Be Ready to Stand Right in the Fire || Prophetic Message

Get ready to stand in the fire pax chapter 23 please get ready to stand in the fire now folks this is a prophetic message it’s time to get ready you don’t have long to consider what you’re about to hear today 1989 I came home from an evangelistic crusade in eastern Canada where I’m telling other people about the goodness of God I’m telling others about the blessing I’m telling them about the provision I’m telling them about the protection of God I came home from that season of traveling to the total loss of the physical structure of our home fire department said it was one of the most incredible fires they’d ever seen if I the house was completely burned there was nothing left not a single wall standing everything fell into the foundation an absolute complete and total destruction of my home came back from an evangelistic crusade a member standing in my yard and the memories suddenly were flooding me the comforts the pictures everything was gone I had labored hard to rebuild what was an old log farmhouse into something that was a little more modern all the memories are gone all of our pictures of our children our family everything that we’d accumulated up to that point in 1989 was gone it was a complete and total destruction of everything that we owned the songs appraised it were sung in that house this was a house where praise was we had an old piano in the living room and during one season there were many many people who gathered there together and I remember this songs we used to sing the glory the joy of the Lord that used to be in that house many people were taken into shelter there one winter we had 17 people in our home single mother and two children whose husband had died another who was in a difficult situation a pastor that needed shelter to continue the work of God and others in that home I looked at the what used to be the kitchen were pasta Therese and I were called into the ministry and where the Holy Spirit met me in a sovereign way a way that I’ve cried out to God for many years that he would do that again so suddenly so fearful I’d never ever even anticipated that God could meet a person like that suffice to say it was an encounter with God that brought a deeper fear into my heart and anything I’ve ever known in my lifetime but yet there was a strange comfort with it I can’t explain it to you other than that way it was in this house on the steps that led up to the living room that I wrote the song I love you Jesus sat there with my guitar one day newly saved filled with the Holy Spirit absolutely in love with God the provision of God all around the protection of God the blessing of God was touching my home on every side the faith of God was intimate not coming into my heart to trust him for the impossible in that house we not only fed people but we were fed supernaturally many of you know the story of how the Lord provided it’s the house that we were returning to after having spoken of the goodness of God to so many people to find everything materially and physically altered there was only one thing left standing of my house it was the fireplace in its chimney and it was still standing because it had been built and designed and equipped to stand in the fire it stood there as an ominous reminder that one day everything that can be shaken is going to be shaken that only that which cannot be shaken might remain let me read it to you police from Hebrews chapter 12 I’ll just read it to you for time sake whose voice then shook the earth but now he’s promised saying yet once more I shake not the Earth only but also heaven and this word yet once more signifying the removing of those things that are shaken as of things that are made or in other words the things that can be shaken have been made by another source than by the hand of God that those things which cannot be shaken may remain wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved let us have grace whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear for our God is a consuming fire you know one day we get to heaven the scripture says that every man’s work will be tried by fire to prove what kind of a work it really is and I do believe that down here on this earth and perhaps in our generation much of what calls itself the house of God is about to be tested by fire to see whether or not it really is the house of God Paul said in Ephesians and 13 we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all to stand paul says take the whole armour of god no later in ephesians he begins to explain having your loins gird with truth having the helmet of salvation on the sword of the Spirit shield of faith your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace talks about the totality of believing God of having received the kingdom of God and the Word of God and having embraced the commission of God Paul knew from his own experience that have hard at nuke approach is to the things of God will not get you through folks you won’t get through and I won’t get through and having done all he said to stand now this structure that was did the fire and destruction of what I had once called home was not made of just ordinary material it was made of previously tested and proven substance actually fireplace mortar I don’t know how many of you know this but it actually gets stronger the more the heat touches it ordinary mortar used in a fireplace will begin to crumble it will crack it will dry out but there’s a special ingredient that God puts in the mortar that’s in a fireplace that when the fire touches it to get stronger the evidence of the true