Biological races in the Tower of Babel – by AIG Ministries

he’s an Aussie transplant who spoken all around the world on creation apologetics biblical authority and the gospel Ken’s a frequent guest on national radio and TV programs and is the author of many books and thousands of articles and blogs you can find resources by Ken in our bookstore as Ken gets ready to speak please silence all cell phones and please note that emergency exits are located upfront to your right and left and along the left side of the room now let’s give our full attention and a warm welcome to Ken Ham [Music] oh good morning it is still morning here in Kentucky because it’s just before noon and we’re here at the Creation Museum and it’s great to have our visitors here how many of you have already been to the Ark looks like most of you how many go into the ark tomorrow okay actually tomorrow is probably going to be a real busy day so fun to see all the crowds there fun time to see all the people that are they I always start a little early so I can just ask you a couple questions and find out where you’re from and things like that and today the schedule talk for me is one blood one race so dealing with the origin of so-called races and doing with racism prejudice it’s a it’s actually a hot topic in our culture as you know you can hardly even watch the news without hearing somebody talk about racism or accusations of racism and Prejudice and so on so we’re going to deal with that issue today we do all sorts of different topics we have all sorts of different presenters here at the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter so you’re here at the Creation Museum and you’re down here in this section here right now which is called legacy hall and this is a almost a thousand seat auditorium this is a parking lot the new parking lot we build over here have beautiful gardens and then we have the zipline course it goes all the way back through all of these trees across the lake here and it’s the biggest and best zipline course in the Midwest and then the arc for those that have been there you should recognize this so when you came up from the parking lot up over the valley you came up here and you were dropped off right here and this big new structure here fact it’s got another 10,000 square feet going on the front is a 2500 seat auditorium multi-purpose Center and has a 36 thousand square foot basement for workshop rooms and that’ll be open and operational basically by the end of the year and then we’ll be doing all sorts of things and their presentations like this also showing movies having concerts all sorts of different things and workshops and then M Zara’s buffet over here it’s one of the biggest restaurants in a Mary 1,500 seats it seats in the in the bottom area and the top and then village market here now sue here if you’re wondering what’s going on right here behind the arc that’s under construction that’s expanding the zoo so the zoo is going to go all the way down through here and eventually across this valley and over on the ridge of the back there and we’re putting a stage here for live animal programs and then this area here which is what we call monument walk and then the queue line gardens are taking the Archaea and eventually they’re going to put a Tower of Babel over here and people ask when that’s going to be finished it never will if we build it strictly to biblical description right but anyway that that’s a future phase so we’re looking at two three years down the road there for that one but we’ve got an incredible number of things here already with the expansion of the zoo and the other things here for you and once the answer centers over there’ll be a lot more things going on down at the arc as well as here at the Creation Museum so as people are still coming in probably wondering how come how come he started because it’s not 12 o’clock yet well because I always like to start early and that way I can find out a bit about you all before we deal with the topic today one blood one race which is really based on a book the line in an african-american pastor wrote called one race one blood so let me ask you a question first of all any of you from the state of Kentucky put your hands up three four five wow this is Kentucky Day there’s about eight people that’s like a hundred times more than we normally get from the state of Kentucky well that’s great how about Ohio no we have even we have less people in from Ohio today and then Indiana okay so those outside of Ohio Indiana Kentucky put your hands up which is most of you right which is why it has such an economic impact in this area because people come from all over all over America and all over the world so let me ask for anyone who is from a different country now qualify I don’t mean California I don’t mean Texas okay but if there’s anyone from a different country put your hands up so we can see you okay so where are you from Czech Republic excellent how many of you from the Czech Republic over there nine nine of you from the Czech Republic any other countries here yes Germany excellent whereabouts in Germany oh close to Frank I know Frankfurt don’t know the other one but no Frank oh well that’s excellent other countries any Canadians to that yes where are you guys Australia that’s right oh yeah it’s hard to see with the light up here we have a whole family from Australia from Brisbane Australia actually they’re going to be missionaries in Papua New Guinea which is phenomenal so great to have you all here and that’s from my hometown of Australia Brisbane any other countries okay so how many from California oh yes what’s what country what is it Oh Brazil that means you speak Portuguese is that right actually we do have someone coming on full-time from Brazil as a scientist here at Answers in Genesis in the very near future so great to have you here so we get people from all over the world it’s interesting as you walk around the arc and you walk around the museum you notice the diversity of cultures and people and backgrounds and about 30 percent of those who come to the arc a non-christian and they give us rave reviews because they love the professional way we present everything first-class and yet we’re bold about who we are we don’t shy away from the fact we run about the Bible we run about the gospel of Jesus Christ and people appreciate being challenged in regard to what we say and listening to what we have to say if you do it in the right way people will listen so let me see I’ll read a list of a few states there’s anyone from California here today we often we actually often have people from California where Texas we got a number of people from Texas today excellent I always ask people from California if they intend on returning because I’m not sure if they want to go back there right now so how about Pennsylvania we usually get clone I see some hands from Pennsylvania and Wisconsin is surprising a number of people from Wisconsin almost every day Michigan no no Michigan people tell you what they call a Michiganders or something I know it’s something like that well how about how about some states like Wyoming anyone from Wyoming today no no one from Wyoming today ok so what I’m going to do is at the count of three yell out the states or country you’re from you ready one two three oh okay surprisingly I heard four countries and 31 states actually one of the exhibits I tell people not to miss is to walk through the parking lot and as you walk through the parking lot you’ll see license plates from all over it’s just fun to walk around there and to see that we’ve had them from all 50 states including obviously Hawaii in Alaska we’ve had numbers people from Alaska but all 50 states we’ve had license plates in the parking lot there well today my presentation deals with one blood one race we do different presentations different topics every day different speakers as well actually next week I’m speaking every day here at 12 o’clock so we’re having a special week where the other speakers are going to rest I guess and I have to speak every day but we can talk about a topic of the origin of so-called races and I say so-called races because one of the things I’m going to tell us is that there are no different races biologically at all the fact is we’re all one race now they’re really dealing