Chuck Missler Revelation Session 06 Ch-2 18-29 The Letter To The Church Of Thyatira

You well let’s bow our hearts with a word of Prayer well father we thank you for who you are and we thank you for this opportunity that you’ve placed before us for we know that there are no accidents no coincidences in your kingdom that we’re all here right now by your divine appointment so we do pray father that your purpose would be accomplished in each of our lives this evening we pray father that you would reignite in each of us a new hunger a new appetite a new awareness of your word and help us father to understand more clearly just what it is you would have of us personally in the days that remain as we commit ourselves this evening without any reservation into your hands in the name of Yeshua our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ well we are studying the book of Revelation we are in this sixth session and will be exploring specifically the last part of chapter 2 which has a letter to the Church of Thyatira but we have but just by way of review and warmup we’re talking about the revelation notice that’s singular the word means the unveiling it’s the consummation of all things it’s the only book of the Bible that promises a special blessing to the reader for its particular reading or hearing and there are over four hundred verses four hundred four verses that include over 800 allusions from the Old Testament tonight’s going to be a good example of several of those and that’s one reason that may sound strange to us if we read the book it may sound strange to ears because we haven’t done our homework in the Old Testament for in large measure and so it also represents the climax of God’s plan for man and then you know who that is that’s you and me mr.

And mrs. man if you will it has a climate it’s going to lay out for you and me personally the climax that’s ahead of us now to whom was the book given let’s keep this in front of us the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave unto whom unto him Jesus Christ that shocks many people many people just Slough over that first sentence is profoundly significant why did he give it to him to show unto his servants shortly or more perhaps more precisely suddenly come to pass and he sent and signified it he rendered it in two signs by his angel unto his servant John who bare record of the word of God the testimony of Jesus Christ of all the things that he saw John actually saw these things and but they are signs one of the most profound experiences I had as a teenager when I heard a lecturer say that the entire book of Revelation is in code but every code is explained somewhere else in the Bible and one of the reasons it’s such a blessing if you study it carefully takes you virtually into every other book in the Bible so that’s part of what we’re about and here’s the promise verse three is the promise that’s echoed several times throughout the book blessed is he that readeth and they that hear the words of this prophecy the landscape is littered with so-called experts and very prominent people the Christian field who say this isn’t prophecy it’s all been fulfilled and so it’s making a I obviously take exception of that so and keep those things which are written therein for the time is at hand and this book is one of the unique books in the Bible that gives you an outline of the book by the time you get to the close to the end of the first chapter there is an outline John has said right that is told write the things which thou hast seen the things which are and the things which shall be meted outta after these things and the things which thou hast seen by the time you get to here is the the personal appearance of Jesus Christ is a physical description that occupies verse 12 through 18 in this chapter so by the time you get here those are things we had he had just seen right the things which you have seen and the things which are which will turn out to be chapters two and three the seven letters seven churches these are seven letters written to seven real-live existing churches in the province of Asia Minor the Roman province of Asia Minor which we would call Turkey but these seven churches what we’re going to focus on and then the things which shall be met it outta after these things in chapter four verse one opens with that word meta tota after these things and then we have chapters four and following which are yet future very interesting book in total but the area of the book that’s most profoundly significant to you and me is chapters two and three and that’s why we’re going to we’re going to spend a full session on each of those seven churches and so this is this is the core of the whole thing we believe that the rest of the book we will watch from the mezzanine I’ll show you about why when we get to chapter four then the chapter one closes the mystery of the Seven Stars which thou sawest in my right hand the seven golden lampstands the Seven Stars the angel of seven churches seven lampstands which thou sawest are the seven churches just as an example the chapter closes where Jesus himself explains a couple of the signs that had been that emerged earlier in the chapter that’s going to be the pattern throughout the book more often than not the book will explain the signs you’re going to watch others it relies on you doing your homework in the in the rest of the Bible now seven churches the great mystery that you need to think about yourself is why these seven churches there were over 100 churches the new testament period why these seven and each letter has a strange phrase that is sort of the closing signature on the letter he that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches that occurs seven times here of course because seven churches but also occurs seven times elsewhere in the New Testament so I’ll leave that with you to search that out it’s kind of fun there are at least four levels of application of these letters first of all they were local local churches so william ramsay research this they much did a surprise he discovered that these seven churches really had relevance enter the letter had relevance to them in that first century but there’s more than that the Holy Spirit says he that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches plural every letter applies to every church we’re going to be talking about different churches the seven letters but you need to recognize that every church here described is also existent in every Church you may have to see spooky I may have a teaspoon of Ephesus a tablespoon of Smyrna and hold that in other words you have you if you took each church you could take a percentage of each one adding up 200% there’s going to be some percentage of every Church and every of the seven churches in each of your churches so it’s a it’s a way of profiling any church it also says he that hath an ear how many of you have ear lobes going to see a show of hands that letters for you then he that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches so this means there is a personal application no surprise as we understand each letter will be able to doesn’t take a lot of spiritual insight to begin to apply it to ourselves so that’s a pretty straightforward one of the things we’re going to discover is that each of the letters has a specific theme it isn’t as if all the churches were guilty of the same mistakes each one had a slightly different mistake or any need of correction these are these are going to be seven report cards every report card has something good here’s what you’ve done well here’s what you need to work on and each one is different part of the the mastery of this series is to understand the theme that’s operative in each of the seven letters but then comes a Zipporah having said all that it’s easy to visualize seven letters each one did some good things needed some correction and we can apply that to our churches you can ply to ourselves personally no problem here’s a surprise that may shock you and it’s also an area that not all scholars agree you draw your own conclusions but turns out that these seven letters lay out a history of the church in advance now you say check that’s pretty wild yes it is is that true you decide yourself we’re going to look at what the letters say and we’ll take a look at history and I’m going to predict you’ll be astonished at how they fit in fact if they were in any other order this would not be true so I believe that order is deliberate and is instructive there are seven elements to each letter first of all the name of the church will turn out to be significant the title that Jesus uses of himself to open the letter is selected from Chapter one there’s seven different titles but he picks a different one for his church the title that Jesus takes of himself the emphasis in other words is a clue that will help you understand what is the issue with that particular letter so if this is going to be like a little treasure hunt here then there’s a commendation here’s the good stuff here’s what you’ve done well well done here here here here’s my concern he says we’ll say here are the things that Jesus is not so pleased about then there’s of course from all of that an exhortation do this and do this and do this then there’s a promise to the overcomer the letter includes a special promise to the person to the one that’s an overcomer and we’ll talk about one overcomer is in a minute and then we have this closing phrase he that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit says the churches you need to recognize there are these seven elements because in a couple of places one or two of these elements will be missing and you wouldn’t notice it unless you’re sensitive to the structure of each letter and that’s also a clue as to what’s really going on here so the first letter we look was the Ephesus which means the desired one or darling and we talked today were very strict on doctrine the good that was the good news but they had lost the first love God wants Jesus Lord our Lord Jesus Christ wants devotion not just doctrine but we notice as we went through that something very strange that the promise of the overcomer in the book of it to the letter was appended after the closing phrase it was like a PS on it if you will when we get to Smyrna Smyrna that