Chuck Missler Revelation Session 15 Ch-8 9 The Seven Trumpets

Well let’s do something radical let’s borrow hearts in order prayer the father we just thank you for who you are we stand in awe as we little by little begin to understand just who you really are and what you have done for us the extremes you’ve gone to to provide an eligibility for us that we could never gain for ourselves we thank you father for that love that carrying that provision and we thank you Father for your word that we’re gathered here to celebrate tonight we pray father you’d open our hearts and lives to that word and that word to our hearts and lives that we might grow in grace the knowledge of our Lord and Savior that we might have a better apprehension of what it is you would have of each of us in the days ahead as we commit this evening and ourselves into your hands in the name of Yeshua our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ amen yes indeed well we obviously are in the study of the book of Revelation and we are in session 15 of 24 to give you a perspective here in which we’re going to deal with the seven trumpets a lot of misunderstanding about trumpets we’ll try to clear up a few of those and you realize that revelation is one of the only book of the Bible I’m aware of it has its own outline first thing you do with a new book if you’re going to study it seriously is to outline it well revelation has that missile next to the last verse of chapter 1 John isn’t start to write the things which thou hast seen the things which are and the things which shall be Hereafter past present future tense expressions and by the time you get to the end of chapter one of course he has seen a vision of the Living Lord and that’s what he by this time he’s this write the things which you have seen described at John John is going to talk about what he sees what he hears what he experiences this is not some kind of abstract vision that he happens record he participated in these things there’s dialogues going on and so the first 12 verses deal with the vision of Christ but then this second section is probably an error in our view the most important section of the entire book the next two chapters seven churches that existed at that time the messages to those churches are relevant not just to that time but through all time in some surprising ways and then after that of course we have the third section that we’re in right now but just by way of a quick perspective chapters 2 & 3 dealt with seven churches and we discovered how they’re organized we notice that once you understand that structure several things emerge the promise to the overcomer one of the seven elements in each of churches is a postscript the first three but include in the body of the last four which gets our attention we notice that it’s a report card in which every church is surprised those that thought they were doing well we’re not those who thought they were not doing well we’re doing better than I thought each one has a commendation an expression of concern and an exhortation in each one the name the title all Kyle ever detail there is relevant to the message strangely enough there are two churches that had nothing no concerns expressed Smyrna and Philadelphia we’re really well off we got a plus no concerns there are two churches that have nothing good said about them Laodicea of course but much to everyone’s surprise Sardis and deep lessons for this for each for each of us but in addition to the practical application of Jesus Christ’s personal letters personal report cards through these seven representative churches we discover something else which would not be true if they were in any other order they also lay out the history of the church in advance we have Ephesus Smyrna Pergamum Thyatira Sardis Philadelphia and Laodicea and as we understand the Ephesus letter is indicative representative if you will of the Apostolic period the first century followed by the persecuted church Smyrna which means myrrh speaks of death followed by the church what good what Satan could not accomplish by persecution you accomplished by joining them the married church where Pergamus they marry the world and out of that of course comes the medieval church much said about that and then of course out of that comes what will call for lack of a better term the denominational Church churches whose have their roots in the Reformation but have drifted into a mode in which if the Sardis Church has you you have a name that you’re living but you’re dead nothing good said about its shockingly enough the Protestant commentators have a field day with ayat IRA badgering the medieval church as I call it the Romanesque Church well if that’s the case Sardis is even in worse shape if it’s the Reformation so we need to study that very carefully that leads of course to Philadelphia everybody of course identifies with that one the Missionary Church and but that there’s a final state of the church the apostate Church churches that are rich and have need of nothing in their view but are actually poor blind wretched and naked well as you look at this we discover the first three have the promises a postscript did so we know they’re a group in some sense and the last four which have the promises in the body the letter but also the last four have explicit references to the second coming of Christ which causes to infer that last for in some special sense will survive to the end one of those for the first of the four has an explicit promise that it if it doesn’t repent it will go into great tribulation implying that the others won’t or if they repent they won’t we have the missionary church promise that it expressly will not go through this strange period of time called the great tribulation that we are now suffered studying in depth in the section of Revelation we’re dealing with and of course that the other two churches are enigmatic in terms of how they respond to the as individuals in that environment but we of course are in the third section of this chapters 4 through 22 and you may chapter 4 that memory said write the things which shall be meted out here after the first verse first word in chapter 4 is meta tota in the Greek after these things are Hereafter I looked and behold a door was opened in heaven the first voice I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me which said come up hither and I will show thee things which must be Hereafter for lots of reasons that we won’t review in this quick summary we believe that this is indicative of the rapture the harpazo and that john was treated to a in advance experience of this and so that’s expressly what it says there’s lots of other reasons I won’t get into in this quick summary but there’s one thing we do find in Chapter four as we get to the throne God we learn lots of things there but it turns out one of the most controversial but most important is the identity of these 24 elders it’s very interesting when you see the throne of God in the Old Testament in Isaiah 6 or Daniel 7 you see much the same thing as described in Revelation but there’s something missing in the Old Testament renderings that we didn’t notice in the New Testament rendering the one here in Revelation 4 and that’s the 20 this there are twenty-four Thrones not just seats as your English says that they’re twenty-four Thrones seated our 24 elders who on earth are they it’s very important for you to come to your own comfort as to what the identity of these guys are because if they’re very prominent through the rest of the book they represent a completed group and the example of that the only other example the entire Bible of this is first Chronicles 24 where David organizes the priests the Levites kelis into twenty four divisions courses they call them and so each one served sequentially throughout the year what we know that 24 elders cannot be there many people say well they’re angels or tribulation believers no because in chapter 7 we see them also with the tribulation believers meaning there’s a stake from them some say well they must be angels no because in also in Revelation 7 we see the 24 elders and all the angels separately described so they’re not just angels some say the nation of Israel well by the time you get through 7 and 12 you’ll realize they’re not them either because there’s distinct from them what are their distinguishing characteristics they’re on Thrones that’s important they are wearing white raiment that’s a big deal all the way through the book representing the righteousness of Christ they have crowns of gold now when you try to mix the crowns with the Thrones and with the fact that they’re priests you got a problem they identify themselves who they are by the song that they sing in chapter 5 they’re called elders in some places they’re also called kings and priests in fact John identifies with them in the first chapter saying you have made us kings and priests and if you’ve done your homework biblically you know there’s only three people in the Bible that are both kings and priests the Levites in Israel in the nation Israel that was not true the Levites were of the tribe of Levi and the royal line was Judah Judah Lior separate and was there’s always a judgment if a king entered the role of the priests and so forth they were intended to be kept separate in Israel we find an exception in Genesis 14 by this character by the name of Melchizedek who would who shows up there but what makes them important is in some hundred and ten and several chapters in the Epistle to Hebrews it hammers away the uniqueness that Christ is after the order of Melchizedek not Levi the Levitical priesthood was a temporary one one that would