Breaking Prophecy News: End Time 2019 OVERTIME – Apocalyptic Prophetic Signs Are Telling!

Everybody mark Fox here with amazing prophecies YouTube channel and forever free ministries coming to you tonight from Dallas Texas okay so tonight we have a power-packed special program of breaking end time prophetic signs that will once again powerfully confirm that we are not only living in the end times but we are now in apocalyptic overtime you have to hear what Bible prophecy has to say about our day in the light of the news headlines stay tuned okay everybody so praise the Lord tonight we’ve got a very very special program for you in store tonight we’re gonna combine what’s going on in the news with the Word of God and I believe it’ll confirm once again that we are not only living in the last days not only living in the end times and the end time but indeed we’ve gone into prophetic overtime and this is biblical I’m basing tonight’s program on the Bible on Bible prophecy but through the lens of Bible prophecy we’re gonna scan some of the headlines and we’re gonna see once again that we’re we are nearing the very close of time when we are going to see the king in all of his beauty coming in the sky of glory I know that that you’ve heard me promoting this symbol sheet for a long time now but we are we continue to just be flooded with requests for this sheet so bear with me as I share it with you once again very quickly we’ll get into our program very quickly but I need to do this for the sake of those who do not have it yet this is a Bible symbols chart you need this to understand the books of Daniel revelation that are highly symbolic and so I want to put this into your hands and then you can print it out and put it in your Bible as a Bible study reference tool and in order to unlock the mysteries in the coded language of the books of dan revelation all you need to do is take your phone and I’ve got a graphic for this just take your phone and text Bible two seven four one two one text Bible two seven four one two one and there will be two links there’ll be a 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for a Bible prophecy Church in your area you can either phone call us or you can email us so please email us we can get the Bible symbols chart to you and so forth okay also keep going memorizing God’s Word together join our Facebook group soon we’ll have five thousand in that group hope you can join us there also I want to give a shout out to my good friend Dustin pestilent I hope you can go to his channel as well and subscribe hit the like on hope through prophecy all right away we go everybody so n time 2019 over time yes the Blood Moon was hovering over Israel last year this year it’s been hovering or it did hover last night I saw it I thought maybe many of you saw it and some see significance in the fact that last year the Blood Moon appeared over Israel and the Middle East well okay so this year it appeared over America and yes including Dallas and my family and I saw some of it and so many of you probably saw it as well but are these blood moons true signs of the second coming of Jesus Christ and of the end of the world now we’re gonna get into a lot of the things heading in the in the news at the top of the news and so forth and the Blood Moon is over okay it’s over but remember there are counterfeit signs and true signs the true biblical signs of the blood moons are much more than the predictable cyclical that NASA gives us specific dates for know the biblical signs as you read in Joel 2 in revelation 6 in Matthew 24 the true biblical signs are just totally out of the blue totally out of the realm of predictability or cyclical or predictable no no they are absolutely supernatural spectacular and so yes so some say well this super Wolf’s Blood Moon you know maybe that’s an omen maybe it’s a sign of war in the Middle East this is speculation everybody some say that because many of the blood moons have occurred of Jewish holidays that there certainly must be a sign of the end of the world you need to slow down and be careful of hype you need to be careful look at the biblical sequence anyway watch my playlist about signs and watch my other videos on blood moons do I believe in the true blood moons absolutely you need to know the difference alright so as we look at the world tonight we see that we have gone into over time we are now in the end of the world and yes the clock is ticking and so we’re gonna go look at five world conditions very quickly five world conditions in this special program of signs of the times in the headlines and so number one the political world conditions remember we’re gonna look at five world conditions the first one we want to focus on is the political world conditions the Bible makes it very clear in Revelation 18 that in the last days the nations wouldn’t be would be angry Matthew 24 six and seven says there would be wars and rumors of wars and so as we scan the headlines as we look at Bible prophecy what is going on I’ll tell you what’s going on here I’m just gonna give you a gray brief report on some of these different items we’re gonna hit the highlights and so look here everybody so what is going on so according to Reuters Iran ready to eliminate Israel from earth according to this report Air Force commander warns so it’s very hot rhetoric I mean there’s been war in the Middle East for thousands of years and conflict and so forth there in the Middle East and so Israel launches new barrage against Iranian targets in Syria warns against retaliation the head of Iran’s Air Force has warned that Tehran is ready to confront and eliminate Israel his fighting words came after Israel launched air raids on alleged Iranian targets inside Syria killing four Syrian soldiers and so the commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force issued the provocative statement