Arriving – Fulfillments of Bible Prophecy (Part 2)

gonna ask you tonight to grab your Bibles if you would and turn to Isaiah chapter 63 tonight Isaiah chapter 63 and we started last week we did chapter 62 chapter 63 tonight the first six verses Isaiah and we’re looking at that title that themed title really called arriving arriving we’re not only arriving the conclusion of the book but what you’re gonna hear about is what the Bible says regarding the arrival of Christ in the second coming listen when stuff goes down in the world when bizarre things happen as I’ve told you before CNN calls churches CNN calls pastors maybe pastors that are speak about prophetic things news will get a hold of us they’ll ask questions is this the end of the world is this Armageddon they immediately go from we don’t we don’t like the Bible we don’t believe in it we don’t care about Jesus just something happens in the world and immediately our calling to find out if it’s the end of the world and it’s kind of it’s kind of funny the Bible is very clear that the end of the world is not near okay can you hear that the end of the world is not near now Jesus could come back for us tonight that’s not the end of the world the Bible is very clear about that there’s a lot of time left even if just you know even if Jesus did come back tonight but read the fine print the time that’s left ain’t good it’s gonna get real nasty says the Bible before it gets awesome and Isaiah chapter 63 begins with the start of the awesomeness and it’s it’s a time and remember this church it’s a time written about by the prophet Isaiah that is 700 so let me do the math almost 3,000 years ago Isaiah wrote these prophecies and as we come to the conclusion of the book very shortly you know that he’s known as the evangelical prophet because he’s the one that you learn about Christmas from Isaiah what’s what Jesus and the nativity scene Isaiah what about him dying on the cross where do we get that from not Matthew Mark Luke and John Matthew Mark Luke and John were the eyewitnesses of what Isaiah had talked about 743 years before those dudes even got on the scene this is why the Bible listen this is whether everyone wants to attack the Bible but they’ve got nothing to say about it they don’t like it maybe because they don’t you know they they get upset when you read the Bible you find out are you kidding me you mean I can’t cheat on my wife I don’t like the Bible listen the Bible tells you don’t cheat on your wife because the Bible want you to live what you mean I can’t drink myself into oblivion the Bible says God’s got a better life for you so it’s not a bunch of thou shalt not thou shalt not know it’s a bunch of we get two we get two we get two it just said it just matters how you approach this book and God wants you to live you want you to have life and so tonight we’re gonna be learning about some things for some you may already know these things but for many perhaps it’s new to you but remember who we’re talking about here the God of the Bible the God of the Bible who’s given sixty-six books called the Bible 40 different authors spanning nearly two thousand year timeframe of authorship by various men from multiple continents some of them never come in and contact with each other obviously and from Genesis to Revelation there is a linguistic archaeological there is a scientific even connection that does not listen can you imagine getting 40 different authors separated by nearly two thousand year time to all agree on the same sworn testimony and in all agrees and it with time proceeding is confirmed even more and more remarkable the more time you give to the Bible the more you see that the archaeologists will dig up with his spade exactly what the Bible had talked about of a community of a person of a place and the Bible says in Isaiah’s 46 verse 9 remember the former things of old I’m God in other words God is saying look back judge me look back and see if what I did know what I was talking about when I had my prophets write this stuff down for I’m God there was no other I’m God there’s none like me why God why are you so unique God of the Bible verse 10 declaring the end from the beginning that’s called prophecy he tells the future in advance and from ancient time things that are not yet done saying my counsel shall stand and I will do all my pleasure you can almost see God boasting a little bit about that it’s awesome so arriving we’re gonna be looking at this tonight and so as we look in our study together look at verse 1 Isaiah chapter 63 it’s interesting this whole open is very interesting it says here in verse 1 who is this who comes from Edom we’ll talk about this in a moment show you this in a moment with dyed garments from Basra this one who is glorious in his apparel traveling in the greatness of his strength pause right there no takers jot it down the first thing that we see right now and listen carefully that regarding the second coming of Jesus Christ Isaiah 63 mark it down in your notes you’re gonna see tonight that this is the Prophet being shown by God the second coming of Christ so he’s even looking over your head into the future this is not about the first coming that he talked about in earlier chapters when Jesus