick at home there’s people receiving any kind of organized medical care 6000 Jesus who’s high yeah why don’t they come in it might be too sick do you want to move maybe we just can’t get to them cuz the ambulance services and he ours are overwhelmed just got a call from the corner and dr.

Tam wants to know when he can start the cremations and mass burials he’s running out of space for the bodies Hey I just want to check up on you guys make sure you’re okay we’re good you sound distracted did he go on you’re all right no no we’re fine here maybe I should talk to your mother put her on she’s sleeping okay well I you tell her I called make sure okay yeah she did see [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] okay mister mister get in the car get it close the door drive the car right [Music] well kid take it easy right really sorry but I need that money what man I can’t my mom’s sick please just just give me the money wait wait wait just don’t come any closer [Music] [Music] can’t mess with the national car some of these guys have been in a rock this is me this guy comes up here act like you’re gonna do it he says turn around do what I say [Music] the roads closed sir you’re gonna have to turn it around okay [Applause] [Music] get that bar up here now if the flex-cufs on him [Music] we got a call from headquarters about your fugitive based on description I think this is a guy I’m gonna say I’m not right someone mine Laura boule you kill them I didn’t kill nobody you grabbed my gun it was an accident yeah pretty good story you know that jury might even believe it you ever get to tell it little nasty yeah what you got there say this thing serious minds at the hospital of real law you wait your turn you can bleed out you don’t why else I’m the guy and get you to the front choice [Music] [Music] Hey I guess about half as long as I could I’m so sorry [Music] do you mind [Music] please take good care of it it’s immersed okay [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] though unsubstantiated by state and city authorities we now have information from a knowledgeable source that tells us that the city’s temporary morgues are filled beyond capacity mass graves have been dug for the incineration and burial of the dead the current death toll due to the riptide virus is now in the thousands and growing [Music] you’re awake I’m sorry you know her she took a picture she does that a lot should I should go back to sleep sweetie need your rest you Kayla I can’t save everyone can you thanks for trying [Music] fill in Harbour PD and I’ll be right over I got a SWAT team in position they’re ready to move in that building when I give the word no give me five minutes to get inside and neutralise like hell my boys are gonna get him out of there he knows we got him for murder I don’t think he’s walking out peacefully so we carry him out the CDC needs him alive any suggestions just give me five minutes and you can do what you want but you don’t move till I give the signal five minutes okay where’s your mask I don’t need what was said he’s not sick I thought he was on that plane he was nothing for small no I think we got a problem I’ll get the guys doesn’t show in 15 minutes we get those trucks out of here those Hugh heads in the emergency I got the rat let’s move in on the rest [Music] [Music] [Music] what is all this I got a surprise no – okay come on you gotta see this good job this is Melissa Lee reporting it appears that the stolen anti-viral cooked axle has been recovered two truckloads have just arrived here at the Emergency Response Center and are now in the safe hands of cDC officials this does not mean we’re out of the woods not by any stretch it does mean we have a tool to help slow down the virus I do have to remind you all that this is not a cure but it does buy us some valuable time mom mom um god you scared me honey I’m just yeah you gotta take these [Music] what it’s like who talks with stuff you gotta take him do what have you done mom [Music] see anything no not we’re gonna take four hour shifts tell them tell them Donnie Scott you guys first those guys get some rest back there touches [Music] [Music] finally an Amish lowest and sorry look nothing you just don’t get it when he was sitting as close to Ames as anyone hopefully I find something out with his medical history [Music] this is doctor Martin she’s here I know who she is you look much prettier without your space we don’t have a lot of time here oh that’s unfortunate because all I’ve got is time you want me to tell you why I’m still alive it’s gonna cost you what do you want but any man in my position would want a full pardon no way that’s off the table I want my lawyer oh I forgot to tell you he’s dead your voice smoke wasted so here’s the deal if the CDC can confirm that any information you give them actually saves lives we’ll drop the death penalty you think I spend the rest of my life in a federal prison then you’ll die oh yeah but let me tell you what your life is gonna be like while you wait to die I’ve got ten seconds five you had a time let’s go when I was in Australia waiting for the feds it tested a flu vaccine in my prison yeah well we know it was manufactured in Denmark but you never got the vaccine I mean that’s what it said in the prison medical logs because you looked under Edward Vicente they gave the prisoners random numbers and I didn’t get picked those who got picked where there’s bracelets