to the young club news agency according to Iranian media and so you know Jesus saw this kind of drama there’s political tensions this political unrest these political conflicts he saw this in advance a matter of fact in Matthew 24 Jesus says I’ve told you things these things before they take place so that when they take place you may believe Matthew 24 and verse 29 so what was Jesus saying what he was saying he was saying they’re a matter of fact in Matthew 24 you have a catalogue of signs of the times of world conditions all right and so he said this scripture why did he give us this this word in Matthew 24 verse 29 and 30 in there because he’s telling us that when you see things take place in the world and you know that he told you these things would happen in advance it should bolster it should inspire it should increase your faith so as you see the bad news it’s a reminder of the good news that Jesus is coming soon we’re not living in the end time no no no only we are living in the overtime of the end time because in Revelation chapter 7 verses 1 to 3 the Bible makes it very clear that God has commissioned his angels to hold back the winds of the tribulation and I hope you watch my videos on the subject of the tribulation of the end of the end of the world and so God has commissioned is for ain´t these four angels of course he has billions of angels but he’s commissioned for angels to hold back the four winds of strife and so these angels are holding back the four winds of strife four points of the compass we’re talking about global Tribulation we’re talking about global crisis and in Daniel chapter 12 and verse 1 Daniel is told that there’s going to be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation even to that time according to Daniel 12 verse 1 but then it goes on to say that Michael that Great Prince is gonna stand up for his people that’s you and I the Bible says if you are Christ then you are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise Galatians who are God’s people converted Jews and converted Gentiles according to the New Testament biblical perspective so Paul is saying in Galatians he says if you’re a Christ you’re Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise are you Christ than you’re Abraham’s seed and so the Bible makes it very clear that in the last days God’s people converted Jews and converted Gentiles will be delivered according to the Word of God during the tribulation the seven last plagues are going to be poured out during the tribulation the Bible makes it very clear there’s going to be some persecution there’s gonna be such such intensity of conflict the likes of which we’ve never seen before is a mark this is scaring the daylights out of me wait a minute wait a minute jesus said I’ve told you these things before they take place so that when they take place you give up you cower you give in no no so that when you see these things take place it will strengthen your confidence in God’s Word this is God’s Word and in God’s Word it tells us over 80 times God tells us don’t be afraid don’t be afraid remember what Jesus said he said in the world you shall have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome John they say mark when I think about the future that’s scary stuff well we’re not gonna go to heaven gliding into heaven we’re not going to go to heaven you know just on a smooth Road right up until we go through the pearly gates no the Bible makes it very clear that the bride must be purified that there will be some very tumultuous times before Jesus comes and we are experiencing it now but things are going to beef up things are gonna intensify things are going to heat up but God says Jesus says that he will never leave us nor forsake us Hebrews 13 and verses 5 and 6 and Paul said in Romans to 39 he says not he says nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus he said things present nor things to come including the tribulation nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus the Lord amen so so yeah so okay so I run is threatening Israel to eliminate Israel and then in business live in business live in business day the article headlines China warns of military action in push to reunite Taiwan from mainland so as you know that this is a historical thing and that basically China is saying you better stay clear of messin with Taiwan and trying to reunite Taiwan with the mainland or China warns a military action and push to reunite Taiwan with the mainland I mean that’s their goal and so there’s already been political tensions between China and the United States over over trade and over the ocean there’s China Seas there and so forth and so yes China is warning against military action and push to reunite Taiwan and so this is a drama that continues and I don’t think it’s going to go away my guess is any time soon okay and then this out of Telegraph dot-com UK Russia warns British plans for military bases in South China Sea and Caribbean could lead to retaliation remember you need to have as a backdrop to all of this and the words of Jesus that come echoing down the quarters of time there will be wars and rumors of wars well what a rumors of wars sound like threats warnings you know provocative statements heated hot barbed rhetoric between political leaders or military commanders and so forth and so yes so Russia’s warning British plans for military bases in South China Sea and Caribbean could lead to retaliation so we hope that things do not escalate but don’t hold your breath and then according to Associated Press Russia warns US missile defense plans will fuel arms race so this is serious stuff guys this is serious stuff so so Russia warns US missile defense plans will fuel getting the Cold War going or an arms race and the Cold War going all over again and so the tough Russian statement came in response to the u.s.

