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hi guys I’m Shmi hello and welcome back to the channel where you join me with the Shamima Beals here in the storage today though to talk about the AMG GTS and by that I mean my AMG GT our pro but also the future inbound AMG GTR roadster now I know what you’re thinking why two of them why both well today we’ll discuss that or we take the pro out for a drive and also explain a little bit why this car has only in five months driven 500 miles that’s not very normal for a schmee ‘mobile I’ll tell you a bit more about the spec that I’ve gone for on the roadster touched on when it might be arriving what’s gonna be happening with this and what happens further afield in the future with a potential GT Black Series we’ll discuss all of that today though let’s get started take this car out for a drive go enjoy it and tell you a little bit more [Music] in my eyes this is one of those cars that just looks immense from any angle wherever you’re standing and looking at it but in particular how it’s parked right now the side profile where you’ve got that gigantic long bonnet the seating position back towards the rear axle and the whole car just looking poised for attack of course the pro is the even more track focused version than the already pretty track focused AMG GTR the car that I had before and owned for two years drove in total about 20,000 miles doing everything from driving on snow to driving on the racetrack this the natural successor though they only made 750 of them in total I wasn’t too sure before receiving it what the designer diamond white paintwork would look like normally with the Shamima Beals as you can see I kind of like my bright colors in this case something a bit different but the contrast that you get from the white paint work with the gloss piano black stripes that we did at topaz and then all the Aero parts really and truly works makes it look incredibly cool but of course the biggest changes from the GTR are to do with the Aero for example the extended splitter at the front the flicks around the corner the louvers over the wheel arches and coming towards the rear you also have the fixed wing you can adjust the position of it though and you’ve got those Aero pieces like the AMG one around the side but one of the biggest things that impacts the usability is to do with how focused this is and in particular to do with that front splitter it is very low to the ground it also sticks out further forwards and means it’s quite difficult to get this over bumps of course it’s held on by those struts either side of the number plates all made from carbon fiber these flicks around the side as well but it is significantly lower to the ground even than let’s say the Ford GT or the McLaren Senna because those both have lift systems where you can raise them up the GT 8 I do actually have to take off those front splitters to get the car into my garage at home as opposed to here at the storage but this I cannot without it scraping which of course changes how I use the car it changes how I can drive it because I can’t easily get it in and out of home in fact that means I basically don’t other things exclusive about the car you’ve got the satin gray wheels comes with carbon ceramic so standard with the black calipers which is a unique touch as well to the pro as is the badge around the back I always really like this the way they did the checkered flag with the bright green are I think maybe it would look cool as well if the calipers what right green to mash so that’s one of the biggest I guess influences in how I can use it and I did intend to take the car to a number of track days unfortunately obviously with the global circumstances that hasn’t been possible so I kind of eased off the mileage when it was new with the intention that it would go and do some track days hopefully that’s gonna happen in the future it just hasn’t managed to happen yet but this is where I think the roadster will be quite interesting so all this so with the Pro it comes as the facelifted version of the AMG GT which means inside you’ve got the digital dashboard you’ve got new central console you’ve got a new steering wheel a few updates overall but this is very firm riding you have manual adjustment of the dampers but the Roadster will be kind of rewind back a little bit towards what the GTR was like it will have all of those updates while also being a touch softer without the front end being quite solo just being a touch more usable obviously back here we have the hatch if I just grab the key out of my pocket to open this up very quickly he says just fiddling to find the right one there we go press and hold this the hatch isn’t too inconvenienced by having the roll cage normally you think that might take away a lot of the luggage space but you do lose things like having the retractable parcel shelf even though it still has the mount points to secure that which I find a little bit peculiar but basically it’s changed I guess the way that I can use the car the fact that I can’t easily get it at home which means I’m only going to take it out for specific adventures and like I said I did plan to take it to a number of different racetracks so maybe that will still happen in the months that come but for the moment let’s hop on board and take a seat inside here as the button wants to turn on the power once again for the ignition does look pretty cool got the exhaust button there open it up just a touch more as well so we will cover back up these cars then head on out we go afield talk a little bit more about how this