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Hello guys thank you for setting up to use Biz grow the affordable all-in-one business and productivity app that helps you grow your business with confidence we’ll get started right away so first of all I want you to enter the web address app biz grow calm into your browser I believe you have already created an account and registered your company so you should enter your email address and password and then login if this is your first time simply click register your company at the top right hand corner of your screen and follow the instructions once you’ve logged in you will see your main dashboard showing your task status campaigns productivity charts and events as you can see I have two events on my event tab your main dashboard gives you a real-time snapshot of your productivity tasks and ongoing business it’s simple to take action from here either create an event a shared document a task a campaign a lead entry a document to sign a newsletter or other opportunity or click through to visit a specific dashboard we will go through each of the features on your main dashboard so stick around with this grow communication and collaboration has never been easier whether you’re collaborating internally with team members or communicating externally with customers we’ve got you covered you can create projects tasks newsletters events and shareable documents are built in intuitive organization and folders make all of your projects and their communications simple to manage we will start with a tasks tab you can create a project or task for all users to see so everyone has an idea of where the entire team is moving towards and can access checks for each other the tasks tab has two menu items tasks and task reports let’s begin with the tasks menu first under this you can see three tabs reading assigned to me assigned by me and I’m in charge a sign to me tab shows you the tasks assigned to you by a particular user there status assigned date due date and priority dates here on my screen I have tasks for research and development advanced services academic programs and so on and so forth I can create a new task and then assign to any user by filling out the form fields if I need to edit a task I simply top the details button and view the full information about whatever task or project I’m interested in and then edit it I can also filter out insert my projects by modules status priority project or date moving on to the assigned by me tab this shows all the tasks and projects I assign to different users on our busy grow account for example I have assigned tasks across advancement services accounting blue page implementation and a few others finally the last tab I’m in charge summarizes who’s leading each task or project and filters by that the second menu on the tasks tab was a tasks report menu that shows tasks report and activity report the task report is a summation and status update of every project the team is currently working on it includes their start and end dates priority and task supervisor as well as time spent on each task you can export your tasks report to a CSV file to view and review at your own convenience this is great for seeing how productive everyone on your team is to the activity report on the other hand is a summation of the activities your team is working on as well as what the user is currently working on what activity this information can also be exported to a CSV file for viewing at a later date another great component of busy ro is the mailbox feature so let’s check that out it’s the last item on our main tab and it has two items under its drop-down menu accounts and big box with the accounts menu you can add email addresses for everyone in your organization just like I have here that way everyone is connected to each other you can send internal mails chat and communicate over a different team collaborations as an administrator I can add and remove email accounts from the organization’s platform and edit their configurations now that’s a list of everyone connected with this particular biz grow account so I can pick one of them and start a private communication with them an important feature of busy girl that your company will need is its customer relationship management applications to access that simply click the CRM tab at the top right corner of your screen with the CRM suite you can manage your database of contacts leads opportunities and customers at once we’ll start with the contacts drop down menu so click on that this shows you everyone that you have added to your database together with their call up information as you can see I have 58 contacts in my own database I’ve also listed nine people as leads 30 people as opportunities and three people of customers as an aside this grow is a gdpr compliant so we carefully keep and maintain the privacy and security of everyone you add to any of your databases now back to your contacts tab you can group your contacts by categories as well the listing is arbitrary and up to you so you get to decide what to group them under I’m going to open up the details for one of my contacts now so you can see all the containing information how much of that information you’d use to fill for your clients is really up to you you could also secede to upgrade your contact to a lead opportunity or customer depending on how the relationship advances so you don’t have to start inputting new information all over again under those tabs my customers tab shows every one of my contacts that I have classified as a customer now this categorization is pretty important because not all information is meant for everyone on your contacts database you’re going to be communicating differently with leads and opportunities then you will be going with customers however no matter who you’re sending those emails to you can do it right from the biz Boro dashboard without having to use multiple apps or websites creating a new category is also just as simple as any of the