Chuck Missler Revelation Session 01 Introduction

Let’s bow our hearts forward prayer father we do praise you we thank you for who you are and we’re grateful for the extremes that you’ve gone to on our behalf we thank you that we have the opportunity to meet here in peace and safety to open your word to our lives we pray father that through your Holy Spirit you would open our lives to your word we thank you Father for this incredible book that we’re going to undertake the study of we just thank you for its gift it’s special blessings we pray that your spirit would overrule all things that indeed the meditations of our heart the words are my mouth will be acceptable in your sight as we commit ourselves into your hands without any reservation in the name of Yeshua our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ well we are going to study the book of Revelation and one of the things that I think we will do to start right off with let’s open our Bibles to Revelation chapter 1 verse 1 and let’s read through revelation 1 and not for detail just for a flavor of this book this incredible book and then we’ll take a look at it are we together the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave unto him to show unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John who bare record of the word of God and of the testimony of Jesus Christ and of all things that he saw blessed is he that readeth and they that hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things which are written therein for the times at hand John to the seven churches which are in Asia grace be unto you and peace from him which is and which was and which is to come and from the seven spirits which are before his throne and from Jesus Christ who is the faithful witnesses the first begotten of the Dead the Prince of the kings of the earth I’ll do him that loved us and washed us from our sins in his own blood anetha made us kings and priests unto God and his father to him be glory and Dominion for ever and ever amen behold he cometh with clouds and every eye shall see him and they also which pierced him and all the Kindred’s of the earth shall wail because of him even so amen I am Alpha Omega the beginning and the ending saith the Lord which is which was and which is to come the Almighty I John who also am your brother and companion in tribulation and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ was on the isle that is called Patmos for the word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ I was in the spirit on the Lord’s Day and he heard behind me and I heard and heard behind me a great voice as of a trumpet saying I am Alpha and Omega the first the last and what they’ll see us bright in the book and sent it to the seven churches which are in Asia unto Ephesus unto Smyrna and to Pergamus unto Thyatira and its artists unto Philadelphia and Laodicea and I turned to see the voice that spake with me and being turned I saw seven golden lampstands and the midst of the seven lampstands one like unto the Son of Man clothed with the garment down to the foot and Girt about the paps with a golden girdle and his head and his hair were white like wool and white as snow and his eyes were as a flame of fire and his feet like unto fine brass as if they burned in the furnace and his voice as the sound of many waters and he had in his right hand seven stars and out of his mouth when he sharp two-edged sword and his countenance was as the sunshine if in his strength and when I saw him I fell at his feet as dead and he laid his right hand upon me saying unto me fear not I am the first and last I’m he that liveth and was dead and behold I am Alive for evermore amen and have the keys of hell and of death write the things which thou hast seen the things which are and the things which shall be Hereafter the mystery of the Seven Stars which thou sawest my right hand and the Seven golden lampstands the seven stars are the angels of the seven churches and the seven lampstands which thou sawest are the seven churches that’s chapter one of the book of Revelation give you a flavor as we kick it off here almost incredible books in the Bible it’s the only book of the Bible but has the audacity to say read me I’m special I know of no other book in the Bible it’s calls you to read it specifically many admonitions to read the Bible in general but only one book rises above that and says hey read this one and you get a special blessing and you will that’s why were together that blessing will take several forms we’ll talk about that but it’s it that God is faithful and you’ll watch what happens another item I’d like to mention just right up front this is one of those studies that is very strange because it is often avoided by people who have spent a lot of time in their Bible many pastors won’t teach on it they’re uncomfortable with the book and they have the reasons well there’s lots of viewpoints and so forth one of the reasons not necessarily always applicable with one of the reasons is it does highlight one’s lack of insight in the Old Testament and will show you why as we go but having said that it is a book that promises a blessing and it also strangely even though it is it is avoided by many so-called experts it is a fabulous book for the new believer that shocks many people many people say gee I haven’t been in my Bible where should I start some people point to the Gospel of John that’s a good safe beginning others as they start at Genesis that’s a little join some issues right up front that’s great but many I advise jump in revelation and the surprises it and you’ll see why as we get into it it’s such a rewarding study but I encourage you to to encourage new believers to join in this study and let’s move on first I want you to notice the title of the book is singular not plural how often I hear even pastors or people at the in public office especially will say revelations plural which means they’ve never read it they never even read the first sentence and they assume because it’s got all these visions and things it’s lots of revelations no that’s not it’s a singular revelation it’s singular not plural the word apocalypsis is a noun it shows up over 19 times it means revelation that is to unveil is what it really means it’s the unveiling and as a noun it’s 19 times as a verb it’s 26 times to reveal and to unveil if you will so now as we look at the New Testament we realize there are five historical books four Gospels in the book of Acts Luke volume 1 and volume 2 and then there are a group of epistles most people would list 14 Pauline epistles setting aside the dispute about romans 4 the moma Hebrews for the moment there are 14 Pauline epistles and there are 7 sometimes called general epistles or more precisely the Hebrew Christian epistles so if somebody asks you how many epistles are in the New Testament most people answer 21 14 Pauline and 7 general ones that overlooks the 7 most important there are 7 epistles in the New Testament written by Jesus Christ himself and that’s they’re contained in fact the book of Revelation is like a cover letter that goes to these seven churches Ephesus Smyrna Pergamum Thyatira Sardis Philadelphia and Laodicea many of these churches you may have never heard of except from this book what’s rather astonishing as you start thinking about it are the ones that are not listed where’s the Church of Jerusalem where’s the church at Rome even a superficial knowledge of the New Testament would cause you to lists a handful of churches that are not listed here and one of the questions I’m going to have you research between now and our next session is to reflect and be able to respond to why these seven that divided Jesus picked these particular seven and therein lies some very fascinating discoveries the scripture John 16 tells us that he shall glorify me the Old Testament glorifies Jesus Christ in prophecy the whole Old Testament is really a prophecy of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Gospels we have his history on the earth in the book of Acts we see Christ active in the church through the Holy Spirit the epistles then expand and exposit that and gives us that with the experience in its relevance but the apocalypse the book of Revelation is going to dramatize graphically Christ in glory the great climax is what we’re on the threshold of the Old Testament says Ben he comes the Gospels behold he dies an axe behold he lives in the church behold he saves and the epistles and we’re going to see him reign we’re going to see him take over the earth and reign exciting times now to whom is this book given let’s read the first sentence carefully the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave unto him whoops unto whom Jesus Christ the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave unto him to Jesus Christ if it sounds rather strange it’s the father revealing to the son that’s astonishing many people are read that and don’t stop to realize what it’s saying why did he give it to the son to show unto his servants things which must quickly come to pass the word shortly there is not shortly like like right now it’s quickly the sense once it starts is going to come very quickly it – yep suddenly charlie come to pass the word is the same word in the Greek from which we get the word for tachometer on a car and he sent and signified it sign divide it if you will see it’s given to him and it’s rendered into signs he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John we’re going to see a lot about angels angels it will be very prominent in this book angels of all different ranks signified by his angel unto his servant John who bare record of the word of God and of the testimony of Jesus Christ and of all the things that he saw we want to not lose sight of the fact that what we’re seeing here is a record that John penned of