with where did human beings come from I thought I would start by showing you a little video clip from Bill Nye you know Bill Nye the Science Guy or I call him Bill Nye the humanist guy or atheist guy or whatever I debated him right here on this stage four and a half years ago and a day after the opening of the ark he want to go through the ark so he took him through the ark and we were able to film the whole thing we have an uncut on a DVD it’s called the second debate and for two hours I just challenged him asked him questions presented the gospel to him so I thought you’d be interested to hear where he believes humans came from okay so who are our ancestors because I would say our ancestors were Adam and Eve right well let’s see who Bill Nye says his ancestors were so it is not crazy it’s extraordinary but not crazy to suggest that Mars was hit with an impact or what’s generally called a home in orbit in orbit where it goes Falls towards the Sun but ends up on the earth you and I are descendants of Martians okay and that’s not great that’s not crazy is it crazy that you and I are descendants of Adam and Eve we are descendants from the common ancestor but is it crazy that is it crazy that God made the first man and woman we’re the center so for me there’s no evidence of it it’s always like crazy I wouldn’t use that word what would you say it’s say you’re betraying your intellect you’re not using your head so it’s like you’re saying it is crazy okay so Bill Nye thinks it’s crazy if you believe we’re descendants of Adam and Eve but it’s very scientific and logical to think we’re descendants of Martians well what I want to do is to show you today what happens when you start your thinking with God’s Word see this is not just a book about spiritual things moral things relationships if we really understand the Bible it is a book of history that is a revelation from God who knows everything and so the only way we can be sure of having the right worldview is to start with what God has revealed in his word and building our thinking on that and of course when you do when it comes to the history of humans you find that God made two humans Adam and Eve by the way that’s when he made the first marriage he made Adam from dust woman from his side and it’s interesting in the New Testament in Matthew 19 when Jesus was asked about marriage he said haven’t you read he which made them at the beginning made them male and female which is Genesis 1:27 and said for this cause shall a man who started their mother and cleave unto his wife and there’ll be one flesh which is Genesis 2:24 and what he’s saying is God made man from dust a woman from his side you become one because you’re one flesh and your male and female because God made them male and female so marriage is to be one man and one woman regardless of what the Supreme Court of the United States says because God invented marriage and so if there was one man and one woman and if the Bible’s history is correct we’re all descendants of one man and one woman how many races are there biologically there’s only one race it’s called Adam’s race do you realize we’re all members of Adam’s race it’s very important to understand because we take the gospel to every tribe and nation why because we’re all one family were all one race we’re all Adams race the human race and it’s very important to understand this so when you hear people on television talking about the different races you immediately should jump up and say wait a minute there’s only one biological race the human race Adam’s race and actually the the interesting thing is as I’ll show you as we go on today the secular scientists a biologically genetically there’s only one race and so you hear people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson talking about the races and so on actually the very terminology is fueling racism and goes against the truth of what we know scientifically about the human race and certainly goes against what we know biblically about the human race but before we can get into all of that we have to do a couple of things I want to answer one of the most asked questions first because the atheists say this all the time when you say oh there was Adam and Eve and then the Bible says Cain and Abel and Seth and so that was so well we’re decaying get his wife and actually a lot of Christians don’t even know how to answer that this is an example of why we need to be teaching apologetics to our churches to our young people because that’s missing from most churches we’re not teaching them how to answer skeptical questions to defend the Christian faith I’ve had many people say to me because they were never given these answers when they were in church or from home that it caused them to doubt the Bible and walk away from the Christian faith and there’s an incredible exodus from the church right now in our Western world you know the the older generation the pre 1928 born 1928 are called the greatest generation you know 56 percent of them in America went to church the Millennials only 18 percent of them go to church that’s the change that’s happening in America it’s already happened in the United Kingdom it’s happening in Australia it’s happening in Canada it’s happening through the whole Western world and we’ve done research on that and published books on that and a lot of it has to do with generations who are sent to an education system where they thrown God out the Bible out prayer out creation out 95 percent of kids from church homes go to the public school system and they’re they’re taught evolution is fact and by the way when they threw the Bible out they didn’t throw Christian didn’t throw religion out they threw Christianity out and replaced it with the religion of naturalism or atheism there is a there is a state religion in America it’s the religion of atheism and your tax dollars around that state religion to be imposed on generations of kids but that’s true in our whole Western world and you see those kids and go to church where they’re taught all sorts of Bible stories actually the word story today even means fairy tale and we need to stop using the word story for that reason because it’s changed meaning but they get the idea are we have stories of church and home but a school will learn real stuff and the real stuff tells us Genesis is not true and many of our church leaders have said you can believe in evolution Millions ears doesn’t matter and so the hive of the book of Genesis is one of the reasons why the church has not been leading the way in dealing with racism and I’ll tell you why because if you don’t understand and believe that history in Genesis you have no basis to deal with the issue of race and that’s why it’s so very important and so many of our churches because of the teaching of evolution of millions ears and even many pastors have said is so controversial don’t know how to deal with it and well unless don’t worry about it and maybe God used evolution let’s talk about Jesus but the message of Jesus comes from this book and if the first part of the book is not true how can the rest be and not only that the first part Genesis 1 to 11 is foundational to every single biblical doctrine of theology the whole gospel is founded in Genesis the docking of marriage founded in Genesis if you raise up generations who don’t understand believe Genesis they have no foundation for their worldview other than well whatever man says we decide and then we wonder why we see evil Millennials in our churches supporting gay marriage and supporting abortion and so what I want to show you is look when you take that history in God’s Word beginning in Genesis it gives you a foundation for a right worldview to deal with issues like this and we’re going to deal with that practical issue today in regard to the origin of so-called races racism prejudice and so on and so to start with we need to answer this question where’d it Cain get his wife well let me ask you a question can you marry your relation yes no probably only after counseling now I asked that question because a lot of people have the idea when you get married you don’t marry your relative I’ve got news for you when you get married if you don’t marry your relative you’ve got a problem because if your wife wasn’t related to you before you got married you you have a real