previous tasks click on the create new button enter your category name and you’re good to go under the leads tab you can manage all of your leads on one page group them by their sources status or date for example I can bring up my leads and filter them by sources to see where most of my leads come from so I have an idea of which my marketing campaigns is most productive tapping the opportunities tab will give you a glimpse of everyone on the database and you can sort them by stage type and order date to add a new contact here opportunities database simply click on the create new button fill in the details of your new contact as well as the filter fields if you need to create a new category or stage you can do so by clicking the plus button you may also want to add a few notes in the description information box once you’re satisfied with your entry simply click create nevertheless you can always visit your database to modify your entries as the situation arises if you do by clicking on the details button and then tapping edit like I mentioned earlier you can also filter your opportunities database by types stages proposals and proposal status let’s back up to our customers tab and see how we can view all the details we have for each customer click on details and go over various tabs you have to see details about each of your customers such as their campaigns email history products of reference transaction history and many other details it’s helpful to keep adding on new information as you find them out as it will help you get a clearer profile of each of your customers and serve them better you can also filter those on your customer database by types credit worthiness and payment terms as you can see me doing now the final menu item under the CRM tab is the consent form for the EU GDP our policy it allows you to request consent easily from everyone on your contact database so you don’t fall foul of the required regulations it also helps you filter your response so you see which of your contacts give you permission or declined and then send specific emails to them in that way another application area of bisgrove for your company or firm is in the area of financials and accounting if bisgrove invoicing purchasing and bookkeeping from wherever you are just got easier from your financials dashboard you can create professional invoices generate POS record transactions run financial reports and more you can also keep all of your information organized for your accountant with customisable categories demmick it’s super easy for him or her to get things done let’s see how that works together tap on the financials tab on your dashboard you should see a number of items under the drop-down menu we’ll start with the first one tagged dashboard clicking that should take your screen to a new page saying welcome to financials you will see a number of tabs under this heading transactions invoices purchase orders and credit notes your transactions indicate the total amount of income that is come in and clicking on that tab will show you all of your transactions income and expenses you can decide to add a new transaction by clicking on create new button and entering the information required you can sort your transactions by income or expenses to get a rough estimate of what percentage of your transaction is spent on what next tab is the invoices tab that shows you all of your invoices both the issued invoices and their recieved invoices click on the issued invoices and then click on create new to add a new invoice for your supplier proceed to enter the necessary details and fill out all the info required you could decide to make your invoices one event or a recurring one you can also preview your invoice as soon as you are done to ensure that all of the details are correct and once you know for certain you can go ahead and send to write out received invoices click on received invoices and follow just about the same steps as before you can edit or delete any of your invoices by clicking on the details button and selecting your preferred option the same process I just described can be carried out for your purchase orders and credit notes for your customers one of the perks of using bisgrove for your financials is that you can access comprehensive reports on all of your money matters simply click on the reports tab to view your expenses receivables payments and profit and loss all this information is exportable through a CSV file that you can review later with your team and your financial advisors or accountants the last tab in the financials dashboard is the management tab and this is pretty important because it allows you to calculate and manage all of your tax payments in whatever countries you operate in my page shows details for UK VAT US sales tax and EU VAT create a new tax profile click on the create new button and fill out the form fields you can also manage your tax categories by keeping an up to date list of your transactions on the manage categories menu girl also makes document assigning very fast reliable and efficient for users whether it’s approval on a proposal a signed contract or any other document that needs a signature our built-in assigning feature makes getting an official sign-off a snap click on the e signing tab select the dashboard menu in the drop down and view all of your II documents they are sorted by action request completed received and sent request you can also view progress reports where it is indicated that more than one user has to sign off on the document to compose a new document that needs to be signed such as an invoice click on the compose new button add your signature upload the document to be signed tagged users that need to sign it add receipts beside who needs to sign it at what field and then send it out this Bureau also helps you manage your shareable documents with your team to see how click on the manage Doc’s tab to see all of your documents you can view them by sorting them into documents or folders you can also