means myrrh or speaks of death and of course it turns out to be the persecuted Church and again it has that same structure that the promise be overcomers outside the body the letter for some strange reason but if we look carefully we notice there were no concerns Jesus simply encouraged them because they were a church under great persecution he just says hang in there guys he had no particular concerns pergamus which means which refers to a perverted marriage we talked about last time I’ll review a little bit that as we get into the tonight’s thing but there again we’ve discovered that the promise of the overcomer is appended outside the body the letter why am I making such a thing of that because you’re going to discover in the letter tonight and all the ones following it doesn’t do it that way what does that mean don’t know yet we’ll just hold it in reserve as we go the prophetic profile we said here the seven churches Ephesus Smyrna Pergamum Thyatira and so on and Ephesus was descriptive of the Apostolic Church that seemed to fit Smyrna clearly the persecuted Church that one was pretty easy Pergamus was whether the church married the world what satan could not accomplish by persecuting the church he accomplished by having the church married the world under under constantine and all of that so and that we noticed there were tears sown in the early church we talked about legalism the denial of God’s complete Christ completed work gnosis is in the Nile of Christ’s humanity and Caesar worship the denial Christ’s lordship these are the main frailties if you will net early century in those early centuries there’s also one that was mentioned in the letter last time but in reviewing my notes I realized I may not have emphasized it and that’s the Nicolaitans and what were they the Nicolaitans some art believe it was a first century sect that abused the Liberty in Christ there are scholars that conjecture that was that’s what it was more than that most scholars recognize that it’s an untranslated word nação means to conquer or rule the laws means the the people the laity and the whole idea of Nicolaitans was to rule over the people and that’s what Christ’s hate and he told the church in Ephesus the good news is you also hate the the deeds of the Nicolaitans which I also hate and we we suspect that in either case the Nicolaitans refers to the whole idea of using a clergy chol structure to rule over the people and to seek apostolic Authority for their opinions of the early times and so Jesus told us how to organize a church he had the leader wash the feet that’s his concept of an org chart is in John 13 now the deeds that were hated by the Ephesus and they get commended for that became the doctrine in Pergamus as part that whole episode so we see a progression progress it there as you talk to application of all churches emphasis obviously was devotion not just doctrine Smyrna was just hang in there and dirt during the persecution burger was stand fast against the world as what they should have done rather not be part of the world but to be a witness to the world and personal application ephesus again it’s a question of neglected priorities personally where are our priorities do are we so business busy on the business of the king that we have no time for the king Jesus would have devotion not just doctrine and Smyrna trying to apply that personally just be sense of the Satanic opposition you don’t have to be in a persecuted Church to be persecuted and and pergamus of course was a whole issue of spiritual compromise with the world again so and the overcomers probably had various special promises promised to the overcomer and we’ll talk about that as we go well that’s my way of review let’s just jump into tonight’s letter and what I’m going to do I’m going to we’ll put the letter on the screen before we go through there before we do anything else let’s get your Bible and let’s read chapter revelation chapter two like all text books the answers are in the back that’s what revelation is all about and so let’s pick it up about verse chapter 2 verse 18 to 29 and to the angel of the church at Thyatira write these things saith the son of God who hath his eyes like a flame of fire and his feet like fine brass I know thy works and charity and service and faith and thy patience and thy works and the last to be more than the first notwithstanding I have a few things against thee because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel which call herself a prophetess to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication and to eat things sacrificed unto idols I gave her space to repent of her fornication she repented not behold I will cast her into a bed and them that commit adultery with her into Great Tribulation except they repent of their deeds and I will kill her children with death and all the churches shall know that I am he which services and reigneth the reins and hearts and I will give unto every one of you according to your works but unto you I say unto the rest in Thyatira as many as have not this doctrine and which have not known the depths of Satan as they speak I will put upon you no other burden but that which ye have already hold fast till I come and he that overcometh and keepeth my words unto the end to him will I give power over the nation’s and he shall rule them with a rod of iron as vessels of a Potter shall they be broken into shivers even as I received my father and I will give him the morning star he that hath an ear let him hear what the spirit saith unto the churches so that’s the it’s the longest of the letters brief as it is it’s still the longest of the bunch and let’s take a look at the geography we’re dealing of course with the proconsular province of Asia which is a Roman province not Asia like we use the term Far East we’re talking what you and I would consider as a part of Turkey and I’ve gotten a map here you see we’re at I put Athens and Istanbul on therefore just reference the little red circle is your patent list that’s where all this is taking place with John Ephesus murder and pergamus we looked at before Thea Tyra is a small town today about 30,000 people live there and it is a site that I originally did back in the New Testament times in the New Testament times it was at the juncture of three roads that led the pergamus Sardis and Smyrna and so it was a frontier fortress to guard those very critical roads so originally it was a Lydian town bearing the name of Paulo Pia then simmer amis and then you hippie ax and here’s the clue the word via tyra really come is a word that means daughter but what’s really a clue to its spiritual significance is to recognize that its previous name one previous names with cemre amis and who was simmer omits anyone the consort of Nimrod the mother of the posthumous son of Tammuz that becomes the core trio nimrod Semiramis and Tammuz in the babylonian mysteries all paganism all idol worship has its roots and the Babylonian legends having to do with Nimrod Semiramis and Tammuz so the fact that this town is a town that once held the name of cemre Amoz i think is a very important clue in any case it was taken by the Persians then of course the Greeks under Alexander it only passed to the possession of one of his keyword generals Alisa MCUs and the button 301 BC let Semak is defeated by his rival Seleucus another one is when you know when Alexander died for GE generals divided up the Empire and so it became really part of Syria and Seleucus Nicator named it fight IRA but when he was informed that the daughter had been born him so the word Thyatira suggests daughter but i think the more important name is the previous name that it had earlier Simha rama’s let’s keep that in mind as we go forward see the Babylonian legend of course is that Tammuz was born to Nimrod and Semiramis he’s associated with the Sun God he was considered to die at the winter solstice that’s when the you know the days get shorter and shorter and shorter and then he’s considered as resurrected as that the days get longer and that was celebrated by burning a Yule Log in the fireplace and then replacing it with trim tree the following morning if you want to find the biblical references that check out jeremiah at 10 it’s astonishing to discover if you haven’t yet how many of our so-called christmas traditions all leaked go back to babylon the mistletoe the wassail Bowl and so forth but let’s move on this is somewhat by way of review Nimrod founded the original Babylonian religion and Semiramis and Tammuz Babylon in other languages on Phoenicians they were ashteroth and Thomas and Isis and Horus of Egypt Aphrodite and eros of Greece or Venus and Cupid of Rome all this is mapped out in the classical study by Alexander Hislop called the two babylons or more contemporary version of this whole scholarship is by date hunt a woman the Beast will talk a lot about that before our study in Revelation is over but most people don’t realize is the priesthood that was founded in Babylon moved when Cyrus conquered Babylon the Babylon priesthood and the initiates fled and set up shop in Pergamus we talked about this last time so the centroid of power ultimately goes from program is to Rome where it gets at Latin labels and forms the foundation of pagan Rome we’re going to talk a lot about that as we unfold this the the background of Pergamus and Thyatira have much in common so this review is a double review in a sense and when Cyrus conquered Babylon of course they found in the center at Pergamus and the King there took the title Pontifex Maximus which was a religious title he was the high priest of the babylonian a pagan system and as it goes Rome of course that all the Caesars kept that title up until 378 ad that’s when the Bishop of Rome absorbed that title for himself and and endured from that point on as in the bishops and we’ll come back to that Constantine has a strange experience which causes him to when he takes over the Empire to make Christianity no longer illegal in 325 the Edict of toleration he favored Christians at court exempted Christian ministers from taxes the issued a general exhortation to all his subjects to become Christians he did not make it a state religion that comes to leaders later but he does he’s so fed up with the paganism a Rome he moves the world Empire to