Oh thanks bud thank you are you prepared for the blackout I’m Christopher green you’re watching amtv alternative media television please like and share this video get it out to the viewing public you’re never going to hear this from the mainstream media you’re never gonna hear this from a mainstream politician the blackouts that we’re seeing all across Venezuela are coming to the United States in the form of an EMP an electromagnetic pulse it’s very important that we study what’s going on in Venezuela today because this us-led coup of which we’ve seen many in the Middle East in recent years whether or not this was sattim saying in Iraq it was Muammar Gadhafi leader of Libya or it was countless others we see this time and time again and we see how the US establishment is putting pressure on what they call the Maduro regime really just the elected government even if it is corrupt I mean we’re corrupt here in the United States as well rest the world is corrupt they’re putting pressure on his government to overthrow it to install a puppet leader in the name of Dwight Oh what if I were to tell you that the end goal here was to install a central bank western-backed that currently isn’t in this part of the world to steal its oil something john bolton has admitted its minerals and then push it to what I would like to call Western ISM and of course we’ve seen how well this has worked out in places like Afghanistan places of endless war we’ve also seen this in Syria with the creation of Isis and other terrorist organizations fomented and propelled by the United States government itself to topple in their eyes what they perceived to be regimes it’s most important about this what happened over the weekend as it’s a test run for what we can expect in the United States grocery stores being alluded people being jailed rounded up into FEMA camps power endlessly without it for days at a time people don’t have electricity people are dying at local hospitals people can’t get access to medications more importantly food and clean water so while I was researching this over the weekend and studying I was really looking at it from the scenario what its gonna look like here in the United States and I’ve been prepping a lot recently in recent days weeks months and arguably years because we know what’s coming we we know in fact RAND Corporation a major corporation which is in bed with the US government just did a research report says the United States will lose World War three that we will get our asses kicked paraphrasing a bit but this is pretty much what it said and the reason for this is they’re gonna decapitate all of our communication system or grit so all of our sexy amazing fighter jets and all all this amazing technology can’t operate without the internet Russia meanwhile report on this a couple weeks ago is planning to operate its government without the internet they’re actually bringing down their own grid and preparation for what they know is coming so just like Rand knows a corporation knows this research war giant knows that the United States will lose to Russia and China and upcoming war these are things that many of you tuning in myself we know based on our due diligence and research that the United States as an empire truly is collapsing and we see this in the streets of America today middle America where the conversation has ceased where people are no longer willing to talk to each other it’s become this hostile environment and this is how foreign enemies push your buttons the United States is pushing the buttons of Venezuela by cutting the power because people begin to panic people begin to riot they’ve done Studies on this for just about a couple of hours people be in the streets give it about eight hours based on my own research then we start to see the aggressive looting and the fires how did the United States question for you know that the grid was going to go down Marco Rubio tweeted a tweet about specifics Venezuela’s electrical grid going down just minutes after it did before Venezuelan officials even knew a Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been issuing very terse statements in recent days saying it’s electricity next its Maduro so what is the interest of the United States in this region and its interest is it doesn’t want a Russian allied presence so close in North America close to our border here in the United States that’s what this war is really about and we’ve seen it through predictive programming earlier this year with Economist magazine it’s 2019 cover an absolute darkness blackness because this is the year 2019 of the electricity Wars this is the time to be prepared this is the year of which nations fight against each other in this EMP world this electromagnetic spectrum that I’ve spoken about quite diligently in recent weeks even and we need to ask ourself as Americans are we prepared for this can you survive tuning in for more than a couple of hours if not days weeks and months without food water electricity lights hygiene products medicines you know you start tallying up this list and by the way we put out for free this is absolutely free a free PDF I just want to get it out does millions of people as possible just click the link below you can get our PDF it’s a cheat sheet kind of a hit list of all the preparatory items that you need based on what we’ve coined and the pyramid of preparedness so that it’s not overwhelming right there’s level 1 there’s level 2 there’s level 3 there’s a little 4 & 5 which makes up the pyramid of which you can begin preparing for many of you that haven’t even started I know a lot of you are prepped a lot of you have six months food and water you have self defense in these kinds of things but many of you aren’t so make sure you take advantage of that click the link below and we see with self defense how important self defense is going to be as we see people looting goods services and supply lines this war is here Russia knows that China knows that and what’s interesting about it is America’s war machine spins up to seven hundred billion dollars a year seven hundred billion dollars it Dwarfs the military budget of China and Russia and Saudi Arabia even and so it makes us question well then how is the United States gonna lose an upcoming war the truth is many of the failures of past civilizations like Rome we’ve taken on here in the United States pensions upside-down pyramid schemes