sort out your documents by module file type creator and date each uploaded document is securely stored on our cloud servers and gets a link that you can share with your contacts or other users sharing with multiple addresses is also no problem at all to manage your document folders click on the folders menu and go through the overview of all inventory management is also another impressive feature of bisgrove click on the inventory tab to view your records of all of your projects and goods and sort them by products and categories to add a new product tap the create new button on your right and then input the product details it’s very comprehensive so you can pretty much add any detail that’s specific to your business when you’re done click create I’m not creating any product so I’m just going to cancel the operation products can be further filtered by price and quantity that way you have a pretty great idea of what you have in stock and what needs to be resupplied let’s move on to the next feature and that’s the project tab with this everyone on your team can have an overview of what’s being worked on a status and who’s responsible so you see right here all of the projects were working on we can sort them under the following tabs started finished fund and halted those are self-explanatory headings so I’m sure you already know what they mean to create a new project hit that create new button like before and then you can fill in all the necessary details up next is the newsletter tab the newsletter tab has 4 menu items that we will look at one after the other the first is titled newsletters and it shows all of your newsletters at once you can group them by letter name status type and date to create a new newsletter simply click on the create new button input the necessary information in the form fields on display and then save your information you can also view specifics of each newsletter by clicking on the button mark details right across from it the status menu item shows you a classification of your newsletters by status such as sent pending testing and a few others the types menu item filters your newsletter by types such as local or regional and international the last menu item under the newsletter tab is the sent history that gives you a breakdown of your newsletter history categorized by status type date and user the next tab we want to consider is the events tab this is a summation of the events programs and activities your organization is running at any particular time it helps you keep your eye out on what’s happening currently the last menu item under the newsletter tab is the sent history that gives you a breakdown of your newsletter history categorized by status type 8 and user the next tab we want to consider is the events tab this is a summation of the events programs and activities your organization is running at any particular time it helps you keep your eye out on what’s happening currently as well as monitor preparations for the future the event tab has three menu items events status and type that help you filter your entries speaking about entries you can create a new entry by clicking on the create new button filling out the form fields with all the necessary information as always and then clicking create I’m not doing that so I’m going to go back up to the event page clicking on the details button will bring up the specifics of an event I selected in this case the webinar at the number one position the campaign tab shows all campaigns your team is working on my dashboard shows campaigns for business advertising and email marketing so you can guess that’s what my company focuses on campaigns are either open closed or halted or completed in status and can be sorted by type code status revenue start date and customer this filtering allows users to easily see what they need to pay attention to and get an idea of where the firm or company is going clicking on the details will take you to see further specific information on each campaign such as its cost and budget the campaign types tab shows what types of campaign your firm is working on ours include administration and accounts and application development among many others you can create a new campaign type by clicking on the create new button entering your campaign details as you can see me scrolling over them and click and create however I’m just going to cancel that finally let’s go through two other important components of bisgrove the HR and admin features with the HR and admin features you can oversee all core aspects of managing your most important assets your team members from general HR tasks to project and paperwork management you have all you need to ensure your company run smoothly it’s also easy to stay connected with your staff just hop on a chat when you want to touch base the HR feature allows you to run general HR tasks for your team as well as organize project and paperwork management and ensure you have all you need to ensure your company run smoothly now I’m going to click on the HR button you should see it at the top left hand corner of your screen just beside the admin button clicking it will load the HR page on your PC as you can see from here under the HR tab there are a number of buttons manage leave report and requisition form the manage button has a number of items under the drop down menu manage leave types manage HR categories and manage HR policies will analyze the manage leave type button first one of the numerous tasks Human Resources managers have to do is keep track of leaves vacations and days off base grill allows you to do this with ease for example now I can see how many members of staff are on leave at the moment what kind of leave and the duration of the leave this information is accessible to everyone who needs it in making certain decisions critical to the smooth running of your organization to add a new leave type simply click on the create new button slightly towards your right fill on the name of the leave type and the duration and