Constantinople and we’ll talk about the implications that as we go here but Constantine is a much maligned guy many people especially Christians are critical of him he did a he did a lot of interesting things he ceased the gladiator thing he reduced the killing of unwelcome children he abolished it it’s amazing by the way how many ancient cultures the Persians the Romans others regarded abortion as a crime because population was a force of strength and to abort a child was to injure the state that was their view interesting he bought he continent polish crucifixion is a form of execution he repealed the persecution edicts of his predecessor dear cliche he assumed headship of the church advanced Christians to high offices he declared Sunday as a day of worship that’s widely misunderstood he had three different groups of Sun worshipers in his empire plus the Christians they’re not legal and so he declared a day that would present in his mind at least that would unite them all it was his gesture to try to unite the Empire it was also a big deal for the slaves because he forbid work on Sunday they never had day off this created a day off for the for over 50% of the population which were slaves and so any reduced slavery and relocated the capital as I say so the marriage is now consummated during the church in the world Julian the pasta comes along the Julian calendar that preceded the Gregorian one he sought to restore paganism but he only lasted a couple of years jovem three established the Christian religion but it was Theodosius that really established Christianity as the state religion that was the biggest disaster of all because now you have unregenerate people entering the church and running the churches so ambition heathenism and so forth all emerged in the in this world church situation that starts bad news big bad news now getting back to Thyatira that pirate is turns out to be a very important center for the powerful trade guilds that trade guilds were a big deal in those days you had if you had a skill of some kind the order of a job you’d have to remember that Union but that union was only compulsory they each run each Union was under the patronage of one some pagan deity and all their meetings and procedures were all tangled up in the worship of that deity so it was a real real source of conflict for a practitioner that was Christian because he couldn’t get a job unless he was in a trade guild but in the trade deal that raised all kinds of issues that’s the problem I attire by the was also known for its dyes particularly purple but actually it may turn a button but you always hear purple it may have been scarlet but I don’t Brits but here’s here it was apparently they had a matter route that is very prolific in that area when you get to act 16 you encounter Lydia who is a sales rep living in Phillipi but forth for Thyatira just a you know she was a she was a sales rep okay so we have hedonism now is is Christianized the pagan temples now become Christian churches the heathen festivals get relabeled into Christian ones that’s how the Saturnalia sovath becomes Christmas and all that stuff pagan priests slip into offices Christian priests the change was mostly nomenclature see what the persecution didn’t accomplish with Smyrna did that the marriage to Pergamus did and we’re going to see the fruits of that as we get into Fiat IRA let’s take a look at the letter now in more detail under the angel church in Thyatira or right and again starting with a name Semiramis is the key name here in my mind because it ties you to the Babylonian culture do you see why we’re going to get in that here in a minute thus saith the son of God this is the only mention of the Son of God that title in the book of Revelation Jesus picks it here and I’m going to suggest the possibility is that it’s in opposition to the theme of the letter which is going to be the queen of heaven with Jezebel and all of that thus these things say at the Son of God who hath his eyes like a flame of fire and his feet are like fine brass now when you see the word like that tells you it’s a simile it doesn’t say his feet were brass if he said that it would be it may be a metaphor but here it says like so you know it’s not bread it’s it’s a metaphor it’s a simile his eyes were like a flame of fire these are the eyes of inspection these are the eyes of judgment his feet like fine brass feet deal with the wok and brass speaks of judgment brass was the material that could sustain fire that’s why brass is used Levitical II to suggest to judgment that’s why we had a serpent of brass that we talked about previous sessions and so forth so the time of Christ is the son of God very strange strange illuminating label that puts us right away he’s and apparently is coming in the form of judgment here he’s concerned but he opens up as he does all his letters with a commendation I know thy works that’s a key phrase Jesus knows what you’re doing he knows the fruits of what you’re doing I know thy works nothing will be a surprise to him I know thy works and charity and service and faith and patience and thy works and the last be more than the first he gives them a good compliment he’s fully informed on them and they their walk is good and improving we’re going to talk about a lot of negative things here shortly let’s not lose sight of the fact then he opens up with a commendation okay and it’s known as accomodation but it’s even that aspect of it is improving but there is a problem here’s his concern you get that horrible word not to withstanding your boss called you in there was office and says hey you’ve really done a good job you’ve done this this this I’m quite impressed and you feel pretty good then he says notwithstanding and sounds like a pink slip coming done now with standing I have a few things against thee because thou suffers that one that means permits suffers that one Jezebel which calleth herself a prophetess doesn’t say she was it says she called herself one to teach and seduce my servants to commit fornication to eat things sacrificed unto idols and I gave her space to repent of her fornication and she repented not now the word fornication obviously speaks of sexual immorality and that may be at the local level exactly what was going on but that term is also used throughout the scripture all the New Testament to refer to idol worship having intimacy with a false God is fornication in God’s eyes he’s a very jealous God so we’ve got to recognize that word fornication doesn’t exclude sexual immorality but the term goes far beyond just that are we together seduced by services commit fornication and to eat things sacrificed unto idols I gave her space to repent of her fornication and she repented that it’s in now the the problem here isn’t Jezebel the problem here is that the church is condoning Jezebel see the problem in Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19 was not homosexuality the problem in Genesis 19 is that the whole town could condone homosexuality all the men of the of the town were at that door it was the widespread condoning of it there’s homosexuality elements of it all time no it’s when it’s widespread and condone civically that’s the problem Sodom Gomorrah when you’re dealing with a similar thing here the problem isn’t Jezebel it’s that they all embrace it they they don’t do anything about it Jesus goes on and says behold I will cast her into a bed and then that commits adultery with her into Great Tribulation except they repent of their deeds well this is quite a term first of all this is the first phrase of this first using this phrase in the book of Revelation the Great Tribulation and what saying is if they don’t change they’re going to go in the Great Tribulation that also implies by the way if they do change they won’t this is heavy implications here the our catchment but them committed on religion the Great Tribulation except they repent of their deeds and we could talk a lot about this but perhaps let’s talk a little bit let’s understand we need to understand this letter we need to really understand who’s this person Jezebel what’s she all about well she was the daughter of F Bale which was the king of Sidon the priest of Astarte then he was the murderer of his predecessor fellows whom he killed to seize the throne so that’s he comes from a rough family she married King Ahab the king of the northern house of Israel married King Ahab to seal a profitable trade alliance between Israel and Phoenicia king of Sidon and was part of Phoenicians so there was a it was a commercial deal but as she marries Ahab becomes the queen she sets out to exterminate the prophets ottava pay or Yahweh or Jehovah how everyone pronounce it and so she is bad news if you in your background here would be read 1st Kings 18 through 21 to get the background we’ll just highlight some of it here what she brought to the table was pagan worship she’s a worshipper of bail-in the starti which all in which originated in Babylon so she along with her husband uh sure Zin the worst period of time in the Old Testament and that’s saying something that’s saying something she worshiped Ashtaroth which is another variation of Astarte also associated with all this are what’s called the Groves when you read about the Groves in the Bible you may not understand the Jews never had their holy places on the top of the hill that was always the pagan locations and on the top of hill were the groves one of the one of the grows their trees that were carved to look like phallic symbols it was part of the pagan worship the fertility rites and all of that and all is this is all also called the abomination of saito as the sidonians and so forth the whole concept of the Queen of Heaven incidentally is a babylonian concept and that lurks behind many of these things and i won’t spend a lot of time on that here but let’s give you a I can’t get into Jezebel and Ahab without and deal with this issue without using it as an excuse to jump in to first Kings 18 I don’t know how so B DeMille missed this chapter in the Bible he made so many movies with Samson Delilah and David and Bathsheba and of course the Ten Commandments sesame the mill had a had a thing for this he missed it what’s got to be one of the most incredible showdowns you’ve ever seen anywhere so we’re going to just