came to Bethlehem born of a baby born as a human that God would be born in the flesh in Bethlehem this is not that first coming this is the second coming notice how he comes in the first coming he comes and identifies with you and I in our humanity the Bible says that you are created in the image of God that’s why you have God thoughts every one of us you say oh man atheist no you’re not you think you are look I’m gonna be very blunt but honest with you you have the luxury right now to be an atheist because you’re not sick look maybe you’re an atheist here tonight if in the next 3 minutes we have an earthquake underneath this building you’re gonna come you’re gonna you’re gonna say something like Oh God you’re gonna say something like somebody pray you’re gonna get humble real quick ly I’ve been a pastor for thirty years I’ve watched people stalwart hardcore atheists and they stand their ground because they’re healthy and strong and everything’s going good they got money in the bank and then life hits him right upside the face it’s like Mike Tyson said everybody’s got a plan until they get hit in the face and that great line he hasn’t said anything profound but that’s profound everybody’s got a plan until you get hit in the face and life will hit you in the face someday and you’re gonna call out to God and listen he’s listening and he’ll be there but you’re gonna be shocked to find out that what we’re learning about here right now shut it down in your notes the second coming of Jesus Christ means that the dispensation of grace ends you ever think about that – what do you mean before we look at the fulfillment of verse one right now you and I are sitting here in what is known as the dispensation of grace it means that since Jesus Christ went to the cross 2,000 years ago God has backed off on personal and national judgments that’s what this means in other words in the Old Testament period leading up to the advent of Christ God dealt with judgments you know that’s called the Old Testament God dealt with remarkable supernatural judgments he withheld water or rain from from places that including Israel that didn’t obey Him God was very very present and you read your Old Testament you go I don’t like that it’s scary why do you say that because he’s very much rewarding people and nations based upon their conduct you hear me and look none of us like that look we just honored a few police officers a moment ago and we will always do that you have no problem with police officers if you’re going under 55 none of us have a problem with them in fact listen have you noticed that if you’re going down the road and you’re just you’re just daydreaming or you’re just driving you’re doing everything right and have you noticed when you see a CHP officer or you see a police officer when you just see the car what’s the first thing you do what I heard duck I heard slow down officer sees these people duck know you slow down or at least even though you’re totally cool you look at you spit on their why what happened the law showed up that’s what that’s what the Old Testament is the law shows up the laws they’re the Ten Commandments are the Ten Commandments to show you and I how bad we are that’s what before it’s like the sign on the street don’t enter this road it’s a rule it’s a law you break it you break it at the expense of your own peril it’s very normal we just don’t like it we’re rebellious people in hearts don’t tell me what to do you say pastor that’s not nice listen how many of you have kids raise your hand you have kids listen I all you have to do to your two-year-old to say now listen little mr.

America here don’t you cross this line daddy’s over here you’re to stay right there what’s he gonna do you have not barely got that word out of your mouth and he just eat he doesn’t understand anything but he understands that have you notice that and you just goes like this any kind of like years old diapers on looked you in the face and basically says are you man enough to take me on I’m not gonna obey this it’s a fact it’s in our it’s in our nature God told Adam and Eve everything’s yours you’re naked for one thing you’re naked how awesome is that Adam and Eve you’re naked what are you so quite for it’s the Bible God made Adam and Eve and you said you know look have a great time naked running around daytime in a jungle how awesome is this no seriously it’s amazing it’s paradise and then God says you guys gonna have a great time just stay away from that tree over there and Eve goes what would this one she couldn’t handle it God says don’t do this listen the dispensation of grace has been the time of what is also affectionately referred to as the church age meaning that since the Cross God deals with people and Nations patiently he’s putting up with them he’s long-suffering and he contends or that he he waits he waits he waits you you live your life and you run it into the ground you run people over in the process and and you’ve all thought this why don’t bad people get away with stuff one answer I remember I was speaking at a maximum-security prison that’s a scary place for a lot of reasons when I was speaking at this prison I don’t know why it never happened to me before I’ve spoken at prisons before but