you’re ready to go next stop is the manage HR category button depending on your organization you can have as many categories as you want here we have categories such as recruitment leaves health and safety community initiatives employee services performance appraisals compensations and a few others you might decide on your part to create different categories for your company all you have to do is just hit the create new button for that final stop under the manage drop-down is the manage HR policy button here you can upload policies for different cases and situations that are applicable to your organization for example managing company policies in cases like recruitment holidays diversity recognition and reward and hiring of temps and so on to add a new policy simply tap the create new button on the subsequent page enter the name of the policy select the category it belongs to write out a short description of what it is and then upload your document the next tab is the leave tab that has two buttons under its drop-down menu leave application and short leave application the leave applications menu will help you categorize the statuses of leave applications the HR manager has received from the organization’s staff if you want to recall the specifics of each leave application simply click on the details and you will see all that you need to under the leaves applied to me tab you can see a list of all the leave applications sorted by the user that received them as well as the details of each application now you’re going to move on to the third tab under the HR function and that’s the report tab it says two items under its drop-down daily leave report and monthly leaf report simply allowing you group leave applications by day or by month next stop is the requisition form tab that shows which requests for new staff and manpower are made to the HR staff let’s click on the create new button to add a new one with this form managers can let HR know what kind of staff they need to hire their minimum qualifications and work experience and other important hiring information what this does is to help your HR officers manage all their duties at the touch of a button and keep in touch with everything they need to do in one suite moving on to the admin features let’s see the kind of tasks you can carry out on biz grow first of all please click on the tab admin at the top left-hand corner of your screen select company this will lead you to an overview of your company profile this is the profile for my company big fat male the next tab shows the list of departments I’ve created next you can view my banks lawyers email services and payment methods now you can go back to the users menu under the tab marked admin at the top left hand corner again clicking on the tab marked my profile will allow me to edit the company profile here you see all your information linked to your account if you ever decide to remove your company account this is where it has to be done the next tab marked users shows everyone who has signed up to the bigger account with our company their departments and there’s a user type or classification I can edit everyone’s contact info or even add a new user altogether I can also decide to search for staff members details I can also decide to search for staff members details so now I’m entering John in the search box to see how many John’s we have on the staff at our firm let’s visit a few other pages of users this is a great application of busy arrow as a staff database manager allowing your organization to capture the details of everyone on staff at once creating a new profile for a new staff member is very easy simply click on the button mark to create new and enter the user details first-name lastname select a department from your list or add a new department to your list I’m going to cancel that because I don’t need to do it select a user type for your new user and then add in other information like addresses and social media information now let’s go back to the menu item tag to groups it shows you the total number of groups to which members of your database belong to to create a new group click on the create new button like we did before on the new page enter the name of your new group insert your search parameters and you are good to go meanwhile I’m going to cancel this because I don’t need a new group back to the previous page you see the tab for user types creating a new user type follows the same pattern as before click on the create new button on the pop-up page write out the name of your user type click on the button tagged add all permissions for all modules this gives permission for the new user type to perform tasks across the different modules such as HR admin mailbox newsletters events campaigns inventory projects and other listed modules if you want to restrict permission to a certain module simply click on the remove all button besides your selected module for example now I’m going to delete permissions for the module marked transactions under financials I can also decide to add those permissions back by flicking at all I can do the same thing for the module marked invoices as well might even decide to just delete a single permission under particular module like I’m doing right now I just deleted the permission for issued invoice list under the invoices module I will go ahead and delete a few more permissions such as the received invoice create receive instruction list and receive invoice list permissions all under the invoice module as well again I can decide to add all permissions all over again to restore the status I’m going to exit this page now since I’m not interested in creating a new user type and go back to the previous menu this girl is really easy to use and once you’ve started it’s almost impossible to go back on it I hope this tutorial helps you don’t forget to contact us via ww0 comm slash contact 3 forward slash if you have any questions or problems thank you

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