Administration’s missile defense review released Thursday during President Donald Trump’s visit to the Pentagon the Pentagon’s new strategy calls for a new array of space-based sensors and other high-tech systems to more quickly detect and shoot down incoming missiles it makes clear that the new defense technologies are needed to counter advanced weapons being developed by Russia and China along with threats from North Korea and Iran and of course we know that President Trump and Kim jong-un of North Korea will be getting together in February is their plan and believe they’re planning to get together in Vietnam so Newsweek new Russian weapons significantly increase military’s potential Putin warns rivals and so here again there’s these threats it’s tit for tat and so CNBC now I’m gonna switch gears on you so CNBC a pessimistic population means yellow vest protests there in France could become more mainstream new survey warns so there is a growing feeling of distrust in government and the media among the general population really in a number of countries around the world and there has been a 3% increase between 2018 2019 and the level of distrust towards the new government and the media pardon me towards the government in the media overall the general feeling of distrust has hit a record high this year from 2017 and so I believe based on Scripture and and and the headlines what’s going on in the political world and the unrest and the conflict and so forth I think we’re going to continue to see a lot of political protests a lot of unrest around the world and bloody violence and so forth unfortunately and so okay so so yeah the the what’s going on in France remember the French Revolution and the bloody French Revolution and you know revolutions happen obviously you know I’m sure every century is is riddled with these kind of revolutions and so forth so that’s not going to stop but the bible forecasts a time a tumultuous time just before jesus comes of just complete utter chaos and then they’ll say that there’s one solution to have peace and they’ll come to that solution and they’ll say ah peace and safety will be there their declaration but the Bible says then sudden destruction comes upon them 1st Thessalonians 5 verse 3 and I dealt with that a little bit in the broadcast last night so the Bible makes it very clear 1st Thessalonians 5 verse 3 when they say peace and safety when that’s the prevailing notion when that’s the prevailing opinion you know signing the peace pacts signing the peace agreements you know getting those photo-ops between the political leaders and so forth having all of those peace Concours and peace summits and so forth and they’ll say we need the mark of the beast that’s going to be a centerpiece that’s gonna be the centerpiece of a global solution to the chaos that will prevail in the world just before Jesus comes well I believe that the stage is being set for the infamous mark of the beast now this is not just Mark Fox’s 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be able to have a staff to accommodate all of the prayer requests all of the questions and the and the requests for for links to a church of Bible prophecy a church new year and all of the other things that we offer and so forth so we have a school of evangelism in the Philippines as well okay I got to keep going everybody so okay so Russia moves nuclear capable missile launchers to Ukraine border and that’s put out by okay so let’s keep going okay so this is in we’re uh Netanyahu warned xyron it will face consequences for threatening Israel matter of fact Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel’s air strikes on Syria Monday had mainly targeted military positions set up by Iran which he warned would face consequences for threatening to destroy Israel we are operating both against Iran and against the Syrian forces that are abetting the Iranian aggression Netanyahu’s in a speech we will strike at anyone who tried to harm us whoever threatens to eliminate us bears full responsibility and so the Middle East political condition conditions continue to be very serious now switching gears and this is biblical this is biblical this is straight out what I’m about to share with you guys is straight out of Daniel chapter 2 alright Daniel chapter 2 powerful powerful prophecy that I’ve really been preaching since 1979 alright so that’s got me dated I’ve been preaching Bible prophecy since 1979 and this prophecy is tucked away in the Book of Daniel Daniel chapter 2 where let me set the pace and tell them I’m gonna go to the headlines all right this is powerful to see the connection between Bible prophecy and the headlines and Daniel chapter 2 and I give you the verses verses 42 43 and 44 makes it very clear that just before Jesus returns there would be very strong efforts to unite Europe there would be military strategies there would be all sorts of efforts heroic efforts put forth to weld and unite the European Union to really unite Rome as it were to unite Europe so Napoleon tried and he failed Kaiser Wilhelm tried and they failed Hitler tried and he failed because the Bible says in Daniel 2 check it out you remember our motto if it’s in the Bible we want it if it’s not of the Bible we don’t want it so so the Bible makes it very clear in Daniel chapter 2 that there there would be great effort by the leaders by political leaders by military commanders to try to put together histories Humpty Dumpty back together again all Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again well that is what’s going on with the ongoing saga of brexit brexit Wow they thought they had it they thought come on come on we’re gonna unite all of Europe were coming together we got 28 Nations we’re doing it we’re Moo we’re on the move we got momentum we’ve got traction we’re gonna solidify and then came brexit accent business insider Theresa May reveals her brexit Plan B after her deal was rejected by MPs indeed Theresa May has set out for altering alternative brexit plan to the House of Commons and of course she survived a vote of confidence the Prime Minister made a statement to MPs after her deal with the EU was rejected by record-breaking House of Commons majority last week may will push ahead with a plan to once again demand