problem you see we’re all one family were all related to each other you do marry your relative it’s just today you don’t marry a close relative and by the way you can google it different countries have different rules in regard to that but actually it’s a principle that really goes back to the Bible to Leviticus because you see at the time of Moses God brought in those laws against close intermarriage now if you think about it Abraham was married to his half-sister and it wasn’t a problem right and so Adam and Eve had Cain and Abel and Seth and people say well where did where did Cain get his wife where he can’t get his wife well let’s let’s think about this for a moment in fact I have lost my slide here wherever they went somewhere down here okay so one Corinthians 15:45 says Adam was the first man so how many men were there to start with just one okay Eve was given that name why because she was in the Hebrew literally to be the the mother of all the living and so there was one man one woman facts acts 17:26 when Paul’s talking to the Greeks he said God made from one man of one blood some translations say all nations of men for to dwell on the face of the earth in other words we all go back to Adam and Eve I was in a restaurant in London a number of years ago and the chef’s heard we were doing a conference nearby and that we believed the Bible and came over to our table he said you believe the Bible said yea we believe the Bible said I don’t believe the Bible said why not well the Bible says God made Adam and Eve and they had Cain and Abel where did all the people come from then I said ah Genesis 5-4 says Adam had other sons and daughters and he said oh I didn’t read that far so no he didn’t read that far we don’t read far enough so the Bible says Adam and Eve had sons and daughters right which means if there was only Adam and Eve they had sons and daughters and if the doctrine of marriage is one man for one woman which it is based on the creation account in Genesis then originally originally brothers must have married two sisters see as soon as you say that then you have atheists and others saying oh well that’s immoral in fact I’d an atheist call me up on radio once and he said I’m an atheist and if you believe brothers married sisters that’s immoral first thing I said to him so you’re an atheist you can’t call me immoral because on what do you base your standards right you have no absolute basis for your standards you can’t call me immoral but you see I explained it like this look God made Adam and Eve and that were perfect so their genes were perfect but Adam sinned and you’ve got to understand sin and what it did to the world remember if you eat of the tree Adam you will die our bodies run down and die God doesn’t hold everything together perfectly anymore so so we degenerate and the older you get the more you understand that right and so because of sin in the curse now there are mutations there are mistakes so when you’re when your genes are copied from one generation to the next there are now copying mistakes mutations because it’s a fallen world now and then they add up for the next generation and the next generation and the next generation 6,000 years later here we are sitting in a room and it’s full of mistakes sorry about that I can look around the room and see that just looking at you all but so here’s the problem right and the problem is this to help us understand this if you’re closely related today it’s more likely you’ve got similar mistakes if you like and so so a brother and sister would have married a day they’ve got similar mistakes inherited from their parents then when you get fertilization and an egg is fertilized then and those mistakes get together and reinforce each other you can have problems in the offspring that’s why it’s better to marry someone further away in relationship from you and so will you have a bad gene so to speak they have a good one that’ll mask the bad gene you get the idea and so instead of having some deformity maybe you might just have a crooked nose you look at the mirror and see your noses could with new Chin’s out of whack and your eyes aren’t quite straight see those mistakes are all there but they’re masks if you like bye bye good genes now the further back in history you go the less of a problem that is Adam and Eve were perfect their genes were perfect their their kids would have had few mistakes and so close relatives marrying provide it’s one man for one woman wasn’t a problem originally but it is a problem today and there’s no need for close relatives to marry today because we have so many people anyway and so you see that’s a very easy answer to be able to explain to people just understate you a little bit about genetics a little bit about mutations helps throws light up the thrown light on at all but the document marriage is one man for one woman when you get married you marry your relative it’s just today you don’t marry a close relative you know it’s it’s also interesting I’m a theist will bring up this they bring it up over time they’ll say what wait a minute that’s incest an incest is wrong well again they’re making a moral judgment they’re an atheist how could I make such a moral judgment right and from their perspective when may and evolve humans were just just animals anyway and as we evolved from ape-like creatures who with who when what what they think we got a problem well they say marriage is one man for one woman for life and that’s what the doctrine of marriage is all about but see the other thing to remember is the English language really didn’t start coming into being until about the eleven eleven hundreds right and and and it’s a mixture of all sorts of different things as you know and the word incest really didn’t come into being until about the 1,200 1,100 1,200 s so around about the thirteenth twelfth century and words over time can change meaning and we can make them broader in their definitions which is what happens to a lot of words and so today under the word incest to put a whole range of things some of which have always been immoral but not brother and sister marriage in the context of biblical history so again even just understanding a little bit about the origin of words and that sort of thing helps us to be able to answer those questions and then there are people that say but wait a minute didn’t Cain go out to the Land of Nod and get his wife no the Bible doesn’t say that says he went out to the Land of Nod and knew his wife had relations with his wife he was already married and then in the Bible it says the Cain was frightened to people and people say who is he frightened of well if you think about it by the time Cain killed Abel and you got almost a hundred years there do you realize population growth is exponential and so by the time Cain killed Abel there was a lot of family members you know I think my mother is 90 years old in Australia she has 46 great-grandchildren well we think about that see the point is you start with Adam and Eve who have sons and daughters who have sons and daughters botan Cain kills Abel you know who is frightened of his family members because there would have been a lot of them by then and he killed one of them so you see these things are very easy to answer now let’s go on here because we want to understand okay so if God made Adam and Eve and we understand about Cain’s wife and so on but how do you get all the differences that we see in people today I mean even in this room today there are differences in skin shade nice shape in ear shape and and and so on and there a distinction you can say oh well this person is an Australian Aboriginal or this person is an American Indian or an Eskimo or a Fijian how how did those differences come about how does that happen and to understand this we’re going to have to do a little bit of what I call basic genetics sorry about that there are people are saying never static genetics if you’ve got married and had kids you study genetics so it says and we’re going to do some basic genetics and then I also want to talk about skin color and issues like that to help you understand how this is all easily explained we’re going to do genetics in regard to animals and then we’re going to apply the basic principles of genetics to man now we have a molecular geneticist on staff dr.

