Chuck Missler Revelation Session 02 Chapter 1 The Things Which Thou Hast Seen

Well as you can tell from the title slide we are in the study of Revelation the book of Revelation and we are in the second session we had a little introduction in the previous section sort of reviewed a lot of broad principles we have quite a few new people so you’ll be gratified to know there will be quite a bit of review as we get started and we’re going to focus still on chapter one so you really by joining us in this session you’ll be able to catch up pretty quickly it’s the apocalypse it’s the catastrophic in crisis of our present age so it takes tracks a lot of attention and of course it’s going to involve the spectacular appearance of the King of Kings taking over his global Empire he paid for it on the cross he takes possession of it in this astonishing book we’re also going to see the interment of Satan into the abuso and all that we’ll get into all those spooky aspects as we get into that and of course we’ll deal with the millennial return on the earth and the reign of Jesus Christ that’s very controversial I think it’s unfortunate of course that probably nine out of ten of the denominational churches don’t believe in a literal millennium that’s their view they have the reasons but we have a different view we’ll try to explain some of those things and we’ll share with you why we hold the view we do and I might mention right here it’s not our desire to create controversy or to sell a particular viewpoint what our real goal here is to get you to do serious study of the Bible in general in this book in particular as a serious student we will share our views and why we hold those views but all underscoring it all along the way we encourage you to your own homework and of course we will see the final insurrection and the abolition of sin and a new heaven and a new earth interesting a new heaven as well as a new earth the redemption is involves far more than just you and me personally far more than just the believers it’s far more going on here but just to reiterate the fundamental foundation of this ministry hinges on to discovery the first discoveries that this book that Weekly sixty-six books that we gladly called the Bible are actually 66 separate books that were penned by over 40 different guys over thousands of years the discovery is that we now discover it’s an integrated message system and I don’t mean just thematically every detail every number every place name even the mathematical structures underneath the text exhibit very skillful design that’s the first discovery the second one derives from that that design had to emerge from outside space-time because it anticipates things before they happen in structure as well as content and that implies that the author of these segments emerge from outside our constraints of time itself once you discover those two things for yourself it will change your whole perspective of the Bible and it will lead you to an AW that’s essential to really understand it now the central themes of course the Old Testament is an account of the nation the New Testament is the account of a man a very specific man the creator himself became man and of course his appearance is a central event of all history and you know Mel Gibson did a fabulous job with his movie The Passion in in its graphics and it’s in aspects of it but it fails to really communicate who he was the crucifixion of Christ was not a tragedy it was an achievement dozens and dozens of prophecies fulfilled on that one day that were written centuries before he died to purchase you and me and the good news is he’s alive right now as we speak and our most exalted privileges to know him as what the Bible is all about that’s what these sessions are all about so this is by way of just a warm-up but let’s do something with our presuppositions we all bring to this evening various presuppositions let’s first of all recognize God means what he says and says what he means and that sounds so simple but it’s so fundamental the Bible is an integrated whole every detail is there by design and nothing is trivial all things are there for our learning we’re going to show you a lot of things that seem trivial at first but hopefully show you why they’re not true at all and god of course is his own interpreter not chuck Missler or some radio preacher whatever god himself and our challenge is to find out what he’s really means now in the early days of my ministry is to make everybody put this at the top of their notepad I think I’ll do this again and this is a warning in acts Paul leaves the fussing likens goes down to Berea and he speaks of the people down in Berea he said these were more noble than those investment Laika in both groups accepted him broadly but the Bereans he said were more noble of those in Thessalonica in that they received the word the Word of God with all readiness or openness of mind but they searched the Scriptures daily to prove whether those things were so that’s where Luke is telling you don’t believe anything chuck Missler tells you check it out for yourself and my intent is to get you to study not to accept my particular views I share my views in the sense they may be helpful but also that you’ll know where at least I’m coming from you may not agree that’s fine do your own homework now there are different views of this book there’s the preterist view they say that the the meaning of this book was good only for the time has written the era of John and so forth that’s their view there’s also another view that’s closely related historical view that this has all been historically completed and those are views you’ll find books written with that perspective perspective a larger number of books probably are regard the entire book as allegorical the fight between good and evil and all these things are just allegories some people would call that the idealist view and there are allegories in the scripture of course but this goes far beyond just that the fourth view and the one we obviously are embracing is that what some people would call futurist we believe this Bible is what it says it is and it said the book of Revelation claims to be prophecy we believe it is in fact I think we can demonstrate it as we go but these are four classic views you should be aware that there are different views the book of Revelation self claims to be a prophetic book in many many places more than just a few I’ve listed here why prophecy we’re all in certain prophecy well the Old Testament has over almost two thousand references to Christ’s rule on the earth not just his first cut coming there are so many references to his first coming that’s why many of the Jews when he made his appearance didn’t recognize him because they’re so fixated on the on jesus the son of dahveed they speak of the Messiah ben Yosef the suffering server is a different guy now they never realized it’s both the same guy there are 17 of the 39 books of the Old Testament that give prominence to the event and the New Testament of course is has 216 out of 216 chapters there are 318 references to the second coming of Christ not the first Second Coming and it’s mentioned 23 of the 27 books and the three that don’t make sure a little single chapter books are written to an individual doesn’t fit the context so it’s a very dominant dominant issue and so see you and I tend to presume that tomorrow will be like yesterday next week like last week next month like last but we tend to linearly extrapolate life it’s natural and we then have a linear presumption in mathematical terms well the Bible says quite otherwise for every prophecy relating to his first coming there are eight prophecies of a second coming it has far more visibility than even the first coming well we’re going to go through chapter 1 we started a little bit last time the first three verses I think we touched on that’s the introduction to the book and from 4 to 11 we have a salutation and the occasion what caused John to write this book but then 12 to 18 is a vision of Jesus Christ the risen Lord and that may surprise you to study it carefully then we have something that’s unique to this book I don’t know of any other book in the Bible it has an outline usually that’s the teacher assigned you to do an outline of the book you’re studying John gives you an outline to the book in verse 19 we’ll take a look at that and then we have a prep the last verse is a preparation for your next few sessions chapters 2 & 3 but the introduction we’ll start with the revelation notice it’s singular not plural the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave unto whom under Jesus Christ think about that a minute many people read that first sentence don’t realize what it say the rebel the unveiling of Jesus Christ that God gave to whom to Jesus Christ the father gave the son why to show unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass that word shortly or quickly will run into that a lot in the book that comes from a Greek word the same Greek root from which we get the word tachometer and what a better translation really would be suddenly it doesn’t mean shortly in the sense it’s going to be the day after tomorrow but when one thing happened they’re all