what he actually saw and he saw from a very astonishing point of view which we’ll take a look at but I like to talk a little bit about the basic units of information I have to apologize that’s been my technical background but I think it’s relevant to our study here when we talk about the language the basic unit in a written language of course is the alphabet what whatever language you have that were the basic units typically are the letters of the alphabet in sound when I’m speaking to you someone that would electronically analyze my sound would break it up in what’s called phonemes the different sounds that make up the spoken language those are called phonemes if we talk about images this is a word most people have never heard of in the past but most people today have heard it and when you buy a camera or whatever digital that is you talk about pixels the smallest unit of an image if you will what about meaning there is a word in the information Sciences called a semi it’s the basic unit of meaning and that’s exactly the word in the Greek that we have here where it speaks of a mark over 4045 almost 4,600 times in the Bible we have a mark sometimes it’s just a mark as you and I think of it simply simplistically sometimes it’s a seal that the word Semyon is a mark and also is a basic unit of meaning and one of the things that galvanized me as a teenager I was a Christian I had been saved I’d gone to church but I haven’t attended a lecture by one that person that became a very dear friend as the years went by in which he was speaking about revelation in an evening series at the church and he had to open a series by pointing out that the book of Revelation is entirely in code but every code has explained somewhere else in the Bible well that grabbed me as a as a guy that was just interested in information anyway in fact made it my profession really in effect but the the fact revelation was in code is no surprise in with its skim the book can get a little uncomfortable with the strange idioms there but the fact that each one of those is explained somewhere in the scripture is the real point and that that will launch you on a treasure hunt and that treasure hunt is the most exciting thing you’ll ever do and god I had I’ve had a life of adventures I won’t bore you with my background but the Lord has put me in more different interesting places through my career that I’ve always been somehow developed an appetite or a passion for adventures in lots of different ways but the most exciting in my entire life is the adventure we’re going to embark on together and that’s a treasure in the Word of God and there’s nothing more fun than to take something and start looking and have it all suddenly become clear it’s just I think that’s fun the word seems ameno is a to give a sign or signifier indicate or to make known and that’s what these symbols or Semyon are in the scripture now the apocalypse in the book of Revelation focuses of course is most of you realize on the catastrophic in crisis of the present age and we’re going to see the spectacular reappearance of the King of Kings in his global Empire we’re going to see the internment of Satan at last not finally he’s going to be put away for a while in the abuso we’re going to see the Millennial earth reign of Jesus Christ now some of these are controversial I’ll touch about that shortly and we’ll see the final insurrection and the abolition of sin and we’ll see a new heaven and a new earth it’s interesting that the creation that is being redeemed is not just you and I and not just the planet Earth we’re going to see a new heaven and a new earth interestingly enough and that’s all laid out in isaiah elsewhere but climaxed here in this very book but i want to call your attention to verse 3 of chapter 1 that we read just shortly ago this is one of several reiterations of this promise in the book but let’s keep in front of us the Bible says blessed is he that readeth and they that hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things which are written therein for the time is at hand and want you to notice it claims to be prophecy it claims to be prophecy from end to end fact the whole Bible is prophecy but let’s not go down that path here we clearly there are people that do not regard the Book of Revelations prophecy well they’re entitled to their view I’m not here to create controversy but I call your text if I get it claims to be and we need to keep that in focus as we go now I realize that many of you are regulars and you know the basic premises of our ministry but so that this discussion can reach those that are have walked into our group for the first time let me go back and cover some very basic presumptions on our part the first discovery that we’ve made that is one of the foundation stones or a ministry is that this the Bible this collection of books that’s in your lap consists of 66 separate books that were penned by over 40 different guys over several thousand years and the discovery that is you have to make for yourself is that these 66 books consist of these 66 books they consist of a message system an integrated design I don’t just mean thematically I don’t just mean that there’s themes in the old fulfilled the new no no much more than that is that every number I replaced name the very structure the text itself even the mathematical structures underneath the text demonstrate very skillful engineering that’s the first discovery the second discovery when you’re going that far is you can demonstrate that the origin of that message system had to come from outside time because the very structure anticipates things before they happen and as you begin to realize that that will change your entire perspective of the Bible that we have a message system very skilfully engineered from outside our space-time and once you discover that it changes your whole approach perspective and so forth it has a central theme the old testament of course is primarily an account of a nation the new testament is the account of a man the creator of the universe became a man and his appearance as a man is the central point a turning point of all history and he died to purchase you and me and he’s alive today the astonishing thing isn’t just that the Creator became a man the more astonishing thing is that there is a man on the throne of God as we speak this evening and our most exalted privileges to know him and that’s what the Bible is all about and that’s what the book of Revelation specifically focuses on in fact the book of Revelation will become a lens through which we’ll look at the rest of the whole Bible and if we if we do it diligently it will be full of surprises let’s talk about some of our presuppositions just to make sure you know where I’m coming from doesn’t mean you have to agree with me there are many good people I have very different views and some of the things were talked about but at the same time I want you to understand where we’re coming from more importantly why we believe God means what he says and says what he means and the Bible is an integrated whole every detail is there by design and Jesus so declared it I remember when I first one of the early stages in Israel remember I came across a strange proverb by the rabbi’s say that we really want to understand the passages in Scripture until the Messiah comes when the Messiah comes he’ll interpret not only the passages the very words the very letters he’ll even interpret the spaces between the letters and why when I first heard that I used to be kind of amused I thought was just a colorful exaggeration there many of those you run into of course but then I read Matthew 18 where Jesus himself says that think not that I come to destroy the Torah or the prophets I come not to destroy but to fulfil for verily I say unto you one yarder one one yarder one tittle shall not pass away from the law until all be fulfilled Noah yatin or tittle are he Bray isms ayaats is one of the smallest of the 22 Hebrew letters it looks like a lil apostrophe on the papers almost like a little blemish it’s the little mark a tittle is the little hook on some of the letters the perception of which are essential to discern the difference of some of these letters that look alike otherwise a little tittle so a yachtie tittle is equivalent sort of to you and I saying not the crossing of the T or a dotting of it I shall pass till all be fulfilled that caught that’s a call by Jesus himself to take the text seriously and now I’m also going to suggest that nothing in the text is trivial that’s just as true of Leviticus as it is of Revelation in Revelation to become clearer because they’ll leap out at you and some of the other place in the Bible you see these things they sound like they well they’re trivial little byproducts no you’re going to one of the great discoveries as you study your Bible seriously is that there’s nothing in there trivial everything there is for our learning that’s what Paul tells you in Romans chapter 15 verse 4 whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning that we through the patience and comfort the scripture might have hope and God is his own interpreter God is his own interpreter most of the passage that the critical identities in the book of Revelation are interpreted in the book for you you have to guess some of them you have to go dig in through the Old Testament and I’ll show you why in a minute but also I always forget to put this up for years I always did this for our group if you have you taking some notes I want you in the upper right hand corner of your notepad to put the acts just jot it down what it says in acts Paul had gone from fessing Leica to Berea and Bereans the Bereans were like the people from Missouri they had to be shown you know they were doubters Paul says of them says they were more noble those labrie oh those are more