Georgia Purdom she’ll tell you it’s much more technical much more complex than this but the basic principles are the same so we start off in the Bible that says that God made kinds kinds of animals according to their kind about ten times we read that according to their kind the implication is that each kind produces its own kind so we need to understand what the word kind means because we then meet it again in Genesis 6 and for those of you been to the Ark you know we have a whole exhibit on what does the word kind mean in relation to how many animals were really needed on the act because the Bible says two of each kind seven pairs of some but two of each kind of land-dwelling everything animal went on the ark when Bill and I was on the stage here with me he mocked at me for believing in Noah’s Ark he said you couldn’t fit the millions of species on board our species oh wait a minute Bible actually uses a Hebrew word the hebrew word is pronounced mean and when you look at the hebrew word that’s translated kind we have to ask ourselves what does that word really mean well in our classification system kingdom phylum class order family genus species what we would say is this is that in our language today and with the arbitrary classification system we have we would say that the Hebrew word mean that’s translated kind in most instances actually corresponds to the family level of classification you see it also becomes an issue where people can get confused because the word species originally really meant kind but the word species is is sort of changed meaning and they were they’re good and different a different meaning today we won’t go into all of that that’s a whole nother little talk in itself now when you’re in the Ark on Dec 1 you’ll notice down the end at the bow and we have an exhibit with a cutaway Ark and and we’re saying at the most there are about 1400 animal coins needed on the ark not tens of thousands not millions only 1400 we’d say that’s way over estimated and we’ve actually got a list of all the groups or kinds we actually sell books in the gift store of all the research our scientists did to show how they did this for instance dogs is an easy one a lot of information on dogs and so you’ve got lots of different species of dogs but you can find documentation to show they’re all connected in other words this species bred with that one that one with that one that one never bred with that one but a bred with that one that bread with up on the bread with up on the bread with that one you get the idea and so you can show when we show they’re all interconnected like that we say then they’re all the one kind and so our scientists did that and came up with at the most 1400 kinds its overestimated because we would rather over estimate for the sake of argument because take bats there’s a number of different species of bats we suspect there’s only one kind of bat but they’ve never documented the species interbreeding so we let them be separate kinds so we’re overestimating when it comes to the fossil record we see similar creatures that we think of the same kind but they’re they’re given different species names and that so we let them be different kinds but so see the problem is you can’t see them in to breed when they’re a fossil because they did for those of you didn’t get that ok so so we let them be separate kinds so that we actually think the real figure is less than a thousand coins and most land animals are pretty small actually I though a be sizable hand owl is very small so tons of room on the ark that’s the point we’re getting at now when it comes to dogs in we would say the dog kind is actually at the family level Canada the dog kind and then at the cat kind phillyd I feel today then that’s the kind level the family level so let me explain this to you because see one of the things that you’ll find is that the evolutionists like Bill Nye when he says new species form they say that’s evolution new species has nothing to do with evolution there are 34 species of dogs they say okay you’ve got you domestic breeds for instance you got wolves coyotes jackal thénard Fox dingoes you got all sorts of different species of dogs and here’s what the secular world says based on genetic morphological and behavioral data it’s clear that the domestic dog originates from the wolf so something like that gave rise to even these right and these actually do you realize poodles are considered the same species as a wolf right there do you see the difference and by the way and yet they considered the same species and you look at those and say that is able to look like a dog when you look at it and I want you to understand something that’s happening genetically here because that speciation has nothing to do with evolution evolution requires brand new information that never existed added into the genes what you actually see when you look at what’s happening with different species and different breeds and so on is actually a loss of information till you get to the stage where there’s not a great deal of information left as you can see which is the poodle a poodle is at the end of a line when it comes to dogs okay because if it lost any more information he’d be gone I mean that’d be that would be the end of it okay so we didn’t have any dogs God made originally a say made two dogs and they got married their kids and they got married their kids and marrying her kids and we end up with a typical homeschool family of dogs okay so not everyone understands that either but that’s okay so how do we get these different species dingoes wolves coyotes jackal etc okay so in in genetics we have a convention will be labeled genes with letters big a little a Big B little B the capital letters represent Domino genes little a recessive genes and so on now there are there are thousands I mean in humans they say is probably about 25 to 30 thousand genes what that means there are millions billions trillions ilion’s of combinations and their number of combinations is mind-blowing and so we have one set of genes for the male one for the female imagine this is a male and female dog and so sexual reproduction one set of genes the male one from the female these are basic principles fertilization here’s an individual now that individual is going to look different than the parents but all the information came from the parents it’s got a different combination of information to the parents actually it’s got less information because it no longer has little A’s little B’s little C’s you see that and then you get these other combinations I like to think of this one little a little a little B little B little C little C representing what we call our purebred dogs like poodles now when we call them pure breads they’re not pure in the sense of perfect what we mean by pure is we’ve eliminated information right because fit here’s what we do artificially how do we get our different breeds of dogs oh here’s a dog with a short nose a dog with a short nose let’s breathe them together and get rid of any of the genes for long noses in dogs so we concentrate the short nose genes you get the idea and we’ve done that to get our domestic breeds of dogs and by doing that you eliminate variability and information but because of sin now you’re also concentrating mutations as well so that’s why if you have one of those purebred dogs like a poodle or chorão or something you’ll know you’ve got to take them to vets and spend millions of dollars to keep my life right oh because this this particular breed has arthritis problems this has I problems isn’t that right isn’t and you learn that but you know if you think about it the Hmong little dog down the street that’s a mixture of any of everything in the neighborhood you can run over them with a truck and they’ll get up way both they go but whereas your little purebred dog it catches a cold and a million dollars to keep the thing alive I mean that’s sort of the way it is and so and this is an important point to understand too you see because really if you look at something like a poodle you know we make a mistake and in our children’s books and Sunday school materials in our churches because you know what you often read you know God made all the animals we see today God made the poodle now think about it when God made everything he said it was very good you can’t look at a poodle and say that because do you realize do you realize the correct definition of a poodle is that it is a sin cursed degenerate mutated copy of the original dot right that’s what it is it’s a mutant so God made the original creature see here’s what happens by the way when we teach kids through our children’s books and Sunday school material that God made all the animals as we see them today and then they go to public school and they’re told no animals change and look at the species that were formed and then they say wait a minute then the Bible can’t be right so you see God made the dog kind that’s true and the poodle is a copy of the dog kind okay and and you know as you think about that too I’m always trying to think about things from a Christian worldview perspective I had an elderly lady once say to me but is my poodle gonna be in heaven with me you know I try to be sensitive and all that and but but I’ve got to be honest and I said ma’am there’s no sin in heaven so we dealt with that issue now I want you to think about this all right if this is a poodle if you breed a poodle with a poodle can you get back to the original dogs the answer’s no you don’t have all the information there to do it but if you start with the original dogs could you theoretically get back to a poodle you see the answer is yes now to help you understand this is where it gets mind-blowing do you know how many atoms there are in the universe they estimate atoms you have small anatomies they estimating the on universe there’s 10 to the 80th power atoms that’s that number so big you can’t even think about it do you know how much information is in our genes right now do you know if you took one man and one woman from this audience how many children could you potentially have without having to with the same combination of information it’s that number compared to the number of atoms in the universe now people this is where this is see our kids in the public schools don’t don’t understand this Anne don’t get this you if you start to realize God put that sort of variability that giant genetic diversity already in the dog coined the elephant kind the cat kind the human kind you get the idea two of each kind of land animals seven pairs or some went on the ark and they come off the ark and as a increase in number they’re not going to stay together they’re going to split up and move away from each other and you’ll end up with different combinations being dominant in different groups depending on which mates with which we survive which bits of information get lost which get combined with other you get the idea and you get different species and they’re told in the public school textbooks that’s evolution it has nothing to do with evolution it’s the opposite of evolution see here we have two dogs that got off Noah’s Ark they have an S gene for short hair L gene for long hair SNL together giving