China sets for sink US navy at South China Sea, but it would backfire horribly

China responded to a recent challenge from the US Navy with the deployment of missiles purpose-built desync aircraft carriers while increasingly hot rhetoric from Beijing suggests that the US is will to fight can be broken Chinese rear-admiral Luo Yan in anti-us Hawk who holds an academic rank shaping military theory proposed a solution to the US and China’s simmering tensions in the South China Sea in a December speech rate the USS spirit by sinking an aircraft carrier or two following the hike and pro war rhetoric from Beijing official Chinese media announced the deployment DF 26 carry a killer missiles to northwestern China where they could range US ships in the South China Sea China previously tested missiles like these against mock-ups of US aircraft carriers and has designed them to out range and overwhelmed the ships China fiercely censors any speech that clashes with the Communist Party’s official ideology or goals so it’s meaningful that the Chinese researchers opened discussion of killing US Navy sailors was picked up by global media Jerry Hendricks a former captain in the u.s. Navy caution did a Heritage Foundation talk in December that aircraft carriers have become mythical symbols of national prestige and that the US may even fear deploying the ultra valuable ships to a conflict with China there is unfortunately the heavy potential of conflicts coming but the nation is not ready for heavy battle damage to its Navy and specifically not to its aircraft carriers said Hendricks but the US has lost aircraft carriers before and remained in the fight a great power war China won’t win the decision to go after an aircraft carrier short of the deployment of nuclear weapons is the decision that the foreign power would take with the most reticence Brian McGrath founding managing director of the ferry bridge Group LLC a naval consultancy told Business Insider the other guy knows that if that’s is their target the wrath of God will come down on them McGrath emphasized that threats to US carriers are old news but that his ships despite currently struggling to address the threat from China’s new missiles still hid merits I would have been more surprised if we have seen former Chinese Rear Admiral say the fact that we’re building aircraft carriers is one of the dumbest moves of the 21st century given the Americans will wax them in the first three days of combat sudden grath dismissing Luo’s comments as bogus scare tactics this chinese posturing and threatening is about as counterproductive as one can be the Chinese Navy is simply not prepared for a real war nor does its economy prepared for a war with Beijing’s largest trade partner said Hemmings while China’s Navy has surpassed the us’s in ship count and its military may one day surpass the u.s.

in absolute money that day has not yet come China’s generals openly discuss their greatest weakness as an experience in combat China may find it useful for domestic consumption or to garner media attention to discuss sinking of ships and carriers but mcgrath said he doubts China’s military is really considering such a bold move if China’s sinks a Korea that would unleash the beast I’m talking about the real major power war he said .

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