noble than those in Thessalonica how in that they received the word the Word of God with all readiness or openness of mind but they searched the Scriptures daily to prove whether those things were so see in other words that be shown what Luke is saying here is don’t believe anything chuck Missler tells you I hope my primary goal is to stimulate you to do your own homework but on all these critical issues that I’ll try to highlight for you do your own homework and come your own conclusions because we’re going to enter areas where good scholars disagree and your anchor is not chuck Missler or whoever your anchor is the Word of God check it out for yourself do your homework that’s the whole point well the revelation the unveiling consummation of all things it’s the only book that promises special blessing and one of the reasons it’s such a blessing the book of Revelation consists of 404 verses will probably cover three tonight of those hundred 404 and you can do extrapolations and figure will be here for quite a while but it won’t go quite that slowly over but appointed four verses but here’s the exciting point those 404 verses contain allusions direct allusions to over 800 passages in the Old Testament and they’re all cataloged and indexed they’ll be in the notes that accompany this presentation we’ll take it chapter by chapter and show you can share them out yourself when you add them all up for the whole 24 sessions or 22 chapters you’ll discover there’s over 800 of these allusions some are very clear and direct some were a little more elusive but they’re there and the can and so catalogued but that’s the point you see if it sound if the book of Revelation seems strange to our ears it’s because we haven’t done enough time in the Old Testament these idioms these these issues presume of the Old Testament in it you can almost look at as if John is assuming you’ve done your homework and and of course the reason so important for all of us it presents the climax of God’s plan for you and me let’s before I jump in talk a little bit about John himself John the author interesting guy he’s written five books in the New Testament the Gospel of John that most of us are familiar with and that’s a great place to start if you’re ever at a loss where you want to jump in jump into the Gospel of John it’s been described as shallow enough for a child to wade in deep enough for an elephant to submerge him in other words it will meet you on your terms it can be very simple and direct and it’s wonderful but if you’re as you get more sophisticated eeper it’ll go you can study the John for 30 years for the hundredth time and make new discoveries every time we go through it’s a very unusual book in that regard done by the same guy that we’re dealing with tonight he also wrote three epistles John did the first John is a sermon is in the form of a letter but we’re not sure to who exactly probably Ephesus but we’re not sure it’s really like sermon notes on love fabulous fabulous piece of work second John is a mystery to most it’s my suggestion for you to check out I believe it’s a personal letter to Mary the mother of Christ and I conclude that from the whole pistol but especially the first sentence you can check that on your own third John is a small personal note to Gaius but then of course his climactic piece of work is the apocalypse that were undertaking tonight John the person he’s Boren’s Bethsaida younger brother of James to Zebedee and salami we infer that Zebedee was probably ahead some means because he funded this this fishing Enterprise that they’re partners in with Peter and Andrew and they had servants so it was not a trivial Enterprise of that kind and his mother was salami not the salami you may be thinking of but salami is also well resourced and one of the major supporters of Christ’s ministry she’s very prominent in if you watch the allusions to her they were Galilean fishermen and in partnership Peter and Andrew Peter James and John that is and Peter and Andrew he was John wasn’t both of them probably were early disciples of John the Baptist and they later become disciples of Christ and they later get called by Christ to actually be with him we do infer that John was actually a well connected guy because we discover that he knew the high priest personally somehow and he also is the only one that really had direct commerce apparent with Nicodemus because he records things that only he does and so we get the impression that he somehow was well connected he is very misrepresented by the way by most Christian literature we always view a soft almost maybe effeminate namby-pamby kind of guys just the opposite his nickname is brother were known as the sons of thunder they were a man’s man if you will and you may recall in Luke 9 where they encounter some unbelief in Samaria and that’s John suggestion Christ let’s call down fire on these people enjoys it Christ has no I could operate that way but John John was ready to do it he assumed we could do it like Elijah did that was his you don’t get the John was intensely devoted to Christ very passionate person he he ran deep Peter was sort of reactive he was you know he suffered from foot-and-mouth disease the only time he changed feet you know time you open his mouth interchange fee that some people put it reactive John Randeep did we also know he could run faster than Peter and so forth but that’s not important to us night John was one of the inner circle as you study the Bible you discover there were three that were very much inside at the Mount Transfiguration there were three Peter James and John at the raising of G irises daughter the three of them were allowed right on in where others were excluded at the Olivet discourse they’re joined by Andrew the four of them get this private briefing on a second coming and of course at gas Emily they all were Dacus M&E what Peter James or John came were brought in a little closer if you notice the text carefully so we get the impression clearly that Peter James and John were the inner circle of in a sense it’s fascinating to realize that John was the one that Jesus consigned his mother to at the cross he’s on the cross he’s got brothers and sisters no not – he doesn’t consign his mother to one of them he consigned it to the Apostle John and that’s exactly what he does he takes care of her she she and John are both buried near Ephesus and that’s important to understand and so he Altius Lee he will be an exile at Pat miss but after he gets out of pappus I’ll come to that minute he retires to Ephesus after his exile now if you look at a map of the the Aegean between Turkey and Greece and you zero in on a little spot there on the map if you’ll see there and get in a little closer and it’s about 26 miles from the I think by 24 26 miles 24 miles from the mellitus the peninsula and the coast it’s in fact when I was first up at but been there many time but the first time I was on there I couldn’t help but see the comparison to Catalina not only in this shape but also its distance from the shore it’s very similar in many respects surprisingly for those of you that happen to be familiar with Catalina that’s useful I suppose if it isn’t that isn’t all right anyway so you’ll notice you’ll notice the the location of Patmos there very strangely into a sort of it’s sort of a crescent the game you play there is with windsurfing you try to win surf outside the Li of the island and wind surf in and if you if you miss it you get caught by the enemy which will take you all the way to Libya so you want to really know what you’re doing there that’s that’s sort of chicken race thing they play there but anyway that’s Patmos and so the Patmos exile is what were the middle of John was exiled by Domitian who reigned from 81 to 96 ad and it’s clear some people try to make the book of Revelation dated earlier but they’re fighting those views are brutally assaulted by the facts Domitian finishes at 96 IDs replaced by Trajan when Domitian dies John is freed and goes back to Ephesus and retires the mission was the brother of Titus you may recall who destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD but some other traditions of the church this does not mean they’re accurate but just so you know where they come from Hippolyta’s who wrote the second century has promoted this story that John was first plunged into boiling oil and when that didn’t have any effect they exiled him to the Patmos and that’s a very colorful story but I think most serious scholars don’t regard it seriously it’s just one of those legends that show up a victorious indicates that John was forced to work in the mines that were located on Patmos I don’t think we have any any other evidence of that but Irenaeus Clement and Eusebius point out that after Domitian dies John was returned to Ephesus he went to the churches pointed out leaders and set things in order now he’s by this time he’s getting on in years and so he’s really at the end in the Twilight time it did die a natural death just as Christ implies that he would okay now there are alternative views of the book of Revelation and I want to get out in the table there is a view called of the preterists they argue that the book of Revelation was only app applicable in the first century it was true only then and then only and we don’t take that seriously for a number of reasons that doesn’t mean were right but I just want you understand where we’re coming from there are these other views there are some that feel the book is historical was written later and it sort of recaps history that’s their view there is an idea what some people would call the idealist view that the entire book is strictly allegorical that Christ reigns in our hearts not literally on the earth etc and the out they make everything just a big allegory and that that really started from Oregon and Agustin