a medium hailing thin dogs and so you get one dog that inherits 2’s genes oh look it’s got something new it evolved what’s new Shorthair actually what’s new is the combination of information it’s actually got less information than the parents right and it’s it’s it’s if the Uighurs has the l gene so that what’s new is the combination not the information and then you get one that is the same and then oh look it’s evolved it’s got long hair and you like Darwin’s finches oh look there are finches with big beaks and little beaks they evolved well you got finches through big beaks and little beaks what you have finches with big beaks a little business what are you gonna have pictures with big bacon little beaks it’s not evolution look around the room people big beaks little beaks it’s just not evolution now what they call natural selection adaptation resulting in speciation here’s what happens imagine those dogs go towards a cold climate and in a cold climate those were short hair medium hair get cold and they die and now you’re left with dogs with ell genes who on their own only produce dogs with what L jeans then you get those they go towards a hot climate in a hot climate those with long hair medium hair overheat and they die and now you’re left dogs with only s genes are on their own only produced dogs with what s genes so what’s new natural selection results in new combinations of already existing information loss of information conserving information for the present no brand new information the opposite of evolution natural selection is the opposite of evolution and yet kids in our schools are taught natural selection is a part of evolution see you know we’ve never seen matter produce one bit of information like you have in your DNA and DNA also has the information for a language system to read the DNA matter can’t produce a language system on its own it never produces one bit of information on its own but we’ve got zillions of bits of information God placed all that genetic genetic diversity there to start with and so over time now since the flood you can get all these different species and see it’s interesting there are 338 breeds of dogs that we bred over several hundred years through artificial selection okay so question what can natural processes do in a few thousand years in the wild because it’s been four thousand three hundred years since the flood acting on genetic diversity much can happen in a short period of time because the genetic diversity already exists see for evolutionists they don’t believe the genetic diversity already exists so that’s why they say it takes millions of years now here all I want to show you something see these two breeds of dog the Great Dane Yorkshire Terrier they’re the same species but they look very different do you realize the wolf and the coyote look very similar and yet they’re different species and here’s the interesting thing Darwin actually used dog breeds and said look what can happen here in England he said with these dog breeds look at those differences so given millions of years look what can happen he used an example of what happens quickly to say it happens slowly and this has much less much less differences as you can see I do not I’m saying to you evolution is absurd people have been conned and so over time it’s very easy to get all your different species of dogs it doesn’t take millions of years and so to sum it up here’s a jar of jellybeans representing that genetic diversity and dogs over time you can get less and less diversity less and less information till you get to the stage is not a great deal of information left and by the way I hate cats just so that you all know and to put that on record so no one needed far fewer animals on the ark than we think he did and as we said at the most for 1,400 coins we think it was even less than a thousand kinds and then they came off the ark and you can understand how I could get all these different species forming really quickly because the genetic diversity is already there very easy to understand and that’s what you observe by the way you don’t observe evolution now look at the human race I want to take the genetic principles here and say ok so when you look at the human race we see Australian Aborigines American Indians Fijian Hawaiians Eskimos how can we get distinct groups like that well think about it in regard to dogs you have to separate them out and isolate them from each other can you think of anything in human history that could have separated out people from each other and and kept them isolated from each other the Tower of Babel it’s very simple God gave different languages so what happens well they they Genesis 10 says they moved away according to their language groups and their family groups and there were certain basic language groups have moved away from each other and they developed all the various ethnic groups or cultural groups that we see in the world today and so we all go back to Noah and back to Adam and all where all we’re seeing actually is that working out of the genetic diversity God had already built into the humankind so when you go through the Creation Museum and you walk through creation corruption catastrophe confusion the Tower of Babel and then we explain this to you in here and how everybody in the world today are descendants of three sons ham Shem and Japheth going back to Noah going back to Adam and then through all that happened God preserved the the the seed of the woman that was promised in genesis 3:15 the savior through all of that history and then when you go to the ark on the third deck you’ll see the diorama of the Tower of Babel and all the exhibits there dealing with that issue you know we need to now think about this in the light of what’s going on in our world and what has been going on when Darwin published his book in 1859 and the Origin of Species by natural selection the rest of the title said the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life now that book was about animals but at the end of the book Darwin said this in the distant future light will be thrown on the origin of man and his history he intended to take what he had discussed in regard to animals different breeds natural selection and he didn’t understand genetics in his day of course and apply it to man which he did twelve years later in his book The Descent of Man and in that book The Descent of Man is very very sad but he actually fueled racism do you know what’s interesting people today there’s even the hint someone had said something that they perceived was racist or whatever that will ban them or ban them from libraries have we seen that sort of thing happened hey there was an instance just recently with Laura Ingalls Wilder the National Library Association hadna warned ward named after her and she’s the author that famous series the what’s it called Little House on the Prairie I was at it yeah you know you know why you didn’t want to name Cosmo I know my my wife and daughters like that stuff to me was so boring all the fluffy stuff fighters anyway but do you know what that National Library Association did they said all in her book that there’s some racist overtones so they said no longer will we name our an award after her actually if you read Little House on the Prairie is you’ll find that that Laura Ingalls was actually fighting against racism in regard to the Indians and standing up for them and it was a book that was representing the real situation of that day actually but you know what’s interesting I’ll tell you a book that has incredible racist statements in it and it’s called The Descent of Man but they won’t ban that most people have never read it I’d say probably most of the National Library Association people have never read it because if you do read it you know what it says at some future period the civilized races of men will almost certainly exterminate and replace the savage races the break between man and his nearest allies will then be wider then the Caucasians and some ape as well as a baboon instead of is now between the Negro Australian Aborigine and the gorilla do you know rip do you realize what Darwin saying the Australian Aborigines and people from Africa are closer to Apes than what he calls the Caucasians how’s that for racism oh if they’re gonna ban Laura Ingalls Wilder we better banned Darwin because Darwin really was racist but you see Darwinian evolution is protected you know by the secularists because it’s the justification for their rebellion against God you know in 1924 there was a New York Tribune newspaper probably saying the missing links were found in Australia the Australian Aborigines and you know it’s true in Australia’s history there were people scientists from Germany and England sent people to Australia to hunt down the Aborigines herd them into swamps heard them over cliffs had instructions on how to know how to bull up their skulls and skinned them all in the name of evolution how is that for racism and you know in nineteen in the 1925 at the Scopes trial in Dayton Tennessee the famous Scopes trial where John Scopes was supposedly guilty of teaching evolution X the whole thing was a set up by this ACLU but the book he’s supposedly taught from and he wasn’t even a science teacher but was a book called a civic biology by Hunter it was used as one of the major biology textbooks in the public schools in America in the 1900s and here’s what it says in that book at the present time there exist upon earth five races the highest type of all the Caucasians represented by the civilized white inhabitants of Europe and America Darwinian evolution fuelled racism it is inherently a racist philosophy why why are not people up in arms about evolution being taught as fact in our public school system you see I’m gonna challenge us that as God’s people we need to get rid of the word races see I believe the church should be leading the way in dealing with racism and Prejudice and if God’s people really believed his word and really understood the history in Genesis we would be doing just that and the reason I say let’s get rid of the road races because years ago the word races has changed meaning the word races used to mean an ethnic group different cultural group but because of the influence of evolution now races means lower races higher races primitive advanced and that’s why I challenge us to get rid of the word races in fact I suggest we use a term more like people groups people groups ethnic groups cultural groups I people groups you know what’s interesting secular scientists know that this is so for instance Journal counseling development 1998 evidence continues to collect that the term races meaningless used to point out differences in people that are not definitive when I went to school my teachers said there were four main racial groups Caucasoid mongoloid negroid australian you know what I never did I never asked my teachers how did you decide on those things because they now know that those groupings are in fact wrong the way they were done in regard to racial groups in the year 2000 it was announced to the world was headlines and newspapers all across the world that the human genome project that was headed by an atheist actually dr.