this was a weird day they made me take my clothes off and put on a prison outfit now let me tell you something before you go in there they have your the guards have your wallet I’m wearing an orange suit and I walk in there and I got a microphone and I’m on a platform and I look just like them and it dawned on me in that moment little bird little sparrow flew down and landed took up and flew right over that prison wall and flew away and it dawned on me when I’m done I get to leave just like that bird and I’m looking at these guys who are terrifying and it dawned on me you know what and I told them gentlemen you know what the difference is between you and I one thing I haven’t been caught the Bible says all have sinned and come short of the glory of God Hey look I may not have murdered anybody but I’d look I would have liked to have strangled somebody from time to time in life you know I’m saying there’s anybody well Jesus said if you look at somebody and you hate them jesus said before God you’re guilty of murder what does that mean oh come on I’m gonna be judged for a thought because listen isn’t it weird listen to them listen to God’s way of dealing with people it’s so it’s so weird but it’s as CS lewis says it’s so queer that it has to be God and it’s this only in Christianity do you hear this because God is so real and he wants to know you and be known by you isn’t it interesting that the message we preach to people is a message that is if you’ve sinned and if you’ve done all these horrible things come to Jesus Christ in repentance in other words tell him I’m so sorry for what I did and he will forgive you and give you eternal life number one that’s based on the cross Jesus died for you you can’t die for you he rose again from the dead you will never will without Jesus he did it okay he did it all so watch this how in the world can that message be true well first of all it’s based on the cross and so pastor you saying that if I murder a man and and god I get busted by God and I repent I agree with God that that was wrong and I cry out to him for mercy and forgiveness he’ll forgive me yes say that’s just ridiculous where’s the justice in that Jesus on the cross that’s the justice here’s the deal read the fine print of Christianity we don’t focus so much on what you’ve done on the outward side I’m not interested in who you are now I’m interested in who you can become like this Christianity can is more concerned about what you think God is more concerned about what you think because that’s where it starts you just don’t know do what you do without thinking about it first it’s a premeditated we’re going to see that we’re gonna try to determine if this is a premeditated murder whatever getting out of beds premeditated every think about it so here’s the deal God says I will forgive anything that you’ve ever done if you repent of that but the truth is the moment that true conversion takes place you wake up out of religion and run away from it and realize oh my good I’m also almost said holy cow that probably wouldn’t be good for the Bible the holy cow is not gonna do anything for you just ask the children of Israel in Egypt it didn’t work non holy cow holy God holy God forgives sin when that happens listen it affects your heart so your thought life is way more different our thought life listened you we can look angelic but our thought life can be so sick and God says I see the sickness in your in your head in your heart God that’s what God’s concerned about a lot of people want to talk about motive God knows the motive when we give a gift God knows the motive so the dispensation of grace is a time that is now almost 2000 years spent we’re near the end of it what does this mean it means that God is gonna roll up shop as it were regarding his long suffering it’s called the Great Tribulation Period when that time begins the Bible tells us God will revert back to a time where he deals with individuals and nations based upon their actions listen to what’s going on who is this who comes from Edom this is Jesus Christ in the second coming coming out of watch everybody Edom with dyed garments by the way the word in Hebrew is and it’s redundant in here you’ll see it in a moment red splattered dye has been splattered on his robe his clothing he’s Glore look he’s the one who’s glorious in his apparel meaning that where it’s it’s amazing where it’s not splattered in blood you see Jesus blood sweat just wait his robe is splattered in blood but where it’s not it is so brilliant white what a contrast think of it glorious in his apparel traveling in the greatness of his strength so the question is notice this there’s a question here in verse 1 who is he who is this one well we know from the original scriptures here that whoever it is he’s divine he’s transcendent meaning he’s coming out of heaven toward earth as you’ll see in a moment and he’s one who’s physical he has become physical in the manifestation so the first thing regarding this time of dispensation coming to an end that’s one of the great things about the time in which you and I live that grace it’s not that grace is running out the operat listen the opportunity to receive the grace of God is running out in this age there will be grace