and was carried on through from a medieval church into Reformation and unfortunately is the heritage of most denominations today there’s a fourth view that we are we lean to and that is the Futurist that it’s prophetic and lay and we’ll show you why we believe that you should come to your own conclusions for your own study but I want to let you understand where we’re coming from and be aware of there are other views and the book of Revelation claims to be the latter it claims to be prophecy all through it cover-to-cover and so why prophecy why are we assured in prophecy well in the Old Testament there are over 1,800 references to Christ’s rule on the earth very explicit all through the old tennis not in a few places almost 2,000 places 17 Old Testament books give prominence to that very issue the ruling of the Messiah on the earth it was so focused on it’s one of the reasons that the leadership when Christ was on the earth failed recognizing they’re so fixated on the ruling aspect they often the Jews will some hold to the view that there’s two messiahs the suffering servant then Joseph in the Ben dahveed the ruling there’s a suffering servant and they see two messiahs they’re so different never occurred to them probably that they’re two sides of the same guy but in any case seventeen Old Testament books give you give prominence to the rule of Christ on the earth in the New Testament out of two hundred and sixteen chapters New Testament there are 318 references to his second coming in the New Testament so it’s important it’s mentioned in 23 of the 27 books and the three that don’t mention our single chapter books to the private individuals and Galatians and so still most people still sort of believe that life is going to be just a linear extrapolation tomorrow I’ll be like yesterday next week like last week next month last month next year like last year we tend to be linear in our extrapolations but the Bible says quite to the contrary there’s some real surprises coming for every prophecy of Christ’s first coming there are somewhere between seven and eight prophecies of a second coming is it important absolutely where the first prophecies of the first coming fulfilled literally absolutely and we maintain the second the prophecy of the second coming will be just as literal now we’re jumping into a field of study called eschatology that’s a fancy word for study of the last things and when you study eschatology the first fork in the road you come to is you will tend to be either a millennial or premillennial meaning you either if you’re a millennial you don’t really believe that christ is literally going to rule on the earth as a king for a thousand years the revelation portrays you allegorize that if you believe in a literal millennium which we do then you’re called premillennial online no no millennium primarily vinnil million that’s your first fork in the road there used to be a group called post-millennial people that felt we were already in the Millennium but as we got into the 19th century most people gave that up they begin to realize things are not getting better and better in a moral way and so it’s a it ours way Chuck Smith like to say if we’re in the Millennium then Satan’s chain is too long see so there are other beliefs that are sort of fill eiated with this preterism reconstruction is Ammar issues we don’t have to get into here but are again non premillennial now the point is hermeneutics is your theory of interpretation and your your tendency as you interpret the Bible can be very literal that’s where we lean obviously or you may be very willing to allegorize well the Bible says that but doesn’t really mean that and you start treating these things as allegories if you lean to the left on this chart and are given to Alex Esav allegorical ideas that will you that you that will drift you in the direction of amillennialism if you’re very strict in your homolytic if you have a very what they call a high view of inspiration if you think the Holy Spirit really picked every letter and word through the through the pennmen then you will go the other way so your eschatology will derive from your hermeneutics so that’s our very important for you to come to come to grips with how you treat your Bible if you treat it very seriously you take it very very literally then you’re going to lean to the right side now when I say literally don’t jump on me say well gee then you think God has feathers to the Psalm 91 under his wings thou shalt trust now there are obviously in the scripture figures of speech the most conspicuous ones of course are allegories metaphors similes similes are easily identified because it’s always like this or as that you are you like it when there’s the like her as you know it’s assembly metaphors are like a simile except you don’t get the clue with this with the like or as but still it’s a figure of speech you are the salt of the earth you know is that mean you ionize when you’re wet no no no no it’s it’s a tournament it’s it’s it’s a expression to make another point those are called metaphors do you know how many different kinds of figures of speech different reticle rhetorical devices are in the different kinds of rhetorical devices in the Bible I mentioned about four already similes metaphors types we go on do you how many there are over 200 and they’re all listed and catalogued with examples from the scripture and as in our appendices some of our materials and that’s not where I could get down caught up in that but you want to be aware of fact just because you take the Bible literally doesn’t mean you’re blind to the use of figures of speech the Holy Spirit deals and puns that’s important to understand that and so forth now the first division though many people have different perceptions of eschatology different viewpoints and that’s fine but this first dividing point between all Millennials and primal Asian is deeper than just eschatology so I don’t want to pass by this without making a few to be a millennial and the reason it’s so important here’s the tragedy most classical traditional Protestant denominations are amillennial they gaint they they derive that from the from the Catholic Church which is all money and so this is difficult because most of the people you run into the denominational Christians are all Malaya whether they realize it or not the problem you have you’ve got to deal with the hundreds of Messianic promises throughout the Old Testament God is very explicit about Christ ruling on the throne of David he’s never done that before is that allegorical the destiny of Israel is paramount here one reason we had the Holocaust in Germany is because of the silent pulpits in Germany that failed to deal with God’s place for Israel Israel has a destiny in God’s covenants all in this definitive statement of Christian doctrine we call the book of Romans hammers away for 3 chapters 9 10 and 11 God is not true with Israel they have a prophetic destiny we need to understand that need to understand that we need to deal with the promise that angel Gabriel gave Mary when he announced the birth of Jesus that he would sit on the throne of David the throne of David did not exist in those days is that allegorical I don’t think so God promised it in depth throughout the Old Testament and confirmed in the news are we to do with that and of course there’s all kinds of confirmations the things I’ve just mentioned in the New Testament so it’s a non-trivial issue and the tragedy is if you embrace amillennialism you run the risk of poking your finger in the eye of God you’re calling in effect making baby unknowingly but you’re calling God a liar we serve a God who delights in making and keeping his promises and that’s what we’re dealing with here so if you’re prey millennial you’ll discover that doesn’t end your headaches you’ve got three different brands of premillennialists it has to do with when does the church get raptured and some feel that the church will be raptured at the at the end of the tribulation and they’re called post tribulation at the end of tribulation you’ll discover that we lean the other way we think that church will not even see the tribulation so we’re pre-tribulation we think the rapture occurs before the tribulation starts there is an offshoot of both of these that say well we believe it’s going to be in the middle of the tribulation and I’ll set those issues aside now just be aware of fact there that that’s another area of division that need not be an impediment to fellowship many people make a big thing of that that’s a mistake too we’re saved we’re saved and the Lord will sort it out for us but still we’re going to we’re going to show you why we lean very strongly to being pre-tribulation here again it depends on your hermeneutics the more your allegorical the more you can swing to the left on this on this chart Dirt’s post tribulation ilysm if you’re very strict in your home annex you take it very literally you’ll tend to the premillennial and pre-tribulational as a subset of that are we together you’ll discover it’s very rare to find someone’s premillennial and post tribulation all most post tribulation will people are also in effect our Millennials it’s it’s there are some notable scholars that were exceptions but that’s on their unusual something else you’re going to be very sensitive to sensitive to as we go here is the Sevenfold structure of the book as soon as you get to chapter six you’re in encounter the seven sealed scroll and each seal as broken as in a whole bunch of wild things and you’ll discover that there’s all of these seven there’s six and then a parenthesis it’s almost as if there’s a build up for a second third where you get to sixth you almost you catch your breath so there’s a change of subject for a chapter chapter seven stuck in there to give you a chance to catch your breath