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Hey Sam back here welcome thank you for coming to this page now I’m excited you’ve come to this page because we’re going to be running a special webinar at 830am EDT on the twenty-fifth of May the reason you want to come on this webinar is we’re not only going to reveal audience drill but I’m also going to go and nail into a guy who’s making a lot of money over facebook i’m going to show you how we can use audience drill to first out first of all find out how this guy here ben is actually making over a million dollars over facebook will look up his campaigns with audience drill then we’re going to create our own campaign using the advanced targeting features in audience drill itself if we go into audience drill you can see here three different options for targeting will be using all of these and actually mapping out a campaign live on the webinar and i’ll also show you how you can get access to some really specials i guess some specials on the webinar special bonuses and this is a webinar you don’t want to miss if you’ve ever wanted to know how to make more money on facebook do more targeting save time save money and also find out what your competitors are doing for the first time audience drill will reveal how you can do that so make sure you put this in your calendar jump onto the webinar nice and early and this will be starting again at eight thirty a.m.

EDT on the twenty-fifth of may and i look forward to seeing you there this is sam becker i’ll talk to you again sir .

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