Bento but they did observational science study of genetics they put together a draft of the entire sequence of the human genome and unanimously declared there’s only one race the human race Wow who would have thought of that do you know what you want the church should have said told you we’re all descendants of Adam and Eve the Bible’s history is right but see because so many of their Christian leaders adopted evolutionary ideas and didn’t teach the book of Genesis you know what most people my churches don’t know what to do with that issue we don’t have a real Christian worldview in regard to this issue because we haven’t built our thinking on the history right there in the first 11 chapters you know as you go on here this is from nature genetics and evolutionist journal in near 2004 humans very only slightly at the DNA level only a small proportion of this variation separates continental populations or people groups and this one here the American biology teacher 2011 here is the biological problem with race the genetic variation within each of the various ethnic groups of Homo sapiens is greater than that between the various ethnic groups you know what they’re now saying what will once decide two separate races the variation of the genetic diversity variation within each group is greater than that between the groups which means what the whole concept of race is meaningless another Nature Genetics quote but the genes had explained the phenotypic differences characteristics like hair color or skin shade between populations only represents a tiny part of our genome confirming once again that the concept of race from a genetic standpoint has been abolished notice the phrase tiny part of our genome Bureau as they’re saying the variations we see on the outside of humans is a skin shade whatever represent a tiny part of our genetic variability American biology teacher 2011 all humans are one race Homo sapiens there is absolutely no genetic or evolutionary justification for racial categories of humans then how come we have the owl Sharpton’s and Jesse Jackson’s talkin about races how come we have even Christians – in our churches – talking about races there aren’t any races there’s only one race you know it’s interesting in response to the human genome project in New York Times and quoting a professor of molecular genetics the criteria that people use for race are based entirely on external free features we are programmed to recognize and people in the culture in America people are programmed particularly to look at skin color what they call black and white and what I’m going to help us understand here is that there are no black people there are no white people there are no truly really black no truly really white see people look at me and say that you’re a white person I can prove to you categorically right now in front of you I am NOT a white person I can prove it to you that is white if I look like that you’ll be calling 911 emergency what’s your emergency there’s a white person talking to us he’s in trouble do you know we all have a main pigment in our skin just like when you go to the to the store and you say I want to buy a brown paint I don’t a dark brown a light brown really dark brown middle brown we have a pigment called melanin a couple of different forms of melanin there’s a few other pigments but the main pigment is melanin and there’s quite a number of genes involved but again just the basic principles to help us understand if big a and Big B represent a lot of the pigment little a little B a little bit then if you had all big A’s and Big B’s you’d have very dark-skinned little lazy little B’s very light-skinned in the middle big a little a Big B little B you’ll be Middle Brown the majority of the world’s population are middle Brown if you if you get skin shade not color because we’re all the same color so we shouldn’t talk about what color you are it’s what shade you are if you group people in the world you’ll find it’s that bell curve with middle Brown right in the middle because that’s the majority which means darker than me and you know it’s easier to understand in our skin and the outer layer of our skin the epidermis at the bottom of the epidermis says these special cells called melanocytes they’re here and they have these little tentacle things here and in them there are special little organelles called melanosomes that produce packages of melanin that pigment and these little tentacles will take that pigment up here into your skin and your genetics will determine whether you produce a lot of melanin or not as much melanin and when you go out into the Sun and 10:00 you will produce melanin to turn to a maximum that your genetic genetics allows it’s very easy to understand and it’s important to have melanin because it protects you from ultraviolet radiation and then there are other there’s other mechanism where vitamin D is formed in our skin as well and so you need to be able to get the light to form vitamin D and you know God has set up an incredibly complex human body that we have but the point of what I make to you is this we shouldn’t be asking what shade was adamant what color was Adam and Eve skin it’s what shade were they see we need to redo our terminology we should talk about shade not color people groups not races all are colored not just some so when people say there’s a group of colored people I got news for you this whole room is a group of colored people because if you’re not a colored person you have a problem all right you want the color you need that pigment and everyone’s related everyone else it makes a big difference when when you see someone if someone you don’t like and you say but they’re my relative right maybe it makes you pray for them because if you say I’m praying for my lost relatives there’s billions of them does that give you a burden and you know you the applications on this I had a man in Florida walked up on the stage in between talks I was giving as I was talking about this and he said and he had very dark-skinned people say he’s a black man he wasn’t a black man he was a dark shade person okay and he walked on my stage he said to me so there’s no really black no huh we’re all brown yep Wow he said I voted for President Obama cause he was black now you’re telling me that was a stupid reason to vote for somebody to which I said yep that that’s a stupid reason about for somebody and you know I use that then in the next talk and I said to the congregation I said think about it we shouldn’t vote for someone because they’re supposedly black or white when there’s no such thing anyway or Republican or Democrat or in Australia ALP or Liberal Party or whatever it you know what we should do as Christians what whoever the person is and by the way we live in a fallen world and there’s going to be no person out there that’s going to be truly Christian in any on their worldview but what we need to do is Christians is judge what everyone says against the absolute authority of God’s Word and let that drive who we vote for and then I was in in this church and there was a man and his wife sitting next to the pastor over in my left and the man had very dark skin and his wife had very light skin now people would say oh that’s an interracial marriage there’s no such thing as interracial marriage biologically because we’re all one race all right it was interesting because the pastor Tommy he said the man turned turned to the pastor and he said to him this is great I’m just pleased to know I’m not married to a white woman you remember that chorus we learned at Sunday School Jesus loves the little children all the children of the world red and yellow black and white actually it teaches a wrong idea to kids and I believe what we should be doing is teaching a song like this Jesus loves the little children all the children of the world shades a brown from dark to light all are precious in His sight imagine if we started teaching that to groups of kids and by the way I have a brand new book it’ll be out the end of the