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Audience: SR: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world, where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest had a sad childhood, he was molested. Audience: Mmh. SR: And he had, as a child, an encounter. As a young man, he literally and I mean this literally was hugged by Jesus. Audience: Mmh! SR: And all of that hurt, all of that rejection, all of that wounding instantly left! Audience: SR: Now, when he speaks, others get hugged by Jesus. Audience: SR: But the hug did more than get rid of the bad, it deposited some good! Audience: SR: He operates in creative miracles today. He had the most verified creative miracle I have ever, ever investigated. Do you want to find out about it? Audience: Yes! SR: Me too! Audience: Announcer: Is there a supernatural dimension? A world beyond the one we know? Can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural? Can our dreams contain messages from Heaven? Is God ready to bring a tsunami wave of healing onto Planet Earth today? Sid Roth has spent over 40 years researching the strange world of the supernatural.

Join Sid for this edition of “It’s Supernatural!” Audience: SR: you know, Bruce, I know your background, you were molested as a child, you were headed towards disaster. And you weren’t a churchgoer. you went to a Sunday school for the first and only time of your life with your grandparents, and you were told about the love that Jesus has for you. And then shortly thereafter, you were in bed, and weeping. Why were you weeping? BV: That was a particularly bad night. I was feeling shame, guilt, fear just all those emotions balled up. guilt, and all that stuff that’s tied with being molested. SR: And when you’re about ready to hear what I’m going to ask him next, many people get supernaturally healed, even as they hear what actually happened to Bruce. What happened? BV: Well when I was in that Sunday school, the Sunday School Teacher told the story about Jesus hugging the children.

And so now you fast forward several months to this night, and as I’m laying there, feeling this hurt, this guilt, this pain, the fear that came along with it, that story came back into my mind of what he had said. And I knew there was nobody that was going to give me any affection, attention or love, so I just simply said a doubting Thomas prayer, and said, “Jesus, if You’re real, I want you to come here and hug me like you did those kids in that story.” And immediately, I was picked up off the bed, pulled into a chest, and I got a full like a real hug, but it was so much more, Sid, than just a physical hug.

It was like being words I have a hard time coming up with the words to describe it, but it was like being dipped in liquid love, from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. And all the guilt and the shame, the fear, all those bad feelings just began to just wash off and wash off, and then I woke up the next morning. I fell asleep like that, and I woke up the next morning, and here’s 5 5-year-old theology for you, I said, “There is something to this Jesus thing.” Audience: SR: Hm. Now, November 2006, the devil tried to kill you. In fact, he succeeded, Bruce died. What happened to you, briefly? BV: That particular day I was working underneath a large Peterbilt logging truck, as big as any semi-truck as you’d ever find.

SR: Hm. BV: The other mechanic I was working with that worked for this logging company had removed one of the front wheels, and he had jacked it up, but unfortunately not using any safety equipment no jacks, stands, or blocking. I knew it, and that was my own fault, I still went underneath anyway. I was underneath the truck, I was laying underneath the front axle. That’s the lowest part of the truck on on on these big trucks, 10 to 12,000 pounds of weight, just on that front axle. And that jack that’s over here, as I’m laying underneath it, I said to him, “Go get inside the truck and shut the engine off.” When he did, the truck shifted just enough, the jack slipped out, and that axle this 10 to 12,000 pounds of weight came down like a blunt guillotine and crushed my body in half.

On impact, blood came out as it fell through me, and I just called out and said, “Lord Jesus, help me!” I remember saying it twice in case He didn’t hear me SR: BV: the first time. And I looked down, and there was about one inch of space between the bottom of the axle and the cement, so I knew my body was one inch thick here, and there was about two inches of space between the bottom SR: One inch? BV: Yeah.

In fact SR: What happened to your BV: I was thinner than my spine! SR: what happened to your organs? Your BV: Spleen, pancreas, intestines all crushed, thinner than my spine, because L4-L5 vertebrae were broken. Five places, major arteries were severed. I had a flat spot, I looked like something out of a cartoon. In fact, when I looked at myself, that’s what I thought, something out of a cartoon I’m flat. And as I’m bleeding out, a and feeling going into shock obviously, feeling weak, I’m begging him to get me out from under the truck. He ended up the guy I was working with ended up jacking the truck up off me, and when he jacked the truck up off me, it was at that point that I actually bled out, because the truck was holding everything together. It’s a Volunteer Fire Department area, so when he dialed 911, guys’ pagers are going off. And the first guy gets there, and the second guy gets there, and they were asking me questions and talking just a little bit. I was mumbling, and it was at that point my heart stopped.