be superseded the Levitical the Melchizedek the order of Melchizedek was a permanent one that Christ is representative of and and what makes that important I said there’s only they’re only the only people are kings and priests where Melchizedek Jesus Christ himself and his body the church and all through the epistles you’ll find references of that it’s important understand these 24 elders represent the assembled church and understand the church is distinctive not all believers are in the church there are believers before the New Testament will call those Old Testament Saints there are people today that are members of Christ’s body this mystery called the church the ecclesia they’re also going to be people saved after the church is removed we for lack of a better term and come the tribulation Saints so understand there’s at least three maybe more but there’s three basic groups of believers and they’re distinct in the book of Revelation and again I want to emphasize we’re going to go through a lot of controversial material don’t accept it because I happen to share it with you I’m going to let you know how we view it so you know where we’re coming from I want our primary goal is to challenge you to deal in homework and to be like the Bereans acts as our passwords are our trademark a password I started to say is that you should be like the Bereans in that they received the word of god with all openness of mind but they searched the Scriptures daily to prove whether those things be so so we’ll try to what things are really important and we have strong feelings I’ll make that clear there are other views that are quite controversial we may hold one but I’ll share the others to give you a perspective but in all of these cases you should be doing your own homework break after chapter 4 the front of God we encounter chapter 5 which is a pivotal chapter for what happens well after the rapture and it’s the most important escrow closing in the universe and the 7 sealed scroll it shows up so on the right of handset on the throne a book written within and on the backside sealed with seven seals it was written on the backside that tells you that it was a will or a title deed it was a legal document you normally didn’t write on the backside of vellum it’s rough but on the outside you put the requirements that the document referred to so it’s a will or title deed and a strong angel proclaiming said who is worthy to open the book notice the seals are off and no man had to be a kinsman of Adam you’ll understand that if you understand the Book of Ruth no man in heaven or in earth neither under the earth was able to open the book neither look thereon and John understands the significance he’s terrified as I wept much because no man was found worthy to open to read the book neither look their own fortunately there’s an exception and one of the elders said to me none it’s interesting by the way in heaven when somebody is explaining something about heaven it’s always the elders when someone is explaining what’s going on in the earth it’s one of the Angels want to cherry been interesting just notice that one of the elders said to me weep not behold the Lion of the tribe of Judah the root of David have prevailed to open the book and to loose the seven seals thereof now we have the Lion of tribe of Judah the root of David these are if you’re really sensitive reader they’ll hit you between the eyes because they’re Jewish up till now in chapters 2 and 3 the previous chapters all the identities were the ones that were induced in Chapter 1 they’re new tests these New Testament enemies suddenly from chapter 4 on you’re going to notice once we’re in heaven that once again will be emphasized the Jewish distinctives of the Messiah and here the elder says that behold the Lion of the tribe of Judah the root of David hath prevailed to open the book and loose the seven seals thereof and I beheld alone amidst the throne the four beasts and the midst of the elders stood the lamb there again a Jewish title John the Baptist when he first introduces Jesus Christ publicly he says behold the lamb of God that taketh away the sin the world he did that twice two days in a row that was that’s that’s these are these are obviously titles of the Messiah but they’re very Jewish in their root structure he came and took the book out of the right hand of him who sat upon the throne that’s access to go up to God and say that’s mine and when he’d taken the book in the four beasts and the four beasts the four twenty elders fell down before the lamb having every one of them harps and golden vials full of odours which are the prayers of the saints every time I see this verse I’m reminded my daughter when she was little she came to me there are there animals in heaven and so why do you think that’s well they ride horses their horses we comes back right here there’s an old hymn it’s read ad yeah I know they’re cats just really dad so sure where else would they get the strings for the harps she she almost hit me she almost did anything and they sung a new song saying thou art worthy to take the book and open the seals thereof for that was slain and has two redeemed us notice what they’re saying gang these are the twenty-four elders saying thou hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred and tongue and people and nation that’s who they are they say so and has made see it’s us us had made us unto our God kings and priests and we shall reign on the earth this is obviously the church now you’ll find some Bibles have a footnote saying that some manuscripts make this in the third person that second person you know not that first person plural but in the them you know others and that happens being correct one manuscript out of 25 happens to say that it was the Alexandrian manuscript that has its origin from the Gnostics in Alexandria that had a problem with the deity of Christ in the first place so no the manuscript evidence supports the identity of the 24 elders as being the redeemed the church in heaven that turns out to be very important because that will straighten out a whole bunch of other misconceptions that we’ll encounter but they continue unto him that loved us and washed us from his from our sins in his own blood and have made us kings and priests unto God and his father and him be glory and Dominion forever ever made us kings and priests now this is back in chapter I put a person here from chapter 1 this is John when he’s introducing the book hath made us John speaking of himself in that same category ok well now we get then to the Seventh Seal scroll that he then starts to unseal we discover the first four as you with these seals you break a seal you open little bit break another seal when you’ve broken all seven you’ve got the whole scroll available to you so these are the this is the preamble to break these seals the first four seals are known as the Four Horsemen because each unleash idiomatically at least a horseman and there’s the white Horseman who’s the Conqueror and he’s not Jesus Christ because he happens to be a white horse he’s of imposter he’s if that’s Jesus Christ he’s writing in bad company no Jesus Christ is opening the book it’s not he’s not writing the horse from the seal but we have the Conqueror we have the the wars we have inflation and famine the black horse and green that these four horsemen of course have become an idiom in literature many people use the phrase of the four horsemen are writing when they mean war the clouds of war are coming they use it idiomatically in a literary sense no these are going to these are this is allusion of very specific judgments that are forthcoming then we have the martyrs under the throne who plead let’s get on with it God says be patient and then we have global upheaval that follows in the sixth seal now we notice that in all these groups of seven they’re separately there’s three of them we’re going to look at there are in the sea we have six and then there’s a parenthesis there’s a change of scene there’s a sort of a catching of a breath it’s like having a cookie break or something let’s stop have some cookies discuss something else for a while then we’ll get to the set it’s sort of a build-up to the seventh one and so but I want you to notice the sign so far there are false christs wars famines death and martyrs these are the same things that occur in the Olivet discourse in that order in Matthew 24 also in Luke 21 and obviously revelation 6 and then there’s global upheaval at the end of each of those in advance the kings of the earth the great men rich men chief captains mighty men every bondman every free man hid themselves in dens and in the rocks of mountains I want you to notice this strange this strange phrase they hid themselves in the dens in the rocks the mountains as they chuck you’re making something out of nothing we’ll see but I want you to remember that phrase from chapter 6 because I’m going to show you when we get to chapter 8 the main subject tonight is that we begin to glimmer something that most commentators to my awareness have missed I haven’t seen this in any formal commentators but I’ll show it to you and you can decide for yourself I believe the Book of Joshua is a foreshadowing in architecture of the book of Revelation and you’re going to see a surprising number of similarities between the two books and we’ll get to that this is one of them here that they hear the great men of the rich men the chief captains are hiding in in dens in rocks and the mountains then said to the mountains and rocks fall on us and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb someone finally gave me some bumper stickers it always joked