Chuck Missler Revelation Session 14 Ch-7 Sealing The 144000

Well tonight we are in the fourteenth session of our review of the book of Revelation and that’s chapter seven of the book of Revelation which is involves the sealing of a peculiar group called 144,000 and just by way of a little backup and review since we have some new people here to revelation has its own outline verse 19 the first chapter outlines the entire book for us John is told by Jesus to write the things which thou have seen the things which are and the things which shall be meted outta here after and that is a partitioning of the entire book the first chapter was a vision of Jesus Christ that that John was treated to and that was what he had seen he says write that down and the things which are and there are two chapters chapters 2 and 3 which are seven letters to seven churches by none other than Jesus Christ himself it’s a report card the seven representative churches that portray real churches in those days but also our prophetic outline of all churches throughout history the most important two chapters of the book are chapters 2 and 3 so if you hear for the first time getting into that don’t worry about the rest of it master chapters 2 and 3 find out all about that and then of course from chapter 4 on the things which shall be after the churches hereafter Mediterra that which follows after the churches and that’s the section of course we’re in not with section 7 chapter 7 but it’s interesting that when you get to chapter 4 cuz after this John says after this I looked and behold a door was open in heaven the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me which said come up hither and I will show thee things which must be Hereafter meta tota after these things or hereafter same word in the Greek it’s a flag it’s a marker this is now in the third session we’re now speaking something that’s from the rapture for going forward and we encounter among other things 24 elders I’m not going to review all the different identities and things that we talked about but this is so pivotal I want to just to underscore this these 24 elders that John sees it’s interesting if you compare the vision of the throne of God that Isaiah seasoned Isaiah six or Daniel seasoned Daniel chapter 7 with the one that John seasoned a New Testament they’re very identical very similar except for one thing none of them in the Old Testament saw the 24 elders that’s a clue as to their identity by the way because there’s one thing that was hidden from the Old Testament that’s the church and it was Paul’s privilege and Ephesians three he announces that to to to express that and that’s what John is seeing here these 24 elders represent a completed group we know that from first Chronicles 24 and elsewhere what we know they cannot be there’s a number of theories that you’ll find people’s commentaries on these things they’re making guesses but we know they cannot be tribulation believers because they’re contrasted with them in chapter 7 verse 13 which you will see today they are contrasted with angels angels and the twenty-four elders are all assembled so they’re distinct from engines they’re also distinct from the nation Israel what are their characteristics that make them unique they’re on Thrones that makes them unique they are in white raiment which is at the special symbolism of course and they are wearing crowns of gold and it turns out that these things are very distinctive identifiers they also sing a song which identifies themselves beyond question and we’ll take a look at that and they’re called elders and kings and priests the fact that they’re kings and priests there’s only three groups that are kings and priests Melchizedek Jesus Christ and believers in Christ we also in Revelation 4 we saw the seven lamps of fire burning before the throne these lamps of fire were identified for us in chapter 1 where Jesus himself identifies them as the seven churches so the churches that were on the earth in Chapter one are in heaven in Chapter four these are just a number of reasons why we hold the view that chapter four is the is identified with the rapture and you’ll see other reasons why that all fits in a little bit here from chapter four we go to chapter five we have the high point of the whole book in many respects the seven seals scroll emerges John says I saw on the right hand of him who sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside sealed with seven seals the fact that’s written on the outside our backs identifies as a will or a title deed a legal document and I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice who is worthy to open the book and to loose the seals thereof and no man in heaven or on earth neither under the earth was able to open the book neither to look thereon had to be a kinsman of Adam a kinsman issue is emerging here and we don’t know what’s happening but John does and that’s the clue here John says I I wept much because no man was found worthy to open and read the book neither to look thereon now there’s a this is a point where we also took advantage of plunging into the Book of Ruth which is a wonderful little love story a little for chapter book that’s a elegant love story and studied as a piece of literature in most colleges independent of the Bible and yet it’s also a prophetic model if you will of what is involved with a kinsman redeemer you really won’t understand a go L or kinsman redeemer unless you understand the Book of Ruth and that’s essential prerequisite to understanding what’s going on here in the book of revelation a goal had to be a kinsman he must be able to perform the redemption he had be willing to perform the redemption and he must assume all the obligations that involve the redemption of land or the taking of a bride a lever right marriage and Boaz in the story Ruth of course is the Lord of the harvest and the kinsman redeemer Naomi is a type of Israel she’s exiled from the land but through his Redemption she has returned to the land and Ruth is the Gentile bride that he takes all of this of course being incredibly predictive of God’s plan of redemption and so I commend you to study that if that’s new to you but then we notice something something else I want you to notice from Revelation chapter 5 is that we we notice from chapter up to chapter 4 the titles there 24 titles of Jesus Christ in the first three chapters but they’re all Gentile type identifiers typically they’re put primarily a church type identifiers but from chapter 4 on from the rapture on I want you to be sensitive sensitive to the Jewishness of the book there’s a very strange shift of style here we see it already in chapter 5 verses 5 verse 5 one of the elders said unto me and by the way when the elders explained it something to John either explaining something that’s going on in heaven when the living creatures the cherubim he talked there explaining what’s going on in the earth so that’s the linkage by the way one of the elders say if enemy weep not behold the Lion of the tribe of Judah the root of David hath prevailed to open the book and to loose the seals thereof the Lion of the tribe of Judah the root of David these are Jewish titles of who Jesus Christ actually of whom I’m sorry ok able to open the book Lucille 0 and I beheld lo in the midst of the throne and the four beasts and the midst of the elders stood the Lamb as he as it had been slain having seven heads and seven horns and seven eyes which are the seven spirits of God and so on again we have the lamb as a title of Christ it was the title of John the Baptist introduced him as in his first public appearance behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin the world twice John the Baptist identify him that way but I want you to notice these three titles obviously of a redeemer but also in the Jewish or messianic sense if you will so let’s move on here Yeshua HaMashiach Jesus the king the lion that was Jacob’s first final blessing on his sons in Genesis 49 the root of David and he’s the root of David and also the offspring of David and so he confounded the Pharisees with that apparently oxymoron or paradox and he was the result of David’s lying yet he was the one who brought David and the line itself into existence and so he confounds the the in Matthew 22 he can he confounds the Pharisees with that paradox and and this whole issue the rue david was confirmed to mary by gabriel and it’s astonishing that most churches don’t recognize the significance of that that jesus christ is committed to sit on the throne of David that throne did not exist during his ministry anyway he came up Jesus came up and took the book out of the right hand of him who sat on the throne and when he had taken the book the four beasts and the four twenty four and twenty elders fell down before the lamb having every one of them harps and golden vials full of odors which are the prayers