Christian life is that no matter what God brings against what God allows rather to be brought against us no matter what the enemy throws our way if Christ is in us if the right mixture of God’s life as it is it is in us we become stronger by the fire we become deeper by the testings that are all around us the brick that was there has been laboratory tested and it’s been proven to endure through a thousand fires I thank God for that with all my heart can you imagine the contract you’re saying after building a fireplace in your home better get prepared to run we got this brick pretty cheap and it’s real pretty and it comes with the pamphlet with lots of promises but it’s never been tested in the fire could you imagine you tell it man hold the mats don’t do this thing how how did you think you could build such a deficient structure in my home and somehow get away with it I don’t want fancy brick that has not been tested in the fire I want something that’s been proven I want something that’s has gone through there the the laboratory testing that these kind of things have to go through I want something that is approved thank God for industry standards think today but the number of people that are building a Christian life on fancy cheap bricks and pamphlets with promises but it’s never been tested by the fire but I’m telling you it’s going to be very very shortly tested by the fire and God says now we’ll know every man has work what it’s made of well no we’ll see what’s standing when this is all over we’ll see when difficulty comes what’s left standing in my house that has claimed to be part of my kingdom think about airplanes for a moment and I’m very thankful for this particular illustration because I’m getting on one at this afternoon I’m so thankful that they’ve been proven to be able to withstand the turbulence I saw a documentary one time of how they test an airplane that’s in a huge huge chamber and they put the frame of the airplane in this chamber and then they begin to hit it from every side with shakings and winds and they do this for hours and days to see exactly how much that aircraft can withstand and I thank God for that because when I get up there and we hit the turbulence I want to know it’s not the prettiness of the aircraft that’s going to withstand the trial folks I don’t care how pretty it looks I’m not flying in an airplane that’s put together with carpenters glue but the fabric and ingredients of its inner core will determine its outcome whether or not it can get through the storm and the turbulence that it’s going to have to face there’s got to be something more than just an exterior prettiness there’s got to be an interior structure that allows it to go through the difficulties and the buffetings the trials it’s not the prettiness I thank God for that with all my heart all folks in the coming days some of the some of the prettiest Christians are going to head for the hills and the times we’re going to be facing and it’s the ones that that we’re not eloquent they were not speakers they they who they they didn’t look like much to the natural I are going to be standing they’re going to have a word they’re going to have confidence in God let me tell you why because they’ve been through the fire already they’ve had to go in the prayer closet and trust God for their bread they’ve had to pray their sons and daughters out of the hands of the devil they said of Paul in 2nd Corinthians his bodily presence is weak and his speech is contemptible but this man had an inner core that was given to him of God that proves to us today that ordinary people are able by the life of Christ within them to withstand everything that life adversity opposition and hell can throw at them in other words Paul was the industry-standard of the Holy Spirit he was put into this chamber of testing and in this chamber of testing God proved through the life of Paul as Paul said it himself everything works together for good everything I put in his hand he’s able to keep until I get to the end of this journey Paul knew this they didn’t know it just because he studied the Scriptures he knew it because he lived through the trials of his life he’d walked through everything that hell in this world can throw at him I want to share with you one of the chief ingredients in the life of Paul remember we started by saying that fireplace stood when the whole house burned we talked about ingredients that are in the brick that are in the mortar that allowed that it was designed to stand in the fire I want to talk to you about why Paul could stand in the fire and why you and I will be able to stand no matter what comes our way in the days ahead I’m not talking about just physical circumstances they will be difficult enough but I’m talking about when a society turns against the testimony of Christ Paul said in acts 23 1 I’ve lived in all good conscience before God unto this day in X 24 16 he said it this way and herein do I exercise myself to have always a conscience void of offense toward God and toward men that’s acts now this is what Paul’s saying I live in God to have a conscience that is free from doing wrong doing wrong to the testimony of God and doing wrong to how God’s life is to be revealed through me to other man I have a conscience that’s free from the fence and no matter how I feel I let God lead my life back in line with his truth but Paul wasn’t perfect you made mistakes just like all the rest of us do but he had an inner core in him that says no matter where I find myself no matter what I find myself doing or how I find myself feeling he could be led back to the truth that’s the evidence