about this it says beware of the lamb it’s got a lion’s face on it look at you the wrath chapter 6 with these seals closes with this question first of all it announces the wrath of the Lamb is extend the wrath is not something that’s yes it’s coming more but it’s already started as the point people like some people write books and try say well the wrath that’s later that’s in the bowls no yes the Bulls are wrath the wrath already started the wrath of God is recognized by all the bait people on the earth that it’s the wrath of the Lamb that’s it here in fact chapter 6 closes with the question who for the great day of his wrath has come and who shall be able to stand and chapter 7 answers that question before we go on to the Seventh Seal where there’s a whole chapter than answers this question so we have the sealing of 144,000 the twelve tribes and so forth so chapter seven answers this question who shall be able to stand well it’s divided in two halves first eight verses are about the these servants that are sealed they’re from twelve tribes of Israel 144,000 of them from the twelve tribes people who know nothing else about the book of Revelation who all heard about 144,000 because you probably had a couple of guys in white shirts and long ties and bicycles are in your doorbell to explain that there are 144,000 and and they’re the religious group that they represent when they have a convention have 250,000 show up makes it wonder there’s got to be you know a hundred thousand that are very disappointed but anyway no they’re if they say if you get that kind of encounter asking what tribe they’re from and that should end it anyway and then the fruit of their ministry are the saved servants in the last half of that chapter from out of that these are people saved from out of the tribulation there are many people based Bible scholars that conjecture they don’t know but they conjecture that there may more people saved during the tribulation than before there may more people saved in the tribulation that are raptured prior that’s a sobering thought that may not be true it’s a perspective that some have but we have that we have the 12 tribes detailed of course Jeptha 7 the questions where is 2 of them missing do we’re missing where’s the tribe of Dan he’s obviously missing also where’s the tribe of Ephraim he’s there but he’s hiding under his father’s name because you have Joseph but you’ve already had Manasseh as other son so what’s left is Ephraim so he’s there represented but not by name and we speculate that that’s because of the of the fact that they were the means by which idolatry entered the land then we get to this to chapter 8 we’re now that’s the chapter we’re focusing on tonight when he’d opened the Seventh Seal There was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour Jay Vernon McGee is famous for making the remark that that obviously proves to no women in heaven and of course he’s kidding as I am they even making that illusion but but the fact that this silence in heaven were half an hour I think is something to note as you’ll see in a minute and I saw the seven angels which stood before God and to them were given seven trumpets there are seven prominent angels some very competent scholars feel the seven spirits before God’s throne alluded to in Chapter one are these seven angels they may be right I tend to look at those seven spirits in Chapter one as the holy as a Sevenfold Holy Spirit from Isaiah chapter 11 first couple of verses but that’s splitting hairs in Hoonah we’ll watch and see in any case there are seven prominent angels all through this book and these seven angels are going to blow these trumpets the seven eight same seven angels are going to pour out bowls of Wrath so there they there are millions of angels but they’re apparently these seven have special duties anyway John says I saw these seven angels which stood before God and to their apparently senior guys and to them were given seven trumpets now so that’s the seventh seal that takes care of seven seals now we’re going to discover that with the seven seals scroll obviously we had chapter seven as a parenthetical passage the seventh seal is going to lead to seven trumpets okay we’re going to get to those that’s the subject night but I want to let you just know in advance when you get through six of the trumpets there’s again a parenthesis and this time it isn’t a parenthesis of just one chapter like in Chapter seven previously it’s actually a group of chapters 10 11 12 13 14 and I encourage you to read those chapters before our next meeting all of them but especially 10 and 11 but when you get to the seventh trumpet it also will end up with seven bowls but we’ll get there I want to highlight something to you that I hope will be useful to you but you check it out for yourself because this is just an observation I’m not gonna make any big deal of it except this to show you I’m one of the things that I hope you gain from our particular approach to Bible studies is an AW and a respect for the total package for its architecture as you begin to realize the entire package of 66 books were designed as an integrated package which is which is demonstration that the designer was outside the dimensionality of time because he had to know what was coming in order to do that he had know that events one of these subtle demonstrations of the architecture is the similarities between first of all Joshua in the book of revelation first of all the word Joshua is a Jewish version of yahushua or yeshua so you got jesus jesus’s name on one of the old testament books that should get our attention right all right and what is the book what’s the book of Joshua all about a military commander taking charge to dis possess the land of the usurpers God had given that land to Abraham and his sentence and the military commander was there joshua to dis possess the land that’s exactly what’s going on book of Revelation we have the Lamb that was slain he purchased the deed on the cross he’s opening the seals he’s taking possession of that which he bought dispossessing the planet earth of its dispossesses surfers same same agenda in Joshua he has a seven-year campaign the same things going on the book of Revelation from revelation 6 through 19 is the seven-year period we called the 70th week of Daniel and incidentally they’re going against seven nations of an original Ten three had already been put down the Torah the books of Moses the most venerated portion of the Old Testament is ignored in Jericho every rule in the Torah is violated at Jericho the Sabbath you’re not supposed to be supposed to work six days seventy arrest at Jericho the seventh day to do seven times as much that’s not the pattern normally right the Levites were not supposed to go to war they were exempt from military duty at Jericho they’re leading the procession you’d be now the real question I want to highlight who fought the Battle of Jericho despite the song it wasn’t Joshua read the last few verses of Joshua at night he’s confronted by someone with a sword and he challenges him like a sentry are you with us or for our enemies the person confronts him says take off your shoes you’re on hallowed ground Joshua remembers where he heard that the last time that was on the Mount with Moses from the burning burning bush no this is and he commands himself he commands Joshua to worship Him that means he’s not an angel angels never allow you to worship them one exception list that got himself in a lot of trouble over that very issue so we noticed that Joshua is it the real Yehoshua the real battle commander is Jesus none other than Jesus Christ himself the first thing he does he sends in two spies right these two guys go in and they betray hab and they what they they don’t accomplish anything except to get Rahab saved see they went there to come spies did he go there to get military intelligence did their the message come back is that how Joshua built his battle plan yeah here’s I’ve always wished bull caused me did such a wonderful job with his little rendering on Noah I was with his PR guy once and I tried to talk him in he said he said he should do Joshua’s staff meeting that same spirit you know picked picture Joshua surrounded by his generals okay guys here’s the capital the major tour of the seven tribes the biggest one is the amorite s– the capital the Emirates is Jericho we’re going to start at the top going work way down and the way we’re going to do this guys is we’re going to march around their wall once a day for six days keeping quiet keeping quiet silence is something most people miss on the seventh day we’re going to march around it six times and on the seventh time we’re going to all blow our trumpets and shout and the walls are going to come down generals saying really I can only guess what they might have thought that the commander had lost a couple of marbles along the way here you got to be kidding no tanks no bazookas I mean there must be something we can do anyway these two guys are sent in to Jericho and they accomplished Rahab getting saved Rahab becomes the mother of Boaz the hero of the Book of Ruth but that’s later so these two spies as we call them from our Bible help sunday-school materials I’m going to suggest our witnesses sending in two witnesses you see a parallel coming up here okay then there’s seven trumpet events and we’ll deal with those preceded by silence in heaven for half an hour I think this is the modeling see the the Greek mind deals with prophecy is prediction and fulfillment that’s usually our mindset because we come from a Greek background prediction fulfill its prophecy prediction fulfillment that’s not the Jewish