of the saints I want you to notice they have harps not pumps say well what’s that got to do with anything stand by you’ll see there’s a subtlety that’s coming downstream here and they sung a new song saying thou art worthy to take the book to open the seals thereof for that was slain and has two redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred tongue and people and nation notice that these twenty-four elders are not Jewish necessarily they are out of every kindred tongue people nation and has made us to our God kings and priests and we shall reign on the earth that’s the 24 elders us us we their identifying themselves by their song and I want to caution you there are Bible helps around that say puts this in the second person rather than the first person in other words them and that’s only one of 25 manuscripts has that translation and that was a that’s a corrupt translation out of Alexandria and so that’s a non-starter now it’s clear that the this song they sing identify beyond question who they are but that should even that’s even confirmed by the first chapter you may recall that John says unto Him who loved us and washed us from our sins in his own blood and hath made us kings and priests unto God and his father to him be glory and Dominion for ever and ever amen John himself is identifying himself with that same identity well the order of events you know if you will you have by now study the 70th week of Daniel you understand the the definition of that the first half of that seven-year period is a false peace that’s in which the Covenant that’s enforced by this world leader is violated and he sets himself up to be worshipped and that launches a period that Jesus himself labels is the Great Tribulation three and a half years and that’s the defendent period for this is the 70th week of Daniel some people speak of a seven-year tribulation that’s sloppy definitions the tribulation is a three and a half year second half of that period of time let’s be precise if we’re going to play this game Armageddon of course is at the end of that the rapture occurs sometime prior to that and Second Coming interrupts the Battle of Armageddon and Revelation chapters 6 through 19 is actually an expansion or a detailing of these tremendous events that occur within that seven-year period the so-called 73 Canaille and that’s important to understand chapter 1 was a vision of Christ chapter 2 and 3 the churches but they’re not behind us our pot so the rapture is taking place and when you get to chapter 19 the fifth Horsemen of the Apocalypse the one riding a white horse that is Christ not a pretender will come in and that leads to the final few chapters which lead to the Millennium and heaven and so forth while we’re in heaven during this 70th week there’s apparently the Bema seat of judgment and also the marriage supper of the Lamb which precedes his return when he did the Last Supper when Jesus turd the Last Supper there are four cups that make up the Passover with a third cup he instituted the Lord’s Supper he never drank the fourth one he see he took a Nazarite vow in effect that he would not touch the fruit of the vine until we’re all together at that supper if that’s going to be quite a quite a supper Dan Brown has a novel it purports that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene he’s really mixed up he’s in for a big shock when he goes up before the judgment-seat and discovers the guy in charge the guy he’s been labelling all these years but they’re out there is going to be married supper but something quite different than Dan Brown as any grasp of and of course at the second coming we have the Millennium Satan being bound and all that that we’ll deal with when we get to chapter 20 the Great Tribulation very important for us to understand this is this this term is defined by Jesus as he quotes from Daniel 12 where it in Matthew 24 he quotes for then shall be Great Tribulation such was not since the beginning of the world to this time nor ever shall be this is a tribulation that will make the Holocaust in Europe pale in this in significance the Holocaust in Germany it took approximately one Jew in three on the planet Earth according to Zephaniah chapter 13 verse 8 9 the next one is going to take two out of three so it’s going to be a time of trouble a time of Jacob’s trouble very serious time except those days should be shortened there should no flesh be saved but for you like sake those days shall be shortened and the purpose of the tribulation is in part explained in Hosea the last verse of chapter 5 where God says I will go and return to my place strange word for you God to use in order for God to return you must have left it I will go and return to my place till they acknowledge their offence and seek my face in their affliction they will seek me earnestly that’s part of what’s going on here the nation Israel is going to be confronted and when they petition his second coming that’s when he comes back and they will now thus that understand some sequence events here many people get confused about the tribulation doesn’t begin until the lamb opens the first seal of the seven sealed book that starts the time of Wrath a time of tribulation so far so good the lamb doesn’t receive the scroll to open until after the 24 elders placed their crowns in the glass you see that points made in chapter 4 the 24 elders and the seven lampstands are in heaven when the tribulation begins in other words there’s is a handful of not just inferences pretty strong proofs of the identity that the church will not go through tribulation anyone that thinks the church goes through the tribulation has two problems he needs to understand the mystical nature what the Greek ecclesia really is the mystery of the church and the second thing he has they have to understand what the purpose of tribulation is they’re mutually exclusive for lots of reasons but anyway the tribulation begins and we know it’s God’s wrath – revelation sixth that great day of the wrath of the lamb is come and who will be able to stand in fact that question who will be able to stand is answered by chapter 7 that we’re going to get into in the days of in the days of the voice is Emin a seventh angel when he shall begin to sound the mystery of God should be finished and revelation Sept 11th irath is come revelation 15 the seven angels having the seven last plagues for in them is filled up the wrath of God the climactic the colon acting pouring out of the wrath are the seven bowls that we’ll come to after the seven trumpets and then on it goes chapter 16 and so forth and finally in chapter 16 it is done it is finished the other expression that you hear bandied about a lot we need to understand is the term the day of the Lord cursed thirty times in eight Old Testament books and occurs three times in the New Testament it is the period we’re talking about here it’s the day of God second Peter 3 the day of wrath Zephaniah one the day of the Lord’s wrath Zephaniah 1 the day of darkness and Joel 2 it’s over it’s a common phrase in the Old and New Testament but that’s what we’re talking about and in Chapter 1 when John opens the book and says I was in the spirit on the Lord’s Day that’s misleading there are many commentators that missed the point they think that means Sunday no way that’s the day of the Lord he is transported forward in time to the day of the Lord that all this is about it’s got nothing to with the day of the week actually the opening then of the Seventh Seal scroll of occupied us in chapter 6 and we notice that there’s a hepatic structure to the entire book we have a seven sealed scroll in Chapter six we notice that in each of these groups of seven throughout the book there are six then a parenthesis there’s sort of a break where we take a break and talk about something else for a while and then we go back to the seven we call that for lack of a better term a parenthesis if you will when you get to the seventh one it turns out to be seven trumpets and this again between the sixth and seventh trumpet there’s another parenthesis time it’s quite a parenthesis chapters 10 11 12 13 and 14 are inserted that are sort of summary chapters that take a topic and expand on it babbling in one case and Israel another and so forth very interesting chapters and then we get to the seven bowls and even in the seven bowls if you have to look carefully just a verse or two but there’s a parenthesis between 6 and 7 so once you understand architecture it helps you know it’s interesting when you study hermeneutics that is the study of interpretation most of our seminary materials are aimed after what you would call a Greek model we think of prophecy as prediction and fulfillment a prediction and fulfillment that’s the Greek mentality the Hebrew mentality is different its Mishnah ik meaning prophecy is pattern one of the things that the Hebrew writers are much more