is going to work alongside the Roadster I am currently heading out to plunder this afternoon we’ve got a little bit of traffic but out towards a countryside roads go and enjoy the car a little bit more one thing I do need to consider is that this car is still technically being run in up to a thousand miles as per the sticker on the window in front of me you can only go out to port a half thousand rpm and use a maximum speed of 85 miles per hour that’s gonna be a problem here in the UK but you can ease into the revs a little bit more drivers a little bit more smoothly running it is important for a car in longevity of the engine ensuring the servicing is all it doesn’t matter is there any problems especially something fun that was impossible obviously water started being closed I couldn’t take it to the car currently we still Sat but just over 500 it’s gonna take a while probably until I get it up to a thousand unless we can start driving around though who knows what’s gonna happen obviously I’m filming this video we shall wild 4 it’s gonna go live so at this stage I don’t really know what’s gonna hurt them the time being it just driving in comfort this is one of the things about the new car is it’s so quiet though sales force of legislation meant that it had to get significant quieter than the previous AMG GTR but it’s really quiet apart from the noises you hear inside the occasional rattle it comes from the wrong page behind from the suspension system which is very very firm like I said at the moment I still have it set exactly how it was the limits I’m not sure if we can soften it up or change those kind of things you can hear the noise at the brakes as well the carbon ceramics I didn’t have carbon ceramics on my previous car obviously we’ve got stop starts you can use the steering wheel toggle which are really like let’s go out through the different driving modes so it’s a Sport Plus where the ramps are higher you can hear the exhaust valve open as well just sounds a little bit more exciting too like are still an automatic my setup individual as well as the individual and this doesn’t adjust the dampers and the suspension which is the unusual thing I love the way I call this just like it’s on Rails the staring at these cars thanks to having the three degrees for a little staring which is a lot more than most cars just makes the car the same around any morning you throw attacked and almost seems developed intensely in the Nurburgring so it’s a car very good apartment that kind of environment I very much enjoyed when I drove the factory car clock and wine to experience exactly what it was like as well just mail the probe introduce a bit more front learn it but it’s really a car for the track which is what I wanted to do like I said I had plans to go to be numbering GP so the Nordschleife words are sad want to ask I read about that unfortunately impossible at this stage maybe in the future maybe later this year but we’ll maybe on to what about this and the roadster and one or the other or both we can talk about that a little bit later on for the time being it’s a little bit further out of London afternoon sunshine as you can see go find a countryside road there’s something about the driving experience of this car which works so perfectly here and it’s a bit from the brakes which is ideal but the downside of carbon ceramics coming around here though I am going to use the button on the steering bill to pop it into manual just to hold the gears and it’s event and enjoy by using the 4 1000 rpm I suppose nice twisty road the people here I just want to drive it it needs to have the leg stretch just occasional love the power delivery of it it’s really really nice and just very very big not small roads like this so yes the other thing I was saying about GTR Pro and GTR roadster let’s talk about the roads that we’ll get to the spec a little bit later so originally I thought maybe I would go for both given how much I loved my GTR it made sense to me in my head as a car collector you don’t have a big fan of these things and why not in such a position obviously I suspect it’s probably going to be delayed these things I have no idea how they’re doing relative so the road started really know when it’s going to arrive but by that point I probably voted on anything with the probe that I intended to so had I been considering it crossed my mind that I might that I need 2,000 pounds expended this God needs to be driven it needs to be here’s the house intended Lovick this one somehow awesome applause it’s very clinical it’s very clinical in this case I don’t see that as a problem so yes I think depending whatever the timings do of course this needs to be enjoyed on track days well that’s this year or next year before there’s any chance this is going anywhere so the future discards we remember we didn’t get to spec we don’t use the main body color you couldn’t use all the specifics so for example it doesn’t have blind spot monitoring which was basically standard upon the AMG GT R if you ordered the premium spec car so that’s unfortunately further forwards to turn around so doesn’t have blind spot monitoring it has the sensor at the front row for brake automatic brake assist if it thinks you’re gonna have a crash but it doesn’t have adaptive cruise control which is again something you want to use for normal driving if we go into reverse that’s always it’s a bit fiddly we do have a reversing camera and a forwards camera the gt-r pre-pre face and it didn’t have a forwards camera at all that’s a new addition the Sun is a very low right at the moment