model to the Jew prophecy is patterned they see prophecy in the pattern of how God deals and there’s lots of examples of that they call it the Mishnah ik approach and that’s exactly what we’re seeing here is a pattern that revelation takes and just moves the decimal point over in Joshua chapter 6 verse 10 it says Joshua commanded the people saying he shall not shout and or make any noise with your voice neither shall any word proceed out of your mouth until the day I bid you shout then you shall shout when you read the Joshua narrative you may miss that because we all know where they march around seven times in the seventh day and seven times then they blew trumpets involved we all know the story what we miss is they kept quiet in that last point and that’s why when I come to Revelation eight I see the silence in heaven for an hour that’s a flag whoops let’s take a look here and see if there’s a connectivity you follow me okay the enemies then after that are Confederated under a leader in Jerusalem who calls himself at a noisy deck which means the Lord of righteousness I think he’s an anti-type if you will of the of the integration and of course he’s ultimately defeated with hailstones of and fire from heaven the Battle of death whore on right with signs in the Sun and the moon settings going on revelation except on a larger scale and the Kings heightened set in Joshua the Kings hide in caves they seal the cage until ready to deal with it and then they deal with it but the rocks fall is that see the parallel why I noticed that verse in Chapter six so once you read the book of Joshua and then read the book of Revelation and read them together side by side you’ll begin to see more and more parallels I think and I’ll leave that to you to see the whole book of Joshua is a prelude to establishing a monarchy now something else about the book of Joshua people miss unless you’ve really studied if you studied your Old Testament the book of Joshua also inaugurates another element of the Torah called the Jubilee year you all know that there’s six days you work the seventh arrest but there’s also six years you plow the ground the seventh you let the ground rest you don’t do it on plants when they have seven of those yearly weeks 49 years the next year is a jubilee year now that starts only after the conquest of the land after Josh that didn’t happen during the wilderness wanderings after Joshua conquers land this is instituted by God it begins after the conquest what happens in the Jubilee year all debts are forgiven within the nation if you own so many money if you got in a loan that loan is forgiven on the Jubilee year now because you knew that in advance so that was part of the Turton negotiation on the Jubilee or all land returns to its original owners he could not you didn’t really sell a piece of property what you really sold was the use of that piece of property what we would call a lease in our vocabulary but on the Jubilee year that returns back to its original owner all the slaves go free if you were in debt than you would signed into indentured servitude to pay off a debt great of the Jubilee here you were you were clear and that’s in Leviticus 25 and all through the Torah now Peter in his second sermon in the book of Acts refers to the second coming of Christ as the time of the restitution of all things that’s a Jubilee year phrase so there is a parallelism here what happens when the Jesus Christ comes back you know well restoring of all that was perverted by man sin the removing of all slavery of sin and the delivering of the creation itself from the bondage corruption which it was subjected to an account of man’s depravity one of these many people forget don’t realize is when Jesus Christ comes back not only are we that are saved saved the creation is restored to where it was before the curse you get it’s only mentioned a few places in Romans chapter 8 speaking of the creation you know that’s that’s in the in the bondage of decay it’s anxious is looking to be freed from that so I now there’s something very strange about the Jubilee here if you start studying it you would think that the Jubilee here there’s seven is six years you Paula grin then you rest let the ground rest they do that for another group of seven when you’ve done that seven times 49 years the following years of Jubilee year you would think that the Jubilee would start on New Year’s Day of the next year it doesn’t it starts 10 days later it starts on Yom Kippur not if he’s of Trumpets not on Rosh Hashanah the same day on the feast of yom kippur so let you think about that which is followed five days later of course by the feast of tabernacles where they go to the permit dwellings and so forth so there’s a great deal of study there I leave that to you let’s move on to revelation 8 verse 3 so you’ve taken your log-log paper and extrapolated this rate we’ll probably get through chapter 8 by a week from Tuesday but really trust me it’ll pick up revelation 8 verse 3 another angel came and by the way the word another in the Greek the Greek has two words for another olives or heteros heterosis I want another of a different kind Halas I want another of the same kind seeing in English you can’t tell I want another pencil what was wrong with last one well yeah you don’t know what I’m asking for see in the Greek it’s clear I want another it’s different this one’s black I want red or something if it’s always I want another of the same kind this is olives this is another angel this is not Jesus Christ some commentators speculate this might be because he has to do with the prayers here it might be Jesus Christ there’s a couple of places in the book that it’ll be a little unclear whether it’s Christ because sometimes you know Jesus is used idiomatically like the angel the Old Testament all the angel the Lord in some cases as a as an idiom but anyway another angel came and stood at the altar having a golden censer and there was given to him much incense that he should offer it with the prayers of all the saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne don’t confuse the two altars in the tambourine you really if you’re serious about your Bible you need to understand the architecture of the tabernacle which is replicated with some additions as in the temple but when you enter is only one door there’s only one way in as you get there the first thing you encounter is the brazen altar the altar of sacrifice that’s where all the blood was shed and all that was going on then there is a Laver where you wash before entering the holy place which is the the bit was that building it’s up and so once you enter the holy place in there to the right was the table of showbread to the left with the menorah the seven-branched candlestick or lamps tan and then you encounter in another veil in which behind behind which was two things the Ark of the Covenant and the mercy seat associated with them but in front of that veil is a golden altar roughly a foot squared and a couple of feet high as where they hit where they offered instant it’s an altar it had burning things but it burned incense and don’t get those two confused the golden altar is always a social many people get confused because it’s associated Ark of the Covenant but it had to be tended on three times a day which meant it had be outside the veil because you couldn’t go inside only the high priest could and only once a year and only after great ceremonial preparation so to attend it three times a day the priests had to be able to get the gold honor anyway in this case though he’s given a golden censer and there was given to him much incense incense is always represented represents prayers prayers of the saints that he should offer it with the prayers of the Saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne of the smoke of the incense which came up with the prayers of the saints ascended up before God out of the Angels hand so the idioms are very very colorful here because that’s the incense it’s going up to God the prayers are going up to God is that’s the idea and the the perfume the incense that was used was reserved only for the tabernacle you if you we’re in a Jewish home you couldn’t use that stuff that was reserved for God there are other things they could use but not that and the angel took the censer and filled it with fire of the altar this is strange and cast it into the earth he’s answering the prayer the prayers you may recall from the fifth seal were prayers of the martyrs for vengeance they’re anxious to be avenged and now it’s going to start and there were voices and thunderings and lightnings an earthquake that phrase will repeat itself four times in the screen in the book and the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves a sound so this is all preamble getting ready for the trumpets the sound of these trumpets are the are warning trumpets the trumpets are going to be disastrous but they are just a prelude for what’s coming okay when the first angel sounded and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood and they were cast upon the earth and the third part of the trees was burnt up and all the green grass was burned up vegetation is devastated what’s going on here hail and fire mingled with blood so it’s this is not just a normal health storm it’s apparently hail with some cosmic kind of hail with fire mingled with blood and cast upon the earth I don’t think these are idioms for false teaching or other some people have preached sermons of trying to make these just idiomatic for something spiritual no I think they’re real hail real fire and because of the third part of the trees was burnt up and all green grass