go through it quickly get a flavor of this it because it talks about what Jezebel is really all about came to pass when Ahab saw Elijah the day upsetting them are thou he that troubleth Israel this is the Kings Jane Elijah says I have not troubled Israel but vow in my father’s house in that year for saying the commandments the Lord and has followed bailing bailing bailing here being a plural of bail the false gods now therefore sin and gather unto me Elijah says all Israel unto Mount Carmel and the prophets of bale 450 and the prophets of the Groves there we go 400 which is Jezebel table everybody knows about the 450 they overlooked there’s another 400 others you’re talking 850 of these false priests lied to challenge the king bring them all up to Carmel we’re going to showdown so Ahab sent to all the children Israel and gathered the prophets together in Montecarlo they came there because the king told him to Elijah came in all the people and said how and he’s got the priests are there but he gathers Israel around there’s a show there’s that this is Showtime Elijah came and all the people said how long will halt ye between two opinions if the Lord be God follow him but if they’ll then follow him nobody said a word then satellite under the people I even I only remain a prophet of the Lord but Bailes prophets are four hundred and fifty men let them therefore give us two bucks and let them choose one Bullock for themselves and cut it in the pieces lay it on wood and put no fire under it and I will dress the other bullet can lay it on wood and put no fire under and call ye upon the name of your gods and I will call upon the name of Lord and the God that answers by fire let him be God to all people today it well-spoken cool deal let’s get this resolved Elijah send the prophets of bail choose you on bullet for yourselves and dress it first for a year many and call on the name of your gods but putting a fire under they took the Bullock which was given them dressed it called it called on the name of bail from morning until noon saying o bail here is but there was no voice gnarnia that answered and they leaped upon the altar which was made then it came to pass at noon love this part this is a kick that Elijah mocked them that said cry aloud for he is a god either he is talking or he’s relieving himself that’s what the word really means it or he’s in journey or poor adventure he sleeps must be awakened hears you sort of visualize just you guys are two hills Elijah is just having a field day mocking them a little outer ear we can’t hear you may be sleeping maybe he’s odd to me maybe he’s going to the John that something’s wrong and they cried aloud and cut themselves he one of their ways of expressing themselves was to slash and cut and bleed they cried aloud and cut themselves after their manner with knives and Lancet till the blush gushed out upon them they came to pass when midday was passed and they prophesied until the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice that there was neither voice nor any to answer nor any that regarded Elisha said unto all the people come near to me and all the people came clear to him and he repaired there apparently was an altar that was broken down as destroyed earlier so he repairs it and takes this puts the stones back up repairs the auto broken down he took 12 stones according to the number of the tribes of the sons of jacob unto whom the lord word of the lord came saying israel shall be thy name remember when it when when jacob was given the name Israel that’s and with the stones he built an altar in the name of the Lord and he made a trench about the altar as great as would contain two measures of C now here’s something he just introduces you golfers understand what he’s doing it’s called a handicap okay he puts a trench about the altar put the wooden order and cut the Bullock in pieces and laid him on the wood that his book and said fill four barrels with water and pour it on the burnt sacrifice and on the wood he’s dousing it with water he said do it a second time they did a second nine is it do it a third time they did a third time and the water ran about the altar and he filled the trench also with water and the water ran about the altar and he filled the trench also with water and it came to pass at the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice how appropriate that Elisha the prophet came near and said Lord God of Abraham Abram eat suck and Israel let it be known this day that thou art God in Israel that I am thy servant and that I have done all these things at thy word care me O Lord hear me that this people may know that thou art the Lord God that thou has turned their heart back again and then the fire of the Lord fell and consumed the burnt sacrifice and the wood and the stones and the dust and licked up the water that was in the trench can you imagine that scene oh man when all the people saw it they fell on their faces boy can imagine they said the Lord he is God to the Lord he is the God and Lida said unto them take the prophets at bay let not one of them escape and they took them and Elijah brought them down the brook he Keshawn and what’d he do he killed him didn’t mess around first Kings 18 is more but we’re going to be going to move a couple chapters there’s another incident that is in the scripture and I believe there’s no ends of the scripture that isn’t there by design and I believe that the event that we’re going to look in first Kings 21 is perhaps the most revealing of all let’s take a look what happened in first Kings 21 it came to pass after all these things several things that happen between 18 separate many wages that ney bought the jezreelite had a vineyard which wasn’t Jezreel heart by the palace of Ahab the king of Samaria so this little guy in a boat’s got a vineyard it happens to be convenient for the king so hey I’m speaking the neighborhood saying give me thy vineyard that I may have it for a garden of herbs because it is near unto my house and I will give thee for any better vineyard than it or if it seem good to thee I will give you the worth of it money so give a trade or cash he wants the deal but then said hey it was the Lord forbid at me that I should give the inheritance of my father’s unto thee this whole concept of land the land was you know allocated by tribe and you didn’t you could lease it in terms letting somebody use it for a while but you didn’t get rid of it no he says he wouldn’t do that so Ahab is in a pouch verse 4 mayhap came into his house heavy and displeased because of the word which neighborhood he had spoken him for it said I will not give thee the inheritance of my father’s and he laid him down upon his bed he turned away his face and would eat no bread just like a spoiled brat right ah Jezebel but Jezebel’s wife came and said unto him why is thy spirit so sad that’s how he just no bread is that her because I spake unto nabe off the jezreelite and said unto him give me a vineyard for money or else it if it pleases the I will give thee another vineyard for it he answered I will not give me my vineyard Jezebel his wife said him just down now govern the Kingdom Israel arise and eat bread and let thine heart be merry I will give thee the vineyard of naboth the jezreelite Jezebel says in the King don’t sweat it let me handle it how does she handle it she wrote letters in the Habs name and sealed them with his seal and sent the letters unto the elders and the nobles that were in his city dwelling with maybethe she wrote the letter saying proclaim a fast and set name off on high among the people and set two men sons of Belial before him to bear witness against him saying thou didst blaspheme God and the King and then carry him out and stone him that he may die straightforward procedure the men of the city even the elders and the nobles who were the inhabitants in his city did as Jezebel had said unto them and as it was written in the letters which she had sent to them they proclaimed a fast and set nabe off on high among the people and there came two men children Belial that set in other words the devil worshipers in effect and set before him and the men of Belial witnessed against him evening as nebith in the presence of the people saying able to bless him God in the king then they carried him forth out of the city stoned him with stones that he died and then they sent to Jezebel saying they both is stoned and is dead what is not mentioned here but has mentioned elsewhere in the scripture they didn’t just kill nabe off they slaughtered all his heirs sons and grandsons so there’d be no claim on the land doesn’t end there doesn’t end it verse 14 and came to pass when Jezebel heard that neighbor off his stone and was dead that Jezebel said to Ahab arise and take possession of the vineyard neighbor off the jezreelite which he refused to give me for money for David is not alive but dead and it came to pass when they have heard that namath was dead that ahab rose up to go down to the vineyard neighbor the desert and take possession of it and the word of the lord came to elijah the tishbite saying arise and go down to me they had the king of Israel which is in Samaria behold he is in the vineyard of naboth whether he has gone down to possess it and thou shalt speak unto him saying thus saith the LORD hath thou killed and also taken possession and thou shalt speak unto him saying thus saith the Lord in the place where dogs licked the blood of nebith shall dogs lick thy blood even nine very specific very direct you know it really is ridiculous here’s a king who could have gotten anything he wanted but here’s his little vineyard of this little guy for that to be an issue it’s just you know anyway and they had said to Elijah has thou found me old mine enemy me answered I have found thee because thou has sold myself to work evil inside of the Lord behold I will bring evil upon me and I will take away thy posterity I will cut off from Ahab him that piss it against the wall and him that is shut up and left in Israel say what on earth is that about it’s a rather call for way of saying his male sons and grandsons in other words the ones that would inherit them it pisses against the wall I didn’t say that then James said that I’m gonna hear about that when I get home and relate 9 house like the house of