again you better food for a month so I just convinced the guy to let me take his place so you got the shot the food the benefits but this other guy yet he got to live I gotta go [Music] Kaylah yeah what I just put Brooke on a respirator fuck sweetie you got to open your eyes come on listen to me you got to be strong you’re gonna fight this right you have to give me a little time just give me a little time yes please just let me know if there’s any more changes where you going I think I found a link negative there’s no effect look for yourself with Danish vaccine doesn’t work on our virus I really thought we had it well we’ve been wrong before I just don’t understand I mean out of all the people that were sitting next to Ames how can the Cente still be alive we have to be missing something well whatever it is I can’t see it I don’t know there has to be something is there discrepancy in advantage Jenna you know Jenna city profile what are you doing going through the center’s medical file again must be something here what [Music] [Music] kaylynn I just got word from Ratner the people who broke out of quarantine just turn themselves in oh thank god one of them is dead someone from flight 182 gibson smo like the rest are being brought here so we can keep an eye on them okay come here I didn’t epithelia longlining test the virus didn’t attach then I watched for changes in the pro-inflammatory Cascades they’re normal there’s no or against shut down it works yeah how much of the blood do we have left I mean the sentence yeah not much enough for a single dose maybe clean it you’re gonna use it on someone are you gonna clean it or am I [Music] [Music] [Music] kaylynn oh thank you you’re certain this is what saved the young girl absolutely okay let me get this straight you want me to allow you to give tuberculosis to the entire population of Los Angeles I’m not actually giving them TV we’re giving them the antibodies that were created to fight the TV it prevents them the virus from attaching itself to the lungs why not just give people TB medication because if they have not an active case of TB the response won’t create the right profile of cytokines and chemokines to kill the virus how do we do this we need you to put the word out in the media that we’re seeking people who have had an active treated case of TB to go to their local hospitals and then you take their blood only a part of their blood and then we filter it and wash it and use it to treat the population now the beauty of this is a thousand people who have had their active tuberculosis treated will give us as much as a million doses how long a couple of days we use the fire stations for distribution they’re never that’s a good idea you should make the announcement we’ll both make the announcement [Music] just take this and throw it out but I got some bad news good first mom’s gonna make awesome so the messin worked not really she never had the virus just got pneumonia final antibiotics cured her straight now for the bad news little ATM robbery was caught on camera really sorry dude we’re just trying to help you mom so am I gonna get locked up a lot of people did things they weren’t proud of kind of caring for others or kind of panic I spoke to the gentleman and he’s willing to drop the charges but you gotta pay him back so you’re gonna pay him back I understand thanks dad you want to help me make some dinner [Music] it’s all [Music] okay okay I’ve just been told we’re going now live to City Hall where Mayor D’Allesandro and governor Schafer are about to make a statement Los Angeles has always had a share of trials and natural disasters earthquakes floods and now this Riptide virus but we are a strong City full of strong people governor today we have hope to go with that strength the treatment has been found that will buy us the time necessary to develop a lasting vaccine it is a blessing within a curse they soon be available to us all in moments like this there are always many people to thank our first responders our police firemen and paramedics people who put the lives and safety of others above their own our doctors nurses CDC scientists and all the other health professionals who have stood firm in the face of this tragedy we will always be profoundly grateful this tragedy has taught us a great deal we’ve learned that in unity there is strength but we have paid an enormous price many have died and many more still struggling for life we will remember those who have served and lost we will fight in their names to make our federal government update and support modern methods of viral vaccines and treatment they must be made to see that if it can happen here it can happen anywhere it can happen to us it can happen to that hey Kayla are you feeling see I told you you were gonna walk out here it’s just gonna be in a couple days yeah I really mean it you have to practice for next year’s trials right I have a surprise for you [Music] every baby oh great I love you baby [Music] [Music] [Music] are you doing tired I’m good how are you exhausted [Music] I uh I just got a call my promotion in Atlanta I’m not surprised you going yeah leave this paradise where you headed now boom get some sleep come on I’ll walk it to your car okay thanks [Music] well since you’re staying you get a cup of coffee sometime [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you you [Music] you

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