sensitive to is that God deals in patterns the Hebrew calendar is their catechism Yuri don’t understand Jewishness until you really understand their calendar the seven feasts of Moses the three in the first month in the three and the seventh month and the strange went in between and so on and same thing here in the Book of Revelations another aspect of its Jewishness its pattern the same pattern is imposed on the scroll the trumpets and the bowls and so forth and so I commend that to you as you go to understand now when we talk about the seven seals scroll of course the first four are famous because they’re known as the four horsemen these four horsemen and when we published a briefing package on this a series of them we did one on each of the four horsemen and then we did it one on the fifth Horseman and I’m all never forget this I was walking through the lobby or the front office there and somebody was calling in doesn’t Chuck know there’s four horsemen in the apocalypse and the person on the phone said yeah but pointing out who tried to give you more for your money and and obviously was kidding because the fifth Horseman being the one in revelation 19 and we thought it would be being proper to have four horsemen without reading taking the climactic horsemen as part of the package so we did anyway the Seventh Seal scroll we talked first one was the white horse which is an imposter it’s not Jesus Christ it’s the false it’s it’s obviously a false Conqueror who is if it’s Jesus Christ he’s traveling in bad company then come the wars famine and inflation and death then we get to the martyrs as the fifth seal and finally the global upheaval and we covered that last time the six seals when we went that far we also noticed that that group of signs that we talked about in the Olivet discourse be at Matthew 24 or Luke 21 this had false Christ’s wars famines death martyrs and global people same sequence if you will and it’s a very there’s a parallelism between the matthew account the luke account and this series of events in the book of Revelation but then as you as we finished up on the chapter six last time said the kings of the earth the great men and the rich men and the chief captains and mighty men and every bondman and every free man hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains and said to the mountains and rocks fall on us and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb now at the time I think I mentioned this is very interesting because this has a parallel in the book of Joshua and that’s going to be your assignment for next time is to read not just this reading assignment for next time but include in that a review of the book of Joshua and you’ll I want to call your attention to the parallels someone they’re very subtle some of them are quite astonishing but collectively they make quite a case that there’s an architectural similarity between the book of Joshua and the book of Revelation then once you sensitive to but the issue here is the wrath of the Lamb clearly we’re in chapter 6 I mentioned that because there are some very popular commentaries that try to make the wrath later the wrath of the Lamb is in chapter 6 and following that’s important understand since that’s what the text says but the question that it closes with is that great day of his wrath has come and who shall be able to stand what’s the answer to that question that’s what chapter 7 is all about and that brings us to the night study who shall be able to stand we’re in the chapter 7 will naturally divided itself into two halves the first eight verses deal with some servants being sealed a very special group of 144,000 and from and they’re from 12 tribes and then they say they result in a lot of people getting saved this I’ll call the the sealed servants and the saved servants the Lateran chapters in from chapter 7 verse 9 through 17 these are people who are saved out of the tribulation there are many scholars that believe there will be more people saved during the tribulation than before if it that’s just that says that’s a speculation on the part of some scholars but so we have these we’ve had these six seals now we come to what I call the parentheses in this case it’s a one chapter parenthesis and we’re going to take a look at this chapter seven verse one Johnson’s and after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth holding the four winds of the earth that the wind should not blow on the earth nor on the sea nor on any tree now I’m just going to glimpse ahead so to speak when you get to chapter eight four angels come forward with four trumpet judgments and it starts so these I believe those are the same four angels what’s saying here hey you guys hold it for a minute we got something got to do first before you start that’s sort of the spirit of this thing after these things I saw four angels standing the four corners of the earth holding the four words the earth that the wind should not blow on the earth nor on the see other words this it’s sort of a freeze-frame situation suddenly all action everything stops until the following takes place which is a sealing procedure now a lot of people make a big thing of the four corners over the earth and four winds of the earth and there actually are four corners the earth but I’m going to get in that discussion magnetically the rest I’ll accept I can accept this as a figure of speech that is our cloak just as we speak of sunrise and sunset you can speak of sunrise and sunset without having someone bring Copernicus into the discussion right so the same kind of a same kind of thing and by the way if somebody ever does bring that into discussion I’m one of these nuts that believe that the universe may be geocentric and may astonish you to discover that there are serious scholars that believe the earth is that the universe is geocentric when they do the Michelson Morley experiment they don’t get a zero sum it’s a very close but not zero sum so I raised some issues but let’s get the stay with a subject tonight in any case John says I saw another angel ascending from the east having the seal of the Living God and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given to hurt the earth in the sea see that’s what these foragers are going to do when we get to the trumpets in chapter 8 there’s going to be a lot of hurt going on in fact the trumpets will be known as that judgment of the thirds because it gets three times that bad when you get to the bowls same pattern more or less well see when you get there in a case this-this-this there’s a freeze-frame thing going on here as I might express it and this fourth angels this fifth angel says hurt not the earth neither the sea nor the trees until apparently they will later until we have sealed the servants of God in their foreheads you know this means a lot to me because I can remember as an impressionable teenager and I was reading the Bible studies I ran into a commentary that tried to say that well grass is really people and this is really that and all kinds of conjectural symbolism that was unjustified from Scripture and there are still people that take the book of Revelation especially and and impute all kinds of fanciful conjectures into it and it’s easy to do in many respects but it’s interesting here what this says hurt not the earth neither the sea nor the trees until they’ve seen this implies that when we’re talking the earth to see in the trees we’re talking about the earth the sea and the trees I might mention I have gone through fifty years of study and I have a very self I’m a very self-indulgent guy when it comes to library things I’ve collected books I have probably I don’t know four or five six thousand volume library and I’ve gone through a lot of viewpoints but I have to tell you that as I progressed over these fifty years as I have gone back to revise my previous views on certain things it’s always been in the direction of taking it even more literally than before doesn’t mean I’m right to just you know where I’m coming from and John says I heard the number of them which were sealed and there were sealed 144,000 of all the tribes of the children of Israel those 144,000 now I don’t know how many of you have had someone ring their door but ring your doorbell with a long tie and a bicycle and whatever and say that usually in pairs and and try to explain it there one 144,000 well there’s two problems with that the first one if at least when they tell you that ask what tribe they’re from and they won’t have a medical answer the other thing you might call to their attention is when there is a convention of the Jehovah’s Witnesses they have usually a quarter of a million people well that must mean there’s a lot of them that are destined for disappointment okay you can go with that where you want to let’s move on verses five through eight of the tribe of juda were sealed 12,000 of the tribe of Reuben