going to come right quickly together and so they’re grouped in a sense that’s really the intent I believe I believe of the passage to join his service things which must suddenly come to pass and he sent and signified it signified it by his angel unto his servant John it was given to Jesus Christ and he sent and signified it what I mean by signified rendered it into signs idioms emblems what have you and he signified it by his angel or messenger unto his servant John who bare record of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ and of all the things he what he saw we’re going to be constantly confronted with visual images many of those images will be idiomatic we’ll get to that when we get there but this is this is the this isn’t the abstruse philosophical paper it’s a drama that’s going to unfold before his eyes now the basic units you know if we talk of written language what’s the basic unit language an alphabet you would take Greek or Russian or English you have the first thing God bastards the alphabets the basic units of written language if you’re going to study sound Josh and the guys that do the editing of the tapes deal with very elaborate software that breaks the sound into its individual phonemes it’s the smallest element if you have an image most of us are familiar with the vocabulary of images today because of digital cameras what’s the smallest element of an image a pixel these are owns well what’s the basic unit of meaning not sound or language but meaning it’s called a semi in information sciences it’s a smallest image it comes from the Greek word Cimino or Semih which is translated a mark but that same Greek word that’s used in this book over thousand times is the basic unit from which we draw in science the basic unit of meaning and that means a manner to give a sign or signify to indicate or to make known it’s the basic element of that now the book also has a promise in it that is unique in the Bible nowhere in the Bible is there the the audacity to say read me I’m special notebook in the Bible reaches that far many places they read the Bible but only one book has if I use the term audacity or what if you will to say read me I’m special this book says blessed is he that readeth and they that hear the words of this prophecy you can’t find that appellation on any other kind of any other passage in the scripture and I believe and keep those things which which hear these words in this prophecy and keep those things which are written therein for the time is at hand now one thing you’ll notice all through the everybody that anybody’s looked at the book at all even superficially realize that there are sevens everywhere we’re going to be confronted with seven churches the next few sessions we’re going to have seven seals of a book a roll a scroll open that major part of the book seven trumpets will be blown seven bowls and in fact this head khattak structure the seven seals scroll has will always notice by the way the of the scroll of these this Hepatitis structure there’ll be six things a break and then a seventh there are six seals sealed one at a time and then there’s a change of subject it says it’s almost as if as the reader needs to catch your breath and we have a chapter 7 thrown in there on another subject and then we have the seventh seal which leads then to seven trumpets and again we have six trumpets and then we have a little parenthetical series of chapters the change of subject before we pick up that seventh trumpet again and we go through and we have bowls being bowls of wrath being poured out and even there there’s a little one verse parenthesis between the sixth and the seventh but this this hepatic structure hepped attic or Sevenfold structure is all through the book there are seven lampstands seven spirits seven stars seven lamps seven tidal pairs seven promises the overcomers seven horns seven eyes it goes on seven angels and talked a lot about those a little bit seven thunders seven thousand seven heads seven crown seven plagues seven mountain Seven Kings there are seven Beatitudes blessed is he that readeth made here we saw one already a beatitude a blessing but it is blessed are the dead who die in the Lord chapter 14 blessed is he that watches the keepeth his garments in chapter 16 how many Beatitudes seven again if you ask you how many and you answer 7 you’ll be right you know more often than not blessed and always he that hath part in the first resurrection blessed see that keep of the words the prophecy of this book that same promise that we saw in verse three is repeated in chapter 22 verse 7 blessed are they that washed their robes xx or seven of these there are more subtle sevens that most people would miss unless you’re really watching for them there are seven features in chapter one there are seven letter divisions the nine of the seven letters each letter there are seven elements that make up the letters we’ll look at that there are seven personages in chapters 12 13 a woman a man child a red dragon the seven-headed Beast the false prophet Michael the Archangel in the land there are seven players in this drama that is summarized for you in chapters 12 and 13 there are seven years of judgment there are seven I am zuv Jesus Christ and there are seven doxologies in heaven seven new things at the end I don’t think you could list all the sevens I’ve listed I’ve closed 200 of them and I have a feeling that if you look you never end finding some more and more settlements but sevens always emerging there’s another thing that you should be familiar with as a serious Bible student that’s what we call types the more contemporary vocabulary we call a model but the classical literary word is a type the abraham’s offering of Isaac in Genesis 22 is the classic type the ikeda the Jews called Nebuchadnezzar’s image the fiery furnace it’s a is a type of the tribulation and so forth in minds of many the whole book of Ruth and the redemption of the land the Ruth is full of aspects that the whole book of Revelation is modeled for you in the book of Joshua he stated book of Joshua how it’s structured where another yahushua dispossessed the land of its usurpers the behalf of the people of God and so forth it’s astonishing to make a list of the parallels and structure of Joshua and book of Revelation and the tabernacle those of you studied X’s carefully the studying the tabernacle its materials its dimensions and the architecture all speaks of Jesus Christ personally it’s a fabulous study to get into and the brazen serpent is another one remember the brazen circle to it we’ll examine that one later that’s evening to show it make another point but these are all types as we call it idioms you know there’s an idiom Abraham was called the friend of God you may recall and because of that God reveals to him as a symbol of that friendship what’s going to happen remember in Genesis 18 and so forth so Abraham is called a friend of God okay who in the New Testament was called a friend of God the disciples right and so it’s interesting so we see linkage both in the Old Testament the concept of friendship with the concept of letting you know what’s coming see well let’s take that one step further which prophet of the Old Testament was called the beloved prophet Daniel sure exactly and who and of the disciples who is called the Beloved Disciple what do they have in common app ecliptic writings in that interesting that is I’m not a big deal but you see the patterning I’m suggesting here okay the other now one of the questions we’ll all have is how do you keep from getting deceived how do you keep from getting down the wrong path one way is to rely on the whole counsel of God always put Christ in the center of it and we’ll show you how that works as we go Peter even warned us that we have something be even better than being an eyewitness that’s the more sure word of prophecy Jesus challenged us in John 5 search the Scriptures and they are they which testify of me is it certain scriptures in them you think you have eternal life there they was testified me so Jesus Christ is what the Bible is all about from cover to cover and so if you have a problem you can’t figure it out put Christ the middle of it and see what happens in Psalm 40 he says the volume of the book is written of me and indeed it was and Testament revelation itself is going to identify the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy all prophecy and we pray for this every time we The Lord’s Prayer it’s astonishing that how many denominational churches use the Lord’s Prayer in their services and we say thy kingdom come what on earth do they mean they’re not sure frankly because what we’re praying for is exactly what revelation is all about and we’ll move on we’ll find certain phrases occur again and again as sort of markers through the book this phrase thunders voices lightnings in an earthquake of course not once four times it causes certain partitions that we’ll take a look at when the time comes and there’s doxologies and they start off small may it’s like a symphony it builds up in screech endo first its glory and Dominion and verse in Chapter one then its glory honor and power in Chapter four blessing honor glory and power for two different things