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Music] what’s up guys that supercar blondie here in Germany I’m kidded out like I’m in Alaska because it’s freezing I don’t know what is going on it’s like four degrees at all you’re gonna have to put up me looking like an Eskimo for this YouTube vlog if you haven’t yet subscribe to my family please do so I almost can’t talk at this point because my mouth I’m freezing my face is like freezing off behind this door is something that you probably haven’t seen before did you get a sneak peek just now come on in come on in behind this door is a car that is from Audi and it’s a concept it’s a concept off-road car and it’s got some pretty cool features should I stop talking and just show you no let’s go back inside freezing back okay all right here these guys so this is the Audi AI trail this is made for off-roading as I said this is their vision of a car that can take you places where ever you want to go like forest beaches [Music] love how things just happen I just say check this out and things start opening right here we are I want to take you through some of the coolest features I’m gonna start right up here you’ll never guess what’s on the roof you have drones on the roof here they are one two three four five of them and they actually act as spotlights instead of having spotlights on the front of the car the drones will lift off a fly in front of the car and light the way means that you can see even further forward than you would with traditional car spotlights once you’re on the trail say you’ve going hiking in the forest park the car the drones will then actually follow you as you walk through the forest then lead you back to the car so that you always have light right okay take a look at this this roof here it’s a massive open sunlight and that’s kind of a concept behind the car it’s like completely open diamond it’s like an in diamond shape let me show you here a little bit all the glass here you can see all the way around 360 in the front you’ve got like a helicopter vision I don’t know if you guys have been in the front of a helicopter but that’s what it looks like you have your main windscreen you also have this kind of open section down here where you can see to the ground all right no look at this I quite like this hammocks as chairs I’ve never seen that before that is super cool yes oh really really comfy have you ever thought of that concept that is really cool so if you’re going over like rugged terrain super super comfy the purpose behind these hammock chairs is that you can actually take them out once you’ve arrived where you want to go take these out hook them up to trees and there are several other things that you can take out of the car there are binoculars up there also you’ve got a first-aid kit here in the center and on each door you have water bottles that you can take out as well all right let me show you more come around the back of the car here look how this is fully open these tires here these are like the coolest off-road tires I’ve ever seen look at this design look what you can do got my phone here the driver takes their phone and slots it just in here okay and this becomes your – there are no other buttons or levers in the car look there’s no center console where you control anything it’s completely free everything is controlled by your smartphone you only have a wheel a smartphone and some pedals this is like this same kind of style as my steering wheel in my car Lucy its kind of cut off here at the top looks pretty cool for a rugged terrain car doesn’t it and you’ve got this these side mirrors here and there’s one on that side obviously and you’ve got this space here for storage say if you want to bring a tent or whatever else I found one lever this actually removes your seat forward if there was a button to be found you know I’d find it alright they have all of those buttons a little button button new there be a button somewhere we love buttons it’s got in my specialty they’re trying to focus on like sustainable materials in future there’s some recycled leather in this car and what Audi’s trying to do is make specific vehicles for specific purposes in the future this one specifically for offroad then they’ll make another one specifically for the track that video is already out if you haven’t seen it go and check it out the link is in the description below this video it’s called the AI race and it’s specifically made for the track and it’s so cool I literally just film with that at the moment a lot of companies are kind of putting on the market at all-purpose vehicles you know they could go on the track they could go off-roading they are comfortable they go for a family whatever what they want to do is actually put out specific vehicles for specific purposes and you’d be part of like a pool program you would pay an annual subscription for example what you would do is you would take whenever you need an off-roading car you then go and get the off-roading car for the weekend then you take that back – outie and you get like the cool little city speedster car for during the week you take that back like some kind of annual subscription and that’s where they see the world going that’s what they’re trying to do with these cars anyway that’s a little bit of an insight on their future of off-roading thank you very very much to our D for having us here today and showing us this incredible car and that’s it thank you to you guys as well for watching love you guys so much please don’t forget to hit that subscribe button do it right now we’ve got so many cool cars coming and that’s it we’re gonna go warm up all right love you guys bye where [Music]

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