were sealed 12,000 of the tribe of GAD were sealed 12,000 of the tribe of ASER were sealed 12,000 of the tribe of the Nephilim were or naturally actually were sealed 12,000 of the tribe of Manasseh was sealed 12,000 of the tribe of Simeon were sealed 12,000 of the tribe of Levi were sealed 12,000 of the tribe of Issachar were sealed 12,000 of the tribe of Zebulun were sealed 12,000 of the tribe of Joseph or sealed twelve thousand and of the tribe of Benjamin were sealed twelve thousand now why did the Holy Spirit detail as well first of all so we understand that he’s literal 144,000 isn’t a symbolic number there’s twelve thousand each of twelve tribes that’s why when the Holy Spirit talks about a seven year period in each half is three and a half years and each half is forty-two months and each half is 1260 days I don’t think those are symbolic I think they’re literal okay I don’t know what the Holy Spirit could do to make it more emphatic we’re going to encounter that in chapter 17 chapter 18 we’re going to discover that there are 28 cargoes that mentioned that are at risk and I think they’re detailed 28 of them so you know they’re literal cargoes and they’re literal people so anyway so that’s part of this now you some of you may stumble from time to time because you’ll see the name spelled a little differently you need to realize that that these names are transliterated they’re approximations the way the Hebrews pronounced and sometimes they don’t transliterate quite exactly the same way don’t let that throw you but so here are the twelve tribes the twelve thousands now the twelve tribes most of you just let we’re going to get into this a little bit because some issues here that I want to head off but let’s back up and refresh ourselves from our Genesis comment Abraham of course married Sarah and before before Sarah had children he had a child by with Hagar by the name of Ishmael we’re not gonna go down that path tonight there’s other issues but from Sarah he had Isaac and then Isaac married Rebecca and had Esau and again we won’t go down that path and Jacob he saw in Ishmael intermarry so no one can track their genealogy clear to either one of them frankly but let’s not go down that let’s keep moving here Jacob then marries to Leia and Rachel he wanted Rachel got Leia first and had to go ahead and work another seven years for the one he really wanted he loved great so more than life itself but under Leia he has for his first four children Reuben the firstborn who messes his life up because he messes around with his father’s concubine so he loses his right a firstborn and Simeon Levi had other problems anyway Judy ends up becoming the Royal line before it’s all over Rachel by this time is getting pretty envious and she realizes she’s apparently not bearing so she indulges in a procedure that was common in those days and that was to use her handmaid as a surrogate wife and so her handmaid was Bill huh through whom she has Dan and Naphtali Leia figures gee if that works for her it can work for me so she takes her handmaid and has gad and ashur by now rachel finally has a child Joseph her firstborn Joseph is a prince in the very real tree there’s a one of the most incredible stories in the in the book of Genesis from about chapter 34 to the end it’s all about Joseph well by this time Leia has to more naturally herself Issachar and Zebulun and then Rachel finally has Benjamin but dies in childbirth which makes Benjamin a mixed blessing for Jacob he loves them because his youngest son and yet he also was that means by which you know Rachel lost Rachel Joseph of course goes down to Egypt you know the story but down in Egypt he takes a wife and has two children Manasseh and Ephraim and when they finally all get together in the big climax of that story the father Jacob adopts his two grandchildren Manasseh and Ephraim so that means you now have 12 tribes but that’s a lie you got 14 names among those twelve tribes so you can say you’ve got a baker’s dozen because there are 29 times in the Bible that the 12 tribes are listed and virtually every list has 12 players even if you drop one out certain ones of those lists don’t have Levi because it’s a military marching order and Levi’s were exempt from military duty so take Levi out you still have 12 Wow how’d that happen you’ll discover for several different reasons at different times in the list there’ll be one omitted and you still have 12 you say well how’s that and very simple and we have Joseph and if you need Manasseh and Ephraim to be counted you just call it the tribe of Joseph if you’re gonna leave one of the others out then you take Joseph and split him into two Manasseh and Ephraim and you still have 12 having dropped the one out you follow me unless you see this you’re just trying to read the Bible yourself and get off you confused try to make these things fit okay but I hope that helps the little complication there too Manasseh nee from Jacob blesses ephraim above Manasseh which offends Joseph but he knew that Ephraim would become a more prominent player Manasseh and half the tribe of GAD actually GAD and half the tribe Manasseh camp adopt as their land east of the Jordan in the Glen Heights and because they they thought was pretty cool and that creates problems for them later but ephraim becomes a major major player in the northern situation which we’ll talk about a few minutes here i want to take this opportunity to nail down another myth that one of the problems you have in Bible studies is not just trying to learn what’s going on there but to try to set aside myths and and prejudices and presumptions that we bring to the study it’s important to set those aside and subject them to the test of the scripture there is a very popular myth not just in the literature widespread literature the so-called 10 Lost Tribes there are many people that study the Jewishness of the scripture that yet enamored with the 10 Lost Tribe thing so much so that it’s actually divided fellowships tragically and there’s been some the tragic over emphasis by majoring in the minors there but let’s let’s hit this let’s have a biblical perspective of all this there is no real biblical basis for the so-called Ten Lost Tribes the epistles of James first Peter others are written addressed to the 12 tribes in the New Testament so saying that if Ken are lost is that it will be certainly news to both James and Peter there are prophecies of 12 tribes next to the last chapter in Genesis Jacob prophesized over each of his twelve sons and those little riddles are very enigmatic but very fruitful in terms of understanding the destiny of those twelve sons Moses does the same thing the book of Deuteronomy is basically three sermons by Moses before he dies but in the last one in Bude army 33 he prophesized over each of the 12 tribes and those are very instructive in fact some in some respects quite astonishing the myth of the so called Ten Lost Tribes derives from a misreading of certain passages people have jump to certain conclusions and then embellished them let’s take a look at how the land was divided first of all met Joshua conducted a seven-year campaign that was successful he dispossessed the land of its usurpers the succeeding generations did a terrible job at follow up and that’s a whole nother stat book of Judges is a book of dismal failures but when they when Joshua finished the conquest of the land they divided the land by lot according the way God set it up the tribes were allocated by God himself by casting Lots Manasseh got that region just east of the Sea of Galilee GAD south of him Manasseh GAD and Reuben are essentially on the east side Asher’s up north almost in the area of Phoenicia Naftali by the Galilee Zebulon between those two a little further to the south it’s a car again a little further to the south the other half cry when I say Manasa half the tribe took the had chosen to be up in the gallant heights and most is no problem you can have that as long as you join us in the warfare when we’ve conquered the land you can go back and that’ll be yours that was the deal so half the tribe did that the other half settled south of the cigar then Ephraim has a huge chunk of ground that is obviously a mid country on the west side of the Jordan Dan is a sign between Benjamin and the coast I’ll come back to him Benjamin is assigned to that area that’s basically Jerusalem Jerusalem’s right on the border it really is in Benjamin rather than in Judah south of Benjamin is Judah and south of Judah is Simeon so these are the 12 tribes unfortunately when Samson dies Sampson didn’t accomplish much for the tribe to Dan but except a lot of colorful pranks but when he dies they can’t handle the area cannot subdue the Philistines so they send a party up north to a place called leash subdue that town and they move up north so the tribe of Dan doesn’t stay where he was allocated he goes up