in five finally who gets how much seven of course blessing glory wisdom Thanksgiving honor power and might okay and if you’re going to let me let me put you at ease we’re not going to examine each one of those and how they differ okay we’ll let you do that on your own what’s the difference tree blessing glory wasn’t you know they’re very similar and yet they’re different I’ll let you do your own word studies let’s move on worship there’s all kinds of songs in here holy holy holy in Chapter four were the art thou that’s repeated so many ways in so many places and it goes on how many different worship songs are there seven good for you okay good guess yeah alright but one thing I always loved about four-four hallelujahs there are four hallelujahs in New Testament there are twenty-four hallelujahs in the Old Testament and as often as the case when you put them together it’s always a multiple of seven there are many multiples of seven that only occur if you put the old New Testament together it’s almost like they’re stitched together because of that property the hepatic structure again but we’ll move on there are four things out of place in the book of Revelation and as we’re going to get put in the right place Israel is not in the land it gets gets the land in in Revelation the church is on the earth it belongs in heaven the lamb is not on his own throne he’s on his Father’s throne he’s going to take the throne that Gabriel promised Marian look one Davis throne he’s going to take that and Satan is loose and he’ll be bound so these are all corrections or resolutions that take place there are three women in prominent in the book the wife of Yacht hey Bobby or the OVA or Harvey one pronounce it she is summarized in Chapter 12 that’s not the church I’ll show you why when we get there it’s Israel though is the church isn’t if the virgin bride the Bride of Christ she’s portrayed quite differently if the woman chapter 12 is is the church she’s in big trouble because she’s a virgin bride that’s pregnant the idiom doesn’t quite work okay and therefore a lot of other reasons to know the virgin bride is the Bride of Christ that’s in the book and there’s the third that’s the harlot Mystery Babylon the woman who rides the Beast don’t confuse the woman with the Beast she rides the Beast they’re different will get deal with that when we get there so that’s a quick look at what we talked about last time a little bit of a review let’s get to the salutation and the occasion of the book revelation of Jesus Christ which God given him to show his servants the things from a shortly come to pass and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John this is the John that the Apostle John he will show up five times in this specifically referring to himself in this book who bare record of the word of God the Testament of Jesus Christ of all things he saw and okay we took that okay John is it’s it’s like sort of memo from me to you John which to the seven churches which are in Asia the word Asia by the way is not the continent of Asia you and I use a term to speak of the Far East here it’s being used as a province of the Roman Empire that province the province of Asia now we might call it Asia Minor is essentially the Western two-thirds of Turkey so that was that was a province in the Roman Emperor called Asia and John is writing to seven churches which are in Asia says grace unto you in peace that’s a very common word to a Greek you say grace Karras very common comfortable greeting and to a Jew you might say Shalom or peace so they can be viewed as just comfortable salutations but not in the scripture because they’re each one is a profile theological statement and I won’t get into from here we could launch into a whole sermon net on what do we mean by grace and that’s getting what we don’t deserve right and there’s a whole aspect to that but also peace getting peace with God is what it’s all about we win and he wins in this resolution and and we could go through both of those terms the easy way to do that is just pick up a commentary in the book of Romans and go into all that for you but grace unto you and peace from whom from him which is and which was and which is to come who would that be but if God okay we’ll leave it that for the moment from the seven spirits which are before his throne we have the from from him from him which is and which was to come and from the seven spirits and from Jesus Christ who is the faithful witness the first begot to the Dead and the Prince of the kings of the earth and I’ll go on in that minute you have you suspect right away that what you’ve got here sounds like the Trinity Father Son and the Holy Ghost right you got him which is which was and which is to come which one can argue is God God in general or God the Father and specifically I’ll get back to the seven spirits in a minute and from Jesus Christ now when you see Jesus Christ who he is the faithful witness first we got to the dead the print there’s three identifiers of Jesus Christ he is the faithful witness he’s the first begotten of the Dead and he’s the Prince of the kings of the earth these are not only true and justify a great deal of discussion on each one that I’ll spare you tonight but you I think they’re self-evident but I want you to notice that these labels are identified with Christ and will be used of him throughout the book so later on the book when it says the faithful witness or if it says the first begotten of the Dead or if it says the principal who is he talking about here’s the linkage if you’re a computer programmer this is like the data division usually a program upfront you set up the identities what you mean by various things that you’re going to use later this is exactly what’s happening here it’s interesting that each of these phrases have three tenses a past present and future God which was which is and which is to come and each one of those are allusions from elsewhere in the new test God which was is mentioned Colossians 1 and John 8 and elsewhere the other places then we have Jesus Christ I said he’s a faithful witness that’s passed that’s been done he’s the first begotten the dead that’s now and he’s becoming in this book the Prince of the Kings there’s a future see each one of these has a past a present and future you get the feeling and obviously we’d take each one and elaborate but your notes will have the verses you can chase those down yourself okay unto him that what loved us washed us from our sins in his blood and made us kings and priests there again it’s past he loved us it’s interesting that in the Bible when God says God loved us past tense so what I mean past tense he loves us now absolutely but when it says he loved us past tense what is it referring to anyone oh oh I got you what what is what right on gold star absolutely the crucifixion that’s a term you’ll notice it carefully every time you find that God loved us past tense its allusion to the cross okay unto him that loved us that’s past that washed us from our sins in his blood that’s today every day were washed through the water by the word according Ephesians and in the future what’s the book all going to show us here he made us kings and priests he’s made us but we become the kings of priests so the past present future and then we’re going to find we get to verse 19 the outline of the entire book is in the same tenses past tense the things which you have seen in other words when you get there it will have been divisions of Christ the things which are that is the seven churches and we’ll come to that be at the end of the day and the things which shall be meted out after these things so again we have past present future it may shock you to realize that there are the same three tenses past present future in your salvation that may disturb some people well I have been saved what do you mean by that I’ve been removed from the penalty of sin it’s a positional statement I’m no longer subject to the penalty of sin I have been saved past tense with me so far okay that technically would really be called justification but I won’t go down the theological path here there’s a present tense I’m being saved everyday what do you mean by that I’m saved from the power of sin past tense penalty of sin present tense power of sin that’s operational moment by moment by power of the Holy Spirit not by my flesh minute I lean on my flesh I’ve blown it I sin but if I’m walking moment by moment in the spirit then I am being saved from the power of sin that process that continuing process is called sanctification okay there’s a third and that’s I shall be saved from the presence of sin sometimes called the redemption of our body so it’s three tenses of being saved also and you can get in a lot of trouble by being too absolute when you see the word saved you’d be saved from a burning building it’s got nothing to do with the subject we may be talking about if I’m there so there’s three tenses I’ll leave you leave you with that the other thing I like to highlight is how important the subject is we’re dealing with you know there’s two major events in God’s achievement list and one is the creation of the universe and the other is the redemption that we’re dealing with here which one’s more