Jeroboam the son of Nebat and like the house of Basha the son of haja for the provocation wherewith thou has provoked me to anger and has made Israel to sin and of Jezebel also spake the Lord saying the dog shall eat Jezebel by the wall of Jezreel in the diet that they have in the city the dogs shall eat him that diet in the fields show the fowls of the air eat but there was none like unto a hab which did him sell himself to work wickedness in the sight of the Lord whom Jezebel his wife stirred up and on it goes he did very abominably in the fall in following idols according to all the things did the amorite assume the Lord cast out before the children Israel and came to pass when a I’ve heard those words he rent his clothes put sackcloth but his flesh and fasted and lay in sackcloth and went softly named oz vineyard the king wants the vineyard the queen arranges the inquisition arranges for false witnesses condemnation execution and it’s the property is seized for the king does that echo something in history what’s it called in history anyone the inquisition dark days what also is that they bots heirs were also slain as indicated let’s look ahead from first Kings into 2nd Kings chapter 9 when Jay who Jay was quite a guy I don’t have time to get into him tonight but there is he was a quick on the draw here he also drove too fast he broke speed limits but let me go into that here when Jay who has come to Jezreel Jezebel heard of it and she painted her face and teared her head and looked out at a window and as Jay who entered in the gate she said had Zimri peace who slew his master that’s a taunt by the way because Zimri had slain his master and and anyway he lifted up his face to the window she’s up there and he does who’s on my side who and they looked out two eunuchs two officers of the harem inner said throw her down so they threw her down some of her blood was sprinkled on the wall on the horses and he tried her under foot when he’s come in he did eat and drink she falls there he runs his horses and chariots over so she makes me she’s dead he goes in has my T this is Jaggu right he said go seen all this cursed woman and barrier for after all she’s a king’s daughter right and he went out to bury her but they found more of her than the skull and the feet and the palms of her hands well where they came again told him and said this is the word of the Lord which he spake by his servant Elijah the Tishbite saying in the portion of Jezreel shall dogs eat the flesh of Jezebel and the carcass of Jezebel she’ll be as a dung upon the face of the field in the portion of Jezreel so that they shall not say this is Jezebel forgot to mention that Jay who is with his sidekick the two of them were servants of Ahab at neighbour’s vineyard so they witnessed the sin of Ahab but now Jay who is king and his sidekick they also witness the judgement of Ahab and of Jezebel very very there’s a lot of retribution under all of this but so Jezebel gets her do well so Jesus is using Jezebel as an idiom here apparently I assume that there was a literal Jezebel of some kind there in the church in Thyatira but I think it’s something far deeper it’s coming on here just as I will kill her children with death and all the churches shall know that I am he which searches the reins and the hearts or the minds of the hearts and I will give unto every one of you according to your works it’s interesting this sort of already starts to imply that there is a remnant and thigh attire that may survive the church itself in big trouble here’s the excitation that Jesus says but I said unto you I say unto the rest in Thyatira as many as have not this doctrine and which have not known the depths of Satan as they speak I will put upon you none other burden but that which he have already hold fast till I come now the deep things of Satan the depths of Satan what on earth is that all about there’s a plan words here because the the the deep things of Satan is bathos and the burden is barroso then in the end there’s a phonetic similarity in the Greek but anyway that which he have already hold fast till I come this is the first place in the seven letters that there is an explicit reference to the second coming of Christ he says which is that which you have already hold fast till I come that till is a very important word then we get to he that overcometh and keepeth my works unto the end to him will like you have power over the nations now he promises that to the overcomer the context implies that was the ambition of Jezebel that power over the nation’s don’t go that way hold fast to your faith and keepeth my either keepeth my works at the end to him will I give power Galatians and he shall rule them with a rod of iron as the vessels of Potter shall they be broken to shivers these are all echoes of Psalm 2 and so forth even as I received of my father and I will give him the morning star there’s a lot before sunrise and there maybe even echo of the star of Jacob that Balaam the Prophet Balaam talks about but we’ll let that one go for here and then we have of course this closing phrase he that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches this is the first letter where the promise the overcomer is in the body of the letter so we have Thyatira we have the name we have the all the elements that we’ve just gone through but we notice that unlike the first three that promise the overcomer is in the body of the letter as it will be for the coming three ones there’s a change in structure here for some bizarre reason we’ll explore that when we have all the letters in front of us we’ve looked at the local let’s talk about the admonitory how do this apply to churches they are there Jezebel’s in churches today well are their pagan practices in the church today absolutely and we’re going to be talking about some specific ones but let’s recognize there are pagan that practices in every Church you’ll walk into the question is how much find a church that worships on Sunday you got Constantine they’re not that the New Testament I’m not a seventh-day Adventist don’t misunderstand me but anyone the things that the Sunday is the Sabbath hasn’t done their homework but that’s not a big deal all says don’t let anyone judge you keeping of any holy day Sabbath or Sabbath’s so don’t make that a divisive thing but just understand that’s a that that Shabbat is the seventh day of the week Sunday isn’t Sundays the first day of the week and some people say well we worship it because the resurrection if that’s your argument fine we’ll leave it late for now but let’s go on there are pagan practices when we talk about Easter that’s a that’s the golden egg of a starting and the formula for the Easter calendar was deliberately designed by the churches so it would not fall on Passover and usually it’s close this year it’s strange because the extra month but the point is that that there’s paganism everywhere some churches more than others okay we also have a personal thing well that probably fits pretty much all the way through again pagan practices how do we deal with that personally and do we need to do with that and the overcomers promises there’s all kinds of promises but we’ll leave that one leave that that’s pretty straightforward also and who is the overcomer let’s not get into a legal trick here who is the first John is your versus the same author that wrote revelation wrote a letter first letter whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world this is the victory that overcometh the world even our faith who is he that overcometh the world but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God that’s our job we are a walk by faith not of works if you have serious faith works will be a byproduct but don’t put that cart before the horse or you get into a whole denial of Christ completed work oK we’ve covered three of them let’s get to the most astonishing one of all the prophetic side of this what are these depths of Satan first of all as a tech mysteries of the babylonian cults of course in 378 ad dem assists the Bishop of Rome took the office of Perfect’s Maximus that was the high priest of dabble in religion it previously had been the prerogative of the Caesars but here he took it on and that when the Christian Church now had as his tip dealer head Pontifex maximum in pagan paganism but let’s get into the papacy this is the core issue here let’s review this and I want to apologize in advance for any of you who are from a Catholic background because I’m pretty confident we’re going to talk about some history that you may not be aware of and I’ll give you a biblical bibliographical references at the end where you can verify this I do encourage you not to believe a word I say but in your own homework but let’s take a look you will not understand the history of Europe unless you understand the tensions between the Vatican and the various kings of Europe as the Vatican aspired to temporal Authority more than religious authority the word public course simply means popular father it initially applied to our Western bishops by the way about 500 AD it began to be restricted to the Bishop of Rome but 500 years the bishops of Rome were not popes by the way what about Peter they have it Roman Catholics promoted a tradition that Peter was the first pope it’s fiction there’s no historical basis for this there’s no evidence that Peter was ever a Bishop of Rome in fact he himself seems to have a foreboding over his successors in first Peter five threes as neither as being lords over the gods heritage but being examples to the flock as his emphasis just the opposite if you will and by the way there are people that argue that weren’t babbling in his second letter it shows up there is a code name for Rome that’s not true Babylon was a major Jewish Center in fact that’s where the Babylonian Talmud was compiled that’s all another myth that we’ll talk about later in the study later in the study revelation in the 4th century there were five major primary centers Rome Constantinople Antioch Jerusalem and eggs and really each had the bishop in that area was called a patriarch all five were originally equal in 395 ad when the empire divides antioch jerusalem alexander acknowledged the leadership of constantinople not rome constantinople as one reason constantine moved it but that started