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basically yes best of show this is the car that is taking over social media at the moment what’s up guys supercar blondie here in the Bugatti sent at the Geneva International Motor Show this is the showstopper take a look at this [Music] [Music] this is not a car that Bugatti has made and they’re looking for a wire they have found the buyer it is already sold for 19 million dollars this is now the most expensive new car on the market of course there are other cars in the world that are more expensive like the classics why is it worth that much Bugatti has been for a long time the pinnacle of luxury and power this is something even the most wealthy people in the world have trouble getting at their hands on this is still super super exclusive brand you know even with this year on there are only few hundred units made with the Divo they’re only 40 and with this this is only one they are pushing those limits what is a hyper car going to be worth in future it started about eleven million dollars but with tax and all of the you know import duties etc etc you know it’s now gone up to 19 million this is just a body at the moment something that they have just mocked up in a few weeks there’s no door handle that’s because at the moment there is no interior the interior is still all being designed we’re about to speak to the impaired designer of Bugatti because he is responsible for this incredibly sleek design and then this why and that runs from the front of the car all the way down including the windshield wiper here that’s an ode to the original black vehicle so what kind of design features they took from that original car and has been reborn here today we are here with the lead designer of Bugatti after him so nice to see you did I pronounce your name right did I get it okay your name sweet all right let’s get going the actual car will be ready in 2021 all right this is this is just a design Walker yeah that we build in a matter of 12 weeks actually it’s only three months ago we sat down with a client and told him Geneva would you be interested to to apply on this project now how does something like this come about is this from Bugatti that they said okay we want to design a one-off model and then you find a buyer for that what does that come from the buyer who requests something like this it’s the first we rethink what we want to celebrate during 100 years100 10 years of the baton and we finish the project virtual and then we show it to a client and say would you be interested to be with us in Geneva for this if the answer is yes then we say okay let’s push the button and let’s make at least a design model to put it on to the show and then the customer will receive his car two and a half years later when we’re talking about one of models of Bugatti is there anything like this certainly not for our brand and I think the advent of our new president Stephan Winkelmann really allowed us to venture into these kind of projects like Devo and lava to Noir and also this philosophy about co2 your strategy that the Shema really becomes our entry drug is still very limited amount of customers of 300 customers worldwide and then 49 40 and then 1 and this could be an old Buddhist strategy that could be very much fitting to our brand and also in terms of pricing creating something similar that happened 15 years ago you know where every other supercar was 300 thousand euro and all of a sudden with a price point of a million what happened then everybody else followed into that region because that’s how the world developed and there was a market for these kind of products so you think we’re going to see more nine I don’t I don’t want to say that but I like that we are adjusting the potential of our brand in to very extreme limits fair to say but it proves the point that it is possible if the product is so exclusive and done the sole utmost care that the customer sees it as something that is valuable for his collection not only today or in 10 years or 50 years time and when we see this fully built will we see the same color scheme in 2021 or might all of that change this is a really good question it will be exactly this configuration and this is nice for car designer because normally we have to get our head around justice also work in white in silver and yellow in light blue in society does it have the same effect visible carbon fiber or colors they are here we know what we’re dealing with and that’s why I can concentrate as a designer on the foreground and the background reading on the first three second grade third weave in the first read are the DNA elements the second rate is the proportion obviously and then I get more into the depth of the car into the but I know all this will happen forever like that because it will only stay black.they will always work in this concept the visible carbon fiber is not visible in the first glance everybody thinks when you come [Music] and everything else is tinted on top of it which is not that easy if you have tint in your clear coat your tinting a couple of times too many and then it’s almost like it’s oh yeah so just to get that design aesthetic they have to be super careful it’s about it’s about one layer too much or one layer too little if you have not enough tinting then you’re gonna see too much carbon fiber if you have too much you’re not going to see it at all then looks great yeah and it’s just that balance between seeing it and not seeing it from afar a normal rim that we would see we would really only see these spokes these main spokes here here here at least now you’ve got all of these additional bits coming out so what do you mean by these are the most critical pieces in here and not least meaning these ones can be ultra light and hollow from the back and hollowed out okay that the strength load is carried somewhere else right and this leads to a different kind of aesthetic and this technical development could be very much I mean this we’ve never seen before it’s like a spiderweb in here yeah my engineers really like me for that but the idea comes from them yeah but we have asked if we can please put it on a show car in order to get working on that on that subject and translate it into production see how it actually work in real life okay so we might be seeing these rims before 2021 Oh thank you very very much for your time I really appreciate it you know I really appreciate this part just beautiful I’m the lucky owner man we got to trace him down track him down the CV or her or her we never know him or her and see who is actually behind this incredible car but for now the man of the hour it’s a standing design because it’s about proportions and it’s about elegance and it’s very puristic and one of the elements which are important for a Bugatti they should never be one line too many and this is what we realized so it’s smooth but also very recognizable so there are three distinctive elements when you have a Bugatti there is the horseshoe and abroad yes you have the Bugatti line on the side let’s see here yes you have the centerline these are the three elements which make a Bugatti always immediately recognizable even if there is no local you say there are the three real elements that are regarded needs what about this is it’s not going to be a running theme as well into the future this is we never discuss the future projects but what I can tell you that our designers they have so many ideas and every time they are showing us something it’s every time stunning we fall in love so I don’t know what is coming there it’s gonna be something exciting I know I just wanted to say thank you very much for making this happen for us today to be able to see this incredible incredible one-off and of course into the diva as well mr.

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Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing..

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