that’s nice so I find it a bit confused on its own specification I’ve talked a little bit about this but you know it’s great to have all intact okay I might have cheaply gone up towards about 5,000 rpm there but I enjoyed that that was worth every second so nice I love this stiletto Carl recently I enjoyed my GTR at the SLS Black Series in the future you know let’s be real I’m quite light if Mercedes make it Mercedes AMG make it a GT Black Series not a GTR back Series they will call it the GTE Black Series as opposed to GT GT s GD c GT r GT Black Series I think that’s one thing to me make sense as well as to use Drive I just think this this it’s a little bit I love it’s not quite understood because of the fact but it came out after the GTR but after the spike shots as well of the GT back series which meant that nobody really knew where the pro sat in this as on it’s nice that I’m not dreaming of a fresh new car again even though see as I’ve not driven it much it feels brand new Alcantara steering wheel everything about it little sounds of the smells it’s a factory fresh right really really truly amazing parks back up and now with a full tank of fuel as well which I think was probably only the second time that I have ever filled up the GTR Pro which clearly says I’m not driving it enough and we need to rectify that in the future but like I said at the very beginning there is no bad angle to this car and I really like the front of it especially with those flicks that it has around the side that just exaggerated the width with the front end makes it look super super mean I tell you what though when I left I did remember to cover and put on the over covers on the Heritage RS on the McLaren Senna on the ass of GT eight but somehow I completely missed the Ford GT of course this is the awesome goodwill cover that almost looks like a 3d render of the car that’s underneath it but I was just driving back in looking at the line and that kind of stands out so I’m not quite sure how I managed to forget that but I will cover it before I depart again the g63 I will leave uncovered because it’s kind of dirty at the moment and there isn’t really all that much point so the GTR Pro it needs to be driven in anger it needs to be driven on racetracks and I hope that’s going to be able to happen in the not-too-distant future now talking about the future let’s talk a little bit more about the GTR roadster so the original plan with the roadster like I said was that it was hopefully going to be delivered in August or September I think we can all say by this stage and probably even more so by the stage of this video is published that it will probably be a little bit later it will come when it comes but basically my car is going to be one of the last off the production line so I talked a little bit about this when I went out with my friend Rana in his well one of the first AMG GTR roadsters so the reason mine will be one of the last is because of the specification that I’ve done through the performance studio to make some exclusive and bespoke touches to it it’s one of 750 cars just like the GTR probe so it’s a special car obviously it doesn’t have the livery you can only get that aftermarket let’s say for the Roadster it also has the normal GTR front end so it doesn’t have the carbon splitter with the struts and it doesn’t have the flicks and the louvers and all of those extra Aero pieces so the main body color for my GTR roadster is going to be hyacinth so everything that’s white is going to be red it’s a very deep rich metallic red looks really really smart the wheels will be this same design but these are the RX es which you can only get on the pro the RX sees are the same design but with sat in black and the silver rim now I’m not the biggest fan as you might remember from my gt-r of that jewel-tone wheel design so either make them black or I’ll make them silver a decision to make in the future where this car has the carbon ceramics my roadster will have the normal steel brakes but they will have yellow calipers so I’m going for the red and yellow theme and the yellow will carry through a little bit to the interior as well now normally the roadster does not have the same interior we see here it would have the comfort seats in leather these are the bucket seats which I absolutely love the same seat as the GTR we have here in the pro and also the same seat that we find in my SLS Black Series and I wanted to have that seat in the Roadster rather than the Comfort option but the other thing I wanted to do was to have the seats in dynamic ax dynamic ER being the Mercedes equivalents of Alcantara we could say so my car is hopefully gonna have the bucket seats in the nav occur it will be black on the interior with yellow stitching yellow seatbelts and a yellow headrest embroidery to match with the yellow calipers that it will have to so overall it will be red with those small yellow touches I think it’s gonna be super super nice I can’t wait for it really really really looking forward to that obviously I like my bright colored cars but in the meantime this is going to be enjoyed an awful lot more it’s plenty of how things to come in front of it and I can’t wait really to get this let’s say on the Nurburgring out at Spa something like that I get to push it a little bit harder anyway great Drive thoroughly enjoyed it thank you very much for watching guys thank you for your support as always I’ll give you more updates as and when I have them but for now that is all I’ll see you again very soon Cheers you.

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