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[Music] [Music] wanna learn how to pull off this cool intro technique in filmora [Music] stick around I’ll show ya this is actually a pretty easy effect to do because once you learn how to do it once you can just repeat it throughout the course of your project now this is some footage we filled with Brian G Johnson when we were out on Venice Beach I thought it would be good for showing you how to do this particular effect now all you need to do is take your footage and find a spot where you think it highlights the people that you want to call out here’s a great shot of nicknaming and Brian G Johnson all I’m gonna do is take a snapshot of this it now appears in the upper left under my project media now where I took that snapshot I want to slice that footage down in my timeline I’ll separate that footage and I’ll bring the snapshot down into that spot now you can make this as long as you want I’ll just stretch it out to give you an idea of what I did here and then we’ll close that other piece on the other side so to pull off this highlight effect what you want to do is right-click on that footage choose crop and zoom and then pan and zoom so that we can zoom in on the guys that we want to highlight I’ll click on that end screen and stretch it out so it frames them pretty well that looks pretty good let’s hit OK so for right now that whole piece of footage would be slowly zooming in on the two of them but I want to do this a little bit differently so let’s count in a certain number of frames maybe about 10 frames or so and let’s slice our footage so now the first short section will zoom in quickly but then the next section because I split it right here will start that zoom in again we’re going to correct that in a minute but let’s go to the end of this section and let’s pick about another 10 frames or so in and slice it again now every time I slice this footage it’s going to apply that same zoom in so we have to change this out a bit the last section we actually want to zoom out so let’s right-click on that choose crop and zoom and let’s use the reverse arrows to swap the beginning and end screen so now it will be zooming from this spot back out to full screen click OK and that section is done now for this middle section let’s right-click on that let’s click crop ins zooom and we actually wanted to hang on this end screen zoom so the way to make that happen we’ve talked about this before is to swap the start and end areas and then select crop and it will keep this right here click OK and then we’ve completed our effect it zooms in it hangs on them and then it zooms back out and they start moving again now if you have your auto ripple turned on you can actually grab this spot where it hangs on the two of them and you can adjust how long you want it to hang there simply by left clicking on the end and stretching it back and forth that’ll speed up that hang if you don’t want it to be there quite as long now if you want to change the color of these areas let me show you a new feature that’s available in Fillmore and 9.3 let’s click up on effects let’s scroll down to the LUT feature and let’s type in custom lot and you’ll see there’s a custom LUT window that we can now bring down right into our timeline and on top of our piece of footage we’ll stretch that out to fit and now let’s double left-click on it and it allows us to put any luck we’d like right here I’m gonna actually load one of my custom Lutz that I created and gave away to the community the vintage black and white now we’ve got them in black and white we can click OK and to add some text on top let’s click on titles I’ll use lower thirds and I’ll choose the lower 3rd one option and stack that right on top now if I double left-click on my text and I click advanced I can do some modifications so for this top one let’s enter in nick’s name and for his title i’ll put in the wise one let’s click OK and now I can actually adjust these even more down in my preview window by clicking on them and moving them wherever I’d like I’ll click the top one with nick’s name and in the upper left you’ll see that I have options to change the font as well as the font size so then when you play this section it’ll get to this spot it’ll stop the text will come in it’ll highlight our character and then it’ll move back out away one thing I should show you in the Advanced tab you can control not only how the animation and motion starts on each of these sections but how they leave as well by sliding in these arrows on either track that’s kind of cool and that should do it and there you go repeat this as many times as you’d like to highlight as many characters as you need and then do things like add music and different Luntz and coloring to really make your footage pop if you want to learn more film more tips tricks and techniques check out this video here on screen and the ones I’ll post down below peace



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