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hi guys JK FBI here in beautiful Miami with Peter Thompson of Thompson West food and white got it took us a few times to get that anyway we don’t here on board turquoise 238 foot Quantum of Solace stay tuned to the end because this is super exclusive not many people have seen the inside of this myself included I was beautiful just a beautiful boat it’s absolutely stunning you guys are gonna enjoy it we’re gonna head inside Taylor you get off that tender we’ll meet you inside as well and let’s do it stay to the end see you there [Music] so I’m gonna wrap in this video for a quick trivia question can you guess how much this year costs to purchase and how much as it is to charter leave your answer in the comments below and don’t cheat we know who you are [Music] [Music] so we’re here on the swim platform of Quantum of Solace buy turquoise yachts we’re gonna get this show started Peter tell me a little bit more about where we are right now and what happens here politic this is the aft end of the vessel this is where you arrive you leave this is the point of embarkation did this embarkation here we have a transformer platform which goes right down under the water so if you’re swimming you just come under the platform and you walk up an elegant staircase like a boss and then you know outside on the on the water here we’d have an in water pool that has the the netting underneath it to keep it safe or comes any jelly fishing in the area they don’t get in that pool and we’d lay it out with all the sea bulbs and everything that we have on board but we’ll catch up with those later perfect stay tuned and we’re off Peter after you alright so here we are at deck Peter the only guests like to do here this is typically the area where the guests come on board and they start their relaxation they sit down take their shoes off the cruel take their bags take them for the Suites inside everything starts relaxation the cold towels a nice cold drink maybe a chilled water somebody might like a glass of champagne and this is where the vacation starts well let’s get inside these cool doors you’re gonna see some really cool stuff and occasion starts here but some stuff is really gonna go down in here check this out guys inside main salon ultimate entrance Peter before we get you telling us about what’s going on here Taylor I need you to come a little closer and check out the head spaces please this is absolutely stunning I was talking to Peter earlier there are four yachts in the world oh you’re gonna have atrium like and it’s atrium like this this is one of four so this is amazing tell me a little bit more about this amazing space I noticed we have a bar behind us piano couch what goes on in here well this is this is the main salon and it’s the main salon this is where people congregate it’s close to the water it’s got this the head room it’s got it feels majestic it’s it’s a space where people want to be sit down at the bar nice low seating at the bar comfortable seating area there all of this is brand-new as well and you know you’re sinking in the corner there you’re feeling you’re feeling it aren’t you you know the only way you experience is actually experienced it so you’re talking about it and and I’m getting it but now I’m really getting it these couch is amazing I don’t know if I want to Taylor I tell you to sit down but you got a camera in your hand so I’ll enjoy it for you Peter this steps is stunning so let me just tell you this Steinway grand piano fortunately we don’t have to pay one of the crew to play it it plays itself it’s got about 2,000 Tunes in there it’s in the original German Steinway about a quarter of a million dollars worth of Steinway piano that that’s absolutely amazing we did anybody wait would there be any way we can check that out see that we’ll get that sorted out in a couple of minutes I’ll have somebody come through and stuff sided playing let’s do it [Music] just kill the man put a gun I don’t know the other words everybody [Music] [Music] I’ll get back to it moving forward to this beautiful dining area let’s have a look at the dining area let’s do it so in the dining area here we have a true 12 seater look at these these seats you can be fairly comfortable in those seats don’t have to keep your elbows in when you’re at this table I love it yeah and that’s what do you think of the Microsoft screen that Microsoft screen you know I was looking at this earlier for about five minutes and completely tranquil except I feel a little guilty eating some seafood over here you might have to do something about that these guys might get upset fish are friends not a seafood yeah off the menu we put a curtain in front of witnesses he Mable’s on the table anyway we’re gonna move into the guest quarters but before we get there we have well we’ve got the main lobby this is the vertical access to the boat so it goes down to the spa up to the other deck and it has the elevator shaft that goes right through the vessel let’s check it out every every single piece of this vessel is handcrafted it’s the factory that makes the interior of the boat it’s probably one of the best on the world so we mentioned that our the interior and exterior of this boat or designed by h h – h – yacht design and they’ve done some really great poses one so tell Quantum of Solace here’s the movie poster every boat that this gentleman has