was burnt up I’ve studied the book for 50 years and every time I get into it more I always drives me more and more taking it a little I think it means what it says and says what it means so we have the first to trumpet a third of the trees and grass is burned up the second angel sounded as it were a great mountain burning with fire notice as it were now that means it’s a simile if it’s as something he’s you know he’s fast as a lion or so it’s a simile okay without the ads or like it’s a metaphor but in this case it’s a simile it as it were a great mountain that doesn’t mean it’s not a great mountain but it’s not it’s like a great long could be a giant meteor that’s just a speculation who knows a second angel sounded as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea and a third part of the sea became blood boy three-quarters of the Earth’s surface is just under the Pacific Command if you study the Navy you know the paccom the Pacific Fleet covers three-quarters of the Earth’s surface just the Pacific Ocean the Atlantic another big chunk so a large part of the surface of the earth total is oceanic but this mountain some kind of meteor crashing sea a third part of the sea became blood a third part of the creatures which were in the sea and had life died and a third part of the ships were destroyed about twenty five thousand ships at one time I haven’t checked recent registries imagine this prime ordinate now is one of my older attempts to gather statistics but a third a third of the ships is a lot of ships I think these are real I think these are very literal phrases so we have the second trumpet mountain of fire falling destroying a third of the sea the third angel sound there fell a great star from heaven burning as it were a lamp and it fell upon a third part of the rivers and the Fountains of the waters and the name of the star is called wormwood and the third part of the waters became wormwood and many men died of the waters because they were made bitter the word star can mean a stars you and I think of it the term is also used in the scripture for an angel so scholars have have different views here some feel that the star that fell from heaven may be a fallen angel in fact many scholars good scholars there keilly take for granted that this is Satan falling he is a fallen angel he is a very heavy angel he was he was once the angel it was in charge of all the other angels and if you haven’t done some homework on this I encourage you to study carefully isaiah 14 and ezekiel 28 easy to remember isaiah 14 is equal 28 as as making allusions from which we understand the origin and career of the one that we know as satan he is a fallen angel and we’ll talk a little bit about that in a minute but the name of this star is called wormwood and a third part of the waters became wormwood and many that many died of the thing the other word in the greek is absinthe and it really means undrinkable without harm strangely that’s what the term tends to imply but it is synonymous the word is is used the scripture synonymous with hemlock ER or bitterness calamity and so forth all through Jeremiah’s that phrase a lot and so this could be figurative it could be literal and the Russian word from wormwood I’m told I’m not an expert is that Chernobyl but I wouldn’t make too much of that because a it might not be true I should check with my Russian friends if it is I was told that it was true but maybe not but many men died of the waters because they were made bitter the National Geographic lists about 100 principal rivers in the US Geological Survey about 30 large rivers in the United States and but apparently 1/3 of them are made bitter by whatever this is that fell in burning as it were a lamp it fell upon a third part of the rivers and upon the Fountains of waters star fell I do encourage you if you haven’t studied Satan to study isaiah 14 ezekiel 28 i won’t derail this study to get into it here we will have talked more about it before the stays over here determines 56 times in the bible 36 times the new testament seven times in Revelation and that doesn’t include the allusions to his special guy has 33 different titles we’ll deal with that when we get to chapter 13 of the book of Revelation there is the angel of the abuso the bottomless pit but understand the angel was given authority Satan is not the boss of the abuso in fact he’s going to be imprisoned there for a thousand years don’t get the idea that hell is the place that Satan rules no that’s a myth of English you sort of visualize he’s down there making every else shovel coal or something no hey he’ll was created for Satan and his angels no he’s a anyway but that’s don’t just confuse that with you boo so we’ll deal with more that we get to it but he has spoken as as fallen in Isaiah 14 Jesus makes reference to it in Luke 10 and of course there’s a reference perhaps right here in Revelation 8 clearly he’s fallen no big deal but he will lose access to heaven there’s a big debate among theologians did he fall when did he fall he fall here or there there’s all kinds of conjectures but they’re all conjectures they don’t know some people try to make him fall in the verse but the verses being Genesis 1 and verse 2 the so-called gap theory most people either there’s two kinds of people those have never heard of the gap theory and those that miss apply it okay so if the gap theory is real it might be it’s miss got nothing to do with Dinosaurs a prehistoric Magee that’s it honor Genesis country we do know that by the time to get to Genesis 3 Satan already has fallen but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have access to heaven because in job he has access and he and he’s there accusing us somewhere along the way and most scholars believe that one of the events in the book of Revelation is when he is cast out of heaven and when that happens he knows he’s on a short fuse and we’ll deal with more that when we get further into the book we do know that he will lose access that we dealt with in Revelation chapter 12 he won’t have the access that he obviously enjoys in job chapter 1 where he’s up there and a goat you know goading got over Joe don’t confuse now I’m going to suggest something else again that I’m surprised that many conservative scholars don’t make the distinction between fallen angels and demons because what we know about fallen angels is they can materialize they can take people by the hand they can indulge in combat demons are nasty creatures but they appear to be powerless except to the extent they they can embody and they can only embody with permission and so their evil spirits and Jesus said spirits don’t have flesh and bone like you see me have distinct something can be a spirit but it can also be material and angels can materialize so an angel is not just a is a spirit being but he has the ability to materialize strangely demons apparently do not they always seek embodiment every time you see them they seek embodiment and they seem to need permission even to enter animals we learn a great deal at Ghaderi with that strange exchange between the demons and the Lord Jesus and so I think in part to to communicate some aspects of this the demons are destined for torment they know they are they know their future they recognize Jesus Christ before he announced himself publicly and they also make allusions to the fact that their that’s their destiny and they must obey Christ let’s not forget that let’s not forget that and so I encourage you to undertake a serious study of both of these so you don’t get them confused ok we have the third one then the wormwood making the waters better third trumpet and the fourth angel sounded and the third part of the Sun was smitten and the third part of the moon and third part of the stars so as the third part of it was darkened and the day shone not for a third part of it and the night likewise now was this actual damage to the Sun or is this a way of describing that it’s been blocked for who that’s splitting you know geophysical hair as far as I’m concerned something cosmic is going on here but it’s only partial it’s a third in a sense we’re going to see we’re going to discover this that these four you’ll notice there’s sometimes called the judgment of the thirds why do I say that because we’re going to ultimately get to the four bowls of Wrath poured out and you’ll discover a parallelism where these are a third and the other ones are holes you see it’s this is this these trumpets are like announcing what’s coming the trumpets aren’t concluding something there like warning signals these are like firing just firing a shot across the bow as you say in the Navy I’ll be held and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven and the word angel here isn’t angel it’s actually ie toast which is an eagle it’s a very strange use of term it may be just an idiom for an angel I’m not going to not going to badger this thing but just be aware of the fact that there may be something else that’s in view here beheld it heard and ie dose flying through the midst of heaven saying with a loud voice woe woe woe to the inhabiters of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels which are yet to sound in other words it’s sort of this announcement is saying you’ve got four of these things right so far you haven’t seen anything yet woe to the next three woe woe woe refers to three it isn’t whoa in fact is well matically but it’s it’s three of them that’s why in Isaiah 6 when the cherubim say holy holy holy to the Lord God Almighty why are there three because it’s god of three persons it’s a trinity evidence all through the Old Testament as well as in it anyway so here we have