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[Music] [Music] I love animals God loves animals did you know they were created before Adam and Eve so it should be no surprise that God uses animals as symbols on our dreams what would it mean if you had a dream with a snake in it someone is telling a lie about you a tale of fabrication stretching a truth that’s a lie a fib tal II well what about other animals in our dreams what do they mean have you ever heard this a dog is a man’s best friend what if you had a dream and a dog was driving your car then again some people don’t like dogs a dog in their dream isn’t going to mean he’s their best friend okay so maybe that wasn’t a dog in your drink maybe they were just some sheep now look you guys I need you to act like leaders yeah well sheep could represent people at your work or your church after all Jesus told Peter feed my sheep in John 21:17 Joyce prophet Smith sent us a dream with a horse in it I dreamt I was riding up high in a truck with someone driving down Main Street in my hometown there were storefronts to the left of us they looked something like what would be in a play and there was a real horse standing in front of them the horse was a deep sapphire blue and was decorated like it was supposed to be in a parade or a circus I told whoever was with me look at that horse we walked further down the road to a bridge and this bridge is located just before you get to my old church our old church still owns this property and uses it for a food and clothing outreach but there was the horse again on this bridge this time he was lying down in a diagonal squatted position across the bridge I just knew this horse was mine he had feathers on his head in ribbons in its mane and tail he was beautiful Jois that was an incredible dream pretty intense I might add as well breaking the dream down to its simplest parts there’s really four things we need to know one we need to know who the focus is that’s you and then we need to know what the three sub focuses are so the three in this particular dream are at the unknown person the bridge and the horse but these three things we know what the dream means the dream basically means this you’re being led by the holy spirit or an angelic leading which is very normal to have that type of thing happen because basis people are people that you’re not quite sure who they are usually represent the Holy Spirit or angelic activity around you and it’s leading you towards something and the horse is the attractant God is using something to attract you it’s a horse in its blue meaning Communion and revelation it’s also on a bridge it starts out in front of a store but then the next thing you see it progresses you you follow and you find it on a bridge bridges represent this a great change usually a major change from one line of thinking one thought about your life to a whole different thought about your life meaning you’re crossing a river you’re crossing something that differentiates one area from another what the dream means then simplicity in a simple format is simply this God has a call in your life but it’s going to require change and it will come through the horse that’s yours which means power but it also represents communion it also represents revelation from him so if you will seek the Lord he will give you power and he will give you revelation concerning what is coming in your life but it has to do with what he wants you to do in a ministry type of setting incredible dream choice what if the animal in your dream changed started out as one thing and turned into something else that’s what happened in this next dream from Cheryl kept part of surprise Arizona [Music] the dream I had took place at my house where I live now carry an old friend of mine was there with me I saw something in my office it was a small stuffed animal that was laying on the floor it was a bear it was wiggling around I picked it up and I let it wiggle free it looked like there was a little kitten inside of it then I realized it only looked like a kitten but it was actually a baby tiger I used my left thumb and forefinger to clamp down on it I also pried its mouth apart so it wouldn’t bite me I just wanted to get rid of it but I was afraid to let it go because I knew I had a new puppy in the house and I didn’t want it to hurt it I took the little tiger to the garage once I was inside the garage I noticed that dirty water was coming in through a drain in the wall I opened the garage door to look outside it was nighttime there was a steady rain coming down so I told my friend Carrie it was raining but I was surprised about it well Cheryl that dream is very intricate and it’s outlying and and the things that have to do with it but we really can reduce this down to a simplest format you are the focus of the dream you’re not observing in the dream you’re not participating in the dream you’re kind of the focus of everything that goes on you take the tiger it’s a stuffed toy go out to the garage so you’re the focus of the dream so the dreams about you so you happen to be the focus then we take a look at the stuffed toy that inside the stuffed toy there’s a baby tiger a little baby tiger then you take a look at the garage has the garages of where you typically Park things waiting to use things and in the garage there was a leak that was happening on the floor from a dirty dirty water coming through the drain that that’s there and then you take a look at the issue of the new puppy that you have and your concern for the new puppy in light of the arrival of this baby tiger so what does all that mean you have you as a focus you have the puppy you have the tiger you have the baby a stuffed toy of the bear you have the issue of the drain and the garage here’s what the dream means simply this that God has a call upon your life but there’s something that’s gonna surprise you you think it’s kind of innocuous the meaning it’s not really important but inside of it is something that can be very injurious as it continues to grow as a baby may not hurt all that bad if it bites you or not then remove a thumb or something anyway but then you remove it would you you clamp down up with your left hand you stipulated left is what you’re called to do right is what you have faith and strength to do so now you’re starting to deal with something that deals with your calling in your life so God’s letting you know you’re about to start act interacting with your calling however there is an issue that’s going on one the puppy the puppy represents something that’s dear to you and you’re afraid if you deal with what you’re called to do you may have to let go of the puppy or it may injure maybe it’s a better way of saying it I may injure the puppy so you take the baby out to the garage again the garage represents something that you have parked a ministry type of opportunity a calling that you have parked and there you see the drain that’s meant to drain fluids out of the house actually drains fluids into the house and and the Lord is letting you know I’m gonna help you you’re gonna be dealing with your calling and there’s something that’s dear to you will be protected but you’re gonna have to deal with something you parked something that you’ve you’ve kind of set off to the side and in sitting off to the side there’s something that’s entered in that needs to be cleaned up so great dream it’s a calling dream and it lets you know that God really does want to use you and he is don’t be surprised as God starts dealing with the issues of what’s supposed to drain stuff away from you that’s trying to come back to you so god bless you yeah that dream is really a good dream animals and dreams can represent people and their unique characteristics that can be a good thing or it may not be so good depending on the context of the dream if there’s a snake that’s a warning you need to confront something or someone it’s definitely something you need to pray about I’m John Paul Jackson thanks for watching this episode of dream Appiah [Music] I’m John Paul Jackson thanks you for watching thanks you jumpin Jackson thanks you third person and champa Jackson thanks you John thinks you had Paul thanks you and I’m John Paul Jackson me myself and I thanking you.

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