important well how do you tell well one way you can measure something is how much space in the Bible is devoted to it well space you’ve got in the creation you’ve got two chapters in Genesis not bad you’ve got a few Psalms and a few chapters and job several chapters in Isaiah and that’s about it you’ve done it pretty much how many chapters are devoted to the redemption the whole book of Genesis book of Exodus look at Leviticus the whole Torah in fact Joshua Ruth the prophets the gospel they’re all having do the right with the redemption the up all the epistles that’s what the hammer of course the book of Revelation is the climax which is the reason I bring this up well another way to measure something how important is what does it cost the price of the creation was breathed from his nostrils he called it into existence as astonishing as it is as much as majestic as it is if something God could do our vernacular be with a snap of his fingers what about the redemption what it cost him Oh old costume the son heard a recent message by Joe folks that really moved me he had a son that was badly in need of emergency treatment hospital and full of blood and I will go with her details but he gets the emergency and they didn’t they weren’t ready to deal with him right away and as his father he had a fit he explained to them that if they didn’t deal with him right now they’re gonna need emergency care and he recounted the pain of a father seeing his son we had Gary had a situation like that here among our so forth but Joe folks did he presented the creation of the crucifixion from the father’s point of view I never heard that never thought about that before you know as a father you’d gladly trade places with your son as they spit on him as they ramrod him through six illegal trials and you go through the whole crucifix from the father’s point of view that he forbear intervening why for you and me for you and me but can you imagine the agony of the father seeing his son put through that anyway let’s move on Jonathan seven churches which are in Asia grace be unto you and peace from him which is which was which is to come the seven spirits we took the first and third we didn’t take this other one I personally believe that the seven spirits are an idiom of the Holy Spirit an Old Testament phrase of the Holy Spirit there are other people have different views they suspect the seven spirits are the seven angels the seven spirits which are there are prominently seven angels mentioned there are seven churches each have an angel we’re not talking about them I don’t believe but the seven trumpets and the seven bowls will be administered by seven angels and there’s some people that see those seven angels as the key players and they may be right but I personally notice in Isaiah chapter 11 is that we have the Sevenfold Holy Spirit mentioned there the Spirit of God gave off a the shall rest upon him the spirit of wisdom spirit of understand a spirit of council spirit of might spirit of knowledge the spirit of fear Lord or seven elements and there are a number of us not not not Universal but a number of us that that see that as the Sevenfold expression of the Holy Spirit there are others that argue that these the last six are in three pairs and that this really represents something else and so they may be right we’ll leave that with you but there I’m intrigued that there are in fact seven elements there it’s a Sevenfold and it also makes that thing allusion to the Trinity but moving on on him that loved us washes from his from our sins in his own blood and hath made us kings and priests unto God his father to him be glory and Dominion forever and ever this is John finishing a salutation that opens his letter but he uses it makes it interesting a market that he hath made us kings and priests we’re going to make a big thing of that when we get to chapter five four and five because there are only three people that are kings and priests you may recall all through Israel the kings were of the tribe of Judah the priests from the tribe of Levi and they were to stay separate a couple of occasions they were crossing that line that was a no-no kings and priests in Israel were separate mandates they’re only three people in the Bible that are both Melchizedek is singled out in Genesis 14 and and elaborated in the fourth in the in a couple of places in the Psalms and then the book of Hebrews makes a big thing of that Melchizedek was a king and a priest very unique the only other in fact the other one is Jesus Christ he’s a king of the priests there’s a third and that’s identified right here you and I if we’re believers in Christ hath made us kings and priests and that’s going to be an important identity piece forthcoming so I call to your attention now then John can be holy cometh with clouds and every eye shall see him and they also which pierced him sound like an echo from zechariah so forth and all the Kindred’s of the earth shall wail because of him even so amen do I hear an amen amen okay good and I am Alpha and Omega the beginning end the end ending saith the LORD which is and which was and which is to come the Almighty boy I love that lovin book revelation and well we’ll deal in superlatives in every direction and the ultimate superlative is his majesty I am Alpha Omega I think most you realize alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet Omega the last letter in the Hebrew you’d say the ala from the Tau in the English you’d say the am the Z but the same you get the idea I am the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the ending which is which was which is to come the Almighty now John starts theory that was all by his opening breath verse 9 I John who also am your brother and companion in tribulation and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ was in the isle that is called Patmos for the word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ this is the occasion because the day it’s John he’s going to hurt himself five times in this book alone there was fashionable some scholars have tried to attack the the authorship of John but it that is easily shredded it’s very clear competent scholars agree there’s no doubt that he wrote it and so forth so we have to waste time on that issue John of course was born of a theta to Zebedee and salami he had a he was probably the younger of two brothers and they were fairly well-off so let me ends up being a major financier of Christ’s ministry later on they were Galilean John’s Galilean fishermen like his father in fact he was in partners with his brother and with Peter and Andrew in the fishing business they even had servants so it was not a trivial enterprise and so he was an early disciple of John the Baptist to begin with and of course something else about John most people don’t realize he apparently was very well connected not only to come from a nontrivial family financially but he also knew the high priest and also knew Nicodemus somehow so he’s apparently comfortable these people so he’s well connected for whatever reasons he also turns out to be one of the inner circle of Jesus Christ there were twelve decide but three of them were really insiders a very special way three of them Peter James and John Peter and the two brothers James and John we’re at the Mount Transfiguration we’ll talk a little bit about that today again they were also the three that were allowed in when Jesus raised irises daughter in Matthew nine the three of them and Andrew along with them were the Imps were the ones that Jesus gave a confidential briefing on a second coming too called the Olivet discourse and also the three of them were closer to Jesus in Gethsemane they were all disciples were there but three went closer with Jesus as he went a little further and so you really get the if you watch your Gospels you see a number of places where Jane Peter James and John er are the closest three to Lourdes and of course John this is interesting Jesus assigns the care of his mother not to his brothers he had several of them but to the Apostle John and that becomes important to us here and John I believe wrote a letter to her that you have in your Bibles it’s called second John we didn’t come to young conclusions and John ultimately after this event of Patmos he was on Patmos because of Domitian but then when Domitian dies he’s released and he goes to Ephesus and sets things in order and then retires now if you look at a map between in other words west of Turkey but east of of Greece is the Aegean Sea and there’s a little island there it’s really part of Turkey today called Patmos and if we zero in on that a little better about twenty four miles offshore the 424 miles I should say from from the coast of Turkey it’s about 40 miles from mellitus which is the port side of the peninsula from Ephesus is this island this island called Patmos if you’re if you’re from California spend any time on Catalina it’s very very similar both in shape in agriculture and in distance from it from you know once 24 once 26 but let’s go at Google it’s it’s all cavities also sort of crescent-shaped and very similar if you spent timing but anyway that’s Patmos and and a penal colony at the time and so he was ex by Domitian which means