the woe woe woe we now have what’s called the three woes which include two demon armies in Revelation 9 we finish revelation 8 if you haven’t noticed revelation 9 continues these trumpet issues and so we’re going to have the three woes which are detailed in chapter 9 which into many scholars is the most difficult chapter of the whole book I don’t see it it is only difficult if you don’t if you’re trying to make it say something and it’s saying let’s just read it and see what it says the fifth angel sounded and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth and that’s where many scholars believe is somehow idiomatic of Jesus Satan actually fallen to the earth in some special way and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit notice he didn’t have it it was given to him it wasn’t in intrinsic authority had it was some permission that was granted do you see the difference be sensitive that because if it probably is Satan and the him was given the key the day is governing he wish he he will have wished he had the key but that’s coming later and he opened the bottomless pit and there arose a smoke out of the pit as the smoke of a great furnace I assume what this is is as smoke of a great furnace ok and the Sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of this pit and there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth and to them was given power again they didn’t have it intrinsically to them was given power as the Scorpions of the earth have power I’m going to show you in a few verses why I don’t think these are locusts this is a case where the Lord locust I believe is used idiomatically but it makes it very clear that it is so I’ll show you as we go here I want you to notice that but something about the star that fell from heaven I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth and to him see this is not a star like a meteor or something or comet this is an idiom for a person and I believe it is Satan can’t prove it tentative suggestion try it on and see how it fits damn was given he didn’t have he’s everything he has is derivative nothing original and he has authority he only has the authorities that God allows him to have the book of Job chapter 1 makes that really clear nothing Satan can’t touch you but to the extent that God permits it God’s in control more more powerful is he that is in you than he that is in the world in the world of Satan in you as Jesus Christ if you’re believer you know then was given power as a scorpion see they don’t have it intrinsically these are allowances because it serves God’s purpose to permit these things and it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth neither any green thing neither any tree that’s what locusts normally do not these guys but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads that’s actually an illusion from the Book of Ezekiel but we leave it for go for now and to them it was given that they should not kill them but that they should be tormented 5 months and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion when he striketh a man in those days shall men seek death and shall not find it and they shall desire to die and death shall flee from him strange time five months the only thing I can find in the Bible that’s five months was Noah’s Flood 150 days is their linkage there maybe I’ll leave that up to you but of all the verses in the book of Revelation the one that I don’t understand is verse 6 in those days shall men seek death and shall not find it and shall desire to die and death shall flee from I can’t picture that I can picture people wanting to die but I can’t visualize people who want to die that can’t now I’m not sure this may be saying something else that I’m missing here but my presumption is if I really wanted to die badly enough I could wrap myself like a suicide bomber and blow myself spread myself over the landscape I can’t imagine surviving that the implication here is that they can’t find it now this may be just an expression that’s trying to get across how dark things are maybe it’s not dealing with the technology of the issue but anyway I leave that with you to sort out yourself and the shapes of the locusts were like unto horses prepared unto battle and that’s kind of interesting by the way because the German term for locusts is hip 4-door hey horse and the Italian is Cavalera which means little horse locusts look like little horses actually you and I probably had experience with Middle Eastern locusts there’s some very interesting events going on in the northeastern corner of Nevada where these things are the size of mice and they’re there in the millions and you can’t get through certain things you can’t drive some places unless you have chains because they’re so thick and there’s problems but anyway the shapes locusts were like horses but prepared in the battle and on their heads were as it were crowns like gold not many crowns of gold but they sort of looked like they were sort of like crowns of gold and their faces were as the faces of men doesn’t say they have Vaisman they were like the faces of men and they had hair as the hair of women and their teeth were as the teeth of lions and they had breastplates as it were breastplates of iron didn’t say they were iron he was as if they were iron hardshell and the sound of their wings was as the sound of chariots of many horses running to battle and you can find people who have it who have experienced these swarms of locusts them at least the noise is deafening so this so far could be locusts except for something that’s coming and they had tails like unto scorpions now that’s not normal locusts and there were stings in their tails and their power was to hurt men five months okay I’m fascinated by the observation that this is the same duration of no of the judgment of the flood of Noah anyway and they had a king over them aha see proverbs 30 verse 27 says the locusts have no king why did the holy spirit tuck that in the book of Proverbs so that we’d be able to unravel this chapter they had a king over them locusts have no Cain that a king over them which is the Angel of the bottomless pit whose name is that in the Hebrew tongue Abaddon but in the Greek tongue hath his name apollyon in both cases in the Hebrew in the Greek the word means destroyer one is past and behold there come two woes more there Hereafter and so uh proverbs the locusts have no king yet they go forth all of them by bands and so forth there is an interesting discovery after share with you you know one of the passages if you’re serious about prophecy is the Magog invasion of Ezekiel 38 where Gog and Magog are the major players now may God is the one of the sons of japheth and we know who he was basically ethnically but GOG is is obviously his leader but it’s very strange that GOG shows up in Ezekiel 38 with no linkages he just shows up that’s not like God usually these things have a linkage where you can figure out where it came from or there’s some how it’s tied again when you get to Amos chapter 7 verse 1 in your English Bible it’s translated from the massa retic text and what Amos 7 1 says thus hath the Lord God showed unto me and be holy form Degrassi free form grasshoppers in the beginning of the shootin up of the latter growth and lo it was the latter growth after the Kings mowings what does that mean I have no idea but I was wrestling with this and I thought gee I wonder how that was translated three centuries before Christ when when the Hebrew experts translated the Old Testament in Greek what is the Septuagint say the Septuagint has a very different rendering of this passage in the Septuagint says the Lord hath shown me and behold a swarm of locusts were coming and behold one of the young devastating locust was God the king and this blew me away because I happened to stumble on this how that here’s gog in the Septuagint I didn’t seen it see any reference to this in the account or is it seen in those days when I happened to stumble into this I was in a habit of coming down from Big Bear and spending doing a Tuesday night saying at the Hal Lindsey church and then spending the night Tuesday night with him and it at home and Wednesday morning I did a breakfast Bible study at Marie Callender’s and then go back up Big Bear the next day so I had overnight kind of a bout was my pattern and when I finished at the Telus dye house church hell I would spend hours in the study you’ll just always stuff to talk about I said how and I showed him this and he we went to library pull down the septuagint checked it all out it’s not even a variant reading this is the way it reads and I was stunned because I had never seen you know this I just stumbled in this is Elena and so I was surprised because prophecy is not a nun traveled round you know people have been wrestling with these texts for hundreds of years and never ran into this and I was startled that this was like to me a discovery how was unblessed problem he was not surprised that we’d make a discovery just Chuck that’s Daniel what do you mean many should go to and fro and knowledge shall be increased now many people apply that verse verse to knowledge in general but that’s the misapplication what Daniel refers to is knowledge of the Word of God shall be increased and so häôs view is this is this is the happens all the time and I mentioned this rhythm getting into this don’t be surprised in your own studies if you encounter something that other people have missed it’ll happen you want to check it very carefully because that likely the likelihood that it hasn’t been seen by someone is still small so you want to do some homework but don’t be surprised because we know