of a true believer in Christ that’s the mortar that you need to stand today that if you can hear his voice you don’t harden your heart but you say Oh God bring my life back in line with the truth if I’m out of measure if I’m in the wrong lane in this race if I’m driving at a speed that shouldn’t be if God if I’m embracing something that’s going to hurt the testimony that you’ve established in me then drawing me back Oh God helped me to hear it so Paul stands and he makes a declaration this is the source of my strength in other words I’ve lived with the good conscience before God until this day he started not talking about when he was an unsafe Farris he’s talking about from the day he met Christ on Damascus Road I’ve lived with a good conscience and the high priest Ananias commanded them that stood by to smite him on the mouth slap his face the devil hates this testimony pal hates this testimony hell fears this testimony of somebody that has a clean conscience that’s walking in truth as much as we know it as as much as it’s been revealed to us by the holy spirit we’re walking in the truth and hell hates it and when Paul says listen as much as I know I’m walking right before God the high priest says slap his face you better believe they hit it hard the high priest said of knives commanded them that stood by him to smite him on the face now you see Paul responding like you and I would in that situation he was a man this is where Paul gets his understanding that there’s no temptation taking no trial taking you but such as is common to man God would not allow you to be tested above that you’re able but with the trial with the temptation will be will make a way to escape that you might be able to bear it Paul would be tested just like we are in Asia he said in the book of Acts we despaired of life we were so pressed down we gave up the hope of even living unless Christ would be our life now Paul is standing there and I know this is a this is a godly man but he’s a zealous man – he’s an ordinary man and apart from the Spirit of God on him and you can see the flash of anger come upon him and he looks up but the man who commanded it and says God will smite you you waited wall you hypocrite for you sit to judge me after the law and you command me to be smitten contrary to the law he said God will smite you you hypocrite it would be like being drawn into a courtroom in our generation and asked to put your hand on a Bible and swear that based on the content of it and how you Revere it and consider it holy that what you’re about to speak is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and then being judged and charged by the court for belief actually believing the Bible this flash of anger comes over Paul and it can happen and it’s it’s a natural response and Justices things that happen in society things that people say to us things we find out in the workplace that are going on behind our backs things that people close to us have said to us things that people have done to us I thank God for the voice of the one who always stands by Paul knows and so does Satan the just like Sampson if Satan can take away his separation unto God you’ve become as weak as any other man Paul says in my heart I always tried to do right before God and before man Satan sends an emissary to slap his face knowing if I can take that out of him if I can put another spirit in him if I can get him speaking evil like other people are if I can take away his confidence his faith if I can take away his the kindness if I can take away if I can suddenly just infuse this man with anger we’re living in a generation folks we’re nation are going to rise against nation culture against culture evil speaking has become and will continue to be an increase to be the normative communication of the hour Satan himself hates the testimony of those who are given to Christ who stand for mercy and redemption and for justice and what is right whose speech is balanced it doesn’t mean we don’t address the situation if you follow through Paul uses logical and reasoned argument about his situation and there’s nothing wrong with that but what the devil tried to infuse in him this is the fire I’m talking about try to put the eye that the fire of anger in his spirit this is an angry time angry voices are everywhere we’re living now in a society in this country is getting more and more bitterly divided by the hour the civility of speech is leaving accusation is taking its place outlandish things are being said on every side that the enemy is designed to draw you in to these battles that are not eternal folks they’re not eternal battles you and I standing the purpose of our life is for the glory of God and the souls of men there’s no other reason we live yes we are good citizens and yes we can discuss issues that are going on in our day but we are not to cross that line into anger and a godly speech and the devil knew if I can get that into this man I’m going to take away his strength but there’s always a voice there were some tempered people that stood by and said Paul you’re revealing God’s high priest and in the new living testament here’s what Paul said he’s that I’m sorry brothers I didn’t realize he was the high priest Paul replied for the scriptures say do not speak evil of anyone who rules over you do not speak evil of anyone who rules over you it doesn’t mean you can’t address the situation doesn’t mean you can’t have an opinion but do not cross the line into evil if you cross the line Satan will succeed in putting another spirit upon you you’ll be venomous violent and you’d be of no different spirit than those that were