in the tribulation period it’s different than right now right now you do something wrong and you’re not gonna get pulled over by God you do something wrong you’re not gonna go to jail now by God you should but you don’t why this age of grace God has given time for all as Paul the Apostle said all he’s given opportunity for all to repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ but that day is gonna close some day but I want to show you something first first slide we want to see tonight is the ancient world this happens to be out of the time of the Assyrian Empire down here and so let’s look at this by the way when the Bible tells us and I want you to remember this map tonight when the Second Coming takes place remember we’re not talking about the rapture or time of the second coming to what’s called eschatological differences watch this though second coming the Bible tells us that he’s going to come to the area of Edom see this Moab he’s gonna come from this direction the Bible will tell us you’ll see it in a moment over this area to where Jerusalem in the second coming okay by the way which is a lot of fun because Jerusalem has to be intact before Christ can return to it there’s people who on want to blow it up it’s not gonna happen there’s people who want to remove it from the earth it’s not gonna happen so over here you guys Moab and Edom and here’s Jerusalem he’s gonna come from this direction I haven’t shown you this yet just remember he’s gonna come this is the east he’s gonna come toward the west okay just just remember that in our study okay Amos chapter 1 verse 12 I’m gonna give you some verses that are in concert with or correlate with the second coming and this location I just showed you a moment ago amos 1 verse 12 says of the ancient prophet but i will send a fire upon Timman which is another word for the clans or tribes of Edom which shall devour the palaces of what Basra Basra keep that in mind Basra is between the nation today of Kuwait’s biblically and Israel Isaiah 34 verse 6 Isaiah 34 verse 6 the sword of the Lord is filled with blood does this blow your mind about Jesus meek and mild the sword of the Lord is filled with blood it is made overflowing with fatness with the blood of lambs and goats with the fat of the kidneys of rams for the Lord has sacrificed and and a great slaughter in the land of edom just remember this someday this is going to be significant for I have sworn by myself says the Lord that Basra shall become a desolation a reproach a waste and a curse and all its cities shall be perpetually wasted or you know as a wasteland God will one day judge that part of the world and he tells you why regarding its treatment of his people he’s going to tell you soon his people and his nation Israel it’s amazing Jeremiah 49 22 behold he shall come up and fly like the eagle and spread his wings over Basra the heart of the mighty men of Edom in that day shall be like the heart of a woman in birth pains not good so there’s a question who is this notice the answer I look he responds it’s remarkable Hebrew language ie who speak and righteousness mighty to save to get this picture going on who are you so the Prophet brings you almost into a play almost a musical or a drama and all of this is going on and the in the audience cries out who is this that’s coming and he responds it’s me the one who’s mighty to save it’s an awesome moment this is exactly what Jesus echoed 2,000 years ago in Matthew 24 verse 27 Matthew regarding the aspects of the second coming Jesus said this for as the Lightning comes out from the what we’re ease and flashes to the west so also will the coming of the Son of Man be he’s prophesying listen he’s prophesying his return the Old Testament said that when Messiah comes he’s going to come from Basra and he’s going to go to Jerusalem in his dissent in his coming now I wrote it down this way I this is the way that I think remember its atmospheric Bible tells us that people all people of the world will weep and mourn when they see the coming of the Son of Man the Son of God and they will take they will shake their fist at him and they will seek out places to hide from his wrath Wow imagine so in my mind I see it this way that Jesus is second coming is from the east to the west imagine the the approach to landing I like to think in airplane terms he’s coming in – he’s coming in to land what friends where where does he have to land according to the ancient prophecies of the Bible where does Jesus Christ have to land Jerusalem but somebody said the exact spot over here the Mount of Olives Jesus’s foot technically look let’s be honest here very I heard two answers and they’re both right Mount of Olives and Mount Zion the Bible tells us that when he returns coming from the east his foot will touch the Mount of Olives and it will cause an earthquake to split it open and it’s an earthquake of blessings you’ll Ezekiel tells you what happens fresh water everywhere but it says that he will then go to the Temple Mount Zion remarkable see oh I don’t believe it well you will someday but I love the exactness of the Bible Jesus said yeah yeah you know what it’s gonna be like lightning now this is funny like Latin lightning it flashes from the east