next the end of next month and it’s called one blood one race for kids and actually adults will like it and is packed full of information and I go through what I call the seven biblical races there’s the created race the fallen race the rescued race on the ark and then there’s the the saved race and we get through to the lost race and the Lambs race and explain to kids you don’t to be in the lost race they suffer the second death separated from God forever we’re all members of the Fallen race we’re all remembers the rescued race because we’re descendants of people in the Ark right and God offers to the whole race to be the saved race and so it goes on in anyway so question what shade not what color was Adam and Eve skin if Adam and Eve had all little a ladies and little bees the whole world would be that but if Adam and Eve had all be gays and big bees the whole world would be there but that lacks a genetic variability we see it makes much more sense that Adam and Eve were in the middle middle brown and from two middle ground people you can get people who are lighter than the parents people who are darker than the parents it’s very very easy to understand there’s lots of families like you go to Florida California you see a lot of families like that kids dark and the parents and lighter than the parents and see that’s why you can end up with instances like this where you have and these are from Australia actually and probably much bigger than that now and these from mainly United Kingdom but there’s lots of examples of twins like that and you see because of the Tower of Babel if some people in some groups because of who married who who died out who was left who was isolated from who if they ended up with only big A’s and Big B’s on their own there I’m going to produce dark-skinned people if they ended up with only little aids and little bees or on their own they’re only going to produce light-skinned people remember poodles with poodles only give poodles right these would have to mix back with others to get back the genetic diversity that was already there to not have just light-skinned anymore but to produce people with different shades it’s the same for eyeshape one of the major factors in eye shape is the amount of fat in your eyelid but again eyelid but again it’s just part of that join it genetic diversity we have and the tiny part of our genome that reflects the differences in the outside and so as a be seen you said in 1998 what the facts show is there a differences among us but they’re stem from culture not race and actually the answer to racism is this do you realize whether it’s racism abortion gay marriage transgender all those issues are the same issue do you start your thinking with God’s Word or man’s word and really the answer to racism it’s the same as the answer to gay marriage it’s the same as the answer to abortion the answer is the gospel to see people save one to the Lord Jesus Christ who then build their thinking on the Bible to have a world view that is Christian that is the answer to racism and you know I’ve already said to you that there’s no such thing as interracial marriage biologically because according to God’s Word there’s one biological race but there is inner racial marriage the Bible speaks against and it’s the spiritual races marrying as a principle don’t be unequally yoked with unbelievers what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness what Fellowship has light with darkness you see which impending marriage here does gods were clearly counseled against does he kill he counts against this one or this one or this one what’s the answer see biological fact to all humans belong to one race spiritual fact all human survived into two races what is the difference between the two spiritual races the direction in which they are racing because there’s the broad way which is the world and the narrow way within the broad way running in the the other direction the universal marriage of God’s Word speaks against is the marriage between the spiritual races and and and I wanted to bring this to a sort of a close here using this to launch the closing in this way you see there are people in our churches I know of ministers in America that have taught the races are not to mix in marriage and they’re talking about biological races when there’s no such thing actually I found that there are families and workers more more concerned that their son or daughter not marry someone from what they perceive is a different biological race when there’s no such thing instead of are they of the same spiritual race and when I’ve asked some of these people you know will give me a justification for your so-called you know ideas against interracial marriage oh well the Israelites were told not to marry the Canaanites well that’s true they were and and I want to use the example of Rahab if we can actually go and use the example of Ruth and the Moabites but let’s use the example of Rahab who was a Canaanite living in a Canaanite city Jericho and yet the same Rahab the same Rahab there in Joshua 625 appears to be the same one in the lineage leading to Jesus so how could that be because when Ray had stopped being a Canaanite spiritually and became an Israelite spiritually believing in the true God she’s free to marry an Israelite why were were the Israelites told not to marry the Canaanites because they were pagans and that’s what the whole issue is all about and so I want to challenge us we tend to look on the outside and think there are major differences we’ve got to stop doing that we’re programmed to do that we’ve got to start understanding in humans the outside reflects a tiny part of our of our genetic diversity and you see a good example to me to understand this and to make application is when Samuel went to anoint the King first samuel 16 and we know samuel didn’t know it was going to be david and he met one one of the David’s brothers and you can imagine putting in a modern vernacular wow look at this guy tall muscly football star at the school intelligent he’s obviously going to be the king remember what happened the Lord said to Samuel do not look at his appearance on the height of his stature because I’ve rejected him for the Lord sees not as a man sees man looks on the outward appearance but the Lord looks on the heart you know it’s interesting evolutionists look on the outward appearance of short hair long hair big beaks little beaks but you look on the inside at the genetics and you realize wait a minute that’s not evolution we tend to look on the outside oh look black white whatever weymouth they’re just minor variations and in shade and so on you know what we should be doing thinking about the heart so you think about it someone comes to your church has a different skin shade you or eye shape or earlobe shape or whatever it is we we need to train ourselves not even look at differences on the outside but to think about the person does that person need the Lord do they need me to help them in some way what do they need what a difference when you do that what it is you saw a drug deal on the street and you say they’re my relatives I maybe I can support an inner-city mission to reach them with the gospel how can I do that I want them go to hell I wasn’t being hidden with me they’re my family and you know even when it comes to marriage and dating and stuff like that they think about a Christian girl who says oh look at that guy at school you know he’s the football star and he’s he’s strong I wish he had take me out wait a minute young lady does he love the Lord with all his heart and all he saw on all his mind because it is not the outside that matters it is the inside or imagine a Christian guy and he looks at this girl oh she’s so pretty got just the right amount of melanin I like wow I I’d like to go out with her you know what young man so she loved the Lord with all her heart all a soul all our mind because it’s not the outside that matters it’s the inside and I now have a message for the guys that’s very important