more today than we knew about the Word of God 20 years ago or 30 or more whatever because we’re constantly making discoveries scanning laser microscopes are discovering things about the texts that we that we never knew before we can tell the angle of the pen that the scribe hamp hell’s money he did it we can tell whether he’s right or left-handed all that sort of thing so that’s all technology anyway so we have the first and three woes the demon locust these locusts are described as locusts I think they’re demon hordes out of the pit the bottomless pit and they are as described I don’t think they’re Gila copters I don’t think they’re something that and there are commentators that tend to translate these first century idioms into 21st century weapon systems they may be right but I don’t think they need to do that I think I think God means what he says and says what he means so they’re obviously demon locusts and the sixth angel sounded heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates the river Euphrates is going to come up a lot in our Bible studies it fascinates me to discover that spirit beings are territorial I would think that something that’s a spirit being you tend to see it isn’t really quite material it could be anywhere and some of them in many respects can be on the other hand we also know from people who have really studied the knowledge and so forth they seem to be very territorial we skip glimpses that in Daniel chapter 10 and elsewhere and here again we have apparently there are four angels that are bound for some reason in the great river Euphrates and they’re going to be released here and these four angels were loosed which were prepared get this for an hour a day in a month in a year to slay one third part of men that’s what they’re waiting to do they’re there now waiting for the go-ahead now the river Euphrates is another interesting study the afraid ease was the eastern boundary of Israel there’s something magical about this boundary because it’s the eastern boundary of Israel as described in Genesis and referred to elsewhere it’s also the traditional boundary between east and west the Roman Empire at its peak always had a fear of the Parthian Empire to the east it wasn’t as big but they could never manage it they lived in constant fear the Magi came from the Parthian Empire when they came to Jerusalem Herod was trembling he’s appointed by Rome there and he thought there was going to be an incident there’s a whole background there that you should check into but the Romans lived in constant fear of the people from the other side of the river euphrates the reference to this River dates from the Garden of Eden where was the Garden of Eden it was East of Eden well where does that make Eden we know where the Garden of Eden was apparently in Mesopotamia between the two rivers the word Mesopotamia means well then Eden must be west of the Garden of Eden if the garden is East of Eden Eden must be washed in the garden what’s west of Mesopotamia Israel whose name is on that piece of ground gods and we in our foreign policy when we mess around with the Middle Eastern issues we run the risk of poking our finger in the eye of God be careful I wish our leadership understood that better sin began here in Genesis 2 the first murder the first world rebellion Nimrod the first world leader his name means we will rebel justice 10 and 11 and his capital the Tower of Babel or Babylon the Fountainhead of all idolatry and false worship so we’re dealing here with a root stuff now these four angels get leased in the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand this is where you get the two hundred million there be talks about and all kinds of commentators feel gee that’s that they must be the the militant Chinese somehow I heard the number of them that is it that is a big army by anyone’s standards and as I saw the horses in the vision and them that sat on them having breastplates of fire and jacent and brimstone in the heads of the horses where’s the heads of lions and out of their mouths issued fire smoke and brimstone that might be a weapons system but it might be something supernatural and by these three where the third part of men killed third part of the world by the fire by the smoke and by the brimstone which issued out of their mouths for their powers in their mouths and in their tails and the tails were like unto serpents and had heads and with them they do hurt now there are some contemporary commentators that try to weave from this description you know Vietnam helicopters were their weapon systems stuff and that that you can do that but I know that you can see footage you know sometimes when they they paint them with faces and stuff that’s fine I think they’re I think they’re demonic I think they’re I think I think they’re demonic but that’s just a view the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works you know one of the things you’re going to discover it’s a shocker throughout the book of Revelation they don’t repent the earth dwellers don’t repent you think with all it’s coming on some would say hey okay enough already the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands that they should not worship the devil’s idols of gold silver and brass and stone and wood which neither can see nor hear in our walk neither repented they of their murders or of their sorceries nor of their fornication nor of their thefts it’s interesting here in Revelation 9 21 it lists specifically four categories of non repentance murders sorceries fornication and of the thefts I’m going to suggest to you that this at least is characteristic of today murders we subsidize murders even prior to birth the ancients if they killed infants would put them on a heated bond Moloch the heated statue to it was red hot and put the babies in we found a better way to do that we murder the babies in the Holy of Holies the womb of the mother even pagan cultures made abortions illegal did you know that I was started to realize this the ancient cultures regarded their strength from their population and so for you to abort a child was a national crime abortion was punishable by death the mother aborted the child she was killed this is the pagan cultures sorcery the word is pharmakeia in the Greek the use of drugs drug industry is the largest constituency of any of the lobbyists in Washington DC and I will go down this path anybody that know any good doctors can chase into this one for indications the whole promotion of sex by Madison Avenue it’s the preoccupation of today’s culture in every arena in every arena and of course theft and by the way when we speak of theft that isn’t constrained to individual theft the worst kind of theft is institutional theft where you get this lose your property my due due process that’s misplaced plundering socialism is the plundering of the productive by the unaccountable that’s what socialism is that’s the worst kind of theft well as you go through these these plagues of the seven trumpets you might take the occasion to do a little homework about the plagues of Egypt you remember in jet in Exodus chapter 7 on you all know about the plagues the first one had a warning and waters return to blood that sounds familiar doesn’t it second one had a warning frogs on the lands and the Holmes chapter aid the third one had no warning they were lice on the person’s then there was a warning with flies in the homes and then then there was a warning about disease in the cattle then there was no warning what’s the pattern here pattern pattern so with boiled sores on man and beast then there was another warning there’s thunder and hail and so forth I missed something here oh I see thundering I don’t think it’s the same kind of thunder inhale if there’s thunder and hail and fire someone tipped us off before we go outside we had such a hot day you know if there’s a if there’s clouds you know we’re gonna have some thunderstorms that’s exciting you know I really enjoy is one thing I enjoy about I know you’ll get this on the coast these great lightning storms they’re fun very good fun if you’re inside they another warning you had the locusts no one again then darkness three days darkness that you could cut with a knife and then you had finally the tenth one the climactic one which had a warning firstborn man and beast you know all of you that have seen the Ten Commandments it doesn’t pretty DeMille did a pretty good job but there’s one big unfortunate flaw in the story among others one one main one you get the impression that the death of the firstborn was sort of the response to Pharaoh’s indictment to Moses either so like a reaction know the death of the firstborn was announced when God called Moses at the burning bush if you read Exodus 4 it was not a knee-jerk reaction to some retribution speak and so that other than that no it was that was part of the pattern from the beginning but anyway there they are now the what most people don’t realize the pattern is warning warning none warning warning none morning there’s a pattern there also the first three involved the rod of Aaron the next three involved no rod at all and the next three involved the rod of Moses I’m not making a big deal of this but as you study your Bible take the trouble to notice the structure the organization because their insights that will emerge from that something else there’s also a classic order that the 5th and 6th one involved accounts the fourth and seventh ones involved Goshen the land of Goshen where the Jews were exempt from what was going on the third and eighth one the lights on the persons in the locusts were the ones that the enemies the Pharaohs own priests couldn’t duplicate all the others they did their own little games he could sort of do something they convinced Pharaoh we just parlor trace know the lives of the persons shook the priests because then they couldn’t worship and it was a tax each one of these are actually our tax on the Egyptian gods same thing with the locusts the the enemies admitted they couldn’t do it and the frogs and land in Homs and darkness was both involved darkness if you read it carefully and then the first and last of course involved death the water turned to blood in the first one and of course the death of the firstborn in the tenth one there are patterns as all only payment this patterns of illness Exodus vs.

