Scientists from Russia warned that America is coming mega earthquake plus videos in a new report prepared for Prime Minister Putin by the institute of physics of the earth warned that America in the next two weeks is in danger of a catastrophic in danger of catastrophic proportions earthquake focusing on the u.s. Mexico Central and South America and the region along the west coast of the New Madrid zone fault scientists have urged government officials to prepare for a terrifying an unprecedented magnitude 9 mega earthquake that would unleash a deadly tsunami with 30 meter high waves 90 feet Cascadia and the really big one now I’ve talked about this a lot like I just did 70 years overdue it happens on average every 240 years this is what I’m currently making my documentary about it’s taken forever I literally have terabytes of footage interviews 1 in 20 per persons in Seattle which is one of the main cities and I will believe it was two and a half people one knew that there was gonna be earthquake but didn’t know what Cascadia meant two out of everybody in the Oregon City that I visited which was Seaside so pretty sad that people don’t even know that we’re about to have this and it throughout history if they’re not lying which there have been scientists in eight different fields that have confirmed this and nobody argues about it that’s a thing people argue all day back and forth about Yellowstone they argue about New Madrid they argue about this they argue about that nobody’s arguing about Cascadia they all say it’s going to happen it 100% causes a tsunami and people go no it just couldn’t be real that just doesn’t sound real Japan did not look real but it was those huge tanker ships just flying right into a road imagine you’re just hanging out on your street and one of those tankers you know ten miles away from the water is just rolling down your street and you’re dead because you just got hit but with 30-foot waves and in this case they’re talking up to ninety one hundred hundred and ten Cascadia subduction zone is a region where two tectonic plates are colliding the Juan de Fuca and the which is the small oceanic plate and being driven under the North American plate so here’s America on top and basically it’s gonna slide and slip and bam all of a sudden North America well actually so it goes like this this is North America this is us sitting in Seattle Oregon California this is just gonna all of a sudden snap because now it’s locked snap and then all that water from that little triangle space is gonna shoot up and shoot out it always causes a tsunami this is something that is gonna rack the United States and it’s it might not recover this is gonna be this isn’t gonna be Katrina this is gonna be Katrina times 10 and not to mention Japan was one of the most prepared places in the world for both earthquakes and even tsunamis in places that a lot of the places had already planned for this which by the way they planned for even though the that happened in Japan was not supposed to happen they built all their buildings to withstand up to her eight point six or eight point seven something like that because that was the biggest they thought could happen here we know it’s going to happen it happened in 1700 and now it’s gonna happen again it’s happened on average every two hundred and forty years seventeen hundred plus 240 well that would be how gosh 1940 yeah so now it’s two thousand that’s 60 twenty so it’s actually eighty years overdue seventy-nine years overdue so yeah says subduction systems where one tectonic plate slides over another are capable of producing the world’s largest known earthquakes a prime example is the 2011 Tohoku earthquake that rocked Japan Cascadia is seismically very quiet compared to other subduction zones but it’s not completely inactive research indicates the fault ruptured in a magnitude event in 1700 which by the way they had Japanese records of it perfectly match up 100% with us of these huge waves coming over because it doesn’t just cause a tsunami here it causes one all the way across the water then you have all the way down the coastline the trees the soil the everything got wiped out you even have Native American folklore of the Thunderbirds the local hockey team in Seattle was called the Thunderbirds I don’t even know if they have them anymore I think they moved him to Tacoma the Thunderbirds was because they had a Native Americans they think that this came out of Wales what being washed up like a bird picked up a whale and dropped it you know 50 miles in that was why that that’s where apparently the Thunderbird hole folklore came from that’s roughly 30 times more powerful than the largest predicted San Andreas earthquake so just to repeat that the largest San Andreas earthquake with the rock running down the street and buildings falling over 30 times stronger than that and I’m not talking about the Hollywood yeah but 30 times stronger than what everybody has been expecting and talking about for years this is one that just was found out about about 20 years ago researchers suggests that we are within roughly 300 to 500 year window during which another large Cascadia event may occur the report also warned that further catastrophic earthquakes in Asia and the subcontinent as more than likely

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