concessions from the EU on the Northern Ireland backstop and I don’t have time to get into all of that you can read I mean it’s constantly in the news about brexit and the drama swirling around that but we know what the Bible says the Bible says that they would try to unite Europe and all it might look like it’s gonna happen it might look like okay it’s a done deal it’s happening but it will fall apart it’ll unravel why because the Bible predicted it Bible prophecy predicted it it said that they would try to unite Europe but they would hit a brick wall I mean don’t take my word for it read Daniel chapter 2 and by the way I have a video in which I dealt with Europe and and how this the European Union will not work it will never be a lasting cohesive whole in terms of uniting all of Europe and all staying together it’s not gonna work because God said it wouldn’t and I believed God but I don’t believe man unless it’s God that confirms it and God refutes their greatest efforts and so an Irish Examiner Theresa May warns of damage to social cohesion from second EU referendum all right then in addition to that in terms of more political conditions now we’re talking about space Wars we’re talking about space Wars space and this is on the Internet as well delta 4 heavy rocket launches US spy satellite into unusual orbit and so a delta 4 heavy rocket comprising three hydrogen fueled first-stage boosters connected together lifted off and a Saturday and okay so a top-secret surveillance payload owned by the National Reconnaissance Office soared into space and don’t have time to deal with it but but listen space Wars is is looking like a sure thing and you can expect a lot of headlines about this you can expect a lot of warnings about this and so more about that and some future broadcasts of space Wars and also here from here we go here armed build-up means a space war may this is taken from The Sydney Morning Herald armed build-up means a space war may no longer be in the realm of imagination so yes space Wars seem to be coming and the news that China has landed an explorer robot on the dark side of the moon has echoed across the global media a sign of the country’s growing prominence on the international stage there is something rather fascinating about China non-western global power making the achievement it feels like a turning of the page Western powers have dominated modern economics sciences and political ideologies for so long they implicitly set standards for what marks civilized power space exploration remains a benchmark all right and then also Business Insider Zimbabwe has shut down social media for seven days straight I think we’re gonna see more of this happen by different government saying okay let’s just shut down social media because sometimes social media can fuel the unrest right and can fuel the political opposition and political conflict and social unrest so Zimbabwe has shut down social media for seven days straight prompting claims and is trying to cover up deadly protests that killed at least 12 people and her heart goes out to those who’ve lost loved ones experts say this is what everyone will be okay anyway one unto something else okay so so we’re gonna go shift gears now okay that so that was those were political conditions Bible predicted it let’s go to a couple graphics here we go end time 2019 overtime now we’re gonna look at what are we gonna look at now everybody social world conditions what in the world is going on in our society in the social world in the United States of America in Europe Africa Australia Asia what’s going on in the social world I’ll tell you what’s going on just what Paul predicted in second Timothy three one two five he said perilous times will come men will be lovers of themselves proud boasters brutal without self-control lovers of pleasure more than lovers of god having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof makes it very clear there would be unloving and unforgiving makes it very clear that in the last days of Earth’s history that second Timothy three one two five in the last days of Earth’s history there would be big there would be prejudice there would be hatred full-blown like never before and so what’s going on in our social world today look at this news report three sexually transmitted diseases at highest rate in history the Bible predicted the Bible predicted this kind of immorality would sweep across our world and the u.s.

Is currently dealing with its highest number of reported sexually transmitted diseases nation why the findings were reported at the National STD prevention conference in Washington according to the CDC nearly okay nearly million cases of syphilis gonorrhea and chlamydia were diagnosed in 2017 and so things are on the rise there this is a grave concern that’s why purity purity is what God wants blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God Matthew 5 verse a thank God for His forgiveness I don’t know where you’ve been but all I know is God is a God of forgiveness he’s a God of new beginnings but now exercise self-control now you know guard your body you know I just want to say this very clearly your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit don’t be sleeping around with people no no if you’re married keep it pure if you’re single then wait until you’re married and stay stay pure before God you know come on now sexually transmitted diseases is a curse of our age and the Bible says you reap what you sow Galatians 6 and verse 7 but thank God for His forgiveness if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness first John and so I would also say this porn is is is holding particularly men but many women as well captive so many are addicted to porn watch my video about how 25 ways to overcome addictions like smoking and drinking and drugs and porn watch my video 25 ways to overcome addiction you know the name of our ministry you know what the name of our ministry is forever free ministries jesus said if you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free John jesus said what did he say he said if the son sets you free you shall be free indeed forever free are you free in Christ you can be you can be alright so we continue this is from LiveScience drug overdose death rates in u.s.