excessive debt all of this is a problem of central banking policies by the way while we have negative interest rates coming to the United States we have balance we are currently experiencing very high inflation real inflation rates of 10 percent or greater here in the United States you see how everything’s just going up they don’t really report the true numbers but it’s at least 10 percent and I think we could very likely have hyperinflation as a result of this prolonged period of artificial suppression and bailouts I mean this is really what the United States is known for it’s it’s a country known for bailouts it’s a country known to be divided it’s a country known that doesn’t secure its own borders we still have thousands and thousands millions of illegal immigrants pouring into our border here in Arizona and it’s all leading to a catastrophic event again I bring you back to the Economist through its predictive programming telling you that 2019 is the war on electricity and see electricity Wars it’s a war of EMPs and the electromagnetic spectrum realm this is why Donald Trump just announced a through executive order and directive rather a new space program as a branch of our military all this technology that we enjoy here in the States domination and control the internet comes to a grinding halt in the event that the grid goes down none of our fighter jets can fly none of our subs GPS systems work ok so this is what RAND Corporation knows this is why they’re alerting the American public right now that this is something that you should fear that not the shouldn’t put your faith in a higher power but that you should understand that this is fundamentally going to happen in the United States of America the Department of Homeland Security warned late last year that you should have at least six months food and water most Americans missed it and I fear we’re going to have a drum this is why prep to a dramatic psychological shift and the general population when this big event finally hits our shores it’s another reason why self-defense our Second Amendment is so important because we could literally have an invasion here in the United States of America invasion of the Chinese invasion look what’s going on in North Korea right now with rumblings as those negotiations have not panned out the Donald Trump I believe wholeheartedly has had good intentions with over the weekend it’s been suggested that they’re about to test-fire another nuke and they’re sending satellites up into space these same satellites can detect the capitate our grid can absolutely bring America to its knees over night in an instant and time is going to be of the essence in fact one of the reasons you want to be mentally psychologically prepared for what we know is ahead is in the first few hours there’s going to be a lot of confusion when the lights go out when the internet goes down and at the very least we’re gonna see this in targeted regional areas I believe this year in America 2019 not in the future this freaking year you’re going to see confusion we see this with natural disasters like the tornado that just did a week ago another reason you should have food and water and preps there’s gonna be confusion there’s gonna be disbelief you know people like outside with their neighbors I hate what’s going on how did why did the grid go down but then it it very quickly and fervently moves to panic so you want you’re going to want to be mentally and psychologically prepare that’s why I should click the link and get our preparedness kit it’s free it’s a free pdf and then we’ve got great preparedness supplies of course at our store dot amtv mediacom those first few hours like first four or five hours or so are gonna be key that’s going to be if you can you’re gonna want to bug out some of you are gonna want to bug in okay you want to think about this in roadmap it with your family and friends ahead of time when the for the communication grid goes down you should have rallying points with your family they should know what they should do if you’ve got children or life or husband you know if you haven’t laid out a plan yet you’re gonna want to do this and of course it also brings me back to the Economist magazine cover once again that they switched it from the blackout to remember all those illustrations and drawings of Leonardo da Vinci was the reference I did a video on it I encourage you to watch it as well because the Illuminati shows you what they’re going to do okay that’s their mo that’s their mojo they show you what they’re going to do ahead of time just like they predictively program September 11th via The Simpsons and popular culture way in advance in their eyes it’s their way of warning the American public and then if the American public doesn’t take action and their sinister satanic evil view of the world it means it’s you’re fair game you’re treated like a bunch of animals you really are peasants in their eyes and it’s why we see this push to radical Marxist socialism in America we see radical leaders like Bernie Sanders gaining steam and we see the millennial generation grappling onto this because well let’s be honest they just want everything for free and I’m not saying this about everybody I know that we have a lot of you tuning and so I’m preaching to the choir but there’s been no hardship that America has suffered since the baby boom generation up until now a lot of these parents just gave their kids everything and didn’t teach them any real world real life tangible skills and this is about to change not in the future but in the immediate now and it is so important in fact I had this beautiful godly day yesterday at church singing praising our Lord Jesus Christ and it almost kind of got to me because I know that Jesus gives me that reprieve gives me that reprieve so that I have the strength to come on today and warn millions of you of what I know is coming what I’ve seen through divine intervention which the reason I stand in front of you in front of this camera to deliver the truth I’m Christopher green get it out everywhere make it viral please like and share this video millions of people deserve to see this so they were prepped and for those that aren’t awake it’s our duty those of us that know what’s coming to prepare for our loved ones that might not just be willing to take action until it’s too late thank you

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