when you get to the seventh seal then it breaks up into seven trumpets and again you go through trumpet one trumpet do you go through these and we get to the sixth trumpet there is again you catch your breath there’s a parenthesis this time from chapters 10 through 14 are stuck in between those last the last two trumpets and when you finish to get through 10th is this sort of what scholars call a parenthesis when you finish that you get to the seventh trumpet ends up assuring in seven bowls of God’s wrath and even here again when you get to the sixth Bowl there is a parenthesis it’s only it’s just a it’s just a little one but it’s still it’s a parenthesis and so for what it’s worth so we you can’t help but notice as you get more familiar the book that there’s this hepatic structure at Attucks fancy word for Sevenfold everything’s in sevens okay in fact it gets even more complicated when you look at the bowls more carefully and you go back and compare them to the trumpet judgments you’ll discover there’s a parallelism the trumpet judgments are anticipate or II sort of of the seven Trump seven bowls except they’re about a third and so as you go through this you know in one case you have the sea of blood and all died at the end but in the trumpets anticipation only a third in the sea diet you’ll notice that there’s a some people call them the the the first a group of these the judgment of the thirds all that’s saying is that they’re they’ve known scholars have noticed a parallelism it’s not perfect but it’s just suggested I throw it out for your consideration well the sevens that everybody recognizes right away in the scripture there are seven churches that will be the primary focus of chapters two or three and there are the most important chapters of the entire book if you’re going to only attend a couple of sessions I encourage you to focus on chapters two or three because they’re the ones that affect you and I for chapter four on we’re going to watch from the mezzanine anyway I’ll show you why when we get there okay but once we deal with chapters two and three then we’re going to encounter this seven sealed book a scroll with seven seals very big deal but then we went after those seals are open they’re the seven trumpets that we just reviewed now for the seven trumpets seven bowls so everybody that’s even a superficial knowledge of the book recognizes somehow everything’s in sevens you have no idea there are seven lampstands seven spirits seven stars seven lamps seven tidal pairs seven promises of the overcomer seven horns and seven eyes and it goes on seven angels and we’re going to talk more we’ll talk more about that later seven thunders seven thousand seven head seven crown seven plagues seven mountain Seven Kings we’re just getting started one of the things that we give our graduate students a challenge to do is make a list and try to find a seven that’s not on our list and a list has hundreds okay but there are seven Beatitudes now this is something we’re getting more subtle ones you don’t have them listed that way but you’ll find in chapter one blessed is he that readeth we read that one and they they keep here and keep those things right in chapter fourteen blessed are the dead who die in the Lord that’s a beatitude and blessed is he that watcheth and keepeth his garments in chapter 16 chapter 19 blessed are they who called to the marriage supper of the lamb and we get to chapter 20 blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection the first and second right those are not events their categories be careful that one but blessed is he that keepeth the words of the prophecy of this book and blessed are they that wash they’re washed their robes and so in chapter 22 it’s interesting there’s not six or eight there seven and there are more subtle ones that take a little more perspective there are seven features in chapter there’s seven letter divisions in Chapter two and three of those pretty obvious seven percentages in chapters 12 and 13 chapter 12 13 as a parentheses you have a woman a man-child a red dragon a seven-headed beast a false prophet Michael the Archangel and the Lamb of God there’s seven players and sort of us these are sort of summary chapters and there are seven years of judgments chapter 11 12 and 13 there are seven I am statements in throughout the book there are seven doxologies in Heaven’s there are seven new things in chapters 20 and 21 and you could go on and on and on and on I it’s probably not possible to make an exhaustive list of the sevens whatever number you come up with I think there’s seven times that many okay that’s just a perspective my own something else you’ll notice as you go through the book you’ll always notice that there are all kinds of phrases that are time dimensional they speak with past present and future the present is now the past is a memory the future is abroad is a hope right God in Revelation chapter 1 the God which was which is and which is to come remember that the expression of God the very yeah yah hey Bob hey the the Yehovah somebody or Jehovah and from the German or whatever we the unpronounceable name of God is a statement of existence the God I am he always has been always will be okay he’s the God that which was which is which is decaying that’s an echo from Colossians 1 John 8 Hebrews 7 in Revelation 1 verses 7 so that’s a tear tenses when I talk about Jesus Christ it says he’s the faithful witness that’s past tense the first begotten of the Dead that’s present tense and he’s the Prince of the kings of the earth that’s coming see again it’s past present future all the way through and the references are there they’ll be in your notes unto him that loved us and washed us from his our sins in his blood and made us kings and priests he loved us notice the past tense whenever you see the past tense of hid God’s love it’s an allusion to the cross but that’s past it’s happened already the present tense he washed us from our sins in his own blood that’s now that’s happening and the future tense he made us kings and priests that’s coming and you want to pay attention to that phrase kings and priests that shocks the ear of the Old Testament reader because the Old Testament you know the Kings were the line of Judah the priests for the lion from the from Aaron in the line of day Levi and they never to cross several episodes were wrong when they were crossed if you will priests and kings were separate in the Old Testament and and deliberately so there was an exception that Melchizedek and that example is used by the writer of the book of Hebrews to make a big deal that Christ is a priest after the order of Melchizedek but then Peter in 1st Peter 2 and Luke 19 and revelation in several places emphasizes that you and I are kings and priests the more you know about kings and priests the more shocking that is we’re both that’s going to be very important as we get before we get to chapter 5 to understand that because there’s a group of people that identify themselves on that very aspect now we get to verse 19 of chapter 1 there’s a verse that outlines the book for you but book of Revelation to the best of my knowledge is the only book in the Bible that provides you an outline usually in any study of the book of the Bible one of the first things you want to do for yourself sort of outline it get a feeling for how its organized well revelation gives it for you thank goodness in chapter 1 verse 19 john is instructed to write the things which thou hast seen the things which are and the things which shall be meted outta after these things Hereafter well what were the things he had seen by the time you get to verse 19 the things he’d seen were verses 12 to 18 the vision of Christ chapter one has an incredible vision of Jesus Christ and John said write what you’ve seen this vision of Christ that’s past tense right the things which are and that’s going to turn out to be the seven churches because they’re the churches that were in place live and real running at the time John was pinning this it was present tense and write the things which shall be meted out in the Greek it means after these things are Hereafter when you get to chapter 4 verse 1 the opening phrase of chapter 4 verse 1 is meta Tata hereafter and then it goes on to these wild things from chapter 4 to the end of the book is future so you got past the vision that John saw while he’s on Patmos the things which are these letters – that are dictated to him by Jesus Christ that he writes and the things which then shall be Hereafter and that of course is appended as a cover letter to all the 7 that get mailed out of course to the churches ok past present future it may surprise you to discover your salvation has three tenses did you know that we use that term being saved to mean so many different things like I saved from a fire last night the partners on fire and they saved me from the fire that means in the context of that a certain thing right let’s talk about the three tense of me say the first place past tense you have been saved hopefully that is positionally before the court you have been saved from the penalty of sin who paid that penalty I can’t hear you it was great amen got you that’s a positional thing the some of the theologians would call that justification salvation you’re justified before the bar of justice or law because Jesus paid your penalty for you so you have been saved you’ve been saved from the penalty of sin present tense you are right now being saved from what from the power of sin Romans five six seven hammers this you that sin should no longer reign in your mortal bodies yes you may stumble here and there but you should be repentant which means you don’t just say you’re sorry you turn 180 degrees the other way if you’re living in sin you stop it if you’re having an affair outside your marriage you stop it don’t