Women rise 260 percent in two decades that is tragic everybody and crime over time in the long term violent crime in the United States has been in decline since colonial times homicide rate has been estimated to be over 30 per hundred thousand people in 1700 dropping to under 20 by 1800 and 210 by 1900 after World War two crime rates of just share briefly crime rates increase in the United States peaking from the 1970s to the night at the early 1990s violent crime nearly quadrupled between 1960 and its peak in 1991 property crime more than doubled over the same period since the 1990s however contrary to common misconception crime in the United States has declined steadily several theories have been proposed to explain this decline however crime continues to riddle our streets bloody crime continues and I don’t have time to get into everything about that but this is taken from the Guardian a report their violent crime rises by 43 percent in three years on London Underground so yes crime like here in the United States has gone down but look what’s going on in Chicago let’s look what’s going on in South Chicago they did just two bloody murders that are going on there drive-by shootings and so forth just happening almost on a daily basis and there are different other pockets of the United States where crime is so a wide spread and so violent crime on the London Underground has risen by more than 43 percent in the past three years figures have shown and anyway I don’t have time to get into all of that that’s just a sampling here and then from the wire 2018 saw most religious hate crime most deaths in decade that’s tragic that is that is really really sad and as of December 26 2018 India saw 93 attacks motivated by religious hatred minorities were the victims in 75 percent of the innocent of the incidents in other words the innocent or usually a minority suffered the most if Christians are in a minority in a in a country it seems that they are targeted and so it’s very sad don’t have time to get into all but then there’s something else that is very tragic and that is killing unborn babies abortions now I’m going to say this very quickly God forgives if you have gone through an abortion I want to say this yes repent but just know that God forgives you if you confess and you feel sorry and you want to move on now if you’re contemplating it I urge you by the grace of God don’t go through with it no no there are other ways to deal with this God will give you strength if you have to give up a baby then give it up for adoption but don’t take the life of an infant unborn and so unfortunately and I know it’s a sensitive area and I share this in compassion okay I share this in compassion I’m not being bombastic I say this in compassion God forgives but let God guide in your thinking and in all your decisions so a number of abortions reported to the CDC 1970 about one hundred and ninety three thousand all right and then by 2015 six hundred and thirty eight thousand and fifty million babies have lost their lives 50 million babies some say perhaps more some say perhaps less I don’t have time to get into all that but these are the social conditions my friends we’re not living in endtime home we’re in endtime overtime in 2019 another article here NBC News major depression on the rise among everyone new data shows biggest increase in diagnosis seen in teens our young people our suffering major depression is on the rise among Americans from all age groups but is rising fastest among teens and young adults new health insurance data shows depression rates also vary a lot by state-by-state with Rhode Island having the highest rate of depression at 6.4% Hawaii has the lowest rate two point one percent not everybody can go to Hawaii the findings cover people with commercial health insurance Blue Cross Blue Shield so they’re not fully representative but most people in the US are covered by a commercial health plan so you know the Bible makes it very clear that in the last days men’s hearts would grow cold and that’s Matthew at 12 and the Bible says in Luke 21 and verses 25 26 27 28 jesus said men’s hearts would fail them for fear in the last days but I’m here to tell you a merry heart doeth good like a medicine a merry heart doeth good like a medicine proverbs the joy of the Lord is our strength Nehemiah 8 verse 10 and I have videos many videos that I believe if you’re going through depression and we all go through I’ve gone through times of depression alright I’ve gone through been-there-done-that I’ve gone through some dark times very dark times but Jesus never leaves us nor forsake us yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are with me Psalms 23 God says fear not for I am with you God says he’s with us if we trust him Isaiah 41 in verse 10 so if you’re going through a dark tunnel of depression just know that Jesus you call upon Jesus he will comfort you the Bible makes it very clear that Jesus called the Holy Spirit the comforter John 14 and verse 26 notice it is customary for me on my channel to quote a lot of Scripture but then I give you the scripture reference all right and so Jesus wants us to look to him he’s the light of the world John 8 and verse 12 he’s the light of the world and the Word of God Psalms 119 verse 105 his word is a light to our path a lamp to our feet the Word of God is our light so as you study the Word of God pif let there be light in your heart remember God said in Genesis 1 he says God created the world he said let there be light so his word is light the holy spirit illuminates our mind so amidst your depression and mature dark times I’m here to tell you God will give you strength with mark I don’t know how to get rid of these dark thoughts you need to watch my playlist about spiritual warfare by the way if you haven’t already subscribed to my channel and hit the bell icon so you don’t miss any of my future uploads I believe you don’t want to miss them so yes depression is on the rise big time diagnosis of major depression have risen dramatically by 33 percent just since 2013 according to a report there there’s something else that’s going on in our social world and that is the breakup of the family if you’ve gone through this God understands your pain God understands maybe you grew up without your father in the home God understands and God will comfort us we live in a fatherless generation but I say this reach out to your father whether he’s under