CINEMATIC BARS Effect in Filmora 9

[Music] [Music] what is up guys welcome back to a brand new video and today I’m gonna be showing you how to do the cinematic bar effect in a few more so go ahead and go right into it as you see I hired my two videos here I’m gonna go ahead and add this to the timeline and this is super long so I’m gonna make it short we make it about 10 seconds alright a click here and I’m gonna put it about right here alright that’s good enough and is basically a video of the bridges I can’t intro like an aerial view of a bridge alright that’s the video and I’m actually gonna do it here is our window I also have the little sound effect that I got from YouTube we can go ahead and look it up on YouTube just a cinematic trailer sound effect something like that and you’ll find it alright so first we want to do it here of course if we’re making this nematic when I add a little um effect on it so we go ahead and go to Instagram like and when you go ahead and add the filters in this so it looks super nice so this is the filter I’m gonna add this one try this one alright so next we’re gonna do here make sure stay in the effects and we’re gonna go ahead and go to frame as soon as you get into afraid we’re gonna see this sitting my effect it should be the first one you’re gonna go ahead and click drag and Russia and drop it on top here and I wanna make it a little bigger and we’re gonna wait for it to to settle in and I’m gonna make it a little bigger right there there you go BAM and as you can see it has a default size here well I didn’t up will click on there and I want to increase the size you go up here to border height and you’re gonna go ahead and think this is kind – oh yeah that’s a little bit right here so this looks pretty good and at the Alpha you don’t need to mess with this is the brightness like the transparency of this clip some live it live it at the maximum point click OK and although we have that last thing you gotta do is go ahead and add your sound effect I’ll click drag and drop it and we’re gonna put it right here and now we have our cinematic bar effect and that is how easy it is to do this effect thank you so much for watching I should go ahead and hit the subscribe button below it’s already in the mouthpiece [Music]

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