Now I remember literally I heard my heart stop, and it was because I bled out. When it happened, when my heart quit beating, my spirit left my body. I went up on the roof of the garage, and then I watched from above, the whole entire thing playing out. Now let me say this: When I was on the roof, I felt amazing. There was absolutely no fear, no pain. I felt the the most incredible peace I have ever experienced SR: Mm! BV: in my entire life.

I just watched from above, and on each side of my body were 2 humongous angels about 8 feet tall. I gauged them off of the guy I was working with who was about 6 feet tall. Their heads stuck up a couple of feet taller than his head. Big broad shoulders, white shining robes like the Bible talks about, emanating light. And they had their hands in the middle, where I was crushed flat.

They were just ministering to my body, I’m just watching it from above. One of the last 2 people that came to the scene of the accident was a 2-month-old baby Christian named Shannon. She came in between the angels, she’s feeling for a pulse. She asked I I’m watching it all from above she says, “What’s his name?” they said, “Bruce Van Natta”. SR: And by the way, the 2 month means she’d been a Believer for 2 months, she wasn’t 2 months old! Audience: BV: Right. SR: Okay. BV: And so right. So, she’s feeling, and she said, “What is his name?”, and they said, “Bruce Van Natta.” And she begins to pat me in the face and say, “Bruce Van Natta, open your eyes. Come on, open your eyes”, g and she gets louder and louder. I watched, as everybody in the place turned and looked at her, and gave her the crazy lady look, like, “What are you doing?”, right? There’s no CPR, there’s no defibrillator, she’s just slapping me in the face, saying, “Open your eyes”. And as she did, my spirit came back obviously into my body. And the first thing that happened when I came back in, my heart started, but this incredible pain came like I felt like a truck had fallen on me, right? And I’m crushed in half, and I was like, “No, I don’t, I don’t want this.” As soon as I made that decision, my heart stopped again, my spirit left my body.

A tunnel opened up, going out of the roof of that garage, up at about a 45-degree angle. And I could tell there was a bright light on the end of it. And I just got in the tunnel, and I started going towards the light, and I knew that it was Heaven on the end of the tunnel. It felt amazing. As I’m going, I could hear her calling my name, “Come back, come back”, stopped in the tunnel, got sucked backward SR: Audience: BV: back over the roof of the garage. SR: you know, we don’t know. this a few a few-month-old Believer. BV: Yeah. SR: We don’t know the power that we God has BV: Amen.

SR: entrusted to us. BV: Amen. I go back into my body, and when I went back in again, the pain comes. I’m feeling all this peace, and now I feel all this pain. But God spoke to me, and He simply said this: “If you want to live, you’re going to have to fight, and it’s going to be a hard fight.” And you know what, He didn’t sound nervous, He didn’t sound scared, He didn’t sound upset. Very calmly, it was a choice decision. He gives us free will. And when He gave me the choice, “If you want to live, you’re going to have to fight, and it’s going to be a hard fight”, the pain was too much, I said “No.” I left the third and final time my heart stopped again, went up over the roof, the tunnel opened up, I got in the tunnel. And as I’m going, I could hear her calling now remember, like the zeal of a baby Christian. Audience: BV: She keeps she keeps praying, and she prays me back to life.

The third time when I came back in, that third I was not happy with this woman at all. Audience: SR: BV: Wh when I came back in the third time, she is right here looking at me, and she said, “Mister, you’re on the verge of life and death, what do you have to fight for? Do you have a wife? Do you have children?” Now I knew, instinctively inside of me, God was speaking through her, and He was reminding me. about my wife and my 4 y my 4 young, small children. And I couldn’t fight for myself, but I could fight for them, and so I ended up getting Med-Flighted. Doctors made the claim that SR: I’ll tell you what, hold that thought. I told you this is one of the most verifiable, creative miracles I have ever, ever, ever investigated. History Channel even did a special on him. We’ll be back. Audience: ANNOUNCER: We will be right back to “It’s Supernatural!” Hello YouTube mishpochah! Mishpochah is a Hebrew word; it means family. This is Sid Roth. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural! If you’ve been blessed by this show, please subscribe.

Then click the bell so you won’t miss a single episode of It’s Supernatural! ANNOUNCER: We now return to “It’s Supernatural!” Audience: SR: Now Bruce, you shocked the doc, the doctor didn’t expect you to live BV: Right. SR: a night. BV: Right. SR: But you lived. And then he says, “Well, you could live to maybe a year, a year and a half, but it’s not going to be a good quality of life.” BV: Yeah. SR: But you had a praying wife, BV: Yeah. SR: and friends who prayed for you. And a man came in and laid hands on you. What happened when he did that? BV: Adults have 18 to 20 something feet length of small intestine.