your roof or not reach out to your father reach out to your mother if your mother’s not in the home forgive your parents whatever mistakes they’ve made let there be healing in the family healing in marriage you know you say well we don’t love each other I don’t love my husband anymore he doesn’t love me but God can restore love because God is love and love is a decision and and love is from God and if you want to love learn what the Bible says in the love chapter of 1st Corinthians and sometime I’m going to be doing a broadcast on the subject of marriage and if you’re interested in that go ahead and leave a comment below if you would be interested in me doing a video on the subject of marriage and how to have a marriage that not just survives but thrives I will tell you this yet my wife and I have had our disagreements we’ve had our challenges and we’ve had to ask each other for forgiveness for saying or doing different things but we never talked divorce never talked divorce we’ve been married 31 years we have two children and my first and only wife and been married 31 years never talked divorce you know what the key is and I’ll share mmmm a lot of this in a video on marriage you’d leave a comment below if you want me to do a video on marriage but the key is this forgive and forgive and forgive just plan on getting up in the in the in the day and just say today I’m gonna be ready to forgive my spouse and you know what your marriage your marriage is gonna be far better off because if you hold grudges in you and and and you hold that bitterness then goes up the barriers and things start crumbling really really fast so if you want your marriage to survive and thrive you got to be willing to forgive remember Jesus said love one another as I have loved you in John 13 verse 34 and by this Shaw may know you’re my disciples if you have love for one another John so the u.s.

Divorce statistics and divorce rates from divorce it’s just appalling it’s just appalling I don’t have time to get into all the statistics and so forth but suffice it to say that about 50 percent of marriages end on the rocks of divorce dashed against the rocks and and end up in divorce but if you’ve gone through that God can heal your broken heart the Bible says in Luke 4 up chapter 4 verses 18 and 19 that Jesus came to heal the broken hearted do you have a broken heart Jesus can heal that broken heart dear wife God can heal that broken heart dear husband are you estranged from your husband are you separated from her husband or divorce from your wife or whatever the situation may be God can comfort you and heal you he’ll sustain you remember for mostly you’re married to Jesus Christ first but anyway if you want me to do a video on marriage I want you to leave a comment below and I’m sure I’ll do many more than just one video on it it’s an ongoing subject all right something else is going on in the social world guess what there is a loss of privacy if you’re on social media and even if you’re not on social media it seems that our privacy has been eroding for a couple of decades now in particular and guess what smile because you’re on candid camera so to speak and I mean people can go on and search and find all sorts of information on you hopefully it’s all good but all I know is that privacy is a real real big issue and identity theft and you know data breaches and so forth I mean you know we’re being spied on in so many different companies whether they’re Target or Facebook or whatever these different entities you know have made it clear that they’ve had some challenges like target was hacked I believe it was a data I mean I think government offices have been hacked all sorts of companies have gone through the ordeal of hacking and so get ready this is from Wired get ready for a privacy law showdown in 2019 companies like Amazon Apple Facebook and Google are pushing hard for federal digital privacy legislation in 2019 and not quite out of the goodness of their hearts this summer California is the state legislature passed a groundbreaking bill that would give residents unprecedented control over their data sounds good to me the law which has been widely criticized by pro-business groups like the Chamber of Commerce and the internet Association is set to go into effect on January 1 2020 and according to another article by future experts comment on record 772 million user data breach say what is this really happening are you kidding experts a comment on record 772 mil user data breach and cybersecurity expert and founder of website have been says hear the news recently anyway the broke the news recently that the largest ever database of breach login details have been leaked on the dark web and dubbed collection number one the data set contains emails and passwords with over a billion unique combinations of email addresses and passwords in total the unique email addresses compromised in the data breach comprised in the data breach came up to over seven hundred seventy two million so come on we’re all digitally connected you know sometimes I talk to people over the phone I don’t text I don’t email I’m from the old school you know what that might be the safest place to be if you want privacy that would seem to me and then from fortun cyber Saturday challenging Facebook’s number ten year challenge Tim Cook’s privacy play mega password leaked one can imagine how this database might be useful for big tech to train facial recognition algorithms the photo cache could help these companies determine people’s ages at a glance trace identities over time or digitally mirror the aging process as well as the reverse it doesn’t take a great leap of the imagination to see how these abilities might benefit marketers looking to personalize advertisements for retirees picture yourself literally in this lovely home for beauty products want to look dozens of years younger and untold other age discriminating possibilities okay that’s interesting article there all right now we’re going into another area very quickly time waning and this special program here tonight looking at how looking at these graphics real quick couple of graphics here for you and time twenty nineteen over time we continue now with number three physical world conditions Americans say natural disasters are getting worse according to a poll many people believe climate change to blame for recent weather calamities and billion-dollar weather disasters in the u.s.