he wrote the book apparently about 96 ad this is an important thing made so-called scholars will try to tell you it was written a lot earlier than that because they have their axe to grind turns out you can pretty well demonstrate it was written at the end of the first century very late in John’s life very late in that century John Leeds was gonna be pretty old Domitian is the brother of Titus who’s the one that destroyed Jerusalem Hippolyta’s had spreads this rumor that he’s first plunged in boiling oil and then sent to the Isle of Exile that’s just one of these traditions or legends that’s pretty well disputed by most serious scholars bickerness says that he was forced to work in the mines located on Patmos I could not find any evidence of Mines and patents I think that’s another one of these traditions that show up but there Nass climate and CBS all point out that after the mission dies that Trajan takes over that John returns to Ephesus such the church is in order and he retires there he really retires there okay now we get diverse and John starts the narrative I was in the spirit on the Lord’s Day and heard behind me a great voice as of a trumpet saying I am Alpha and Omega the first the last and what thou seest write in the book and send it to the seven churches which are in Asia unto Ephesus Smyrna Pergamum Thyatira Sardis Philadelphia and Laodicea well let’s take this up Hart first of all on what day of the week it was was John and the spirit to receive this thing if you say Sunday you flunk good for you we don’t know that it was Saturday but it’s a better answer we don’t know the day of the week everybody assumes many scholars even jumped to the conclusion that when he says I’m the spirit on the Lord’s Day that that’s what he’s talking about let’s talk a little bit about that is Sunday the Lord’s Day most of us if you’ve been in the medieval church or the remnant after that church after a thousand years of indoctrination assume that Sunday is the Lord’s Day the the Sabbath the Shabbat was ordained in Eden in Genesis chapter 2 Shabbat was observed before the law was given in Exodus 16 when the manna falls they gather it on every day except Shabbat that’s interesting that’s Exodus 16 the law was given the Ten Commandment 11 in Exodus chapter 24 chapters later the point I’m getting at is the the Shabbat the observation of the Sabbath was ordained before the Ten Commandment eggplants say remember the Sabbath day is simply incorporating that practice into the 10 we know from Daniel 7 verse 25 that the spirit of the Antichrist if not the Antichrist personally will seek to change the times and the laws how interesting now if you look at a modern calendar and I have a picture here one of this year from Europe and it’s interesting on this calendar that it starts on Monday first day of the week and they do that to make Sunday the seventh day of the week really that’s kind of interesting you mean that Monday is the first day of the week and sunday is the seventh day a week I didn’t know that neither did the writer of the Bible because upon the first day of the week very early the morning they came in to separate what day was that Easter Saturday no we call it Easter Sunday right and that’s not just in Matthew it’s mark 16 Luke 24 John 20 it is one of those few things that’s recorded in all four Gospels no we need to understand that from the beginning the the the Lord’s appointed day by his own definition all through the Torah is Shabbat the seventh day that’s when the Lord Himself rested and the honors that day he calls that day an appointment with him well we don’t have to keep the Sabbath you’re right you don’t have to keep the Sabbath I guess but it’s his appointment you’re gonna miss it it’s up to you but anyway so that that’s why many people get concerned about that now it’s interesting the Bible says many places do not move the ancient landmarks I never associated that with the seventh day until a rabbi pointed that out to me that’s kind of interesting that’s a very fundamental landmark that we tend to move I’ll point out something else if you say well that changed that you know that changed when Christ rose from the dead well that’s interesting because the Lord gets back and sets up himself in the Millennial temple according to Ezekiel the millennial temple will only be open on Saturday not on Sunday on Saturday and you’ve checked that out in the zekiel 46 verse 1 on sabbath and also on the new moon on the month the new moon so now gee Chuck what are you saying we shouldn’t worry about sending know you can worship buddy tell you like we’re Christian every day is holy and we aren’t we worship those that worship on Sunday worship to celebrate the Lord’s resurrection not knocking it not knocking it but what we’re supposed to do is show his death until he’s comes there’s a resurrection validates the death but anyway we could go down that path if you like but Paul does seem to take us off the hook he says let no man therefore judge you in meat or in drink or in respect of any holyday or of the new moon or of the Sabbath days which are a shadow of things to come but the body is of Christ so don’t let it become a big division but that what namma I try to do is observe a known simple way Shabbat from Friday night through sundown Friday to the sundown Saturday we we have three rules whatever we do we do deliberately and we do together rule two and the third rule is there no other rules my kind of deal and so worship what you like don’t let it be a point of division but it’s interesting the more you any one that thinks it’s a simple issue hasn’t studied it it’s worthy your own individual study come to own conclusions but John says I was in the spirit obviously on the day of the Lord on patents but he also says it in three other occasions before the throne in chapter 4 when he’s carried away into the wilderness in chapter 17 and then on a big mountain in chapter 21 that wouldn’t get there now the verse 11 says he says I am an elf jesus said I am an Alpha and Omega the first and the last I want to come back to that phrase in a little bit what thou seest write in the book and send it to the seven churches which are in Asia the Ephesus Smyrna Pergamum Thyatira Sardis Philadelphia and Laodicea it’s interesting that the entire book of Revelation is like a cover letter that is then sent I mean it sent with a cover letter to seven churches so it wasn’t one church it was these seven all got a copy the seven churches which are in Asia again at the province of Asia and they’re not the only seven churches in the province of Asia some scholars say they were that’s not true yeah we’re Laodicea was right virtually adjacent to colossi and hierapolis all of which are mentioned the Bible that Valley has three why won’t you others men why these seven we’re going to come to that seven churches we’ll come to that later let’s go to the verses 1218 this is a core part of chapter one we touched on lightly last time let’s go a little more carefully the vision of the risen Christ John says I turned to see the voice that spake with me the one that said I am Alpha make it was a voice behind him apparently he turned to see the voice that spake with me and being turned I saw seven golden lampstands and the midst of the seven lampstands one like unto the Son of Man clothed with a garment down to the foot and Girt about the paps with a golden girdle or putting another way across the chest with a golden breastplate kind of thing okay seven lampstands who is the son of man Jesus Christ that term is used to him again and again in the scripture and encourage you to take a concordance chase it down yourself we could spend an hour just talking about none of that phrase what it means but also the way it’s used in the scripture the book of Luke’s primary focus on this on that very issue but here we actually see a description of the risen Christ we see the risen Christ in the Gospels when he raises from the dead he has breakfast there on the Sea of Galilee we don’t get a description of him but here we do we he’s clothed with a garment down to the foot and gird about the the Wester the with with a a golden operate us of some kind and get more his hair is head and his hairs were white like wool as white as snow here we have not only the visual but also the implication of purity and his eyes were as a flame of fire watch out for that word as in like it’s such and such as like this or such as such as ask that means they’re using a simile in order simile is a metaphor is like a simile without the ads and like they’re a little more difficult but they’re still figures of speech but when you have the ads or like you don’t have to guess you know it’s a figure of speech his eyes weren’t a flame this his eyes were as a flame of fire and indeed so yeah and his feet like unto fine brass doesn’t say they were brass they were like brass but the image here is as if they burned in a furnace so their molten bright if you will and his voice as the sound of many waters I think this interesting contrast here we study Elijah remember how he heard the voice of God it wasn’t in the hurricane it wasn’t the wind it wasn’t it worth it was in it’s still small voice I think some of us often hear Christ speak