owned and built is named after a James Bond movie so if it’s a James Bond movie we’re struggling with the current title but we’ll get there yeah the new title of the new movie is too many times to die or something no time to die no time to die now it’s closed it’s a mouthful for us Quantum of Solace is a beta is a big is a big name but no time to die when we thought what about that we thought it’s not the right name for a boat well no time to die on yeah it’s gonna be a fast boat it will be a fast they will be a fast boat anyway whatever he decides to do next I’m sure it’s going to be stunning I’ve seen all the other boats Papa diamonds are forever and they’re always just something everybody loves so well he’s one of the most experienced so this other business you know this is boat number 21 it’s 21 21 every yacht every double-oh-seven movie that’s ever been out this guy’s made a yeah with the name for that movie so I’m really excited to see what he does next wait wait and see about two years Tom it’ll be us in two years and guess what who’s giving you a tour will be there where to next guest quarters on the main deck here let’s go [Music] look at that corridor – isn’t that amazing absolutely beautiful back in Tupelo when 1935 baby boys rock the world rhythm game or Silk Road transitions from marble to would like the different combinations not just one solid material in the horse but it’s a combination of all so this space here is typically used either for nannies or for security or something like that these couches can be reconfigured into beds as a bathroom here and as we call it the nanny cabin it’s because it has a communicating door through into typically the children’s cabin now we haven’t got it set up with the children’s cabinet the men at Alex because there’s no train set or a doll’s house in here but you can imagine look at the space easy enough to do kids have plenty of room to set up and do what they do kids do play things don’t have toys they have their own bathroom here TV yeah walk-in closet you were telling me earlier that every room has a walk-in closet room as everyone has a walk-in closet and a good size too so then we have four Suites ahead so a that’s too [Music] so these are the two smaller VIPs and queen-size bed bathroom heated floor and look at this you can touch it I was just gonna say that judgment I can you just barely touch the ceilings tell you guess that but still I don’t have no reason to be waving my arms up like a monkey so and you know you don’t hear the air conditioning it’s diffused by diffuses around there it’s ultra socket made to keep things super quiet so quiet Windows who nights ago there was a salsa party on the dock there they must have had a hundred thousand watts of power I was on the outside I was on the dock and they had this big soundstage and everything and I’m thinking oh my god I’m just not gonna be able to sleep I closed the door here didn’t do ya allegedly it finished at 3 in the morning I didn’t know did you say that a salsa party yeah you know I’m Puerto Rican you’re telling me you can dance salsa do I dance salsa dance sup people know if I had to go hey I’d step all over toast by myself I’m an amazing dancer let’s start dancing aside move on to the next bedroom [Music] just have a look at the bubbl look in that bathroom the inlay is just amazing it’s just looks like some pearl inlaid mother-of-pearl inlay mother pearl all hand done I’m an absolutely fantastic time at move while you can get my feet out of the way that is beautiful head I think the whole thing is called a head even though I always just consider the head though this part marble sink beautiful shower again and seen had them in the shower I mean now I kind of got sucked down to get into it Taylor I don’t think has any problems slower than I you know we’re we’re not vertically challenged like you forward like a VIP that these are mural mirror images of each other one with a tub and 1 with a 1 with a full shower BB active double VIPs I’m gonna go right [Music] these VIPs are often on the lower deck and you get a little bitty portable right problem get Windows and usually the windows even if they’re large you kind of got to get down to look this is a puppet well you can actually stand here look out enjoy the view while you’re away walk-in closets these are VIP rooms so imagine the VIP a lot larger this is one closet bathroom absolutely amazing closet space here so it’s more of an open walk-in closet actually you can just move around and effortless instead of a door if you look around right behind Peter signed by all of the actors well that was the name of the previous young I remember so the whole double-oh-seven vibe stays with the you know something usually very very few people changed my name one guy changed the name and he it was the guy when we we had a previous one of the sort he called it Elysium so we have to fill that gap so that’s why we call this one of us all so check this out these doors connect the rooms interconnected and oh here’s hey Peter are you in your room I’m in my room he’s in his room where you and you alone yeah looks like a mirror we could’ve did like a mirror how’d you get so handsome so quickly so Alex let me tell you now this is where you’d usually have the master suite and everything like that but we have six Suites here okay so normally those six Suites four of them at least would be on the lower deck so what