unto the west well not in Southern California but I love the exactness of the Bible he’s talking about East from Basra heading west to Jerusalem in Southern California our luma our lightening our thunderstorms when we do add them they come off the coast from a Mexican storm from warm waters from Mexico that’s how we get them but they’re always west to the east don’t you love how simply exact the Bible’s now you say wow that’s no big deal that’s a big deal it’s a big deal especially if you’re looking for a mistake in the Bible somewhere find one and make a billion dollars good luck okay look of the Lord be with you on that one but the second coming also look at verse 2 it means that the judgment has come so there’s another question why is your apparel red and your garments like one who treads in treads out or treads in a wine press a wine press in the Middle Eastern world the wine press is known for one of two things either great blessing why because you’re stomping out grapes and it’s crazy it’s it’s a crazy joyous it’s hard work but the their whole concept is it’s a beautiful thing because we’re gonna get wine from this and it’s a big deal and it’s a violent thing I mean it is serious the treading of the way and so it’s known as a beautiful beautiful thing it all depends on the receiving end I guess it’s also known because of its violence to be a perfect picture because when you stomp and press and jump on the contents what comes out red dark but looks like blood and very common to the Middle Eastern mind they see this so the answer verse 3 look at this it’s I have trodden the winepress alone this is my doing this is my business God is saying that should cause you to remember Revelation chapter 5 verse 2 then John said I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice so John sees the end times unfolding and the angel with a loud voice says who’s worthy to open the scroll and to loose it seals John is seeing heaven the earth is in this horrific time of the Tribulation Period and he says who’s worthy the angel shouts to loose the seals it’s Rick it’s a known and believed to be would look to us as a deed or a title deed to the earth and no one in heaven or no one on earth or under the earth was able to open the scroll or to look at it and John says so I wept much because no one was found worthy to open and read the scroll or to look at it the Bible tells us that regarding this time Jesus you keep reading Revelation chapter 5 in it you see one come out and it’s the Lamb of God Jesus the Christ but he’s not the gentle Jesus now in the second coming he is a powerful awesome Messiah conquering King and you know I want you to remember something everybody what you think about God determines everything for you personally it doesn’t change anything about him but it really determines a lot about you so for example if you if you and I and we have suffered the the departure of a loved one and they’re a believer and I tell people this all the time and don’t you ever forget this God has given us a powerful way to connect in the sense with the loved ones that have gone on into heaven and that is look at the book of Revelation chapter four and five so what if you know anyone in heaven you can actually read Revelation chapter four and five anytime you want to find out what they’re looking at right now right now John saw the vision of a the Lamb of God as though he had been slain the sacrificed Christ John shows you that heaven is worshiping him to the angels are bowing down and the Seraphim and cherubim freakish orders of angels that the description of them the Bible will freak you out they’re saying holy holy holy Lord God Almighty who was who is who is to come the Almighty and every one of those statements are also found in the Bible attributed to Jesus Christ from all two New Testament yeah he might have looked weak dying on the cross yeah he might have looked weak not defending himself getting beat up by Roman centurion sergeant majors Centurions brutally beaten mocked made fun of he’s not coming back like that he’s coming back to execute judgment and that’s got to be the clean up before the glorious awesome establishment of his kingdom is amazing he imagined do you really care about justice do you really honestly you know I’m so sick of hearing this social justice junk have you noticed that all the campaigners of social justice have proven have been have been flushed out as bunch of crooks crying social justice they create a GoFundMe page and then they take the money and they buy themselves these lavish homes and all these things justice by the way if you don’t believe in God if you’re an atheist then I can ask you a question then where’s the justice for all this wrong is there no justice then the officer that was just killed by a drunk driver where’s the justice in this if there’s no God there’s no justice that makes some people nervous he invented justice he is just no one’s going to get away with anything that’s why we need Jesus Jesus will take care of our case right isn’t that the Bible doesn’t the Bible call him in the book of Romans our advocate he’s our representative before the Father the father’s going to look at Jack Jack you’re guilty of this this this this this this this