Apparently, Fleeing the City During A Crisis for Rural Shelter Is

I came across a propaganda film the other day that pretty much sums up how the government and the so-called authorities the people in charge and the powers that be really feel about us and it’s from the Atomic Age and hype of nuclear warfare you can be attacked in spite of our excellent defensive attacks may be made in many ways with bombs or with biological may depicts a publisher who writes an editorial calling Americans treasonous for planning to evacuate their city during a nuclear attack he says the enemy will have no trouble winning the next war too many Americans will desert their cities at the first sign of danger this is treason and they go through letters from the public in this fictitious archive film I’ll listen to one of these letters to the editor dear Editor your call for Civil Defence volunteers was nonsense this city’s attacked my plans are made and they don’t include waiting around to get killed I’m gonna take my family to a place in the country where we’ll be safe I think I’m as patriotic as the next guy but he’s pretty dumb to remain in the city when those bombs start falling we must make them realize there must be no taking to the hills as pushing them into something pretty close to treason thank God most people don’t feel that way but enough of them do to make it a serious problem hauling out to the countryside I love my country but I’m not going to get blown up for it and that’s the attitude that they say is treasonous and it’s really parallel when you think about it with the attitude they have towards Preppers and survivalist and the kind of Patriots who want to create a homestead a getaway a bunker either for the end of times or just to be outside of society those people are demonized because society is now so sophisticated and so control that they fear what the herd can do if people in masks started acting independently you know there’s really nothing to be gained by turning tail and running after an enemy attack and they make excuses well the mass evacuation would be more dangerous than anything the civil defense people are just being realistic and not planning mass evacuations to jam to even get anywhere well highways would be about the most dangerous place you could be add to that the desperate fear and panic that’d be pushing the mob who walk military and civil defense response and you just shouldn’t do mass evacuation of cities just doesn’t work most people don’t know that show bombed out buildings in European cities that were decimated in World War two I saw miles after miles of refugees trying to get away from cities under attack all they did was choke up the road freeze the people who stayed there and endured didn’t even want to leave their city most of those who did leave soon began trickling back into town tell the American people that’s what they’re expected to do as well what is your job after an attack our first responsibility will be to get back to our jobs what should you do look for cover the nearest cover civil defense teams will go into action immediately if you’re home you work to do doing a good job means simply following the rules in an alert or an attack they’ll tell you to duck and cover and they’ll even tell you to gather at least in the 60s in the mass underground shelters for the city go to the shelter area you can assign head for a shelter area if wait for the all-clear be calm move quickly but in good order take your place on the floor there’s one good way to protect your eyes and neck in case of a bombing but apparently you’re just a really bad person if you leave or if you even think about leaving take to the hills another member of the take to the hills fraternity seems to be quite a few of them yes I’m afraid there are or else they’ll be considered treasonous like it or not each of us has his share of fighting to do his chair of danger to face running away from that duty would be desertion pure and simple cowardly and too ready to desert just as a soldier would desert his line of duty as a civilian it would not only be treasonable but it would mean having to live with a knowledge that in deserting your responsibilities we failed yourself your family your friends your city the desert would be to throw away our most feared weapon America’s power to produce denied the products of our farms and factories we could not wage war on and they want it to be considered treason for you not to be a sitting duck they probably wouldn’t even tell us today probably has a lot to do with things like Fukushima being so downplayed in the media because they don’t want the public to panic they don’t really care what might happen to the public they practice here’s a clean well prepared shelter in the basement think about today with the threat of terrorism it’s almost the same thing you got Homeland Security telling people yeah you need to be prepared to have other emergency supplies to a flashlight a well-equipped first aid kit duct tape your windows and have three days of food a few cans of food a good supply of water blankets but the government is not going to tell you to become self-reliant the government’s not going to tell you to go off grid no that’s not the message we know that mass evacuation can never be permitted if only for one reason every able-bodied person is needed in the city before as well as after an attack you want people to be helpless and honestly ready to go to the FEMA centers in the worst case scenarios after the three days of food are up civil defense health authorities recommend that you should take the following precautions go to your prepared shelter cooperate with the authorities health and medical authorities will tell you what to do above all don’t listen to scare talk rumors or myths you know Fred actually is staying in the city to help after the atomic attacked is not nearly as dangerous as a lot of people think.

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