or God speak to us in that still small voice we’re not talking about that here it’s a roar of a mighty ocean his voice like the south of fin he waters but let’s take this term brass what I’m going to show you here is the kind of thing I want you to do with your own concordance one of your most powerful commentaries the book of Revelation is not somebody’s commentary although I don’t discourage you from getting those but is to get a strong concordance or even though even some better ones get a yet a concordance and when you find a word like brass you can find out every place it appears in the Bible and you can see how it’s used to see what it means you’ll also discover for many these things the law of first mention where it’s first mentioned is often very very important but let’s just take this word brass that should remind you of this strain episode in numbers 21 you may recall that the Lord sent fiery coordinate starting verse 6 the Lord sent fiery serpents among the people and they bit the people and much people of Israel died there’s a preamble here why God is doing this but I’m gonna set that aside for now these serpents are killing people therefore the people came to Moses and said we have sinned for we have spoken against the Lord and against thee pray unto the Lord that he may take away the Serpent’s from us so they’re getting an a judgment they understand why they’re getting it apparently and so but can you print can you can you stop this thing and so Moses prayed for the people okay now God has lots of different ways he could deal with a can make the Serpent’s go away you could just stop there’s all kinds of ways you could imagine he does something weird really weird Lord said unto Moses make thee a fiery brazen turns out with serpent and set it up on a pole and it shall come to pass that every one that is bitten when he looketh upon it shall live Moses made a serpent of brass and put it upon a pole and occator pass that if a serpent had bitten any man when he beheld the serpent of brass he lived come on that’s pretty weird you’re grateful that he did it but you’ve got to be asking some what on earth is that all about a serpent is a symbol of sin a brass serpent on a pole up on a hill if I look at that I’m cured that’s got to be weird but here’s the point that further you can read the rest of the Old Testament and not get an answer on this thing what’s this all about in fact when you get the days of Hezekiah that brass serpent is still hanging around and people are worshiping it so Hezekiah takes it and destroys it it’s a thing of brass see you said you have the same danger with a shot of Turin the Shroud of Turin is dangerous if it’s real I don’t know it’s real or not some people think it is if it is it’s dangerous why because people will start to look to it rather than God or Jesus or whatever but here we are the whole tough we go all the way to the end the Old Testament this makes no sense until that night with Nicodemus when Jesus says something that Jesus is talking to Nicodemus who is a ruler he was the teacher of the people by the way he was a top top teacher at that time gia says hey me as Moses lifted up the serpent the wilderness even so must the Son of Man be lifted up that whosoever believeth him should not perish but have eternal life suddenly the fog lifts oh that’s why God put a serpent on a pole because it’s a type and emblem in advance of the cross did they know that in the days of Moses I don’t think so they may have some suspicions he may have had some insights not recorded but it makes no sense until Jesus explains it to you you with me not only that this phrase that Jesus said here sets up the most important verse the most well known verse the Bible the next verse for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life how often we quote that as verse 16 the previous four 14 and 15 for God so loved there again past tense how did he love us that he gave his son his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him too that perish for that vebber lasting life verse 16 john we all know it that’s the kind but it’s interesting until that episode there’s no way you can make sense of this brazen serpent I mentioned that not just because the point is making there’s another lesson here that’s what we would call a macro code it’s a code in numbers that anticipate something that hasn’t happened yet you see the design of that emblem in numbers 21 required the designer to be outside the dimensionality of time who can see the end from the beginning you follow me the Bible is full of those some so obvious you missed them that’s one of them okay let’s move on if this had its start by the way in Genesis 3 remember what God said we got is declaring war on Satan he says I’ll put enmity between thee and the woman that is the Satan woman and between thy seed and her seed and it shall bruise thy head and thou shalt bruise his heel the word bruise there’s a mistranslation that word is chief which could mean bruise or crush let’s go back to Revelation 16 and he had in his right hand seven stars and out of his mouth when a sharp two-edged sword and his Countians was as the sunshine a–the in his strength he had his right hand seven stars no problem with that one we’ll get to that in a minute anyway and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword you know there are paintings in art museums of Jesus Christ with a flaming sword coming out of his mouth the picture is actually quite grotesque because they took that literally well Chuck don’t you take the Bible literally yes I do but that’s a figure of speech let me prove it to you – what is it – edged sword in the scripture Hebrews the word of God is quick that is alive is alive and powerful and sharper than a two-edged sword piercing even the dividing asunder of soul and spirit and of the joints and marrow and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart therein lies the frustration of the whole field of psychology because they can’t discern between soul and spirit no way can’t possibly be done they can do what they want with the soul but they can’t discern the spirit because it says so and there’s a lot of other reasons they can’t anyway the points the the only the only Word of God makes that discernment and two-edged sword again let’s go to Ephesians 6 take the helmet of salvation remember the seven elements of armour alright take the helmet of salvation and what the sword of the Spirit what’s the sword of the Spirit the Word of God right and revelations he had in his right hand seven stars I was wobbling two sharp two-edged sword and his countenance his face was at was as as again the simile coming was as the Sun Shine a–the in his strength oh wait and when did that happen in the past John would remember when that happened past okay his countenance was as the Sun in Matthew 16 they were he says verily that makes you met we’ll start with Vespers of Matthew 16 he says verily I say unto you there shall be some standing here that shall not taste death until they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom that ends chapter 16 many people wonder when did that happen that’s because you forget those chapter divisions are man’s convenience not part of verse 7 to touch 17 says and after six days Jesus taketh Peter James and John his brother and bringeth them up into a high mountain apart and was transfigured before them and his face did shine as what the Sun exactly and his raiment was white as life the Transfiguration of Christ is I believe was talking about so his countenance was as the sunshine and strength what does John do in Revelation verse 7 chapter 1 verse 17 and when I saw him I fell at his feet as dead and he laid his right hand upon me saying unto me fear not I am the first and the last that’s a strange phrase we encountered it back in verse 11 I didn’t want to stumble over then we’ll pick it up now the first and the last this is worth jotting some notes down ok for lots of reasons but one of the things you will have your door someone will knock on your door I don’t Lee be riding bicycles but they’ll knock on your door and they will want to talk to you about Jehovah God and if they do you take them initially to Isaiah 41 verse 4 where Isaiah tells us who a speaking of God who hath wrought and done it calling the generations in beginning I am the Lord the first and the last I am he you say who is that well that’s that still that’s Jehovah God their light lit up because you understand this job we got good okay taken to isaiah let’s say the lord of god the lord the king of Israel his Redeemer the Lord of Hosts I am the first and I am the last beside me there is no God who’s that lost Jehovah God there with you now there you’re like Carmen are one more isaiah 12 hearken unto me o Jacob in Israel my called I am he I am the first and I also am the last say who’s that right now they’re getting kind of that’s a fright no come on that’s all of the Jehovah God good then you go to their favorite book they love the book of Revelation right then come down to verse 17 I felt its feet dead and laid ours right hand upon me saying to me fear not I am the first no I say who is that well that’s Jehovah God had to be same guy right okay and you go to