They had removed all of my small intestines because it was so crushed, except for about approximately 2 feet, and so it wasn’t enough to live on. They’re feeding me intravenously, and that’s why they said I was going to not be able to live. So I’m I’ve lost 65 pounds, I’m dying in the hospital. This man comes to pray, his name is Bruce Carlson. God had given him, woke him up two mornings in a row. I was on a prayer chain at their church, and He woke him up two mornings in a row and said, “Go pray.” He bought the ticket, he showed up, and he prayed. As you said, he laid on hands. First, he said, “Lord, I add my prayers to all the prayers that have already gone up for Bruce”, but then he laid on hands and he began to speak to the mountain like Jesus teaches in Mark 11. He said, “Small intestine, I command you to supernaturally grow back in length, right now, in the name of Jesus.” And when he did, I literally felt like I had touched an electric fence on my forehead.

I felt a zap, it was like power, went into my forehead, through my head, and into my stomach, and I could feel something cylindrical moving around inside there. In fact, I turned to a man on the other side of the bed, and I said to him, “It just felt like a snake came uncoiled inside of my stomach.” What doctors found, after doing subsequent twe tests, because they had done several CAT scans and x rays and upper GI’s, when they’d found it tested it later, I had 9 to 11 feet of small intestine creative miracle, instantaneously that day, out of nowhere. Audience: SR: Now unbeknownst to Bruce, History Channel contacted him to be a guest to tell about his miracle! He did not know that they felt he was a phony! And they were going the purpose was to expose you! Audience: Wow.

BV: Yeah. SR: They did all their research, and what did they have to say? BV: When it was all said and done, out of 24, it was the one that they said this is a miracle. Audience: BV: And this came from atheists. SR: Atheists? BV: Atheists. SR: Mmh! BV: They could not they could not refute all of the medical documentation, that’s what they couldn’t refute. They said I didn’t have an out of body experience. They said I couldnít have seen Angels because they didn’t believe in that. But when it came to the medical stuff, 5 arteries severed, nobody else in the whole world they could find that’s ever lived with having 5 places major arteries severed, and the intestines growing.

They had to say it, they had to admit that that was medically a miracle. Audience: SR: We’re going to see more and more of this. You were invited to a church that didn’t see many miracles, and you had an encounter with Jesus at that church! what happened? BV: The Lord had me pray for the place. It was a church that never had anybody come forward, and so it was outside of their comfort zone. We invited people forward that had bad backs. The Lord said, “Pray for the first person.” That first lady, God healed her back instantly, so she starts, you know, getting excited. And the Lord said, “Now have her pray for the next person”, so she did. And then the Lord said the Holy Spirit said, “Get off to the side, just get away from them.” So I went off to the side as they’re praying, and each person every person gets healed, who prays for the next person who gets healed, and it’s 100% right down the line.

Well, the Holy Spirit has me off to the side, I realize I see this ball like Jesus in this big ball of light. And I, before I knew what I was, could even do, I was on the carpet with my forehead pressed into the carpet, because it was such so overwhelming, instantaneous, you know awesome power God. And I heard Him say, “No, come sit next to me”, so very carefully I got up and sat next to Him. Now He’s sitting on my left, and all of the people that are getting prayed for are out straight out in front of us. And he points His right arm to them and He said this, He said, “Do you see that? They don’t even know you’re gone.” And it hurt for a split I’m like what does that mean, you know? SR: BV: It was a pride checker, right? But He never dropped His arm, He kept pointing, and He said, “That’s what I want you to do.

I want you to go into places, and start fires. Tell the testimonies, get them”, “get them excited about Me, and go to the next place and do the same thing. And the Holy Spirit will follow up after, for those who want it.” And then He followed this is how He ended. He said, “They don’t need a superstar Evangelist, they need to know that I love them, and I want to answer their prayers.” Audience: SR: Hmh. But here’s the thing that was so exciting to me about Bruce: He’s seen so many creative miracles now, but, he is equipping others to do exactly what he does! That’s what his commission is! Many are commissioned to be Evangelists with signs and wonders! He wants to commission you to move in creative miracles. Tell me briefly about that little baby, it eh where the mom prayed.

BV: Sure! So the book, “A Miraculous Life” it has the weapons in it, it has the giants, and it’s a play by playbook to teach people how to pray for themselves in authority, and use those weapons. So there’s a family in New York at a church that I frequent once a year. They went through it, they use it as a Bible study. They went through there’s a group a small group that did the book. And she couldn’t have a baby, they had tried. They had 9 miscarriages, and so I taught them how to pray for t to conceive. They did, they prayed over themselves, they were able to conceive.

The baby comes, but it’s born with a sunken-in chest. A brilliant I showed you the picture, I don’t know if we’re going to pull it up. SR: Yeah, but we BV: there’s the – SR: we’ll have it up. BV: There’s the picture, it’s sunken in. And so the Lord tells her, “Pray over the baby and take a picture”, so this is that night. She prays over the baby, the way that we taught her in the book, right, and the way that God teaches in the book. And so she prays, and then the next morning the husband wakes up to change the baby, and they take the onesie off, and we have an after picture that came from the next day, and the baby is 100% healed.