just say gee I’m sorry I’m going to be under grace no you stop it if you’re subject to some other sinful addiction the power the Holy Spirit breaks that you are saved from the power of sin that’s operationally and that’s not by your energy it’s by the Holy Spirit moment by moment that’s what Rome six is all about need to study it carefully some people would call that sanctification to give it a different name and there’s a future aspect you shall be saved from the presence of sin that’s called in Romans 8 the redemption of our body but your salvation has three tenses past present and future depending on whether you’re talking the position of the penalty the power or the presence of sin so if you’re all not in agreement you flunk the course that’s supposed to disturb you enough to go back and study those things okay okay that’s gone another thing we’re going to encounter as you study the Bible is a thing called types in engineering we speak of prototypes a type is a model of something for some purpose and you can make a mathematical model of an oil field to understand something you make a mathematical model of an airplane wing before you design it those those are models the biblical term is like a type there’s a prototype of an evident Abram and Isaac in Genesis 22 it’s called the akkad ah when abraham offers Isaac he is acting out a prophecy he knows he is he names the place of the Mount of the Lord shall be seen it was his belief that if he offered Isaac Isaac would be resurrected that saved him that’s what he Hebrews 11 verse 19 emphasized so that whole study of Genesis 22 fascinating study but it’s the classic example of what’s called in the literature a type Abram is a type of a father Isaac the son the whole model is the father offering his son as for an offering for sin and Abraham probably didn’t realize that on that very spot 2,000 years later another father would offer his son as an offering for sin but so that’s a whole study that’s what called type it’s the classic example another type is often pointed with Nebuchadnezzar’s image in Daniel chapter 3 the king of the known world makes an image and forces people under penalty of death to worship him though fiery furnace thing is in a foreshadowing in a sense of Revelation 13 and and so forth that’s a type the redemption of the land of the Book of Ruth you won’t understand a kinsman redeemer unless you understand the Book of Ruth in fact before we get to Revelation chapter 5 your assignment will be to study carefully the Book of Ruth four chapters take you less than an hour to read it it is so far I’ve taught that book dozens of times and every time I go through I make a new discovery it’s fun but the main thing is it you’ll learn what a kinsman redeemer is all about that’s what that one of the reasons that book is there and then of course we have a model of the book of Revelation it’s called the book of Joshua Joshua is it is is a Hebrew term for Jesus to put the other way around Yeshua is yahushua it’s the same equivalent word so here we have a military leader in joshua dispossessing the land of usurpers on behalf of the people of god and he does that by sending in first two spies two witnesses and those two witnesses get Rahab saved right and then they march around seven times with the trumpets and then they they end up fighting at alliance of these seven kings under adonai z-tech who calls up the Lord of righteousness and he gets defeated by signs in the Sun of the moon and the kings that get defeated say rock and hide in caves rocks fall on us the more you read Joshua you’ll discover it structurally and end a model of the book of Revelation in advance so in a sense it’s the type also and we could go on the tabernacle boy you want to do a serious study of the book in the book of exes of the Tabernacle every detail every dimension every material points to Jesus Christ it rested on silver sockets silver is the restaurant is blood Silver’s symbol of blood and the more you know about the Levitical idioms there the more you’ll see that every detail points of Jesus Christ when you’re outside you see nothing but the white linen all you see is righteousness there’s only one door anybody that goes up other than through that door is a thief and a robber and first thing you come to is the brazen altar sacrifice first then the washing then you go in the holy place and as you go into every detail every detail speaks of Jesus Jesus Christ makes an iamb statement for all seven pieces of furniture in the tabernacle it’s it’s again a fascinating type of the Messiah himself anyway we go on and on they’re hundreds of types some very conspicuous some subtle what we’re dealing with here are idioms and it’s interesting Abraham is called the friend of God how many knew that I see a friend of God it’s Abraham right and God associates that with letting know what’s going on he’s not my friend should I not tell them what I’m going to do in Genesis 18 right and so that’s Abraham how about the New Testament who was Jesus friends the disciples in the upper room he says you were my servants henceforth you are my friends and what does he do in John 14 he tells him that he’s going to come back for them he gives them prophets prophetic insights so the friend of God is associated with prophetic insights with Abraham in the Old Testament the disciple nanoo so we give the friend of God idea the concept is linked to a glimpse of what’s coming well let’s carry that to the extreme the ultimate friend is one that’s dearly beloved that’s a friend squared right I mean it’s up a notch right who in the Old Testament was which prophet was known as dearly beloved Daniel exactly who in the end course Daniel has the apocalyptic prophecies right who in the New Testament John right so dearly beloved associated apocalyptic writings prophecy squared if you will I mentioned this it’s not a big deal except I want you to get sense of fact that this entire package we call the Bible has been designed there is a principle that scholars will call the principle of expositional constancy all that’s a fancy word means there’s a tendency of the idioms to be consistent in the old across the different books and I’ll show you some surprising examples of that before through what’s your protection of staying on track what keeps you from getting into these side tangents and so forth what’s called the whole Council of God always make sure Christ is at the center of what you’re talking about if you’ve got a passage you don’t understand put Christ right in the middle and see what happens and Peter tells us in the second letter that even though he’s an eyewitness is you got something better you have the more sure word his term more sure word of prophecy prophecy is more convicting more convincing more impressive than any other fact you’ll find on the planet Earth we have a thing there how sure can we be you’ve money have you been through that with us Jesus challenges you search the Scriptures for in them think you have eternal life and they are they which testify of me John so Christ makes that very claim challenge it in Psalm 40 verse 7 he says the volume of the book is written of me and I don’t think there’s a passage in the entire Bible that you can separate from from Jesus Christ in one way or another and revelation even underscores this in chapter 19 it’ll say the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy now is the Bible prophetic the prophecies all relate some way to the mission destiny and victory of Jesus Christ in fact we pray that whenever we pray the Lord’s Prayer must be will realize it thy kingdom come what does that mean you’re praying that those prophecies will be fulfilled and that his kingdom comes and will you pray that I don’t think you do that as an amillennialist unless you do it well in my heart oh he’s there already let’s go on okay now John says I was in the spirit several times four times but the important one to keep in mind is in chapter 1 verse 10 I was in the spirit on the day of the Lord there are a lot of people many commentary well he must have been that means Sunday no it doesn’t know it doesn’t the Lord’s Day was established centuries later as Sunday that’s all another history I won’t go into here if you read that as I was in the spirit on the day of the Lord you got the meaning that’s what Joel talks about John through the spirit was brought forward through time and get Ben he was he was given the ability to see what’s going to happen I was in the spirit and I don’t know whether it was a trance under how that mechanically happened but clearly he was in a time warp of sorts and he isn’t is propelled to the day of the Lord even though he’s on Patmos of course in chapter 4 is going to be in the spirit to the throne in heaven that’s important he has this vision of Christ in Chapter 1 he’s going to get these seven letters but chapter four he’s going to be any of the throne room at the climax and the chapter four is going to be a very important chapter for you and I’d understand or the rest of the book won’t make much sense to you and of course in chapter 7 TS carried away in the wilderness and hurry up to a mountain that’s it later in the book okay there’s another phrase that shows up as sort of markers it’s almost like a symphony and you’ve got certain scoring’s in the symphony that that organize it for you there’s the phrase thunders voices lightnings in an earthquake that is repeated four times once regard to the throne in Chapter four once in charge of the opening of the seven seals in Chapter eight once do the trumpets in Chapter eleven and once to the bowls in chapter sixteen usually at they at the end of those sequences but we have these thunders voices lightnings an earthquake and and some people try to make the book as if it’s those are four parallels four stanzas in parallel with each other most