can you imagine in firls or he just downloads the hard drive in heaven the Bible says I have an advocate Jesus Christ the righteous it means that he says father on June 20th 1977 Jack cried out to me and repented of his sins and believed that I died on the cross stream and rose again from the dead and his life was changed that night and so father he belongs to me and so I’m asking you to attribute my what’s called propitiation my atonement at the cross I’m asking you Father to accept my sacrifice which read the fine print of the Bible the Bible says the father has to because he’s an agreement with the son and him being my attorney he takes all the guilt of my crime against God and but he’s the righteous and the Bible says in 2nd Corinthians 5 verse 21 he who knew no sin became sin for us that we might receive the righteousness of God that is in or through him by faith God transfers God says ok here’s the deal you’re gonna get off scot-free cuz my son’s out just for you can you imagine you’re guilty of a crime you go before the judge and the judge is about ready to just sentence you and the judges son walks in and says they dead I’ll take his punishment I’ll pay the fine I’ll go to jail for him and the father says well wait a minute I know how good of a boy you are my son well father I want you to attribute that to him you know if you’re a parent you’ve been beautifully tempted in some ways to actually act like God has your child ever been really sick have you ever been next to your wife or your husband and there’s suffering and your love drives you to say oh god please give it to me I’ll take it does your kid have cancer does your nine-year-old have cancer there’s not a parent in this place who wouldn’t change places with their kid not even a second thought that’s an attribute of God’s effervescence as it were in your life left over from you having been created in the image of God you would die for your loved one then why don’t you let and allow God to say I died for you could you let me love you that much but but God if I do that if you do that what he’s amazing there’s gonna be a day when the door of grace in this age of the church shuts and the Tribulation Period begins jesus said when that time comes men’s hearts they’ll see the things happening on the earth and they’ll see the heavens can you imagine the celestial can you imagine looking at the Stars and the Bible says that they’re going to shake and men’s hearts will fail them for fear regarding those things coming upon the earth America is hooked on opioids because America is scared America America can’t handle reality think of it we’re a nation medicated more than any other nation on earth why is that think of it we don’t need to be like this God has made you so different than what we’ve been told you know we were raised in school these days so we have been for decades a teacher where did I come from hmm amoeba you just you’re from a mud hole how’d I get here well your ancestors crawled out of a mud hole and got a little flipper going on one side then two and then began to rub its face and got an eyeball and things just kind of snowballed from there and good thing for all of us is that both genders matured sexually at the exact same time that alone will put a death nail in anyone’s evolutionary theory okay try to try to get male the male to evolve into reproductive how do you do that you’ve got to have two of the same but opposite gender in evolution to mature are you kidding me two mature sexually to reproduce not the same not the same century not the same decade evolutionists come on not to say months you got to get two of whatever you want to talk about mr.

And mrs. amoeba you want to talk about mr. and mrs. worm you want to talk about mr. and mrs. you don’t care what you talk about they’ve got two sexually mature at the same time and like each other to think you are the hottest you’re the hottest germ I’ve ever seen how can you imagine let’s go out and then reproduce then you got to have an environment in tandem that supports them it’s impossible scientifically impossible that’s why evolution is a theory which makes it to qualify as a religion it’s a religious or our religious it’s a religion it’s a belief system that’s what it is I don’t mean to insult you I just want you to think for a moment I can’t save you God saves you he loves you he’s giving us stuff he’s told us how it started he he told us how it started here okay and then you know he’s created everything here not even here he created everything here and wait that’s the cover of my that’s leather he created everything here and then we messed it up and then he wrote all this Sam will you come back home come back home it’s not good when you try to live without me he’s amazing and I just saw the time and it’s this not right because you know what that’s he’s we have to pick this up next time because well look it says that he’s angry I knew it God’s angry yeah you know and it’s and my fury I knew it the God of the Bible is an angry mean maniacae what did Christopher Hitchens say masochistic angry Richard Dawkins angry at God you know Richard Dawkins says he’s angry at God give her it you ever listen to him I listened to all time he’s angry at God and yes to mr.

