Cinematic Opening Effect – Moving Black Bars Filmora 9

in this video i want to show you how to create cinematic black bars opening like what you are seeing right now so if you have some videos and cinematic black bars like this can make your video more dramatic so in this video i will show you how to create this effect right in femora 9. now if you’re new to my channel my name is james and i help you to leverage text so that you can create greater impact in your life now the first thing that you want to do is to drag your clip onto your video track here what i’ve done and match it to the timeline so next what i’m going to do is actually just to mute this first okay so this is the footage that i just recorded earlier for this particular video okay so first what you want to do is to just right click and click on crop and zoom and select pan and zoom okay so select pen and zoom and over here you have your normal pen and zoom function so what you want to do now is that you want to sort of change this ratio to custom all right so this is the green box or the rather the bluish green blocks is to start and this is the end so what you want to do is you can either switch this around or you can also change this by changing it to a zoom out rather than a zoom in next what you want to do is again for the ratio change it to custom and you want to make this as small as possible okay now i found that the most i can get this small is to about 77 and then next what you want to do is to align back this box to the center of your frame and then leave it there and you can actually see this from the green bar over here and next what you want to do is to stretch it out to the side so that you can have the full width of that video which should show 1920 by 720 and then for the end point what you want is to click on the blue box here and change it to say somewhere around here okay and i’m going to move the one at the top down as well all right so maybe something like this again you want to center this so to center this all you need to do is to make sure that the bar is matches the two things okay so you are good to go click on ok now this is opening rather slow because it is actually opening up throughout the end of the entire video so if you want to open it faster so let’s set a time let’s say we will do it in say about four seconds what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna split it over here all right so over here you’ll notice that this actually opens up the entire screen okay and let’s say on this part of that video clip now on the other clip if you want it to hang in the sense that you want this box to remain this size what you can do now is actually to swap this around and change it to crop okay and click on ok so now as you play the video you will hang over here and the black bars will be on that side so it won’t change any further you can make this effect even greater by adding the right kind of music to your video clip i did the same for the next clip and i added the sound and you can actually see the impact over here [Music] and you can actually look for it in youtube audio library you can filter for genre as well as for attribution whether attribution is required or not i hope that this video tutorial has helped you if you want to learn more about video editing check out my links below i have courses to hear from express filmora 9 shortcut as well so that you can pick your choose the video editor that you feel like starting off with one other thing before i sign off is that youtube has recently stopped email notification so if you are my subscriber and you haven’t been getting my emails let me know in the comments whether you want to receive notifications directly from me i am thinking of either using email or even starting a telegram channel so that if you put your name inside or sign up to my telegram channel i will not let you know every time i upload a video so that would be just another way for us to stay connected



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