scholars think they’re sequential but that we’ll deal with that as we go along there are also doxologies there’s four of them it’s interesting that they escalate their climactic glory Dominion is only two then in Chapter four its glory honor and power in Chapter three then it’s blessing honor glory and power for in Chapter five get chapter seven or seven of them blessing glory wisdom Thanksgiving honor power and might and so I won’t split hairs what the differences are I’ll leave that to you to do your own word study but the point is clearly as you get into the book you’ll see it build up as a crescendo looks like a symphony then there’s worship or song as if you like how many are there make a guess seven good guess okay holy holy holy we haven’t chapter four the testimony of the Trinity incidentally we’re the art thou that’s emphasized all through here on to him that sitteth and so for then salvation to our God amen blessing kingdom of this world and so forth we give thee things great marvels and the four hallelujahs in in in the chapter nineteen it’s interesting that many of these words if you take the old and new Testament together they’re always a multiple of seven there are twenty-four hallelujahs in the Old Testament there’s four in the new we put together it’s 28 which is a multiple of seven so evidence of integral of design you follow me where I’m headed okay let’s move on there are several things that are out of place that revelation corrects the first is Israel they need to be in the land oh by the way if you noticed that’s being corrected not finished yet the church is on the earth ah supposed to be in heaven and it will be the lamb is supposed to be on his throne he’s not yet he’s on his Father’s throne the day is coming and father gonna see the son go get him and that starts a whole bunch of exciting things had that yet Satan is free to run around he’s going to be bound for a thousand years these four things will be put where they should be there are three women in the book of Revelation the wife of y’all have a yard hey vow hey or are you hoping if you will the wife that’s the woman that summarized in Revelation chapter 12 it’s Israel it’s not the church a lot of people assume it’s the church because for some reasons that it’s interpreted for you by none other than Israel himself Jacob himself but the point is is that these are way to summarize this if if the woman in Revelation 12 is the church she’s in big trouble because she’s pregnant she’s going to give birth to vanch eyes and know the church is always portrayed as the virgin bride like that’s the second one won’t talk about the virgin bride of Christ that’s the church don’t confuse Israel the church throughout your entire Bible study you need to be very sensitive ected Israel church have different origins and different destinies need to be sensitive that don’t don’t let those get confused many many prominent teachers are very loose with that discernment and the third woman is the harlot Mystery Babylon that’s the woman who rides the Beast these are three different women Israel the church and Mystery Babylon which we’ll deal with when we get there there are two big events in God’s ghilane the creation obviously and the and the conference’s are full of people dealing with the creation story and so forth that’s important and of course the redemption which is more important well how do you tell what’s more important well first of all it’s all about the space that’s devoted to it the creation how much space in the Bible is devoted to creation well you got a couple of chapters in Genesis a few Psalms few chapters and job and some passages in Isaiah and that’s about it you can get your arms around all the passages deal with the creation pretty pretty easily what about Redemption what passed what how much the Bible is dealt with Redemption well Paul book Genesis and Exodus Leviticus Josh was all about Ruth all the prophets the Gospels the epistles and of course the book of Revelation Redemption gets a lot of coverage it’s obviously in some respects the bigger issue for us what about the price that’s another way to talk about well the creation was breathed God breeds it from his nostrils you get the impression God could create another universe with I’ll figuratively say this snap of fingers or something what did the redemption cost him his son the redemption is the big issue that’s what we want to focus and understand not that the creation isn’t worth study don’t misunderstand me but we’re going to really be plunged right into this issue of the redemption that’s what Creole is all about one of the things you’re going to want to be sensitive to is the contrast between Genesis and the book of Revelation everything that was stuck in the Bible it starts in Genesis and everything that starts in Genesis gets climax in Revelation let me give you some examples the earth was created in Genesis 1 it passes away in Genesis in Revelation 21 the Sun was to govern the day in Genesis 1 there’s no need for the Sun in Revelation 21 the darkness he called night in Genesis 1 there is no night there according to Revelation 22 the waters he called the Seas in Chapter 1 there is no more sea in chapter 21 have no idea what that means there’s a river for the Earth’s blessing in chapter 2 there’s a river for the new earth in chapter 22 in Revelation the Earth’s government was through Israel in chapter 37 the earth judgment again will be through Israel in chapter 16 of Revelation man was creating God’s image in Chapter 1 and man is headed by Satan’s image in Revelation 13 the entrance of sin in Genesis 3 in contrast to the end of sin in Revelation 21 the curse is pronounced in Genesis 3 there is no more curse than Genesis in revelation 22 death enters in chapter 3 there is no more death in chapter 21 man is driven out of Eden in Genesis 3 man is restored in revelation 22 that’s what it’s all about the tree of life is guarded in chapter 3 and the right to the Tree of Life in the reason this guard is to preserve it so there will be a right to the Tree of Life in chapter 22 that’s often misunderstood by many sorrow and suffering enter in chapter 3 there is no more sorrow in revelation 22 that always bothers me how can God wipe away the tears of their eyes in heaven if there’s no more sorrow there’s no more sorrow what are they crying about you know I think it might be lost opportunities I think will be very analogous to Schindler at that last scene and Schindler’s List where he realized that his little badge could have saved one more Jew we will realize as we will look back in life the opportunities that we’ve squandered Nimrod founds Babel in Chapter ten and Babylon Falls in Chapter 17 and 18 in Genesis 6 through 9 we have God’s flood to destroy evil generation and in Chapter 12 Satan’s flood tries to destroy the elect generation and of course in Genesis we have a bow of God’s promise and in Genesis 4 we have a bow for remembrance Sodom and Egypt representing corruption in judgment in chapter 13 and 19 Sodom and Egypt referring to Jerusalem in Chapter 11 confederation of was against Abraham’s people injustice 14 and we see a confederation against Abraham’s seed in Revelation 12 in Genesis 24 we had a bride for Abraham’s son and in Revelation 21 we have a bride for Abraham’s seed in just we have that marriage of the first Adam and in Revelation you have a marriage of the last Adam exciting stuff man’s Dominion cease and Satan’s begun in justice 3 in revelation 22 Satan’s domain ends and man’s is restored praise God hallelujah one integrators eye on the New Testament is in the Old Testament concealed and the Old Testament is the New Testament it’s one book it’s an integrated design and if you come away from the study with nothing else that’ll be a treasure over 8,000 predictive verses make up the Bible on almost 2,000 different predictions on over 700 different matters it’s going to just one categorization in Jay Barton Payne’s encyclopedia that’s one example different scholarship Calgon catalog of and slightly differently and there are major themes going on in the world today each one of which is a fulfillment of a prophecy whether it’s Israel Jerusalem the temple the city of Babylon the Magog invasion the rise of China the European super-state the Eck moved towards an ecumenical religion the rise of global government the rise of the occult all these things are predicting the scripture all of these things you can track today an intelligence-gathering sense and you’ll discover the more you know about the Bible and the more you know about what’s really going on the more convergent they all are not just one of them not some of the proof texts the whole thing so here’s your challenge I’ve told you about a lot of things tonight that you need to study for yourself but there’s one I’m going to put this on the screen a challenge which if you accept this premise on the screen you flunk i want you to disprove the thing I’m putting on the screen that you and I are being plunged into a period of time about which the Bible says more than any other period of time in history including the time that Jesus walked the shores of Galilee or climb the mountains of Judea that’s a preposterous statement that you and I are entering a period of time about which the Bible says more that does about any other period of time in history including the gospel period how do you challenge that peer don’t accept it how do you challenge it you have to do two things the first is find out what the Bible says about all these things not what chuck Missler says or whoever what the Bible says the second thing you’ve got to do used to be hard it’s not today find out what’s going on and you won’t on the 10 o’clock news are all but one of our major media has prostituted their mandate as they tried to topple a sitting president during time of war by publishing