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If you’re not embracing the idea that there’s this exchange right now I’ll watch this ad I don’t want to watch in order to see my Netflix show it’s on us as brand storytellers to create content that you are willing to watch coca-cola I think has been selling stories for the last 100 years and one of the best storytellers right whether it’s global citizens on a hill in Italy teaching the world to sing to Ant Man and Hulk sharing a mini coke at the Super Bowl we’re evolving our storytelling to be more relevant to be more engaging but at the same time it’s still very simple thoughtful storytelling I think right now with the world being the way it is I think there’s a little bit of people are a bit more open to just the simple sweet stories of coca-cola but we also embrace that we’re not the only storytellers of our brand I think that it the stat is 8 out of 10 coca-cola stories are not created by our by us they’re created by our fans we have to embrace that and our storytelling development has changed because of that we work very closely with influencers we work with our fans directly we give them the keys and have them write the stories with us so it’s no longer just a one-way dialogue it really the true two-way dialogue we’re working with Kurt Hugo Schneider of YouTube fame for his acapella songs and remakes on popular songs and we partnered with him and one of our customers Cinemark to create an acapella story with his friends so his influencers came together at a Cinemark theatres to sing their take on our taste the feeling song all orchestrated with the sound of the movie theater the popcorn popping and shaking the sipping of an ice-cold coke the way that your ticket swipes through that’s a beautiful story it’s really doing well on on YouTube and it’s actually premiering at every Cinemark theatres across the country one of things I’m really excited about cook right now is our cook a meal strategy we are rethinking the way that we communicate how coke pairs with food traditionally we’ve talked about the family coming together over Sunday night dinner with the rotisserie chicken and their cheers hanging over their coke and we’ve started to realize that’s not the way people eat anymore we’re taking a swath of what the food culture looks like so from influencers like celebrity chefs like Ron Sanchez or chef Roble Ali to food critics like the infatuation and Andrew Stein fall to real life chefs who are coming in to talk about what coke and food means to them this debate over how we eat and cook and share and talk about food but the one thing we can all agree on is that it’s probably best year for the code …

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