north and Dan becomes a symbol of the north part of the country you’ll see in the scripture to speak say from Dan to bear Sheva which is way down to the south as reckoning if you will the whole country and so the Levites now are scattered they don’t get territorial assignments they get cities forty-eight of them six of those cities are prescribed as cities of refuge if you were involved in a manslaughter situation you had to flee to one of those cities of refuge to protect yourself from the Avenger of blood and as long as you stay in that city you are safe and you that stayed that way until the high priest died when the high priest on Jerusalem died then you’re free and your that was their approach to the manslaughter for lots of reasons I won’t try to develop here although this all of those have messianic implications well most of you realize that after Solomon dies there was a civil war riobamba administered the thing rather foolishly giving Jeroboam his opportunity to split up split away the northern kingdom so the Civil War there’s a division of the kingdom Jeroboam rules the northern kingdom from his capital in Samaria from 930 BC and following and Jeroboam has got a problem if he doesn’t want his people going down to Jerusalem to worship so to maintain his political control he turns them to idolatry sets up calves one golden calf in the land in Bethel which is an e from and the other calf in the up and then so there’s two golden calves one of the southernmost part of his a territory some of the north now right here I want to caution you we’ll start talking about Ephraim and Dan as geographic regions don’t assume that the geographic regions and the people of those regions stay fixed that’s where everybody falls into quicksand so to speak there is a region called Judah geographic region there are people that are not of the tribe of Judah going to live there there’s going to be commingling so you want to be careful to discern the difference between the term for example I could say so and so is a Californian I might mean that he’s living in California or he might have come from California the two different things you follow me and especially here anyway so Jeroboam to maintain his control turns the northern King to idolatry now if you were a Levite living in the north and discovered it was politically incorrect to be worshiping mosaic Judaism what would you do leave you’d pick up and move south which is exactly what it says in second chronicles 11 verse 14 through 17 and so they might the Levites migrated south it also mentions that people who are faithful also did that I’ll show you some of those in a minute what it doesn’t say but I’m going to infer personally that if you were in the south and you wanted to be an idol worshipper you went where that’s politically correct right no yes no yes being a you know a Democrat in Republican territory right move right okay maybe a bad example but anyway go ahead now watching those even before the Assyrian captivity that’s coming later substantial numbers from the northern tribes had identified themselves with a house of David in first Kings twelve and second chronicle of an you find that there are people up there under Jeroboam jurisdiction that still were emotionally and politically and personally committed to David so they also are going to migrate many to reputed the northern kingdom and United with the southern kingdom in the common alliance to the house of David and to worship the Lord and there’s lots of scripture on that you can dig out at your leisure now horrified the Jeroboam set up a rival religion with a golden calf worth it worship at Bethel and then many Northerners move south knowing that the only place acceptable to God was the temple on Mount Moriah so if you were so some people move south for political reasons a lot move south for theological reasons okay those who favored idolatry migrated north to Jerusalem that’s my inference I think it’s hard to be hard to refute that now as time goes on you get to second chronicles 15 when ASA reigned as king in the South another great company came from the north that’s recorded in second chronicles 59 I’m just gonna make the point there’s intermingling of populations going on follow me it’s still the northern kingdom there’s still a region called Ephraim and Asha these are regions but the people living them are no longer purely of the tribe of Ephraim or whatever you follow me there commingling years after the deportation by Assyria now you know what happens in the meantime let me fill in a little history here the northern kingdom goes from bad to worse the southern kingdom also goes downhill but here and there’s a couple of good couple exceptional good Kings but it’s one dynasty try the David all the way through the southern kingdom I forget how many but the one get went 1-1 dynasty up north there’s 20 of them there’s murders and struggles for over the several centuries it’s a mess but God is the Northern Kingdom goes from bad to worse with very with no exceptions the under Jeroboam they think they are that well in fact they’re materialistically having a great time very prosperous people have second homes his armies did well and materialistically speaking the northern kingdom was very successful but not from God’s point of view and he Commission’s Hosea from the south to go there and give him his message and Hosea goes up there and gives him the message that basically because they had abandoned their heritage there even though God had provided their abundance and their prosperity they had abandoned their heritage their disloyalty to him is forcing God to vindicate his justice with judgment and Hosea’s message is one of announcing that God is going to use their enemies to wipe them out and indeed the they will be conquered by the Assyrians the northern group and I’ll talk about that in a minute but years after the deportation by Assyria king hezekiah of judah issues a call to all of Israel to come worship at Jerusalem and celebrate Passover in second chronicles 30 his call is to all israel not the southern you know there aren’t 10 Lost Tribes by the way let’s just stop for a minute the people who try to say gee there’s 10 Lost Tribes they assume that in the South you had Judah and Benjamin what happened to Simeon well that sort of got absorbed well that’s three tribes then isn’t it Judah Benjamin Simeon and what about the Levites well yeah they’re down there too well if there’s tribes lost there’s eight not ten because four I can account for right see if the whole thing starts to fall apart for a lot of reasons but anyway 80 years later King Josiah of Judah also issues a call he has a major major revival going on and an offering for the temple was received guest:this from Manasseh and Ephraim and all the remnant of Israel that’s in second chronicles 34 see the point is in the southern kingdom there are people from all 12 tribes there’s people probably of all 12 tribes up north and when Assyria comes they get taken as slaves and it’s worse than that see eventually all twelve tribes are representing the south God addresses the 12 tribes in the South he says speak unto rheya Boehm the son of Solomon king of Judah and to all Israel in Judah and Benjamin now it’s all of Israel is represented in the regions of Judah and Benjamin follow me you see you need to be the ideas your study your Bible be precise and the precision here involves understanding geography and contrast and contrast to ethnicity ok the tribe of Judah is sometimes used idiomatically for the southern kingdom that’s what confuses people when they say the tribe of Judah is an idiom for the bulk of that it’s a house of Judah what they really mean and which includes members of all tribes and so when encountering the tribal designations it’s important to distinguish between the territories allocated to the tribes and the people themselves that’s my point be sensitive that if you sense of that all this will become very clear now finally of course the Northern Kingdom Falls Shama knees are the fifth besieged Samaria for three years and King Hosea of Israel attempted to revolt against his paying the Assyrians of tribute money he had a treaty with Egypt that didn’t help many and finally jeroboams capital which was Samaria fell in 722 BC remember Samaria was the capital of the northern kingdom 722 in 721 Navabi a year to sargon ii seizes power within the assyrian community the Assyrians pull down the towers took twenty seven thousand two hundred and ninety captive and placed Assyrian ruler over the city and then looted it and by the way they have in biblical archaeologist 1943 they have archaeology that supports all this they found records of all this whole thing the the twenty seven twenty seven hundred and 290 captives and 50 royal chariots what’s interesting is less than one twentieth of the total population was deported the rest were commingled