a struggle between rome pagan rome if you will and constantinople and that struggle goes on for quite a while and the bishop of rome and his lust for worldly power claimed universal jurisdiction over the church that just he just asserted it unfortunately that was all it was his end or his watch the Empire divided into two separate empires east and west the Roman Empire itself split into two arms two legs if you will the East of course was beset with all kinds of theological controversies the West was under increasingly weak Emperor’s and it was breaking up before the barbarians they would fall apart by 476 ad the eastern leg outlasted the Western League by a thousand years but these jawbone attempts these attempts for the Bishop of Rome to somehow eclair that he’s in charge of all of them I was attempts it continued until Leo the first we want to get to Leo the first year the in 445 445 he obtained from the Emperor the the imperial recognition for his claim as primate of all bishops in 452 we did understand the Barbarian Rome was falling apart the barbarians were at the gates and a tilde Hunton he persuaded Attila the Hun to spare the city of Rome pretty cool I’m he pulled that off in 455 fewer years later genetically vandal well he did the same thing he talked him into having mercy on the city these jawbone attempts these these these diplomatic moves really earn Leo the first his reputation he had it made so he declared himself lord over the whole church he advocated exclusive universal papacy just following Lou along hearing that the same claims that prentices had but in his case he sort of earned some respect here and he proclaimed that resistances a was a sure path to hell these are the kinds of assertions that are starting it they also advocated the death penalty for heresy so this is starting this is these guys that start to get pretty tough but we have the fall of Rome and simply Casillas was the Roman Pope when the Western Empire came to an end that’s roughly 476 ad and now there was no civil authority all the fragmented kingdoms of barbarians gave all kinds of opportunities to do deals among the and the Pope became one of the more commanding figures in the West not because of his political authority just as a center of influence Gregory Forrest is regarded by many scholars as the first pope others would say Leo was there’s debates in that in various ways but but Gregory the first was quite a guy if there if there had been more Pope’s like him I think the world would have a whole different estimate of the papacy he labor unceasingly over the purification of the church he deposed neglectful or unworthy bishops he opposed the sale of officers that’s called Simoni but let’s get to a guy by name of charlatan Zacharias was instrumental in making Pepin the king of the Franks the Franks was the dramatic people had occupied Western Germany in northern France and so this Pope was instrumental letting Peppa Peppa and become the king of the Franks succeeding Pope requested Pepin to lead his army to Italy to conquer the lumbars which had pillage it and he did and he succeeded and he gave the center core of Italy to the Pope that became the beginning of the papal States if you will and that continued by the way all the way to 1870 when Italy regained those lands back all except that city itself so they had that for 1,100 years thanks to to Pepin now the the Pepin has a son by the name of Charlemagne who becomes a major player and he was he turns out to be one of the greatest rulers of all time that’s why we’re getting into this a little bit here but he was he reigned 46 years through many wars and incredible conquests and his realm included Germany France Switzerland Austria Hungary Belgium and parts of Spain and Italy so that was the so-called Holy Roman Empire if you will and he helped the Pope of the Pope helped him they had a real duet going here and he was one of the greatest influences is bringing the papacy to a position of royal power following the the traditions I might mention he’s the grandson Charlemagne was the grandson of Charles Martel who stopped the Moors in 732 that was a big thing in European history Padma Charles Martel the Moors were taken over Europe and a tourist Franz he he stopped so Charlemagne is his grandson so he comes from a very distinguished background and we got to the treaty we’re done after Charming dies of course the tree Verdun divided his empire into what later became the foundations of journey France and Italy that’s where it really came out of the tree Verdun but this is where a ceaseless struggle starts between the Pope’s and the primarily the German and French kings and the so called Holy Roman Empire lasted a thousand years until Napoleon brought to an end in 1806 it’s interesting how the holy woman Empire which was neither holy nor Roman but that’s the label is sort of the echo of ambition subsequent Hitler’s Third Reich was the third regime he had the Roman Empire the Holy Roman Empire it was the third reich that was the idea and so on and what we’re seeing in Europe is heading in the similar direction well we have a strange thing occur Nicholas the first by the way is the first pope to wear a crown and is about this time 857 there are books surfaces called the isidori and accredits and it purported to be letters and decrees of bishops and councils of the 2nd and 3rd centuries and the whole idea was to exalt the power of the Pope stamping the papacy with the authority of antiquity and anta dating the Pope’s temple power by five centuries they were very very important except after a couple of centuries they were proven to be forgeries most collage forgeries in history deliberate forgers forgeries see until 1860 Intel 869 all these ecumenical councils were held under the auspices of Constantinople they were in Greek not Latin we tend to forget that but that was really where the real issues were joined and a Nick was the first undertook to interfere in the affairs of the Eastern Church he excommunicated that patriarch of concept noble who in turn excommunicated him so they they treated excommunication those and the claims of the Roman Church became increasingly unbearable so the east finally it separates itself this is called the great cleavage where they eat where the Eastern Orthodox separates from the Roman Catholics if you were they really that’s where they really split the Eastern Orthodox has many traditions that are similar but many their various tinkly different than the Roman Catholics they don’t have celibate priests and so forth and of course the breach became becomes wider through the centuries and the brutal treatment of Constantinople by the armies of the Pope Innocent ii during the crusades deepens the whole division between the two so there’s a huge tension between them well from 904 to 963 is known in history strangely enough as the rule of the harlots and it turns out that under surges the third and 904 there’s a gal Benny of Mars Mars olya morrow Zia excuse me and her mother Theodora and her sisters they filled the papal a chair with paramours and bastard sons and turned the papal den into a den of robbers and this is why they call this era called the rule of the harlots surges the first gets replaced by John the tenth he was brought from Ravena to roam by and made Pope by Theodora for her more convenient gratification he was smothered to death my Moreau Zia who then in succession raised a papacy later the sixth Stephen the seventh and John the ninth who was her own her own illegitimate son and another son’s was another sons appointed the following Pope’s Leo the seventh Stephen the eighth Martin the third and AGGA pedis ii and then we get to John the 12th he was the grandson of marizia guilty of almost every crime you can imagine violated virgins and widows lived with his father’s mistress may the papal palace a brothel was killed in the act of adultery by the woman’s enraged husband so this is the legacy that’s from that era but the descent continues we have Benedict the eighth in and John the ninth that bought the office of the probe through by Pope and bribery and then Benedict the ninth was made Pope as a twelve-year-old boy through a money bargain with the powerful families that ruled Rome he committed murders adulteries in broad daylight and robbed pilgrims and on the graves of martyrs the hideous criminal the people drove model Rome and some people call him the worst of all the Pope’s but that he at least make the finals then we have a period of time where there were three rival popes the ninth continued but Gregory the sixth and Sylvester the third the Rome swarmed with hired assassins the virtue of pilgrims was violated and so we get to Clement the second and he was appointed Pope by Emperor Henry the 8th of Germany quote because no Roman clergyman could be found who was free of the pollution of simony that is purchased buying offices and fornication so it’s that bad the King steps in and points clement ii to fill the bill now we start moving into better days the golden age of papal power at least and there was a cry of reform was answered by Hildebrand who led the papacy into its golden age from ten forty nine to twelve ninety four and he controlled five successive administrations prior to his own and when he he control he appointed those four and then he he became Gregory the seventh and he took he undertook a major reform so things are getting better presumably we get to innocent the third however who may be the worst of the bunch he was the most powerful of all the Pope’s by most historians he claimed to be Vicar of Christ and Victor of God he said all things on earth and in heaven and in hell are subject to the Vicar of Christ this is raised more blood was shed under his direction and that of his immediate successors than any other period of church history except perhaps the papacy s effort to cross the Reformation in the 16th and 17th centuries he considers up the supreme sovereign of the church the world all the Monarchs of Europe obeyed his will including the Byzantine Empire that’s astonishing he ordered two Crusades he decreed transubstantiation he confirmed auricular confession he declared papal infallibility he condemned the Magna Carta that’s interesting forbade the reading of the Bible in the vernacular and the Institute