did we do with the lower deck on this boat let’s find out we’ll find out [Music] from playing my favorite song [Music] music this is the space that makes this boat special actually what are the spaces that makes this boat race one of many [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] this is what we did the intro alright so if you guys remember at the very beginning of the video Peter and I was standing out here champagne in hand then we walked in but this is such a special space better I don’t know about it I wanted to come back to it and I’m not start here but coming to it because this is just amazing tailing right now is on deck that opens up for the starboard side that is the side of the boat that’s folded them it’s super beautiful Sunday tell me about what we are looking at here because this is just mind-blowing me personally will probably spend the majority of my time down here so what we have here is we have a little smug area we’ve got a fireplace no heat coming out of it but for ambiance I don’t have a meeting you can sit down here have a meeting you can relax it’s a chill-out area it is and then when you’re chilling out here and you think how about a steam bath I like it you like it let’s go to find the Turkish month laughter I thought it was a Turkish Imam when you come across me a cruise well this one here is ginormous you can hear the echo in here marble tile Oh Elaine see this is just beautiful so the heat the steam you’re feeling it then you step outside take shower but you can run out jump over the side oh here we have ice ice cold water steam and steam injection there yeah big soup spoon yeah that’s it don’t water on yourself to a quote for the water cold water exactly cold water in ice water in there and that’s a cultural necessary not this giant koozie well that’s that’s a chromotherapy acronym therapy what I’ve never heard of you know it’s like treatment and I’m a red light gives you this when the blue light gives you that this is crazy so you’re six for this comes up to my waist right and you sit down sat down and this was full yeah over your shoulders man I’d be handy yeah head deep in this so after staying here imagining this some water in here jump out hit the weights then take a shower then take a shower then we tell you that and we send you in here for the message therapy little massage therapy you never do anything wrong by the way I’ve never in my life had a massage a proper massage never ever so when we finally do it I guess well do it on camera this is stump therapy stone therapy now we have we have a full time spa therapist on board Wow beautician hair makeup nails you name it but the massage side of it is the most important so just amazing oh you guys we need smellivision because if you guys could smell this stuff this is just fantastic so here we have waiting room you gonna show me how it’s done this I can definitely attempt to show you got the 80 pounds on there I like to do the 80 that’s the eight let’s all to say yeah it’s a maintenance this is really cool get in here do your workout you can put your baby in here while you’re working out keep the kids safe hand down workouts over well after that workout there you can’t walk up the statue being so awesome let’s leave already exhausted I can imagine let’s take the elevator up here then we have our Quantum of Solace elevator after you see you guys upstairs [Applause] [Music] so what deck are we are well this is the this is the owners deck owners tacked on his deck and we are gonna go and see one of the most sumptuous owners Suites you’ve ever seen I’m excited only sweet I like VIP but owners sounds better [Music] not just a cabin it’s like a whole apartment while this room is bigger than my first apartment his room is bigger than my current apartment leather sofas probably 65 inch screen TV king-sized as you know no toys complete without at least giving this all man it is like a massive pillow oh my gosh my back oh this is great feel a vision maybe that’s the one smell-a-vision is old feel the vision where you guys can feel what I feel I don’t want to get out of that that was really comfortable I just noticed so we’ve got a 65 over here right in front of the bed doesn’t what happens if you don’t want to get out of bed and watch five two two massive televisions in the roof beautiful deck and you guys gonna enjoy this anybody who’s a pet lover like me I don’t have any pets because I travel too much I would love to have one although my daughter has a dog named Charlie who is a French Bulldog and this would be perfect for him because every time I’m over there I feel like I’m letting him out so check this out guys Charlie this one’s for you [Music] beautiful tech outside though the balconies on either side you know fresh air there’s a way of programming the doors to stay open if you prefer this the Alice alfresco lifestyle either side you can have the breeze coming through the boat absolutely beautiful very few boats are the fixed balconies I love the picked up and he said I think having them is amazing I mean I’ve seen different types ones you just walk out to like this some open up for you but I think as an owner you have to have them and also if you know the ones that flip out and everything you might have to have a crew member come in right right right here just open the door yeah and like I said they’re different in every in every boat now coming forward we