things they knew we’re not true trying to shape opinion rather than informing they’ve discrete forked the good news is they’ve clearly discredit themselves in the mind of the average American the good news is aside from the major media you’ve got all kinds of new services worldnetdaily and others on the internet you’ve got talk radio there’s all kinds of ways today that there have gotten around the stranglehold of made 9 medium find out what’s really happening in Israel in Europe in China everywhere and the more you know about your Bible Maurya what’s going on the more excited you yet because it’s all coming to a climax but the ultimate issue is that you and I are in fact in possession of a message system that message system is of extraterrestrial origin and it portrays you and me as objects of an unseen warfare you and I are being contested over as we speak day by day moment by moment we’re both the prize in the pawns that in that conflict and our eternal destiny it eternal destiny individually depends on our relationship with the ultimate victor in that conflict that’s what it’s all about and the question you’re going to ask yourself every time we’re together is where do you stand with respect to him the one that’s going to win this conflict that’s going on now I want to give you before it closed a few suggestions about how to study many people ask me gee what do I do check well first thing you always pray first and you will not understand what we’re talking about unless you have a relationship with the author which is Jesus Christ so if you haven’t accepted Jesus Christ or if you need to renew that relationship do so in the privacy of your own councils but do so as we go because it’s a prerequisite to God revealing to you what he’s all about so the first thing is prayer and relationship of that author the other thing you want to do is set aside your presuppositions I will tell you mine so you’re aware of what mine are to evaluate yourself but set aside your own and go at the scripture with an open mind and let the Holy Spirit deal with these issues not chuck Missler I also encourage you to take extensive notes as I look back at my 50 years of Bible study I wish I had been more systematic and jotting things down and pulling them together fortunately with today’s technology there all kinds of aids to create word you know word searchable notes and I prefer to make my notes independent of a Bible package all these Bible PAGs have ways to make notes and that’s fine the trouble is you may want to change Bible packages that someday so I use a standard word processor and use your own system but pull notes together always referencing it to the scripture but I’m tell you another little secret that I love to get in right up front and that’s I’m going to encourage you people to start a secret Journal your girls know what I’m talking about the guys haven’t the foggiest notion webdriver you can go to a stationery store and buy what they call a journal it’s a bound book not loose life it’s a not loose leaf it’s a bomb book white pages maybe line but blank pages and what you resolve up front is never to show it to anybody ever you do that because I want you to be really candid with yourself if you have any suspicions you may show it to someone it’ll cloud that this is secret it’s your own private treasure the more secret is the more value it will be to you and what you do when you come across a passage in the Bible you don’t understand it makes no sense it seems to contradict X with Y or whatever what you do is you take your journal put down the date put down the reference and then here’s the hard part you do this in ink that pencil try to describe in your journal why it is that passages confuses you well it seems to contradict or it’s just not clear try to capture in writing in ink privately why it is that verse puzzles you once you’ve done that close your journal go before the throne of God with words to the effect father you’ve promised that the Holy Spirit would teach me all things that some things all things the father I don’t understand verse 7 of chapter 3 of Hezekiah I’m making that up of course I don’t understand that I’m asking you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and according to the commitment you’ve given me to illuminate that verse for me in the name of Jesus and so forth and tied off now I’m not going to suggest that it’s going to get resolved and then next 10 seconds big flash of lightning and oh wow there’s the answer but I tell you what will happen you’ll be reading somewhere else and it will suddenly click or you may over be driving and here’s some preacher talking about it’ll happen I mean I had me talk about that issue but something he’ll say will cause you oh I get it follow me you may be in a restaurant and you’ll overhear a conversation another table it’s got nothing to with what time but but for some reason that will like I have no idea what the Lord is going to do but he will do something and well here’s what’s going to be the problem it then will be so obvious you will have forgotten how much it puzzled you I want you to go back to your journal to that page put down the date and describe the means that the Lord used to clarify that puzzling verse now you say gee Chuck that sounds great but it’s a lot of paperwork what for I’ll tell you what for because the day will come when you will go through your valley of doubt there’ll be something happened you’ll be going through a stage in your life where you may feel gee I think I’ve gotten carried away with it all our my really sure you you’ll have your doubts I want you to go back to that journal and read how the Holy Spirit carried you on his footprints through life that journal will become so precious to you because it won’t be chuck Missler or teacher X or teacher Y it’ll be the Holy Spirit that guided you from one difficulty to the next and that those trail markers will be precious to you to the extent you can be candid with yourself upfront and as you do that it’ll be what are your most treasured possessions so I encourage you and by the way when you do have a verse I’ll give you another shortcut when you have a verse that puzzles you try putting Christ right in the middle of it see what happens but there also I’m going to encourage you some people to use the Bible don’t read commentaries they lot of people preach that I don’t I think you you want to get some exegetical helps that is translational helps get a Strong’s Concordance if you don’t have one there’s computer software today that’s absolutely flabbergasting what it will do for you some are very expensive some are very fancy all kinds there’s also execute expositional helps commentaries don’t rely on one get several because they’re each one has their different different different views I encourage you one of the things I’m going to encourage you to is make the Bible your hobby what I mean by that invest in it how many of you have hobbies because the issue events anyway without their hands that probably was likely to lie about anything soon you probably have more invested in your hobby than your wife you want your wife to find out you probably know more about your hobby than you your profession it’s a labor of love make the Bible your hobby what I mean invest in it bison helps build a library of a concordance and some commentaries and some helps so we have a question you can jump right in and find out who why was a hit FL the grandfather Bathsheba what do I said although you can quickly go down some of these trails without spending a whole Sunday afternoon you can take five or ten minutes and get the oh wow I see well great so invest in it anyway so for what it’s worth for the next session I want you to first of all read the book of Revelation it’s not that big a deal read it through but especially I want you to reread especially you review chapter one of course because your touch on that but then read chapter two and three the seven letters the seven churches and what I’m going to suggest to you those seven churches each letter has seven elements so you can take a spreadsheet if you’re inclined with seven rows the name of the church and the title Christ use themselves about seven elements and seven churches we’ll go through this next time you get the idea but I want you to make your own spreadsheet to discover that there are seven elements of those seven churches seven by seven forty-nine little boxes you’re gonna feel in and but I want you to ask yourself the question why those seven churches read the seven churches and be prepared if I asked you to write a one-page exit essay and why did why those seven I want you to think about that for next time let’s stand for closing word of Prayer exciting book it’ll change your whole perspective not just the Bibles of life itself this bar hearts father we thank you for your word and we thank you that that word became incarnate and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory full of grace and truth we thank you Father that you’ve gone to such extremes that we might live that you’ve brought each one of us to this point in time for your purpose we understand father no accidents in your kingdom that we’re all here right now by a divine appointment we pray father especially that your purpose would be accomplished in our lives each of us individually we pray father you’d help each of us to grow and grace the knowledge of Lord and Savior that you would help each of us to be more fruitful stewards of the opportunity to put before us Oh father we would just ask that you would just take over our lives each of us that we might be more pleasing in your sight as we commit ourselves into your hands in the name of Yeshua our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in whose name we do pray amen

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