Dawkins why oh what’s wrong I don’t believe in God so what are you angry for well you talk about is how bad God is I bet you said you didn’t believe in him this doesn’t make any sense no listen God is holy pure and just any hates wrong so here’s the thing we close with this you guys listen don’t think for a moment that running into a church will take you to heaven I know this is a nice-looking place but it’s not a spaceship to heaven it’s no stairway to heaven okay you can come here you can come me every week and say I’m good why are you what do you mean you’re good what do you I go to church can you imagine read your Bible carefully jesus said there’s gonna be those on the day of judgment who will say Lord Lord we did miracles in your name have you ever done a miracle in the name of Jesus we did all these things for you in your name and Jesus Jesus says I’m gonna look at them and I’m gonna say I know who you are can you imagine listen he’s not into religion I hope you know by now religion is man’s attempt to reach God it’s made by man it’s man-made God came down we see we’re trying to we’re trying to get up there no no you can’t get there God came down to take you up there it’s not a religion it’s a person well what if I write a check you’ll just be that that much poor inhale I guess no really God doesn’t need your money he can turn Jupiter into gold right now if you wanted to right come on well what do I need to do the Bible says repent it means Metanoia meta Noah Greek metanoid meta meta Noah’s thought meta afterthought think again sort of means think about your life one more time are you guilty of any of the things that he said you ought not to do the Bible says all of us are the difference between those in heaven and hell is there are those in heaven who simply turned and ran to God is it amazing they realized boy am I in trouble I need help and you’re sold you know what listen when your soul dials 911 soul cries out to God its creator and you come back to the one who made you very simple it’s so simple little kids believe it and yet it’s so deep adults can’t get it and Jesus said to get to the to get to heaven you got to become again like a little kid and they’re great to enter the kingdom of heaven you must become like a little child the Lord said because a little child is so so forgiving you’re right they’re just amazing and they believe that’s why you never mess with a little kid I was just talking to a police officer before service tonight I was just my marvel I marvel at the self-control of law enforcement God is so brilliant he didn’t make me a cup no I’m serious I’m not being funny I couldn’t do it I mean there’s some things I could handle I think maybe but if I ever had to roll to a scene where somebody’s molested a child no way I’m gonna I’m gonna take care of it right there on the spot and I’m gonna um if I’m the cop I’m gonna end and then I’m gonna cuff myself and put myself in jail happily because of the offence done against a child and Jesus said if you mess with a child what did he say it would have been better for you what to have never have been born and then you might say tonight or you might be watching tonight and you and you oh my gosh I’m guilty of that maybe he’s maybe I did that before I did something to a kid when I was 12 I did something to a kid when I was 30 listen if I had my way you’re done and you need to be thankful that I’m not God you need to be thankful God is God because if you go to him and you repent of that you’ll change your heart he’ll take your perversity out of your life there’s listen there’s no fix but a new heart and that’s what he does and the same God is coming back someday the age of grace will be would have exhausted the church age will have been done the church goes up and what’s called the rapture and the Tribulation Period begins in Isaiah 63 will some day to be fulfilled when he comes back and returns he’s gonna set it straight so he had the opportunity tonight to set it straight between you and God personally I highly recommend you do that he loves you he’s no wimp he doesn’t say well you know I I love you so everybody gets to go everybody get to trophy you just get to go to heaven because you participated no no you heard it on Sunday Jesus said broad is the way and many are on the path of destruction but narrow is the way that leads to eternal life and few find it it’s not it’s not that it’s not available to you you have to choose and you need to do that before the age of Graces exhausts misses pray father we thank you for your truth and Lord I just have to I just I hope you use tonight because I just didn’t stick to my notes and I thought my notes had come from you earlier this week but God your God your word is your word you are God and so lord I just pray tonight then in our own lives Lord that you would hear from us right now there may be somebody here right now or somebody watching and there they’ve been touched by your spirit and that’s that’s not we can all attest to the fact that’s not always a pleasant thing they can really sting but you touch us to rescue us and Lord for many of us maybe perhaps we’re like a man drowning in the sea almost almost under and Lord we all know that you never rescue a man that is scared of dying you never rescue that guy you you you wait you wait because he’ll kill you and himself but she but you you wait until he’s taken in some water and he’s almost dead then you rescue him because he’ll receive it and Lord in in the hearing of tonight’s message I pray Lord that there’d be those that who as Jesus you said it that they’ve come to the end of their life as it were and they said that’s it I’m done good God my friend surrender to him alone his mighty to save fall into his arms let him start your life all over again you would do that tonight right where you’re at or wherever you may be by simply saying Lord Jesus come into my life I heard tonight that you died on the cross for my sins and that she rose again from the dead Easter morning two thousand years ago just as your prophets foretold I believe that it’s written it’s recorded I choose us now to obey what’s obvious and I give you in my life sins and all messed up drunkenness drugs anger violence hurt pain rejection all of it’s yours whole package and I ask you to forgive me and I ask you to make my life real make me a real man real woman real boy real girl to give you all the glory in the praise okay thanks for watching real life youtube channel and if this message has been a blessing to you then just click the subscribe button because we’d love to keep you up to date on what we’re teaching on and what’s coming next and if you’d like to help us increase our reach in gettin out these messages to a greater audience then you can help support us by becoming a partner by simply clicking on the link in the description box below so listen we want to thank you for helping us get the Word of God out to the ends of the earth you you.


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