with captives from other places and that’s that was the the Assyrians had a infamous policy of mixing their conquered people so that was their approach to avoiding a revolt by commingling captives of different ethnic backgrounds there was less likelihood of camaraderie and and that was that was there that was their concept and it was very effective what this means is is that the political entity of the Northern Kingdom is gone forever there is no more Northern Kingdom there are people that they may have genealogical links you know going back whatever but at the same time this is distinctive from the captivity of the southern kingdom Babylon is going to conquer the Assyrians and then Babel is going to conquer the southern kingdom but that captivity is different because it is accompanied by a promise from God that they will return the Assyrian the northern kingdom has no promise that they’ll return as such not as a corporate entity the southern kingdom has a commitment that God will see them come back because of David God made it promised to David and it’s that promise that ends up as an umbrella if you will on the over the the southern kingdom so it goes into captivity for 70 years to the day and then is released by Cyrus and so on so so see the Israelite captives by the Assyrians are mixed with Persians and others the strangers from far-off lands are installed in that region and that’s what gives rise to what people call the half Jew the offspring of that captivity are the Samaritans because it’s Samaria was the capital the mixed blood of some Gentile some Jewish blood commingled and that’s what leads to the advent of what Jews call the Samaritans which are some people look at a sort of like they’re half Jews and they’re disdained in the New Testament period that’s why Jesus always picks on a Samaritan to be the hero to sort of rub their nose in that I guess so so we have this quasi Jewish populations could call the Samaritans and John for the moment the well all that highlights all of that well the Babylonians ultimately conquered the Assyrian Empire when when the northern kingdom went to captivity all twelve tribes were represented in the south in 586 BC that’s when the Babylonians conquered the southern kingdom they take in the captivity members of all twelve tribes as captives and it’s most scholars assume that the Babylonians commingle their captives so some of their friends that were of the tribe of juda taken in the northern kingdom very likely married up with the tribe of juda guys that were captive by babylon there’s like there’s a likely commingling there so so the sentence were captives in the north were probably again coming with captives in the south Isaiah prophesied to Judah refers to them as the house of Jacob which are called by the name Israel that’s those are Isaiah’s words see the other thing I want to guard you against there are people that say well the term Jew refers to the tribe of Judah the term Jew and Israel Israelite and the house of Jacob are synonyms and I’ll show you don’t fall in a trap of assuming that those are distinctives there’s co-mingled terminology even before the death of Raya Bowen God looked upon all as a unity seeing quote all Israel in Judah and Benjamin he’s speaking to the southern kingdom but he’s embracing all of Israel in that nomenclature after the battle in captivity the terms Jew and Israelite are used in the Word of God interchangeably Ezra calls the returning remnant Jews eight times and Israel forty times there’s not distinctives here they’re equivalent terms occur far as I was concerned as there also speaks of all of Israel in these passages and you can go through them and take a look at it sometime Nehemiah calls them Jews 11 times and Israel 22 times see Israel can be used denotative lis to mean the northern kingdom but it can also use connotative lis to mean the whole enchilada strange red straightforward nehemiah speaks of get this all Israel being back in the land in the mi 12 verse 47 the remnant that returned from Babylon by the way when Cyrus conquers Babylon and turns and gets this letter shown him by Daniel there’s the letter to him in the Book of Isaiah written calling him by name he’s blown away and he gives them authority to go home gives them makes a donation to the temple and gives them financial incentives to go home less than fifty thousand take advantage of it the rest of our comfortably stay there Gatlin becomes a major Jewish center in the centuries later the remnant that returned that less than fifty thousand forty nine thousand feet the number he turned to the from Babylon is called by Malachi chapter one verse one as the nation as far as God is concerned they represent the whole nation in the New Testament we find the same thing our Lord has said to offer himself to the nation the lost sheep of the house of Israel Lord doesn’t even know that there’s ten tribes lost the New Testament speaks of Israel seventy five times in 73 verses and he speaks of Jew a hundred and seventy four times and they’re used interchangeably there’s more I’ve seen more propaganda and by the way the propaganda that hammers on these things is usually anti-semitic which is another clue acts 26 verse 7 and the Bissel of James is written Reese peeks of the 12 tribes they don’t know that there’s Ted missing somewhere and I remember Anna and she knew her tribal identity she was there the tribe of Asher which is in the north by the way and yes she’s down there in Jerusalem Luke chapter 2 Paul knew that he was of the tribe of Benjamin it’s interesting he calls himself a Jew and an Israelite both he uses the term in one verse in one phrase interchangeably don’t let people make something of nothing there and Peter cries he men of Judea in acts ye men of Israel in acts all the house of Israel Acts hears Peter in just one chapter three times using those three terms obviously a synonyms now they are we gathered as one the dry vision a thing of zekiel 36 and 37 speaks of Judah which some people call Jews and Israel then tribes our joint is wanted at the regather II and that’s happening that’s true today so the people who hammer this 10 tribe thing are going down a path that’s contrary to the Bible and will lead to contrary to biblical conclusions in and of itself it doesn’t look that insidious but in fact the places that ends up ends up being anti-semitic and by the way the total physical descendants were not the people to whom the promises were made and that’s emphasized in Romans chapter 9 you can dig that out on your studies let’s get back to the sealing 144,000 we ran through those verses there and we saw these twelve tribes and one of the first things that strikes even the superficial student is wait a minute there’s a there’s at least one missing wrong there’s two missing where’s the tribe of Dan you see the tribe of Dan there we got Judah Reuben GAD Asher after Neftali no Manasseh Simeon Levi esseker Zebulon joseph many but where is the tribe of Dan eight there why a lot of good reasons I’ll come to but let me show you something else before we’re through there’s another tribe missing where is the tribe of Ephraim it’s not there either well it is and it isn’t it’s hiding and I’ll show you that in a minute first of all why not Dan why isn’t Dan here well first of all you may recall Jacob in his famous prophecies over all twelve tribes and Genesis 49 when he gets to Dan he speaks of him as a serpent and that causes the tribe of Dan to take on a symbol he’s or the head of the tribe of Dan is not too excited about having a serpent being his tribal standard so he has a serpent in the mouth of an eagle that’s a little more comfortable to him and that’s how the Eagle ends up over time becoming the symbol the tribe of Dan because the serpent ultimately gets dropped and as they have their tribal standards the serpent is is implied by the eagle bit that that’s the anyway that’s the way that goes Moses says something very strange it missed me until relatively recent years in Moses prophecy in Deuteronomy 30 33 he also prophesized over either each of the tribes when he gets to danice’s Dan will leap from Bashan it didn’t strike me before because it didn’t realize that when Moses day that was before Joshua that was before the land was allocated and the land was allocated where Dan was down by Benjamin between Benjamin and the ocean couldn’t handle it dan of his own accord goes up north finds a village called leis that they take over and that’s where they moved to which is up in the galan so indeed Moses predicts they’re going to leap from the Bashan that’s wild what’s that all about well turns out when you get the Deborah and the in the book of Judges they have this big fight with Sisera and she’s applauding the tribes that help and she disparages the prize that didn’t and she disparages dan who wouldn’t even leave his ships because it was cowardice or whatever what’s