Audience: SR: Did you get that! He is entrained for people! Jesus said, “You just start the fire! Watch what I’m going to do, through the people”! Would you like him to start a fire in you when he comes back? Audience: Yes! SR: Be right back. Audience: ANNOUNCER: We will be right back to “It’s Supernatural!” Promo. ANNOUNCER: We now return to “It’s Supernatural!” Audience: SR: Oh I knew you were going to come back! Um, Bruce, you have identified something that a lot of people don’t want to talk about, that is the missing ingredients for a sustaining-life, of miracles, and victory, and every Promise in God’s Word being activated.

What is it? BV: Well as I’ve been in this doing this ministry and praying for so many sick, and ministering to people, and the emails and the phone calls, and all the different things, what God has shown me clearly is that there are lots and lots of people who want Jesus to be their Savior. Lots of people they want Him to save their marriage, they want Jesus to save their finances, save some kind of they’ve saved them from some cancer, or some kind of health issue, but they don’t want Him to truly be their Lord. And when we do a study on this, and the Lord had me go through and study this all in the Bible, when you do a study on just the word count, Old Testament and New Testament combined, approximately 8,000 times the word “Lord” is used, but it’s only about 50 times that the word “Savior” is used.

So it’s clear, from God’s point of view, what He considers to be more important: Lord is who He is, Savior is what He does. And I find people will contact our ministry and say, “How much will it cost?” “How much will you charge me to pray for my wife who’s dying of cancer?” “How much will it cost for you”, “for us to pay you to, to do some of this miracle?”, and we’ll say, you know we have witches we’ll have people from the occult and they’ll say, they’ll come right out and they’ll say, “Look, I’m a witch, I’ve got this physical problem. I think what you’re doing is legitimate, you’re tapped into something. How much will you charge me?” See, they want Jesus to be their Savior, but they don’t want Jesus to be their Lord. And unfortunately, Sid, I find a lot of Christians who unknowingly have been caught in this trap too.

And what it looks like is, as Jesus said in Luke chapter 9, “If you want to follow Me, deny yourself,” Audience: Yes. BV: “pick up your cross daily, and follow Me.” Now He didn’t say pick up SR: I have I have never heard that preached in a church. BV: Well it’s not popular, and when I preach it, I don’t get invited back a lot of times. SR: Audience: BV: So He said, “pick up.” SR: Well we’ll invite you back! BV: SR: But go ahead.

BV: But He said, “pick up your cross daily”. He didn’t say pick up your cross Sunday morning, He didn’t say pick up your cross when you do your devotion, He said, “pick up your cross daily, and follow me.” And when we do this, that’s the whole key. When we truly make Him our Lord, that means giving Him the opportunity. “Lord” means “master”, “Lord” means “ruler”. L it’s and “Savior” we know what “Savior” is the One who saves us from all these bad things. But we don’t a lot of times even know what we call Him “Lord”, but we don’t even know what that word means! It means “ruler”, “master”! So we have to give Him final say, the full authority over the big decisions, the little decisions, who should I marry, what job should I take. And there’s a lot of people, you know, we think we’ve got our own ideas, that we are going to be good, and so we’re like, “You know, God, I’m going to let you into this area of my life, but not so much here.” And I’m like, “Do this,” but you know what, I’ve relegated this area.

SR: I want you to pray for us to be so hugged by Jesus that nothing else matters. BV: Amen. Lord, I thank You that You know us intimately. You said you “know the number of hairs on our head”, and we know that number changes many times, even throughout one day. So it’s Your way of telling us that you know every single little detail about us, even the ones that we don’t know. So Lord, we just invite You in. Every person watching, every person here today, every person that’s going to watch this at some point in the future, Lord, we invite You into our lives. We pray that You would hug us, that we would have Youíre not just, Your omnipresence, but Your manifest presence, Lord, your liquid love pouring down, over us. Lord, forgive us for the times where we’ve asked You to be our Savior, and not wanted You, or allowed You to be our Lord, forgive us for the times. Lord, I pray that You would open our spiritual eyes and ears, Lord, that You would make us, Lord, just humble God, and You would show us the places where we’ve closed You out.

We that Lord, You would show us where we need to repent, and where we need to allow You in, to be Lord, to be the master, to the ruler, to have the final say in our life, so that we can live the blessed life, so we can live the supernatural life, Lord, and we can share that supernatural blessed life with everybody in circle of influence, Lord, so that Your Kingdom is multiplied. And we pray it all even now, in Jesus’ name.

SR: Amen. Audience: .

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