of the Inquisition and we can’t go very far without export understanding a little bit about the Inquisition called in and by the Vatican the Holy Office the Inquisition was instituted by Pope Innocent the third and was perfected by Pope Gregory the ninth everyone was required to inform against heretics any one suspect was liable to torture without knowing the name of his accuser the proceedings were secret the Inquisitor pronounced sentence and the victim was turned over to civil authorities to be imprisoned for life or to be burned and his property the victims property was confiscated and divided between the church in the state do you understand the insidious incentives here there’s a real incentive here – you know – for a guilty verdict whatever the circumstances are the Inquisition of course clean vast multitudes of victims in Spain Italy Germany the Netherlands it did its most deadly work against the Alba Genesis let’s talk about them a little bit they were in southern France northern Spain and northern Italy they preached against the immoralities of priesthood the worship of saints and images they completely rejected the clergy in their claims they opposed the claims of the church at Rome they made great use of the scriptures and live self-denying lives with great zeal for moral purity that’s a formula to get persecuted isn’t it by 1167 a majority of population of southern france and they were and they were very numerous in northern Italy in 1208 the Pope Innocent the third strange label isn’t it ordered a bloody war of extermination which other he wiped out town after town the inhabits murdered without discrimination until all the Alba Genesis were utterly wiped out they weren’t the only ones The Waltons is a similar but not identical group in the same region emphasizing Bible reading and rejecting clerical usurpation and profligacy were similarly wiped out notices as well before the Reformation these are backgrounds that lead of course of the Reformation in the 30 years between 1540 and 1570 no fewer than 900,000 Protestants will put to death by the Pope’s war for the extermination of the Waldenses for 500 years the Inquisition was the most diabolical thing in human history well we get to Boniface the 7th or 8th I mean he in his famous bull unum sanctum he said quote we declare affirm defined and pronounce that is altogether necessary for salvation that every creature should be subject to the roman pontiff that was their style he was so corrupted dante the famous english author who visited Rome during his pontificate called the Vatican a sewer of corruption in the site along with Nicholas the third and climate the fifth to the lowest parts of his famous you know divided Inferno yeah thank you then we get to another ear that maybe people don’t know about the French control the papacy see the papacy had been victorious in its 200 years struggled primarily with the German Empire but they met their match would Philip the fair the King of France with whom the history of modern France begins the death of Pope Benedict the 11th the papal palace was removed from Rome to Avignon on the South border France and for 70 years the papacy was the mere tool of the French Court and people don’t realize that for the next 40 years there were two sets of popes weren’t Roman one Avenue each claiming to be the Vicar of Christ hurling amethyst and curses at each other then we get to what’s called the Renaissance popes from the john xxiii on and he was called by some of the most depraved criminal who ever sat on the papal throne guilty of almost every crime as Cardinal Bologna he was two hundred maidens nuns married women fell victim to his amours as pope he violated virgins and nuns lived in adultery with his brother’s wife was guilty of sodomy and nameless vices bought the papal office in the first place sold card and the lights I guess you call it to children of wealthy families and he openly denied the future life no surprise and so and we get to what Pius the second he said to have been the father of many illegitimate children he spoke openly of the methods he used to seduce women and encourage young man even offering to instruct them in the methods of self-indulgence that’s quite a example Paul a second filled his house with concubines were told sexless the fourth sanctioned the Spanish Inquisition decreed that money would deliver souls from purgatory that’s a great way to raise funds was implicated in a plot to murder the Lorenzo de Medici and others who opposed his policies and use the papacy to enrich himself in his relatives he made eight of his nephews Cardinals while as yet some of them were mere boys in wealth and Pompey and his relatives surpassed the old Roman families and we get to a innocently a ‘the had sixteen children by various married women multiplied church offices sold them for vast sums of money decreed the extermination of the Waldenses appointed the brutal thomas of Toccata as the Inquisitor General of Spain and ordered all rulers to deliver up heretics to him then we have Alexander the sixth the most corrupt of the Renaissance popes these are tough competitions by the way no these guys are he was licentious a voracious depraved he bought the papacy made many new cardinals for money had a number of illegitimate children whom he openly acknowledged appointed to high church office while they were yet children and murdered cardinals and others who stood in the way and then we get to fly as the by the way Alexander 4th also had a mistress of the head of mistress a sister of a cardinal who he then made Pope Pius the third so they all get a piece of the action here well that leads us that is a background for a young coal miner son 1483 was born to a coal miner godbye named Martin Luther he was out to become a lawyer when he had an experience in a very violent lightning storm that caused him to pursue a doctorate in theology very pivotal time for the world actually he went to Rome and to give it just a short rendering of this he was so disillusioned that he had been advised when he was he was very ill on going through the Alps to Rome that a month told him to he had Luther very early in his it is doctoral studies became very burdened by his own sin he really couldn’t deal with that in fact as his confessor said stop coming to me until you’ve got something to confess I mean he was just you know but he this monk said the key to your life is Habakkuk he went to Rome became very disillusioned but on the way back he realized that’s the key to the whole thing Habakkuk says the just shall live by faith and that became his life verse in fact Paul wrote a trilogy on that verse book of Romans book of Galatians book Hebrews who are the just that’s what the book of Romans answers and quotes that verse how shall the just live they shall live by faith how do how you do that that’s what Galatians all about the just shall live by faith and that’s what the book of Hebrews elaborates in the end that verse is quoted in all three so there’s it’s a very key thing worth worthier study but in any case that leads him ultimately on October 31st of 1517 Luther nails is famed 95 theses to the door wooden brick college his dream his hope his ambition was to get the church to reform to get to to shed these pagan practices but the response is just the opposite in December 10th of 1520 there’s a Bullock’s communicating him unless he retracts within 60 days or death and Luther burns it publicly and the Reformation in effect is mourn the diet of worms in 1521 Charles v the Emperor of the so-called holy roman empire that would be Germany Spain Netherlands in Austria someone Luther to appear and he has his big climactic appearance if he if he doesn’t recant they’re going to kill him says here I stand I can do not else so help me God and that was fortunately because of the support of the German princes and so forth they didn’t kill him obviously and but the century of wars began the war on the German Protestants the war in the process of the Netherlands the Wars of the Huguenots wars in France Philips attempt against England these are just a whole century of wars here 30 years war as it’s called all were Wars trying to stamp out or can tail the so-called Reformation so we have the Reformation popes you got joins the second called the warrior Pope he’s the richest of the Cardinals with vest income from numerous bishops and church states he bought the papacy obviously and he attained and personally led vast armies and used in issued indulgences for money and that was part of what we have dealing with here with Leo the the he was Pope and Luther started the whole Protestant Reformation and Luther people are he didn’t really start it he was just a precipitating event there were a lot of things already going on in different parts of Europe the Martin Luther thing was sort of is what caused it all to move forward in the dramatic way that’s why they say the Reformation started with him technically there’s a lot of movements that already started in other places but anyway the other tenth was made an archbishop when he was eight years old and he he became a cardinal at 13 he held 27 offices before he was 13 years old he appointed Cardinals as young as seven see these were just the games they’re playing in a sense he maintained the most luxurious and licentious Court in Europe as a literary he reaffirmed the unemployed every human baby subject to the Roman apana for salvation he’s used indulgences and for stipulated fees and declared the burning of heretics a divided appointment so we get to Adrian and we get let’s keep moving along here Paul the third had many illegitimate children he was a determined enemy of the Protestants and he offered Charles for the fifth that army to exterminate them and we have the Jesuits that was a the based on principle of unconditional obedience the Pope having its object of recovery of territory lost the Protestants and Muslims and the conquest of the entire heathen world for the Roman Catholic leaders very militant group the supreme aim was the destruction of heresy that thinking anything different than what the Pope said to think and for this accomplishment though their ground was a pretty broad anything was justifiable deception and morality of eyes even murder in France they were responsible for the st.

