China’s new Nuclear submarine

the submarine is the single most powerful piece of military hardware that has ever been devised just think about this for a moment a single nuclear submarine carries more firepower than was unleashed by all the armed forces of the Second World War one big question is could submarine to the future become stealthy and completely silent like the fictional one from Tom Clancy’s Red October you should be afraid if this ever becomes a reality because this submarine was built solely as a first strike weapon and what a devastating weapon it would be they can also be used in a devastating retaliation against another nations missile bases and airfields in fact the USA keeps half of its nuclear arsenal on submarines either as a possible first strike weapon or in retaliation as a deterrent to a nuclear strike now in this modern world of globalization and emerging regional powers such as China India and Japan the modern submarines of the 21st century will face an unknown future where it’s harder to hide and where autonomous military robots will play a larger role in the warfare what’s going to make a submarine deadlier than it already is some submarines will get more firepower they will become stealthier and they will also become quieter those are the keys to winning this game there are three major types of submarines ballistic missile subs attack subs and cruise missile submarines and they all have different purposes in war but the very essence of the Naval Submarine is stealth no matter which type it is ballistic submarines are built to evade detection by making as little noise as possible they move slowly and they’re coated in a rubbery substance that absorbs sound and prevents sonar detection every moving part on a submarine is isolated including the engine deck which is built on shock mounts to stop vibration you probably understand by now that the thing that makes the most noise on a submarine is the propellers those massive spinning blades create bubbles called cavitation and make a lot of noise engineers now use more blades so that the propeller doesn’t have to spin so fast to create the same propulsion believe it or not submarine propeller designs for at one time a closely guarded secret but as new propulsion systems are developed it seems that propellers may become obsolete modern submarines are either nuclear-powered diesel engine powered or use the new air-independent propulsion technology which first came into use in the 1990s or a top-secret system we’ll talk about in a moment the nuclear-powered submarines only have to serve us to change crew or take on supplies because there’s enough nuclear fuel to power the boat for 30 years without ever having to surface they are quieter don’t consume air and produce a much greater power output than submarines with diesel engines but even though they can stay underwater for a very long time a nuclear subs reactor must constantly pump coolant which generates enough noise that a sonar operator would be able to detect it but there is another futuristic propulsion system called the pump jet which is considerably quieter than a propeller there isn’t much known about the new pump Jets the information is top secret and tightly held one thing that we do know is that they are much heavier than a conventional propeller so the submarine has to be much larger but with new bigger sub designs that are being drawn up the pump jet becomes a more sensible alternative it will make future submarines much harder to detect as they sneak up on unsuspecting enemy ships or Coast lines China’s military and Navy are becoming bigger and stronger as time passes the country has claimed that it has developed a new generation of advanced that submarines that have a silent propulsion system but no one knows if this is true China seems to be striving to become a military power that can match the United States and has been building up its Navy for years but we should keep in mind that the United States is the top military spender and in 2018 had a budget of 649 billion dollars compare that to China’s distant second at 250 billion dollars and it looks like they have a lot of catching up to do Russia their current military budget was only forty eight point two billion dollars much lower than you would expect a former superpower to spend China has recently completed work on a brand new submarine but there are no details on this submarine and only satellite photos give us an idea of the size and what the new ship is capable of the only thing that is known about this mystery submarine is that it’s a hundred and fifty feet long by 15 feet across which is actually smaller than a conventional submarine and the submarine has no sail rising up from the middle of the deck where the periscope should be Japan is also working on its soryu class which is recognized as one of the world’s most advanced quietest and conventionally powered submarines Japan’s current fleet runs on large banks of advanced lithium-ion batteries as a quiet source of power the new 29 SS submarine design will retain the so you class hall and a reduced sail that will blend in with the hall additionally it is also expected to include a pump jet propulsion and it will be able to carry 30 torpedo launched weapons a mixture of type 89 heavy torpedoes and sub harpoon anti-ship missiles watch out Godzilla despite this most of these submarine developments are shrouded in mystery and Japan isn’t leaking any information on this new weapon Russia has also been building new submarines the latest submarine that was commissioned is the be 274 petropavlovsk-kamchatsky and she’s unlike anything the US Navy has ever seen the come chatzky is conventionally powered and doesn’t have a nuclear reactor to put that in perspective the last time the USA launched a non-nuclear submarine was back in the 1950s this sub uses heavy duty lead acid batteries to power the propeller and those batteries are recharged using diesel generators you might think this would make it a faster boat but it’s only more quiet nuclear submarines are much faster and have plenty of surplus energy to power massive sonar arrays however since the Russian sub is quieter it could still be a very dangerous weapon and sneak up on an enemy submarine or shell but Russia has a new submarine on the horizon called the husky class which will be armed with nuclear torpedoes and hypersonic missiles we know that China and Russia like to rattle their sabers so just how many of their claims are true don’t be fooled even though Russia doesn’t have the money their attack submarine fleet is one of the best in the world and the new husky class boat is slated to carry the feared three m22 Durkin hypersonic cruise missile which was successfully tested in 2017 and it reached speeds of Mach 8 once this missile is fired it is incredibly hard to track and to intercept and a zircon missile would travel from the ships radar horizon to the ship very quickly this ship would also carry the caliber cruise missile and it looks like in total the ship would be able to carry 40 to 48 missiles under its silo commerce but the most technologically advanced submarine on the planet is the fast attack submarine the United States Navy’s USS South Dakota unlike other submarines who hide out in distant waters waiting for an attack order this submarine is intended to meet an enemy Navy head-on and carry dozens of Tomahawk missiles and watch them all at ground targets the USS South Dakota can hunt and sink enemy ships and other submarines and it is said that there is no match for this hunter killer it is nuclear-powered and so not completely silent but with its advanced tracking and sonar it can paint a target on anything and enlist the help of nearby ships helicopters and warplanes that can attack the enemy even though it’s the most advanced submarine in the world the US Navy is now developing the Columbia class which will be built by General Dynamics at the cost of 6.2 billion dollars each and will have a 42 year service life one thing is certain the United States is in a great power competition with resurgent Russia and a rising China the only way these countries will be able to combat each other or keep another country from attacking is to build more lethal force because the surest way to prevent war is to be prepared to win one what do you think will happen in the future will China become the world’s elite superpower will Russia regain some of its former USSR glory and research as a superpower or will the United States stay at the top with its massive military spending let us know in the comments and if you liked the video make sure to give us a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications so you’ll be the first to know when a new video arrives thanks for watching [Music] you

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