have this ginormous and again I think even this is bigger is huge look at this bathroom guys this is crazy heater cause I feel the heat heated floors beautiful marble and I don’t know what is this stylist onyx sink right check out the fixtures super polish again who did an amazing job floors everything chrome in here is polished to the teeth his and hers or his and hers depending which way you want to go I imagine that’s hers because there’s a nice little area there for the missus to do her makeup dressing room right here and Monsieur has his dressing room just it’s just outside the other side of this massive this is also like an infinity pool as well because it’s got it’s gonna be over the edge all right get in move those bathtubs and I’m still I’ll see only half of me can get in top half or bottom half so this is great for him did you do grandfather clock his walk-in closet alright so let’s head back to the cinema this is it cinema room time to watch a movie and you know my favorite show yeah guy efficient so make sure you’re watching it [Music] [Music] so you are movie room watching what else before to a stylist on board Sallis whatever you watch I don’t know well we could watch the yeah guy but we’re not well good that can be the Yak guy okay ice you on you too but I like the sound can you imagine that that you’re on T my channel I can totally avi I can totally imagine it so what’s better than watching James Bond Quantum of Solace onboard Quantum of Solace hmm so I can think of something Quantum of Solace guarded by the world’s most advanced security getting on board is impossible nobody has ever seen the inside and there’s only one man who can give us a tour he goes by the name of guy the yacht guy coming soon to a YouTube near you well it’s a matter of opinion but you know what I’m gonna agree with you I appreciate it thanks so moving aft from here and James Bond aside there’s a lot more to show on this boat exterior spaces to the blackboard let’s have a look at the atrium from above there’s different below you looked at where you were sitting at the beginning of the movie that’s where we started have I showed you my piano playing skills here we go as you go to the boat you can see a lot of the artwork on here and this massive thing yeah and it’s all laid out really nice everything blends in together so Prague’s downstairs [Music] so here we are beach club club down whatever you want automatic opening drawer with the wind it is yes let’s see what happens in it we make we make the intro and the door just opens for us the door opens anyway let’s go inside and check that out see Bob’s the jet surfs so we’ve got to we’ve we got three of these yeah really through the jet serves two of these sweet jet skis that say Quantum of Solace right on them black and red matching these things probably who I would love to get these out on the water yeah we’ve got the climbing climbing Mountain the inflatable climbing ladder and we have the the the slide that runs down the mountain that’s Jim’s exterior exterior gym part floating that looks like one that is love charter experience for sure we’ve got a tent over there that’s your deal it – no – new Iranian this is the big one it has this has the Bimini on the front so you can get a char nice and dry this one here has the drop down front so we’ve just drive it right up on the beach it’s got the hydraulics here the hydro grandma walk straight on the beach / I’m right out the side it drops to me perfect what I was trying to say there is that was the generator room and it’s very noisy in there don’t really know why there’s but did you hear the noise outside no you’re right no you’re outside to me as you got here any noise anywhere on the board jumps in here you’re absolutely right we’ve been around the whole boat and not once did I hear this now one time chromed-out engine-room if you’ve been onboard mega-yachts you know these guys don’t mess around the engines they’re taken very serious the engineers who has his own room look at this these guys are in here while you’re upstairs playing do whatever it is you’re doing these guys are here watching everything I was water maker sewage treatment plants air conditioning generators you know what more everything that you need to run a town you need a hoarder you can see now there’s a reason why this is so clean if there’s any leak any smoke these guys spot it right away that’s the purpose of keeping everything so this is really this is an engine room that has two decks initial air above the engines there next day and you can actually walk around the entire edge we have to caterpillar 35:16 wearing 2300 horsepower each Yeti all the pumps back here for this sewage treatment for the air conditioning circulation for the fuel systems for we have to have bilge pumps what we can try and keep the water mostly on the outside dual purifiers over here so message out like this how much would it cost to fuel it up I crossed about 120,000 if you love hundreds 20,000 euros you guys don’t know what a hundred and twenty thousand euros is Jubilee cuz I don’t know what is it but they’ll get you across the Atlantic and back alright so here we are on the bridge there where everything happens these guys make this team move and tell us about we’ll be done the birthing in maneuvering orders like it says here we can see what’s happening we can touch see where the rudder is we can see the wind is where