verse 11 I talked about we’d mentioned that before I’m the Alpha Omega the first and last over and then you get to verse 8 I usually save this one for last on the angel Church of Smyrna write these things said the first to last which was dead and is alive whoops who’s that and you can’t escape that that’s Jesus Christ he obviously died and rose from the dead but he’s also the same guy the first to last he is Jehovah God in their in their vernacular and we go to verse chapter 22 I’m Alpha Omega the beginning and the end the first and last there is again the one that bothers them of course is chapter 2 verse 8 which is dead into life they all stumble on that one unless they have a twist that they can throw at you so we’ve got this mentioned three times in Isaiah four times the revelation how many times do you see first and last anyone want to guess seven okay alright and it’s interesting that two of them verse 18 and verse 2 chapter 2 verse 8 he was dead and him alive that’s his boast that’s his identity the risen Lord okay so we looked at the vision chapter one it’s got seven features the hair on his head is it virtually a quote from Daniel chapter 7 verse 9 hair as white as wool in all that business okay his eyes is a flaming fire okay that’s all through the New Testament least four three times then a New Testament once in the Old Testament his feet which is a symbol of his walk right brass judgment we talked about that the brazen serpent we you put your notes on that his voice as many waters as a phrase used twice by Ezekiel once by Daniel chapter 10 his on his right hand or seven stars and seven lampstands in them it’s interesting we’re going to talk more about these stars and lampstands but notice something strange there in his hand and yet he’s in the midst of them I don’t think you can draw that but you can understand it you see we are in his hand in his protection and he he’s among us we’re two or three gathered he’s among us right his mouth two edged sword we covered that but what his mouth does it judges the unbeliever in John 12 it smites the earth in Isaiah 11 and the antichrist is consumed by his word by the words of his mouth in 2nd Thessalonians 2 so his mouth is a non trivial instrument of war this countenance is the Sun that gives you seven of those okay okay now we get to the verse that’s going to be very important to you want to really understand this verse if you can understand the book of Revelation that’s chapter one verse 19 he John is instructed to write the things which thou hast seen no problem what had he seen by verse 19 he’d seen the risen Lord he saw the vision of Christ that’s what he had seen right what you had seen he just did chapter 1 the things which are and the things which shall be Hereafter it see we got past present future tense structure here again ok right the things I have seen that’s the vision of Christ which it can occupy is the bulk of chapter 1 right the things which are the things which are existing right now that will turn out to be chapters 2 & 3 there are seven churches they can reset receive seven letters and I’m going to suggest to you right up front that the most important part of this entire book is chapters 2 & 3 chapters 4 on have a lot of fascinating insights and material don’t misunderstand me but you’re going to watch that from the mezzanine I believe I’ll show you why I believe that but the part that affects you and me today tomorrow and next week whatever is chapter 2 or 3 you need to understand you may not be able to figure out who the trumpets are what the bowls are what these strange creatures in chapter 9 are about you don’t care because you’ll watch that from resonate from a rooting section know the part that affects us is chapters 2 and 3 because after and then we have that which follows after the churches and so we’re going to focus primarily in chapters 2 and 3 in the next several sessions and that then leads to the last verse of chapter 1 the preparation for chapters 2 and 3 mystery Jesus contains the mystery of the Seven Stars which thou sawest my right hand and the Seven golden lampstands : not even a complete sentence it’s sort of a title in an inductor title the seven stars are the angels of the seven churches and the seven lampstands which thou sawest are the seven churches with me so far okay question where are the lampstands in Chapter 1 right now in this imagery of the of chapter 1 where are they on the earth you got it you’re going to find them in heaven in check before many people overlook that it’s not a big proof I’ll show you some other things that make it more conclusive but just understand the consistency here the seven lampstands represent why lampstands because there are light bearers what’s the church’s mission to bear the light the Israel was supposed to bear the light that’s why the menorah is today the symbol of Israel not the Star of David on their flag that’s an emblem fine the official symbol of the State of Israel is the menorah the seven-branched candlestick why well for lots of reasons not the least of which it represents their mission to be a light to the world they were intended to be the Proclaimers of the of the Creator and the Redeemer here we have seven lampstands seven churches are there more than seven churches of course there are dozens of churches one of the assignments I want you to think about between now and the next session yv7 if you’re a student have you make a list of the churches in the New Testament that or not you’ve come to twenty or thirty of them that aren’t mentioned where’s the church in Jerusalem the church at Rome the church at Antioch was the primary base camp for the proclamation of the gospel to the Gentiles not mentioned here they’re going to you mentioned you’ll think about lystra and derbe they’re bunch of them why these seven we’ll talk about that okay seven churches that things which are why these seven each letter has a peculiar phrase in it there’s one phrase only one phrase that occurs in each of the seven letters it’s a closing phrase to the letter Keith a half an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches by the time you go through chapters 2 and 3 you’ll be tired of hearing that sort of speak okay is there on every letter there I’m going to suggest to you for your own confirmation you figure out for yourself but there are four levels of interpretation replication of these seven letters the first is they’re local they really were churches operating at that time in fact Sir William Ramsay conducted an intensive archaeological investigation skeptically at first totally convinced when he’s finished that these churches not only were actually existed they had local problems that the letters were relevant to and we’ll talk about some of that as we go through the four letters or seven letters but they had they were literal churches in John’s day that needed the Lord’s Council okay that one’s a no-brainer we gather so far okay there I’m going to suggest there admonitory to all churches notice what says he that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the church says see all seven letters were sent to all seven churches yes one was addressed to Ephesus but they were all supposed to read and learn from it another was dressed to the sea follow me churches is in the plural which means he that let me hear what the Spirit says to the churches plural they’re all supposed to watch all of them you got it so there must be lessons they’re appropriate to the churches in general and we can suspect that since they’re seven churches in some sense they embrace all churches once you learn those seven letters in depth you can profile every church in terms of percentages every church has some elements of all seven letters even the uncomplimentary ones but different churches love you they’re all this one there’s 70% x and only 10% Y you follow – a the 7 become a Sevenfold space in which you can a penny church some good some bad they’re all there so it’s important understand their report cards okay but this phrase also says he that hath an ear how many of you in this room have an ear lobe can I see a show of hands then this letter these letters all of them are written to you I know Philadelphia’s written to me but no what about the others okay okay so they’re homiletic that is their personally they’re they’re intended for personal application this is not something I’m contriving that’s embraced in the very language of the letters we tend to overlook it because they’re addressed to a particular church no it’s addressed to the church you’re going to whichever it is in some degree and it’s also addressed to you personally personally so you see why this becomes the most important part of the entire book okay but now there’s a fourth part that I hope you will take it skeptically at first but I’m going to suggest before it’s over you may be absolutely stunned with the next one and that is these seven letters will outline a profile of 2,000 years of church history do you say Chuck that’s speculation yes it is it’s a conjecture in part but you’ll be able to make your own conclusions before we’re through well point this right up front if the letters were in any other order that wouldn’t be true in the order that