remember this the outside changes with time look at the mother and you’ll understand exactly what I know I’m in trouble aren’t I you know sometimes when my wife is with me if I’m talking on this topic she’ll be sitting down in the front and I’ll say take my wife I remember when she was 17 and gorgeous and beautiful and now 47 years later I look at her and she’s more gorgeous than ever see I know the right thing to say but you know what if you fall in love with the outside you can fall out of love but if you choose to love the inside and make that commitment before the Lord and I can say that my wife and I love each other more than we ever had and that’s how it should be what 46 years this year I think yeah something like that so hey do you realize think about this for a moment we talked about poodles mutants dog species coins animals on the ark Cain’s wife skin shade racism prejudice marriage dating all in the same talk how can you do that do you realize how exciting is people when we believe that history in Genesis which is the geological biological astronomical anthropological history that so many Christians have ignored in so many churches that never taught from and you understand that’s the foundation for all of our doctrine the foundation for our worldview then you know why you believe what you do and you know how to answer questions and defend the Christian faith now before we dismiss just give me two minutes real quickly one of the most important parts of our ministry are the resources that we have to equip you so that you can defend the faith and so that you can be an incredible witness for Lord Jesus Christ encourage you to use our website we have many many different websites we got about 30 million people a year on our websites and has thousands of articles we have a kids website we have our website creation museum website a VBS web so we have many different web sites we also have here a you choose program where you can put together different combinations of books and DVDs at discounted prices it’s one thing we do to enable you to get a lot of these materials now also mention to you we do have a sign-up sheet that you handed when you came in if you become a part of Arg get on our email address or print address or whatever we’ll will give you a free DVD of my testimony but it keeps you up to date and what we’re doing at the Museum what we’re doing at the Ark and in the ministry so in regarded the you choose program my book the lie other than the Bible is the textbook of this ministry the Bible is the textbook obviously but in the Bible this is this is really challenging Christians to believe Genesis and how important it is to understand all our doctrines a fan in Genesis and not to compromise God’s Word and to understand it’s the foundation for our worldview this is a brand-new book that came out just a month ago it’s really my heart in regard to evangelism the Gospel message hasn’t changed the Bible hasn’t changed the culture has and we’re going to understand our cultures more like a Greek culture in acts 17 not like an ax to culture and we’ve got to change our tactics in regard to evangelism to reach a Greek culture if we don’t do that as a church we’re going to increasingly be ineffective in reaching people with the gospel and to me it’s it’s really it’s it’s my heart in this whole ministry those two books are really my whole heart and the whole emphasis of this ministry and then the five answers books a hundred and 60 of the most asked questions you your kids are going to get asked to cause you to doubt the Bible if and young people let me stress to you look the majority of secularists out there I mean they get on my Twitter right I know what they’re like a lot of them just living in their mother’s basement waiting for me to make a tweet so that they have some purpose and meaning in life and I tell you they have no idea why they believe what they do they just regurgitate what they’ve been taught at school you get educated you learn these answers you run rings around them you’ll be a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ an incredible way and so they’re the core books of our ministry that I encourage you all to get we have books dealing with one race one blood this one deals with technical details of adaptation natural selection genetics mutation by dr.

Nathaniel Jensen who has a PhD from Harvard one of our staff members it just devastates at-home mechanism for evolution deals with speciation the breeds of dogs all that sort of stuff I did today but a much more technical detail I encourage every high school college student to read that books dealing with a 6-day issue my son-in-law Bodhi he does done a lot of study on this he’s at one of our speakers but there are names and cultures all around the world that go back to the grandsons of Noah the evidence is all there and we have answers books for four kids middle school and younger the same questions that the older kids get start getting them at a young age because they start to doubt the Bible in young age books doing with dinosaurs dragon how to lead little children to Christ using the door Jesus said I am the door rhyme books they connect the Bible to the real world and you can use them to teach the true history of the world history books have fold-out show how we all go back to Adam and Eve and how all the nations fit together and there’s a detailed one as well books dealing with world religions and cults all the man’s based religions volume of three is about atheism the secular religions because most most young people most adults don’t know how to talk to an atheist it teaches you how to do that atheism Tsar religion it’s an anti God religion but it’s a religion and then just a couple of other things I have 12 30 minute videos what I did today is sort of in this one here one button one race but these are six of my main talks done up as 12 30-minute programs and a study guide to go with them it’s an introductory apologetics program used in many many thousands in fact of churches and homes we have a Sunday school curriculum that is unique in the world its pre-k through adult four-year study its Answers Bible curriculum its apologetics biblical authority and chronological goes through the whole Bible chronologically and connects old and new Testament teaches those doctrine and teachers apologetics all the way through 10,000 churches are now using that and pastors are telling us it’s revolutionizing their churches next year just so you know our VBS program our BBS is in the top three sold in the world now application bible school program and the one for next year deals with what i did today for kids and we even have for instance have a recipe where they make cookies and they have food covering the one color and they put different amounts of color or in each to show we’re all the one color just different shades they do all sorts of fun thing but you know this is one of the best VBS programs in the world and you’ll see that when when you see our VBS programs it’s why thousands of churches use it and it’s evangelistic everything we do is always evangelistic and one last thing our answers magazine its award-winning keeps you up-to-date on these things people this is one of the most important instructional to you can have coming into your family every two weeks if you subscribe here at the Museum we’re going to give you a free digital subscription you get the print issues every two months and you’ll get a free digital that you can give to all your kids and put them on all their devices iPhone there’s no limit to the number of devices it’s an incredible incredible tool that I encourage you to subscribe while you’re here and so with that I’m going to be out here from meet and greet and we’ll have Vicki who’s going to close off here and give me time just to run out there have a great day at the Museum enjoy your day at the arc for those that are going tomorrow – Thank You Kim and if you’ll remain just – if you remain.

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