In 2018 according to Vox and so yes this is a real grave concern and you know the Bible predicted this kind of phenomenon would take place and us climate this is taken from bone vole us climate report says disasters will get worse look what happened to paradise wiped out by the horrific fires a US government report says the impacts of climate change including powerful storms droughts and wildfires okay are worsening in the United States so did Jesus predict this everybody yes he did he said that the signs of the times would take place with greater intensity and rapidity or frequency and he compared it to labor pains that come on upon a pregnant woman’s when she’s ready to be delivered went ready to give birth and Paul used that same analogy in first Thessalonians chapter five verses one to five so what’s the kicker what’s the point here don’t miss this jesus said there would be famines and pestilences earthquakes natural disasters and he made it very clear they would happen with greater frequency and intensity just before we are delivered just before we go to be with the Lord at the second coming of Jesus Christ and by the way I have a number of videos on the second coming of Christ I hope you will watch them so the deadliest natural disasters in US history one storm left an estimated 80,000 dead in its wake while an epic flood carried human bodies some 350 miles away mother nature can be merciless from the churning hurricanes of the Gulf Coast to the trailer tossing storms of Tornado Alley were in tornado alley here in Dallas to the ground pounding quakes of California many of our viewers are there in California by the way we’re coming to California as part of our American 2019 tour we’re planning to come to San Diego planning to come to Los Angeles planning to come to Bakersfield coming to Fresno coming to San Jose Sacramento and even up to Redding we’re gonna be going all across California and all over Florida and other parts of the United States in a Texas Arizona and in the North East Boston New York City Philadelphia Washington DC and yes even some in the Midwest and Nashville Chicago were planning to come and we’re going to do meet-and-greet food and fellowship and if you want to be notified right now all you have to do is type Bible two seven four one two one go ahead and do that right now text the word Bible to seven for one to one and you will be notified when we’re coming to your city and we’re going to be giving you a free dinner at Olive Garden and we’ll have all sorts of literature there that were given out for free and we expect you know in any given place we did two of them already one in Rhode Island one in Portland and we had about thirty in both of those places those were kind of last-minute notices so we anticipate depending where we go would be about thirty of us gathering together we get we pay up to about four in your group so if you come with a husband and wife and two kids or you come with three of your friends or neighbors or whatever you come and we got we pay the tab for up to four in your group and so yeah we should have about 30 in some places while forty fifty or more and so we just get together at about a 7 p.m.

To about p.m. and just have a great time food and fellowship I am able to share with you a little of Bible prophecy and just have a great time together and give you a literature so if you want to be notified all you have to do is text the word Bible to seven four one two one now if you want to tell me hey Mark I can bring a lot of friends I could bring friends and then let us know send us an email or a text Caleb I’ll put on that my son will put on the email again amazing prophecies at if you say mark I live in Las Vegas I got twenty people I can bring and so forth well we’ll see about arrangements and so forth not sure if we’re going to cover all twenty and so forth but we’ll we’ll work with you but certainly up to four in a group but if you tell me hey mark I can bring out a lot of people if you show up here and and let’s say for example Amarillo Texas or El Paso Texas or show up in Atlanta Georgia hey Mark you come to Indianapolis wherever we’ll get a crowd out to come and meet you and to get literature and hear you share something and have a meal together so yeah so we’re traveling all / and we want to meet you guys want to meet you guys we don’t want to just sit here in my studio here in our home but and by the way if you’re here in Dallas and you want to be baptized or rebaptised and we would be glad to baptize you in a church here in Dallas and if you want a link to a Bible prophecy Church near you text the word Bible to seven four one two one if you are overseas then email us all right email us at amazing prophecies that um I’ll talk um and you can also phone call us all right Caleb we’ll put that phone number up on the screen as well well you know our time is absolutely waning guys and I have not gotten into the economic world conditions I haven’t gotten into the religious world conditions and you know what I’m gonna have to just not keep the broadcast I don’t want to have this broadcast too long but I’m going to be doing more of these broadcasts what do you guys think I’m gonna be doing more of these broadcasts more of these special editions where we really go into a lot of what’s going on in the news look at the Bible look at what’s going on in the news and I’ll give you my prophetic take give you my prophetic understanding my prophetic perspective on what’s going on in the world because I do believe we are in 2019 which is endtime over time and I believe that do you believe that if you were to die tonight you’d be saved do you believe if Jesus was to come now and take us home you would be ready you can be