dad doing in ships and why is he helping he see he has spun out his interests away from Israel long before the Assyrian invasion he has spun out on his own long before he left the allocated territories and judges Deborah highlights the fact that he apparently has become a seafaring tribe operating out of the coasts there’s evidences that he that he populated portions that all through Europe it’s interesting that in the crime in first chronicles the first eight chapters are a detailed genealogy of the twelve tribes you’ll find that Dan is missing he is missing the detail did you also discover it’s no surprise that he’s not protected or sealed in the tribulation which is why we’re getting into this here why is he not sealed it was it’s as if by the way if you go through the Bible you’ll discover it’s almost as if the Holy Spirit has a grudge against Dan from the beginning all the way through the scripture he seems to get the worst of the prophecy is the worst position in the chronology zulan he’s the tribe through which died Allah tree entered the land and that’s of course detailed in Leviticus 20 four judges 18 and elsewhere he was his tribe was a leader in apostasy under a moment in first Kings 12 when when Jeroboam is is rebelling against rebel Dan is part of the apostasy he’s way up northeast part in fact he’s one of the sights of the Golden Calf Jeroboam puts a puts a gold calf there he’s also a leader in the apostasy a hundred years later in second Kings chapter 10 he’s called the voice of calamity in Jeremiah 4 and Amos 8 and he’s cursed in Jeremiah 8 16 idolaters have their name to be blotted out according to Deuteronomy 29 this is I don’t want to anyone take all of these and dragons to drag you through in this evening but I thought this one is important enough let’s take this one in Deuteronomy 29 starting at verse 18 Moses says lest there should be among you man or woman or family or what or tribe whose heart turneth away this day from the Lord our God to go and serve the gods of these nations unless there should be among you a route that beareth gall and wormwood and it come to pass that when he heareth the words of this curse that he blessed himself in his heart saying i shall have peace though I walk in the imagination of my heart to add drunkenness to thirst the Lord will not spare him but then the anger the Lord his jealousy shall smoke against that man and all the curses that are written in this book shall lie upon him and the Lord shall blot out his name from under heaven and Lord shall separate him unto evil out of all the tribes of Israel according to all the curses of the Covenant that are written in the book of the law now so Dan’s got a plateful huh and yet we know for just 49 he will judge his people as one of the tribes of Israel so he does have a destiny despite all this Dan inherits land in the Millennium so as the his deficiency is that he will not be protected during the tribulation but apparently the ones that do survive will inherit but they’ll do it the hard way if you will because he inherits in Ezekiel 48 which describes the allocation of land in the Millennium well we had these twelve tribes I want you to notice something here one of these tribes is Manasseh and one of these tribes is Joseph well now wait a minute Joseph is the sum of Manasseh and Ephraim right so if you already have Manasseh then Joseph – Manasseh equals Ephraim okay you understand what I’m saying so in other words you’ve got Manasseh in column 1 when you get to column 2 next-to-last you’ve got Joseph but all that’s left is what Ephraim so Ephraim there but under cover sort of why because eason Ephraim in effect is also emitted in the sense is referred obviously only elliptically it was also associated with jeroboams idolatry when he puts a cat golden calf at Dan he also puts one at Bethel that’s an E from in fact it’s of the son of the southernmost border of Ephraim so the two golden calves bracket the northern kingdom by intent well let’s continue with Revelation chapter 7 after this I beheld and lo a great multitude which no man could number of all nations and Kindred’s and people and tongues stood before the throne before the lamb clothed with the white robes and palms in their hands we’ve changed subjects here verse 9 starts the second half of this chapter first half dealt with 144,000 of 12,000 reaches 12 tribes supernaturally protected evangelists apparently because this is the fruit of their ministry after their gets sealed John now says he says after this I beheld and lo a great multitude which no man could number Wow of all nations not just use all nations and Kindred’s and people and tongues stood before the throne and before the lamb clothed in white robes they have the righteousness of Christ they have palms in their hands this is a different group than the redeemed we saw represented by the elders okay and cried with a loud voice saying salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne and unto the lamb 24 elders saying anew these cry with a loud voice I don’t want to split hairs here but it’s apparently something a little different and all the Angels stood round about the throne and about the elders and the four living creatures and fell before the throne on their faces and worshiped God here’s a place where we know that the elders are not angels why because here are all the angels and the elders they’re distinct and then the four living creatures saying amen blessing and glory and wisdom and Thanksgiving an honor and power and might be unto our God forever and ever amen blessing and glory and wisdom Thanksgiving honour power and light how many are there don’t count how many seven good guess you’ll notice in these antiphonal prayers they always escalate they start out with four then a little more a little more until you get to the complete seven here’s the complete seven beyond to our God forever and ever amen amen amen don’t be shy of saying Amen its scriptural and one of the elders answered saying unto me what are these which are arrayed in white robes and whence came they near John’s getting a oral quiz here what and I said unto him Sir thou knowest in other words beats me and he said unto me these are they which came out of the Great Tribulation which have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb so these are redeemed but they’re not like the redeemed of the elders the elders are redeemed up to the rapture these are redeemed out of the Great Tribulation how by the ministry 144,000 for starters there’s another two guys we’ll run into in Chapter 11 but this is the can you imagine 144,000 Jewish evangelists with the zeal and the knowledge and of all things the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit’s taken out of the world at rapture yes in the sense of his containers the Holy Spirit is very busy during the tribulation no one say but by the Holy Spirit but not in the sense that we have him indwelling us today it’s a different it’s more analogous apparently to the Old Testament dispensation therefore are they before the throne of God and serve Him day and night in his temple 24 elders are ruling as kings and priests on Thrones these guys serve him day I’m not knocking serving him day and night in this temple don’t misunderstand me but I want you to notice there’s a difference of degree here between everyone somebody wants to be one of the hundred forty-four thousand well welcome to it I’d rather be one of 24 elders or at least be represented by them you follow um I’m saying I think and he that sitteth on the throne shall dwell among them and they shall hunger no more neither thirst any more neither shall the Sun light on them nor any heat for the lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them and shall lead them into living fountains of waters and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes have a interesting question I may put our exam someday if there’s no hurt no illness there’s no lack of food etc etc etc why they crying about why are there tears at all given of the foregoing I I think there be their weeping over lost opportunities I think they probably are analogous to Schindler at that last scene of the Schindler’s List when he realizes his lapel or ring whatever it was could have saved one more lost opportunities however successful is always the grief over the one lost and I looked in lo a lamb stood on the Mount Zion and with it now I’m shifting now give you a quick glimpse we’ll take this up when we get to chapter 14 but just to give you just a couple verses glimpse in chapter 14 we have an allusion back to these hundred four or four thousand and John says I looked and lo a lamb stood on the Mount Zion and with him a hundred and forty-four thousand I assume it’s the same hundred forty-four thousand having his father’s name written in their foreheads yes they’re sealed you following and I heard a voice from heaven as