they’re in once you understand them they lay out the history of the church on planet Earth now I know some piercer well the church you know the old story about the the elder that comes to the pastor’s is there chewing gum in the sanctuary passages no no the sanctuaries are chewing gum in other words we are and yes the church you know we’re the temple of God and all that yes but hear that term Church is being used for these geographical churches churches as we tend to use the term not as buildings but as Assemblies that are in various locations okay okay now is there prophetic profile we’ve got Ephesus Smyrna Pergamum Thyatira Sardis Philadelphia and Laodicea and I’m going to suggest before it’s over that each one of these churches a not only a history a future and that future is reflected in the letters in a way that’s astonishing the more you know about this the more astonishing it will become so that’s my challenge to you because between now and next session I want you to read your general assignments to read the entire book of Revelation between each meeting it’s not that long don’t Bert don’t groan well I certainly want you to read chapters two and three all both chapters before a next session for some reasons but I want you to really understand the first seven verses of chapter two but we’ll get you’re going to discover that each of the seven letters has seven how many how many design elements would be in each letter maybe guess seven good guess good yes the name of the church will turn out to be meaningful to the letter what a coincidence the title Christ uses of himself is relevant to the letter not when you first read it when you understand the letter you go back you realize Jesus chose of the many titles of himself he picks the one that particularly relates to the problems in that church follow me there is it’s a report card there’s a commendation you did these things well well done here here here and here great good well do then he has the concerns whoops you got to work on this area or that area it’s a report card then there’s an exhortation it’s obviously consistent with that here’s what I want you to do here’s your remedial assignment right and then there’s a promise to the overcomer each letter has this little you know promise to the overcomer the overcomer will get this or that some something special is what’s different it’s with seven different ones and then he has this quote this peculiar closing he that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches these seven elements are the seven basic elements of all seven letters here’s the thing that makes a little complicated you’ll discover that in the first three letters the clothes the promise of the overcomer is not in the letter it’s in a postscript it comes after the letter is finished that’s kind of weird and it’s consistent in the first three letters why in the last four let the promising overcomer is in the body of a letter what’s that got to do with anything you’ll also discover two of the letters have nothing good said about them whoops two of the letters have nothing bad said about them that’s wild but here’s the important part every one of the recipients of all seven was surprised the guys that thought they were doing well weren’t the guys that thought they weren’t doing well were and the lesson is that we don’t really have the ability to second-guess their own report card let’s find out what how Christ’s report card reads of our church or more specifically us personally that’s why we’re going to get into this with some substance so we have these churches report cards seven of them and we’ll talk about each of the names and we’ll talk about each of the titles that Christ uses each one is different and we’ll go through each one of these and we’ll also obviously deal with the structure when we get there now there’s this back up and wrap it up the New Testament is in the Old Testament concealed and the Old Testament is in the New Testament revealed the Old Testament closes with unfulfilled prophecies unappeased longings and so forth that Old Testament is incomplete in itself and what it lacks is right there in the New Testament and we believe it’s prophetic over 8,000 according to one categorization by Jay part in vain is in psychical prophecy catalogs over 8,000 predictive verses in the Bible on almost 2,000 predictions on over 700 different matters and we live in a day where there are major themes unfolding Israel Jerusalem the Temple Babylon Russia or Magog the rise of China European super-state ecumenical ISM the move towards a global government the rise of the occult these are all trends that are clearly converging to a climax and each one of them is mapable in terms of Bible prophecy and that’s why I always like to throw this up as a challenge one last challenge you’ve heard me before but I’ll put it up again and if you accept the challenge I put on this you flunk the course I want you to skeptically attack or challenge this preposterous assertion that you and I are being plunged into a period of time about which the Bible says more that does about any other period of time in history including the time of Jesus walk the shores of Galilee or climb the mountains of Judea that’s absurd and hurt you more than the gospel yes I believe you and I are going to be a being plunged into a period of time the Bible is more that does even about the gospel period now to challenge that audacious statement you got to do two things you got to find out what the Bible says not what chuck Missler says or your favorite prophecy club or whatever what the Bible says find out what it says part 1 part 2 used to be hard not today find out what’s going on you won’t on the 10 o’clock news even on Fox News you got to do better now you find out what’s really happening on the Internet talk radio proprietary news layers all kinds of ways all kinds of resources available find out the Bible says find what’s going and the more you know about the Bible and the more you know about what’s really going on in the world the more you’ll can observe the convergence of these things into the ultimate climax but the ultimate issues that you and I are in fact in possession of a message of extraterrestrial origin will see that manifestly in the book of Revelation it portrays us as both the participants and the objects of an unseen and invisible cosmic warfare whether you know it or not you are in it in the middle of it you’re on enemy turf tonight an hour yours in mind your eternal destiny in mind depends on our relationship with the ultimate victor in that conflict but I pick the head we win and where do you where do you stand with respect to him that’s what it’s really all about now for the next session here your assignments read the entire book it’s not that book and I watch it by rereading it rereading it grasp the overview it’s really a symphony it’s very interwoven examined chapters two and three because that’s going to be the primary area of inquiry of the next few sessions outline the first seven verses of chapter two if you can I’ve given you the outline of giving you seven elements structure them just just write out the verses but part part you know partition them in terms of those seven elements and you and I’m asking you to summarize the Ephesians which is the first of the seven letters the book of the letter to the church at Ephesus summarize the report card and we’ll go into acts 20 and some other background as we look at that next time X 20 we’re going to read X 20 verses 16 through 38 now it’s the middle to the end of the chapter and you may also want to take a look at Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians it’s one of the most rewarding of all the Epistle sometimes when I’m in airport I got a few minutes before the plane goes and I’m not sure what else to do I’ll just pop my Bible and read the book of Ephesians there’s a couple I use that’s just that’s right up it because I know no matter what my mind’s been on what other hassles I’ve had that pulls me out of it and it is so high flying it is so awesome and there are so many subtle surprises in that book that letter so I encourage those six chapters is no big deal let’s stand for a closing word of Prayer Father we just praise you for who you are we thank you that in your kingdom they’re no accidents no coincidences that we’re all here right now by your divine appointment we do pray father that your purpose would be accomplished in each of our lives we do pray father as we enjoy this incredible to divorce that we call the book of Revelation we thank you for its edification we thank you for its excitement thank you for its majesty but above all we thank you for Jesus Christ and we we pray father as we enter the seven letters that you would use them to speak to each of us personally individually help us to understand those seven report cards and thus father help us to repair our own that we each might be more fruitful stewards and above all more pleasing in your sight as we commit ourselves into your hands in the name of him which was and is and shall be forevermore Yeshua our Lord and Savior our king of King and Lord of lords then whose name we do pray amen you

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