give your heart to Jesus just say Jesus I surrendered to you Jesus I surrender to remember this a B C and it all flows out of Revelation chapter 3 verse 20 where Jesus said behold I stand at the door and knock If any man hear my voice and open the door I will come in to him and will sup with him and he with me ABC flows out of that and I’ve been III was teaching my children that scripture ever since they were little ABC had encouraged my children do your ABCs every day what’s the ABC all flows out of revelation 3 verse 20 and what is it a ask Jesus asked Jesus to be your Lord and Savior ask Jesus to be with you every day ask him to be in your heart every day ask what does the Bible say behold I stand at the door knock you say mark I feel so far from God Jesus comes to you he’s coming to you right now right now in this broadcast God is speaking through me to you to you as though you were the only one and Jesus says behold I stand at the door and I knock I knock he comes to you he said where is God knocking on the door of your heart where as Jesus knocking on the door of your heart won’t you let him come in the Savior is waiting to enter your heart don’t turn them away behold I stand at the door knock If any man hear my voice and open the door I will come in oh but you have to believe a asked Jesus to be with you every day ask him to be in your heart B believe that he comes into your heart believe B be believe the Bible believe the Bible don’t believe in your feelings you say well if only I could feel when you believe you don’t see well how do I feel what’s my pulse no what does the Bible say you say but I want feelings of peace and joy don’t we all and yes sometimes Mark Fox I feel such peace and joy but sometimes I don’t feel that peace and joy but I choose to believe no matter what the climate of my emotions are you know because my experience is you might get up in the morning feel like you can conquer the world and then at about mid morning you feel like the world’s on Tapia those are feelings read the Book of Psalms if you want to learn to have faith um it’s depressing feelings or discouraging circumstances read the book songs a ask Jesus into your heart be believe that it comes into your heart see what does C stand for it don’t miss it write it down hey ask Jesus into your heart B believe that he comes into your heart behold I stand at the door knock If any man hear my voice and open the door I will come in to him and will sup with him and he with me what did we just hear Jesus said if you let him come in home into your heart if you believe just believe is word just believe his word like a child become like little children just say okay I believe I believe your word you said you would come in Jesus I need you come in to my heart Lord Jesus and what does he say I will commend him and will sup with him and he with me some eat together what does it mean kind of like what we’re gonna do when we get together when we come to your city or a city near you whether it be Louisville Kentucky Cincinnati Ohio Columbus Ohio Pittsburgh Pennsylvania wherever when we come to your city we’re gonna sit down and we’re gonna have fellowship together Oh so Jesus saying when we invite Jesus into our heart we have sweet fellowship a C word communion a ask Jesus into your heart B believe that it comes into your heart and see commune with him all day long 3 C 3 3 up words there a b c ask Jesus into your heart believe that he comes into your heart and commune with him all day all right if you want to respond here right now I invite you it’s a type right now is my altar call thousands of you commenting type Jesus come into my heart is that well I’ve already done that he’s in my heart you can say it again it’ll be written down in the books in heaven by your guardian angel guardian angel records everything and your guardian angel protects you and is with you yes we have suffering in our world yes people die yes yes but only in God’s timing will he allow that if you call upon Jesus and you ask for the GART your guardian angel to protect you ask God to have your guardian angel protected read Psalms 91 and read Psalms 121 and so right now say Jesus come into my heart some of you need to be baptized by immersion watch my playlist preparing for baptism matter of fact if you’re looking for a Bible based Church watch my my playlist preparing for baptism you some of you might say well I don’t want to be baptized but again but okay still watch that playlist because it’ll get you ready to find the right church and we’ll help you we’ll give you a link to a Bible prophecy church near you that is preaching endtime prophecies preached in the cross of Jesus Christ and the commandments of Jesus Christ including the seventh-day Sabbath it’s right there in the ten commandments ten fingers ten toes ten commandments not a coincidence and read the Ten Commandments in Exodus chapter 20 the New Covenant is he writes the law in our heart you want to find a church uplifted and time prophecies and uplifts the seventh-day Sabbath we’ll be glad to give you a link all you need to do Caleb go ahead we’ll put it up on the screen again just type Bible two seven four one two one or call us or email us so type it in right now Jesus come into my heart I want to pray with you all I want to pray with you all I see a constant stream I say praise the Lord I take it a sacred responsibility to be able to bring you food from God’s Word in light of endtime events I love you in the name of Jesus and so let’s pray together father in heaven as we sign off for now may we go in peace in Jesus name Amen this is Mark Fox signing off for now remember Jesus lives in your heart by faith

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