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[Music] that guy’s supercar blondie here I am literally hunting the world for unicorns on one of them is right behind us there where in Germany literally just flown in to show you this car it’s gonna be worth it take a look at this this is the al Dai race check this out [Music] [Music] so many things to show you I want to start with these lights here though take a look at the headlights as they go on we all love lights right come on okay here we go all right guys look at this look at what is happening right now the chair is moving towards you [Music] so this whole area comes towards you so that you can get in better all right so let’s just hop in hold on this is way more comfortable oh really yeah how do you do it look hey it’s so easy yeah come in oh my god it has a door jeez it seems oh okay yeah that’s a lot easier thank you very much okay that’s slightly embarrassing I was gonna climb my way in this is gonna be much easier all right there you go Oh what I didn’t think it would be that practical sometimes you have to really climb in over the top of these cars to get seated so there you go you just close your little door to the seat which I’ve never done before it’s kind of cool so it’s just magnets here that put it in place okay I think I’m ready to go back to the center what it’s pretty damn cool you guys now you’re in a single seater car the reason why they’ve done this is because they want you to be able to use this car for two purposes in future number one racing around a track so you’ve got center position perfect racing position to be able to do that or if you want to drive it and be more practical about this car you can actually move the chair back to the left let’s actually move it back can we move the chair back to the left side okay okay so now that it’s on the left side to see that actually makes room for a passenger so there’s a passenger seat and you can put your seat belt on here and you just kind of lie down in this seat here wait I wanna get in you want to get in huh yeah obviously when this car is actually a real car this door will open home but at the moment it doesn’t so then you okay I’m in I mean I got my seat belt here and everything well this is actually quite comfy and here behind us this is all room for storage so it’s like a combi basically it’s like a station wagon a station wagon or there are several names for it Shooting Brake it’s like an extended version of a hatchback so you’ve got lots of room here in the back which is kind of cool because it’s practical but also it’s made for the track at the same time here you’re able to play with the spoiler either lower it or make it higher and also the rear diffuser okay come look at this you see this this is a see-through display so that you can see when you’re driving on the track or what turn is coming up and then what will happen on screen is it will display the perfect line to tackle that corner so you can kind of like learn from the car how to be a professional racer we’re actually going to take this car out for a drive so hang around to see that this car does move its fictional stats ah that it has 500 kilometers of range and 0-200 they’d be looking at around 2 seconds it is a fully electric car so they’ve got three motors that’s the idea one in the front two here in the rear one for each wheel this is what would happen with the spoiler these two parts would come in together and meet here and then it would be small enough to fit neatly into this space here on the side the other thing is is that this whole rear diffuser in order to increase the downforce all like normal braking will happen from the electric motors so once you take your foot off the accelerator it will automatically break but for heavy braking or extreme braking for example when you’re driving on the track it does have ceramic brakes you might have noticed these are visible the suspension here and this is like the same suspension system that they use on racing cars like in the f1 you’ll usually see them they’re actually exposed and they do that in order to save space this year why it’s fully open through that see-through display right through the bottom of the car onto the road and that’s so that you can get a better look at what you’re about to approach when you’re on the track so your turns and your corners and your apex line and all of those good things that you want to concentrate on when you want to get around the track as quickly as possible this actually stood for Pebble Beach 2018 because it was launched last year at Pebble Beach but now that it’s been launched they’ve changed its name its official name now is the Audi a I race all right let’s take it for a drive you ready wait before you close the car door you need to close my seat door first Oh [Music] okay future of Aldi racing actually not really racing is this just not it’s a racecar it’s just made for use on the track as well and on the road [Applause] [Music] Fraser died stairs on the night you are powerful [Music] all right there you go the AI race on the track the way that Audi is going in future basically they don’t want to keep creating cars that are built for every single purpose like for example the q7 like it’s big you can fit your whole family in it it’s luxurious you can also take it off-road you could probably also drive it on the track so it’s like multi-purpose what they want to do is create cars in the future that are specific for one purpose so this is the race car of the future from Audi like the one you’d use on the track then they have another one that is like the runabout city vehicle that’s autonomous or you can drive it yourself then they have another one that’s like the off-road version you’re going to see a whole other youtube video on the off-road version and then they have one that’s fully autonomous really luxurious you sit down you have full like entertainment screen inside so that’s the vision of ardi for the future and we have just seen their vision of like the track-focused supercar right I hope you liked it give us a quick thumbs up on the video let us know your thoughts let me know your thoughts in the comment section and make sure you subscribe to my family if you haven’t yet thank you so so much for watching I appreciate every single one of you massive thank you to all D for arranging this for us today you guys Rock really appreciate you thank you I think that’s it we’re up bye [Music] you

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Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing..

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