the true wind is we know what depth it is there so this is a screen that we’ve got to take particular care of you see here that the radar is on standby so that’s the radar that runs around and shows us the relative position of the vessel with everybody else and the land and then we’re bringing it across here and this is the digital chart system digital chart system takes it takes takes over from the paper charts you notice there’s no paper charts out here because everything is done electronically these days everything is monitored here every engine every tank every generator voltage current frequency it’s all here anything goes wrong we know by looking here engine controls it looks very simple but on the engine controls it’s screen after screen after screen and it’s full diagnosis here we have the stabilizers these are the little wings that sit at the side of the boat and keep the boat level unstable at sea so you don’t get seasick don’t get seasick but also on the boats an anchor if the votes in the you know it’s rocking at sea these things actually keep it stable at anchor as well I love it I’m looking forward here and it’s the perfect view for oh yeah so this is where this is where the guests can arrive on the helipad we don’t keep a helicopter copter on board but that’s a very elegant way to arrive come in land jump off crew take your luggage whatever and you can get right to it exactly so if you don’t come on boat you get on a helipad once I can walk out and check it out have a look let’s do it Peter’s gone I think we should take this thing out for a spin there’s a little bit of a dock there this is speaking up we can blow past it let’s go [Music] Kru get ready to die hey this is not a submarine is this forget about the back part let’s go you know I met you in the dark it was a Saturday night remember seeing you just dancing in them out the crowd there was something about you cos you got stuck in my mind stuck in my mind stuck in my mind so here it is helipad [Music] I’m king of the world helicopter command only property she wants me filed on the AC one three five or what do they call it now the Airbus one three five Airbus one three five nine I’m gonna have to google that cuz I don’t know I’m not sure what that is anyway so we could land the Airbus one three five on here you get off either side Google grab your stuff inside and let the party begin can’t store it here though after to the touching go fam land here and then just walk chopper goes away put it back in the garage at home and sail away perfect I love it it works [Music] – a go [Music] I said just restrain your policy left so we I notice we have disco lights up here we’re gonna get busy and do not ask me to dance cause it’s not gonna happen again so about the spaces ain’t crazy they’ve had parties for 250 people on this day Wow up here up here and I mean take a look I mean the sound system up here is unbelievable you know where the cue table is we don’t have a barbecue we have the DJ stations [Music] massive speakers both sides and two bases all because of Google almost back there base box these are insane all right so plenty space party lights TV massive lounge area big pool up front with a jump in with with us with it with a swimming jet with the swimmy Jets so if you want to swim you’re swimming place just like a treadmill it’s like a swimming treadmill swim in the water will keep you in place you keep swimming and the water push you the minute you stop swimming the water will push you back or forward depending where the water’s coming [Music] all right so that’s it we’ve come to the end of our video but before we leave quick question what would it cost to purchase this yacht and what would it cost to charter it well with your with your video channel coming online now I think you could probably afford this it’s a mere 58 million US dollars to purchase and if you need to charter it I thought you’d like to charter it first six hundred thousand euros a week that’s the seven-day week mind now this is another five days seven days only 600 thousands with over a half a million most you guys can swim that without a problem know who you are that’s the end of it thank you so much Peter selling where if they want any more information where can they find more details on the book more details on the boat are on our website which is tws calm and or they can email me at Peter at twws calm excellent and you can follow them on Instagram as well tww yacht CWS Instagram perfect I love it so that’s it from us Taylor don’t forget to subscribe yes I know he’s already wave now you know tell you let’s keep this up and jump in so that’s it we were up to wrap it up don’t forget to subscribe click the link down below follow tww yachts check them out if you guys have any more details Taylor I think it’s time to get some lunch jump in here and call it a wrap anything else for us click the button below yes they know so make sure you guys also any questions comments or want to correct me for any mistakes that I have made please leave them down below I don’t lot of you guys give us a thumbs down that’s great we appreciate it because we that’s how we make it better right we listen we can’t impregnate them oh oh oh whatever either way like it or don’t like it thank you for watching I appreciate it and we’re out of here see you later lunch [Music] here we go [Music]

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