the voice of many waters and as the voice of great Thunder and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps and they sung as it were new song before the throne and before the four beasts and the elders and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty-four thousand which were redeemed from the earth these are they which were not defiled with women they are virgins these are they which follow the lamb whithersoever he goeth these were redeemed from among men being the firstfruits unto God and to the lamb and in their mouth was found no guile for they are without fault before the throne of God couple of contrasts here the tribulation Saints which are the don’t confuse this 144 thousand it’s the fruit of 144,000 efforts they’re not crowned they have palms in their hands they’re saved out of the tribulation they stand before Thrones and they serve Him day and night that’s the tribulation Saints those are saved in the tribulation they were not recognized by John one of the elders had explained who they were so that means he’s not John’s not among them see the 24 elders are crowned they have harps no palms they’re kept out of the tribulation they sit on Thrones rather than stand before them and they reign as kings and priests so that I just want to highlight the 24 elders are redeemed the tribulation Saints are redeemed but they’re two different groups that’s the main point many people get those confused well we have the heppa tatak structure of Scripture we went through the Seventh Seal scroll we’ve now have gone through the little parenthetical chapter before the seventh seal chapter eight is going to open up the set with us the chapter 8 verse 1 is going to do the seven trumpets and as we go through those we’ll discover there’s a group of chapters 10 through 14 that will be the parenthetical break if you will a change of subject if you will between trumpets 6 and trumpets 7 when the seventh trumpet introduces for seven bowls and there’s even a little break between the sixth and seventh of those that’s what we call the hepatic structure the Sevenfold structure and that’s just a glimpse of it this far more to it for your next session obviously I’d like you to read Revelation chapter 8 those of you that ambitious might also want to read that chapters chapter 60 with it seven bowls and see some parallels that we’ll deal with that the other thing you might do in preparation for next time you might read the book of Joshua if you have time read the whole book because it’s relevant to what we’re going to talk about but especially check the end of chat the last verse is chapter 5 and then all of chapter 6 which deals with Jericho and the seven trumpets I’m going to suggest echo what happened in Jericho and we’ll talk a little bit about that next time one of my hypotheses is that the book of Joshua is an architectural anticipation of book of Revelation Yehoshua Joshua is a variant of Yeshua or Jesus he’s a military commander dispossessing usurpers in both cases there’s a seven-year campaign against seven of an original ten nations the Torah is ignored in Jericho the Sabbath is ignored Levites are involved you know they’re not supposed to go to war and Joshua first sends in two witnesses before anything else then there’s seven trumpet events we’ll talk about next time which are preceded by silence in heaven for half an hour I want you to notice how that might be echoed in the Joshua account in chapter 6 the enemies they’re facing Confederate themselves against the leader in Jerusalem who calls himself Adonai zedek the lord of righteousness who was ultimately defeated with hailstones and fire from heaven and signs in the sun on the moon the long day of Joshua fits in there chapter 10 and so forth and of course the Kings hide in caves rocks fall on us the same phrase we heard in Chapter six so not a big deal if you see it great if you don’t don’t worry about it I can’t find any commentator degrees with me so I’m probably wrong but I tend to see a parallel and I’ll leave it to you whether you see one or not but next time together we will be exploring seven trumpet events from the seven from chapter 8 as we go through that and chapter not oh by the way excuse me chapter 3 chapter 9 also 8 and 9 8 and 9 and so with that let stand for closing with a prayer interesting stuff but you may notice kind of a change of style once we left chapter 3 well chapters 2 and 3 of course which is the most important chapters for you and me chapter four and five are exciting because you’re actually in the presence of the throne of God but from Chapter six on you’ll have to excuse me if we begin to get a little academic a little distant a little less concerned with precision of interpretation because it won’t matter to us it’s going to be a handbook for those that miss the boat we need to understand that there is a fallacy that some people indulge is that if you don’t accept Jesus Christ before the rapture you’ve got a second chance after I won’t build the whole case now but let me just tell you frankly there are very competent theologians that believe that’s a dangerous dangerous fiction if you turned down Jesus Christ before the rapture second Thessalonians 2 2nd Thessalonians 2 indicates that you will be given over to a delusion and believe the lie God will that will be God’s Way of dealing this if you are going to avoid chapter 6 and following you want to make sure where you are right now because whether the rapture comes tomorrow or whether there’s some other event there’s god forbid to take you out the picture do you know where you’ll be I hope that you’re one of us who is 100% convinced that you will observe the goings-on of chapter six and falling from the mezzanine and these things are indeed academic to you they’re a blessing to study for many reasons but you presumably can feel justify a certain detachment from chapter six through 19 because you won’t be there you’ll be busy with other events that are also detailed in the scripture but the way you do that is to be sure of your position in Jesus Christ it’s not what church you go to it’s not how much the Bible you may have memorized or any of that kind of stuff it’s all about a personal relationship and I’m pausing on this a little bit tonight because there’s another aspect that I encounter as I travel that we need to also be conscious of just because I believe I can prove to you beyond any reasonable doubt that the church will not experience the Great Tribulation that does not mean there aren’t very dark times on the near horizon for this country where do we get the arrogance to presume that we’re going to be kept apart from what most of the body of Christ in most the world for most the last 1,900 years has had to endure and that’s persecution and there are circumstances on the horizon dark clouds on the horizon that imply very dark troubled times for America on the near horizon we need to understand not what they are you don’t to speculate what they might be what you need to understand is we may experience an opportunity to be challenged for our loyalty to our king these people we read about in as martyrs in in the in those dark times we may have an opportunity to emulate them there were people that were willingly burned at the stake rather than put a pinch of incense for Caesar into the fire by the millions there are more Christians murdered in the 20th century than all the previous years put together and the economies of scale are still operative so we need to understand if you’re going to have an opportunity to indicate just how serious you are with Christ you want to be get a relationship with him you want to fortify yourself to be prepared for whatever opportunities he puts your path with that let’s bow our hearts for word of Prayer father we just thank you that you brought us here to this point in time we thank you that in your kingdom they’re no accidents that we’re all here by your divine appointment and father we would pray that there be no one in this room that would have any peace until they rest in you we pray father that your hand would be firm on each one of us and it draws ever closer to you father help us to really grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior help his father through your Holy Spirit to be more fully committed stewards of these incredible treasures you put in it before us we pray father through your Holy Spirit you would make each of us more fruitful stewards for your kingdom we pray father that you would illuminate for each of us specifically what you would have of each of us in the days ahead that we might be more equipped more fruitful Oh father we just commit ourselves and your hands without any reservation whatsoever in the name of Yeshua our kinsman redeemer the root of David the Lamb that was slain indeed the Lion of Judah in whose name we do pray amen

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