Matthew’s Massacre I’ll come to that in a minute then persecution the Huguenots the revocation the target edict they even facilitated the French Revolution in Spain Netherlands South Germany Bohemia Austria Poland the other countries they laid they led in the massacre of untold multitudes and thus saved the papacy from ruin st. Bartholomew’s massacre Catherine de Medici the mother of the existing King at the time an ardent Romanist and willing to love the Pope she gave the order on the night of August 24th of 1570 to 70,000 Huguenots were massacred it was great rejoicing in Rome the Pope in his College of Cardinals went in solemn procession to the Church of San Marco and arc and order that they to him to be sung in Thanksgiving they struck a medal and come and commemoration of the massacre sent a cardinal to Paris to bear the king and the Queen Mother the congratulations of the Pope strange times well for that background we had a very interesting thing occur on March 29th of 1994 all this apparently some kind of big misunderstanding a joint declaration was signed called the evangelicals and Catholics together the Christian mission in the third millenium most signal to the most significant event in 500 years of church history is it a difficult area some very prominent Christian leadership have joined and signing this and equal equally impressive effect may be more impressive group of Christian scholars are shocked because it’s really a denial of the people that willingly went to the burn to be burned at the stake for their belief in biblical doctrine the compromise of the gospel lies at the heart of the agreement the gospel hasn’t changed and that’s the problem but there wasn’t a surprising announcement that you also should make part of the record here and that’s May 21st of 1995 the Pope himself believe it or not ask forgiveness for all the wrongs and crimes could be didn’t permitted by the Roman Catholic Church throughout their history we’ve been a little more impressive if he asked forgiveness of what the Vatican perpetrated during the history but he generalized it and at least that’s a you know stake of the ground you say Chuck this is pretty wild stuff you’ve been very offensive here I’m sure some people I encourage you to do a little homework one of the most accessible products you can get at any Christian bookstore is Halley’s Bible handbook but the one I use the 24th edition published in 1965 originally published way back in 27 so classic you can get it in any Christian bookstore I might caution you though don’t get the special edition that was handed out by Billy Graham because you’ll discover this particular section was removed from that special printing run so get make sure you get the whole one and that’ll have a history of the Vatican thing and it’ll give you the references where you can check things out another way to deal with this subject is to check out the book by Dave hunt a woman rides the beast published by Harvest House in 1994 it’s I I regarded as a must read for every serious Christian there are some viewpoints that Dave holds that I don’t happen to be quite in step with but they’re not material here that he’s done an outstanding job at researching the background and he will he has a thing documented thoroughly so you can check it out Dave and I did a briefing pack together here called the kingdom of blood where we each spent did a session and that’s available here but I recommend even better than while that’s handy here I recommend the day’s book go to any Christian bookstore and and get it if you can’t get it you get on the net whatever let’s get to this prophetic profile remember we said that we had these various churches Ephesus was the Apostolic Church Smyrna the persecuted Church Pergamus is the Marian Church what am i qualified Tyra well for lack of another name I’ll just call it the medieval church we’re together that’s I think a reasonable descriptor and again we may know to the fact that there’s a change in architecture that has just occurred and we’re going to study that in the subsequent sessions but I’ll give you a glimpse in advance if I take these churches and I take the various Appalachians on them fire we notice a couple of things first of all we notice that these first three had the promises to the overcomer post scripted and the second group the promises are in the body of the letter if nothing else at least clusters these into two groups it’s interesting too that the last four each have an explicit reference to the route of the coming of Christ for three – not the last four do so that’s also a distinctive Fiat IRAs distinctive that there it includes a threat that if they don’t repent that they’ll be thrust in the Great Tribulation we’re going to see one of the other three churches have just the opposite commitment made and we’ll talk about that as we get to it so that’s just a four glimpse as we get all through all seven will backtrack and try to look at the how these all fit together in a overall design so let’s talk about next session I’ve run a little over time already so let’s read for next time read chapters two and three read all seven letters I think that’s useful but outline the next one which is a letter to Sardis revelation chapter three verses 1 to 6 and what is the the Sardis what is their primary need it won’t be as obvious until you let’s just study carefully and find out what are the dist what what are the distinctives of this particular letter let’s you assignment for next time let’s stand for a closing word of Prayer tough stuff a very difficult period of history to try to summarize briefly and let’s remind ourselves that Jesus commended them the Church of Thyatira further works their services and so forth there’s some positives there but he did emphasize this woman Jezebel and all that she represented and I think the parallels to us seem very very obvious how does it affect you and me how does it affect you and me that’s the challenge because he that have anybody hear what the Spirit says to the church says their lessons here independent independent of the church you happen to attend personally it has to do with our personal walk with the Lord and our forbearance of paganism and whatever form you find it our forbearance of immorality sexual and spiritual immorality that’s the issue all the way through and immorality always goes hand in hand sexual and idolatrous together it caused the church to stumble it caused Solomon dissemble the wisest men on the earth started off great but became a pasta at the end because of sexual immorality and false worship our hearts father we come before your throne odd that you have loved us so much to give us your son Jesus Christ and yet father if you stand back and look at history we just grieve just grieve at the miserable respond is urabá response that unbalance we collectively obeyed we thank you Father nevertheless that you’ve given us your son we thank you Father that you’ve brought us to this point in time we pray father through your Holy Spirit for discernment and understanding and yes resolve we do pray father that you would help us understand what you would have of us where you have planted us I pray father you’d give us the strength and the equipping to hold fast be strong as your ambassadors keep us from being married to the world father help us to never forget that we’re just passing through we’re pilgrims here for we look for a city whose maker is you probably we would just pray that you would help each of us to grow and grace the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ help us to shed the grave clothes of the past help us to step forward untrammeled unhindered by the traditions and the missteps of the past help his father to be your ambassadors help us to be fruitful stewards as we commit ourselves into your hands without any reservation as we come to you in the name of Yeshua our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in whose name we do pray amen

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