judging this man of God there’s a fire coming folks visit fire coming to our society there’s a fire long before any physical thing will be manifested there will be a spiritual fire civility is going out the window now accusing fingers are rising at every corner ultimately throughout history when everything gets to be spiraling out of control yes who gets the blame the church those who truly stand for Jesus Christ quite often will come to the forefront just like in Paul’s case a man was simply standing for the glory of God and for the souls of men I’m sorry brothers you see Paul could be brought back into line again he momentarily stepped out but the Holy Spirit could draw him back into line again that’s what gave this man the power to stand in the fire a tender conscience that God could speak and the brothers who stood by him could speak say Paul this isn’t right this this flash of anger that’s come into you he’s not right it doesn’t represent the work of God in you draw back Paul and for Paul to say I’m and this is a conversation that’s going on on the side I don’t know who was with him somebody who knew the truth and saw what was happening to him and he could say I’m sorry I didn’t know he was the high priest because the scripture says do not speak evil of anyone who rules over you and so you see Paul suddenly drawing back into line with the Word of God and if you follow through I don’t have the time but this incredible wisdom is suddenly given to him is that a yelling back at an arrogant angry high priest he draws back and wisdom is given to him that actually brings him out of the situation that he’s in at that moment now the question we ask ourselves today is what do the scriptures say about the trial you now find yourself here what do the scriptures say about what’s coming out of your mouth what do the scriptures say about what you’re touching with your hands when nobody else sees it but God what do the scriptures say about what you’re watching with your eyes what you’re tasting with your lips where you’re going with your feet what you’re gathering in your heart folks the question simply is what did the scriptures say can you be brought in line with the scriptures can I speak to you today as a friend who stands by it says listen what you’re doing is not right I thank God that Paul wasn’t so religious that he couldn’t hear the voices they might have been just attendance maybe just some youngsters that were called more or less to stand around and give him some support I don’t know what they were but whoever they were he listened to them my question to you today is can you listen can I come beside you can I whisper into your ear can I can I speak to you but where you are right now can I tell you that if you don’t listen you won’t get through the fire you’ll be swallowed in this in the coming times of evil speech and anger and aggression interracial hatred will swallow you unless the Holy Spirit can draw you now and if you have a heart and says God bring my life in line and eyeball couldn’t reasonably said hey listen I know what you’re saying but look what he just did look at the mark of my face I believe that’s why Jesus and turn the other cheek because it’s much more than just taking a slap on the face that’s involved here it’s the complete loss of the heart of God the testimony of God among men and the power to stand in an evil day Bible says to walk in unity one with another’s I never said it was going to be easy it’s a choice it’s not a feeling because there’s a single person in this church that you studiously avoid just one and you know we can justify and say well hey come on there’s a thousand people here why’d God have an issue about the fact that I just don’t want to be in the same room with that person well because that person is part of the body of Christ that person is your brother your sister in Christ whether or not they’re manifesting the fruit of the Holy Ghost if they have crossed that blood line they’re related to you that’s why it’s a big issue remember the scripture says if you bring your gift to the altar which is your I see it is your life your totality if you if you bring that to the altar and there remember that your brother is all against you leave your gift and go be reconciled and then come and offer your gift it’s that serious how you and I respond now will determine whether or not withstanding the fires that are yet to come I don’t know about you but I want to conscience that’s free of offense to God and man it doesn’t mean I’ll always get along with everybody about do everything I can to get along I’ll do everything I know obviously Paul never became a great companion or friend of Ananias the high priest but he allowed his life to come back in line but to Christ who went to a cross for you and for me my question today again is what did the scriptures say about your situation what do they say about your trial are you complaining about the unjustness of God when he has allowed something into your life for a reason a divine reason of purpose that is way beyond what we can understand with our natural mind you see I’ve lost everything and I’ve seen God keep me matter of fact I’ve lost it more than one time and so through those fires there’s at least a measure of understanding in my heart today that you’ll get through a tooth whatever we have to lose in the coming days we will not lose Christ we will not lose the promises of God we will not lose this promise of provision and protection and keeping us we will not lose any of that we may lose a lot of other things but we will not lose that

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