Revelation you know both of them have the same kind of thing Jacob’s trouble that was that was the the affliction that they were freed from the Exodus same thing same thing with a Jacob’s trouble is an idiom for the tribulation that they cry to God and are heard in Jeremiah 31 God will command the oppressors let them go as a43 mentions that two witnesses with miracles before the enemy’s enemies will also perform those miracles this is all going to be equity in revelation 11 in Revelation 13 there are sort judgments from God Jeremiah 25 calls the exodus same thing God will protect his people through all of this revelation 7 12 and 14 is going to emphasize that the waters turned to blood in Revelation 8 11 and 16 their satanic frogs in Exodus and also in Revelation 16 the plague of locusts in Exodus and also in Revelation 9 balls and Blanes in Revelation in Exodus and also Revelation 16 you’ll see coming hailstones from heaven in Revelation 8 we saw that and of course we’re in Exodus also and the darkness was in Exodus and also in Revelation 16 and alluded to in Isaiah 60 hearts are hardened in both cases as indicated in Revelation 9 and there’s death to the multitudes and of course Israel will be delivered is emphasized all through this so there are some parallels that you can take a look at and come to your own conclusions so we’ve been through the six trumpets there will be a parenthesis now before we get to the seventh this parenthesis is actually chapters 10 11 12 13 and 14 they are really very large summary chapters that we will want to pay attention to and so chapters 10 is the mighty angel is with a little book that he instructs John to eat and he also has seven thunders a very mysterious passage we’ll look at next time but chapter 11 also deals with the temple a lot of discussion about the temple a couple of verses in front of the chapter then it deals with these strange two witnesses who are they are they real witnesses I believe they are and we’ll talk about that in the next session but encourage you to read chapter 12 chapter 12 will take as a separate session it is a summary of the of the history of Israel in a very surprising way we’ll take a look at that and then we’ll have chapter 13 people who know nothing about the revelation all know about chapter 13 the Antichrist as they call them the false prophet who are these guys what’s their agenda what’s going to happen in chapter 14 then is the harvest of the hundred and forty-four thousand and some other things we’ll just make one just a glimpse of one verse from chapter 11 because it sort of ties off tonight’s study the second woe is past and behold the third woe cometh quickly this is chapter 11 looking ahead the seventh angel sounded and there were great voices in heaven saying the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ and he shall reign forever and ever amen and the four and twenty elders which sat before God on the seats fell upon their faces and worshipped God so this is a capstone this is the final trumpet this is the big announcement we’ll deal with after we notice I’m really heavier chapter 11 we’re in chapter 9 we’ve got 10 and 11 to deal with in the next session before we get to this in the following one so that’s the 7th ministry gotta finished so we that will discover after we go through the chapters in between 6 and 7 we then will discover there are 7 bowls of wrath these I believe these are logarithmic Li intensive cereal events and even between the 6th and 7th it’s just one verse one or two verses but there’s a parenthesis there also by the way I think that’s fascinating to be sensitive to the architecture of the total book and so we’ll we’ll deal with that when we get there we’ll also notice when we get there that the judgments of the bowls are intensification of pretty much echoing the same of the trumpets judgments so for the next session I’d like you to read specifically chapters 10 and 11 who are the two witnesses come to your own judgment make some guesses who do you think these two strange characters are that get killed and lay on the street for three days before they get raptured very strange circumstances come just try to answer it from the scripture and you’ll discover there are seven thunders that uttered their voices and John was about to write what they said see thou do it not so he erased that part that’s not in there what I don’t understand is why didn’t he erase the whole thing why did he let us know there are seven thunders that uttered something that you and I can’t hear we’re not allowed to know what they said until they utter it wonder what that is and I believe that there’s a theological reason for all of that that we’ll deal with next time what I also would like you to do read also chapter 12 that will prepare you for the session following because you’re going to want to read chapters 12 13 and 14 before we move on do you follow me so I encourage you to do that and with that let stand for closing word of Prayer let’s remember that these horrific events are events that you and I are going to watch from the mezzanine I really sincerely believe that the two chapters you need to really master chapters two and three chapters four and five are thrilling and exciting you want to study those projectors from chapter 6 through 19 are dark heavy things that are important to study obviously but if you tremble before them you’re missing the point because if you’re in Christ you’re going to be identified with the 24 elders you’ll be watching these proceedings from up there there is a big debate among scholars as to whether or not there is a second chance Tim LaHaye was a dear friend were very close friends and his book is a series of books called the Left Behind series our fulfillment of a lifetime dream for he and J Junkins that put that together and there are colorful they stimulate a lot interests in privacy but there is a danger in them in that they give you the impression that if you had a chance to accept Jesus Christ and didn’t accept him and the rapture takes place you’ve got another chance coming there are many sound theologians that believe that’s a huge huge error because in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 it says for those that rejected the truth God will give them over to a strong delusion and they will believe the lie some specific line and their my point is if you’re going to accept Christ you accept him now your entire eternity is at risk if you haven’t received the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you want to do that now you have no idea when the rapture will take place it could be tomorrow next to your week who knows for you your terminal time may not be the rapture might be driving home tonight I’m gonna try to sound morbid here but none of us know what a day brings you don’t want to go one step further in life without knowing where you stand with respect to Jesus Christ because if you are in him all these things are taken care of for you if you’re not in him you can’t imagine what’s coming it’s just I’m not here to make a big altar call thing I’m I would be remiss though if I didn’t underline the urgency of you personally coming to terms with Jesus Christ personally and you can do so in the privacy of your own will by just kneeling before him in your own time in your own way and ask him to take over and he will he will let’s bow our hearts Father we just praise you for who you are we stagger as we even just begin to understand the dark things that are coming and yet father we flee for refuge to your infinite mercy we thank you that you have provided a remedy for us every one of us in the person of Jesus Christ a pardon has been granted if we will be accepted father we just thank you for bringing us together we know that in your kingdom there are no accidents no coincidences that we’re all here right now at this point in time by your divine appointment and father it’s our prayer that your purpose be accomplished in each of our lives we do pray father that you would draw each one of us ever more closely to you we pray father that you would give no one in this room any piece until they rest in you father we just would pray that you would use each of our lives as an opportunity to magnify your name and to show yourself strong for you alone have the keys of hell and of death father we thank you for your word we pray that through your Holy Spirit you would illuminate for each of us what you would have of each of us in the days that remain we again pray father that you would through your Holy Spirit help each of us to be more effective stewards of the opportunities before us probably we would just pray that our priorities would be your priorities and not those of our own as we commit ourselves this night into your hands without any reservation in the name of Yeshua the Lion of the tribe of Judah the root of David the Lamb that was slain on our behalf and his name we do pray amen you

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