Book of Revelation Chapter 12 – Overview

Revelation chapter 12 presents us with three main characters; the woman, the male Child and the dragon. We also have three scenes; the birth of the Child (vv. 1-6), the casting of the dragon out of heaven (vv. 7-12), and the dragon making war with the woman and the rest of her children (vv. 13-17).

Revelation Chapter 12 is a very complex prophetic vision written in the simplest and most poetical terms, fully revealing both the power and the inspiration of Yahweh our God in what may clearly be considered one of the Bible’s finest moments. The interpretation of this prophecy is three-fold. First, it elucidates many of the secrets of our past, and then it describes the birth of the Christ and the attempt of His enemies to kill Him. But it also describes the birth of the only nation ever founded upon Christian principles, and the place where the woman would once and for all be saved from “that old Serpent”. This shall become manifest as we proceed through the chapter.

Revelation Chapter 12 begins a new perspective of the vision.  Chapter 11 just ended with the Return of Christ.  Chapter 12 gives another overview going all the way back to the original war of the angels

In Revelation chapter 12 it was an aspect of the past, not the future, that was being unveiled to the seven churches. This is an important point to consider because some would maintain that Revelation is only talking about events that were to happen just prior to AD 70. While for the most part this is true, we have an exception to this rule in this chapter. The vision in Revelation 12 goes back to the resurrection of Jesus (around AD 30).

In the first few verses of Revelation Chapter 12, John provides us with some background information on the spiritual battle that has been raging from the time Satan was cast out of Heaven up until Daniel’s 70th Week. Specifically, John explains that God chose Israel to be the mother to his son, Jesus Christ, who would eventually defeat the forces of darkness. Satan, well-aware of this plan, used the kingdoms of Earth to attempt to attempt destroy Israel and Jesus Christ prior to His ascension to Heaven. Daniel’s 70th Week represents the final and ultimate battle for mankind – Satan will use Antichrist, as the leader of the final kingdom of Earth, to try to destroy Christ’s kingdom.

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